2018 New Year’s Resolutions

The Thoughts of Mervelee Myers that were written on the 31st December 2012. Published on Facebook on 31.12.2012.

New Year Resolutions 2013. Updated for New Year 2018.

Dearest Father once more, Ermine Mervelee Ionie NEMBHARD-Myers-TOMLINSON comes before Thee with my prayers and wishes for the New Year 2018. If you could consider even one of my supplications, I’d be eternally grateful. This, it seems I will have to spell it out and demand that I, be given closures about this matter of another discrimination here in the UK. Because everyone is allowing London Early Years Foundation LEYF www.leyf.org.uk to get away with Modern Day SLAVERY practices of pre 1807. Despite there is a Modern Slavery Act 2015.  The United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child: Article 14 states that it is a basic entitlement of humans to enjoy their rights and freedoms without discrimination on any grounds.

This New Year, 2018 means a new I, Mervelee Myers, is prepared to negotiate and meet half way…  However, I have given everyone the chance to settle whatever differences there are/were between us, amicably. Therefore, I am not going to give up any more of my basic Human Rights for others to discriminate against like what was done at https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016.

Every day please make my life continue, to evolve as I try to embrace my callings toward new thinking and ways of working. By so doing I can be empowered with enhanced knowledge to evaluate the old fashioned values and beliefs and the ethos by which I was brought up… I have been advised to read Psalm 27 v 1: The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? I started the daily reading only today and I am positive I will find renewed inspirations rediscovering the Bible as a source of comfort and joy for my weary and battered mind and soul?

When will I see my loved ones again? If not on earth we will meet at Jesus’ throne… This is very tricky for me as I still have not had the time to grieve for my Mother, because of LEYF and now the Employment Tribunal think they can abuse the powers of their authority to make me a voiceless victim. I have since lost family and friends and my life is still held on tenterhooks as I am fighting to get closures. Today marks another milestones in the life of my family, however I am finding it hard to celebrate as I ought to. I would love to meet all my dearly departed one day at Jesus’ throne, but how can I do that without getting the closures to move on…?

Yester year was like an evening gone, but I intend to make 2013 even more productive as I stop yearning for the impossible… Little did I know what was going to be in store for me, but I was given a pre-warning. It was January 2014, when I was at my Auntie’s home, when I got the warning from a Man of GOD. He prayed for me and I thought that was the end of it, but four years later, I am still confronted with this matter. When will it be resolved…?

I know Eternal and everlasting life is promised to believers, and I intend to let my light shine, so others may see my better qualities… This is a sticky matter for me to handle after what LEYF done to destroy my life. This was after coming back from burying my Mother. However after the ordeals of the horrors of the ET Case, I have to admit that the discrimination started from January 2014. I have the evidence as part of my defensive practice to attest to this fact. Whether anyone wants to accept that I am a believer, I am. That’s the way I was brought up to believe in the teachings of the Bible.

My intention is to Arise, take up the Cross and follow Jesus… See my Christian principles are the reasons for this decision, however how am I supposed to do this? The way my life has been affected by the discrimination after I said my final goodbye to Mama and came back to the UK on the 22nd January 2014 are debateable. If I didn’t have GOD guiding me, I would not be here telling my stories, of the experiences. I have been advised to read Psalm 23 v 1–10, and I am finding comfort and solace in the scriptures.

I’ll always Remember, my past, as this will enable me to deal with the future revelations… If the 23rd July 2014 to the 31st December 2017 are/was anything to go by, then I have every reasons to remember my past. However I have to admit that the advice I was given by the Occupational Health Doctor, Laura Crawford is instrumental for many reasons. The advice was for me to seek Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to find out why I react to certain situations the way I do. I have since had counselling at the Maudsley Hospital www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk/southwark. I am dealing with my past and looking forward to any future revelations.

I’ll always Resolved to revel in my family and friend’s achievements. Rewarding those who are precious to me, as well as fulfilling my promises to help others who might need my support. Ensuring I revere and extoll the virtues of those who have stood by me through thick and thin over the years… Look no further than my support network at https://www.facebook.com/public/Mervelee-Myers, to see how my perseverance is paying off.

Please Empower, me to enlist support and encouragement in times of enlightenment when I am in doubt… My Fight4justice campaign is testament to the fact I will not allow another soul to walk all over me like what was done to me at Mapother House Day Nursery, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. By the Local Education Authority, Southwark Council SEND Section sen@southwark.gov.uk. The union at http://unison.org.uk/. Solicitors Capsticks of Wimbledon and the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board. And www.ofsted.gov.uk/parents. That’s why Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12 https://www.essex.ac.uk. Made recommendation to www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers about the research: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds. I was involved in the research and vowed to clear my name and exonerate myself. So good luck to the ET Judges who are prepared to bury their heads in the sand about hiding behind the contingent laws and legislations that are not fit for purpose. UNISON overturned the government law of charging employees to take employers to the ET.

Perspectives from another Woman with similar experiences: 2nd January 2018

I’ll always Seek, solace in God, our soon coming King. To see me through the sorrows and tribulations which are bound to come my way… I am prompted to expand a little on this after an unplanned visit to see my friend and her relative yesterday. I decided to walk using the route I would normally have taken to work at BIB LEYF. It is only 20-30 minutes’ walk from my home as I told the www.ofsted.gov.uk Ofsted Inspector in September 2014. I was used as the employee for whom Reasonable Adjustments were made as part of my transition from Luton Street to BIB. That’s why I had to voice my concerns whilst standing at the bus stop from across BIB. Although I was given a warning in January 2014, before saying my final goodbyes to my Mum. I was not prepared for any of the trials and tribulations that were coming my way since I wrote the 2013 New Years’ Resolutions.

I’ll always expect you to Observe and help me take stack and remove obstacles that are coming my way, and enable me to obtain my dreams if it is your wish dear Lord… Talking to the relative of my friend who went through similar experiences to mine, is more than a revelation. More reasons for me to continue with my advocacy, sharing my stories to help and empower others.

I’ll always expect you to Listen to my fervent prayers and turn my dreams into reality… Already this is bearing fruit as I am sure there is a reason for what I call the Road to Damascus going down to the CAB at the Blue in Bermondsey on the 11th December 2017. I am sure every single actions that I had taken, that led me to meeting one particular person, was ordained by GOD. The GOD who was listening to my prayer, hence the person contacting me via Facebook Messaging, even when he did not remember we were school mates at Primary School.

Please let my Utterances be tempered with tolerance and thoughts of others, so I don’t intentionally offend. I promised not to take umbrage when others are unintentionally unpleasant and unprincipled…  Can someone please inform the bigots and all those who have tried to destroy my life from after I got back to the UK on the 23rd July 2014 and transferred to BIB, HOC and New Cross, about my Social Media platforms?

These are the vehicles I have been using to share stories of my experiences. They can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/public/Mervelee-Myers. https://twitter.com/rattynem.  Mervelee Tomlinson/Pulse https://www.linkedin.com. www.google.com. http://home2.btconnect.com/myvision.org.uk. My Website: http://www.youtube.com/Channel/UCBCqloBmT16XFBLAOPdvtFw. Fight4justice www.MerveleeConsultancy.uk. Website: https://mervelee.wordpress.com.


Please remove Temptations, I pray and will YOU ensure they are banished forever…  So why do I have to be wrestling with my conscience about matters over which I do not have much control? I am woman, and only human, of course. But I know this is part of my history, as all my women folks have gone through similar transitions. Not least my Mother, who never forgot the man she gave her love to after my Father.

Please Inspire me to reach my goals… So why do I have no job and have to be relying on benefits? I am at the mercies of the establishments and systems and all that robbed me of every shed of my dignity. However, I am going to start relying more on GOD and the people who love and care about me to help inspire and motivate me. I will believe now that “GOD can restore what is broken and change into something amazing. All I need is faith”?

My stories can be found at: South London Press: www.icsouthlondon.co.uk. www.nurseryworld.co.uk. Acas: research@acas.org.uk & www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers. The OU acc-gen@open-ac.uk & www.open.ac.uk/ceremonies. http://worldreferee.com/referee/valdin-legister/bio. Cancer Research UK Race for Life: www.cruk.org. www.mqmentalhealth.org/Mental-Health/Mental-Illness. www.parkinson.org.uk. Daily Express: expressletters@express.co.uk &  www.express.org.uk. http://skynews.com. http://communityplaythins.co.uk/ & http:Darvell%20School. www.jbsf.org.uk & https://www.vmbs.com/.  www.resourcesforautism.org.uk. www.morellomarketing.com. NPL4Kids:http://tiny.cc/NPL practice. www.dementiafriends.org.uk. www.diabetes.org.uk. www.parkinsons.org.uk/research. www.ageuk.org.uk/update. Jamaica’s 53rd Independence Celebrations in London CaribbeanCelebs m.youtube.com.

Omnipotent and majestic I’d like to be, if only to fulfil Thy will oh Lord. So I can be of service to God and those who need me most… Yet all I am is a shadow of my former self, trying to put the best out sides. Because everyone must feel some sense of satisfaction by being able to knock me down and stopping me from getting back on my feet. LEYF www.leyf.org.uk & http://www.justice.gov.uk/tribunals/employment/claims/responding & www.voicetheunion.org.uk & https://unison.org.uk & www.hctgroup.org & www.connex-education.com & www.personnelconsultancy.com to name a few.

Never leave me to my own negative thoughts for longer than necessary…  Oh yes, all I have most of the times are my memories of the dreams that have not been fulfilled and become realities. However, I have decided to stop the wallowing in self-pity and get on with my Fight4justice campaign. Who could have thought I would be getting such support at MYJAMAICA Page on Facebook?

Saviour hear my call and empower me to be of service to those who are depending on me…  That’s why I have to take my Fight4justice to Social Media. My life have been taken away from me. However I am an empowering black woman who is an influencer.


Just a few wishes as I struggle with the tasks which confront me again this year. I am pleading your intersession and ask that you continue guiding and protecting my mum and 2 children for yet another year.

My Mother has been dead since the 1st June 2014. I have lost other family members and friends as well. Some have fallen ill and I am unable to help financially like I know it is my duty to do. So where is the justice in this Mother Country, where animals are treated better than some of us? For example the Employment Tribunal decided to judge me on what grounds I am still not able to comprehend?

My children are doing well and I am proud and happy for them. But how can someone else judge me to be the person who they say I am, after thee sacrifices I have been making for everyone else?

Lord oh my Lord make me an instrument of your peace… A bright & prosperous New Year 2 ALL!!!!!


Written by: Mervelee Myers FD (Open) Early Years Practitioner. Carer.

Status before the UK: Basic School Teacher & Teaching Assistant Apprentice. Informal Carer.

Arrival in the UK 1992 – 1999: Housewife, Contract Cleaner, Student, Carer.

1999 – Graduate: Student of the Year Awards – Lambeth College.

1999 – Employee: Nursery Nurse & part time Cleaner.

2009 – 2015 Employee: London Early Years Foundation (LEYF). Long Service Awards.

Fundraiser: Charities

Volunteer: Resources for Autism

Advocate: Writer, Blogger, Author, Social Media platforms

Additional Roles & Responsibilities: Carer, Dementia Friend

CPPDP & Intellectual Properties Copyright of Mervelee Myers: Part of my defensive

Aim to expose the level of discrimination in the Early Years Sector and the role of the Legal Entity in colluding to destroying the lives of vulnerable employees.

Mervelee I Nembhard-Myers-Tomlinson.

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