Mervelee Myers Review the ET

Review of the Employment Tribunals – A Personal Perspectives by: Ms M.I.Myers. Written by: Mervelee Myers for Statistical Purposes – 26th December 2017 – 15th January 2018.

How the Voiceless Vulnerable are the Victims of the Employment Tribunal Laws and Employment Tribunal Act 1996

Open to the Public

I am hereby writing this review of the Employment Tribunals resulting from the miscarriages of justice I experienced on two occasions by the Employment Tribunal Services. This resulted in me becoming part of Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12. Recommendation made to ACAS: &

I am once more the focus of attention at Please feel free to make use of the information, I have compiled to earn my keep after I was stripped of my dignity.

My case is similar to many of those covered in the media, print and online. Despite contacting the Daily Express:, sharing some of my experiences as part of the Mental Health CRUSADE, I am/was not given a voice.

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Lambeth College: Lambeth College Awards Evening Clapham & Tower Bridge Centres 1998/99 Student in the area of Childhood Studies: BTEC National Diploma.

LEYF: CEO Long Service Awards October 2014.

Making the Most of my Opportunities

I arrived in the UK from Jamaica in June 1992 to settle. This was after first coming here for a holiday, on a six months visa prior to that in 1991. During my visit, everyone was telling me to breach the terms and conditions of the Immigration Laws and overstay my visit. However, knowing me best with my dispositions, I refuse to take any such advice. My personal dispositions as a sufferer of (1.) Chronic Anxiety, due to the Childhood Traumas I experienced throughout my transitional developments from puberty into adulthood, meant I would not be able to cope – (Special Educational Needs and Disability Discrimination Act 2001). This was brought closer to home one morning, when there was an alarm at the Early Morning Cleaning Job. I got the job to help tide me over and make a few bobs to go back home. There was utter panic and chaos, with mostly everyone ducking, diving and running for cover.

All it took was the mention that the Immigration Authority are due to visit. I was never in trouble with the law before in my country, Jamaica. However I was reported at the Police Station for a misdemeanour, hitting my son’s Father with a rock stone. I was pregnant with my second son at the time. I am positive, now that it was my hormones dictating how I deal with certain issues (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – Counselling I was the ripe old age of twenty at this time and coping with issues to do with, disabilities, sickness, death, poverty and other challenges like having my first child (2.) diagnosed with multiple disabilities, as being deaf and dumb – However, knowledge is power and I am going to now admit, that my actions were due to the state of my mind –

The adversities and challenges I faced after my dad was struck down with (3.) Parkinson’s disease at an early age. Just as I was reaching the transitional development of (4.) puberty had taken their tolls on me, and changed my life forever. Since living in the UK, I have heard stories about detainee’s experiences. I was questioned by Immigration Officers when I received a person in the UK. I was also present at my friend’s house, when the Immigration Officers arrived and she was detained. Luckily for me, I had just received my Leave of Stay Documents (British Nationality Act 1981) to remain in the UK and had taken them with me to photocopy. Showing that I have always been keeping my Defensive Practice from as far back as, I can recall.

Defensive Practice is the name, I identify from my studies with the Open University. But it can be linked to my (5.) disabilities of Physical and Mental Health Conditions as there is a history of hoarders in my family. I can list some of the most common forms of Mental Health Conditions and diseases as part of my DNA. As well as the Progressive Health Conditions I inherited from both sides of my family. They include the following that I was diagnosed with later in life. Chronic Anxiety, Arthritis, and Diabetes. I have had counselling for the Mental Health Conditions after recommendations from the Health Professionals to seek Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. To find out why I react to certain situations, the way I do. I have discovered that I have Dyslexic Traits and Atypical Parkinsonism, which are self-diagnosis. Therefore my life is no longer such a mystery to me now. I am more empowered to be in control of, and manage my disabilities.

The Equality Act 2010 & my Defensive Practice

The Equality Act 2010 states that a person has a disability if she has a physical or mental impairment, which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. The Act further states that there is no need for me to establish a medically diagnosed cause for the impairment. What is important to consider is the effect of the impairment, not the cause. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 & 2005. (Refer to Judge Elliott’s Case Management Court Order of 8th June 2016)

Although Provision, Criterion or Practice is not defined by the Act, it should be construed widely so as to include, for example any formal or informal policies, rules, practices, arrangements or qualifications including one-off decisions and actions. Contract: London Early Years Foundation Statement of Contract of Employment (Issued in accordance with the Employment Rights Act 1996). (Refer to Open Letters & Grievances to LEYF and VOICE)

Therefore it should be taken into account that the Equality Act states “Direct discrimination is unlawful, no matter what the employer’s motive or intention, regardless of whether the less unfavourable treatment of the worker is conscious or unconscious”. (See ET Judgement posted online August 2017)

The Act states that “if an employer’s agent or employee (such as an OH adviser, or HR Officer) knows in that capacity, of a worker’s disability, the employer will not usually be able to claim that they did not know of the disability, and that they cannot therefore have subjected a disabled person to discrimination arising from disability”. (Refer to Medical Suspension & Dr Crawford Medical Reports)

“Therefore where information about disabled people may come through different channels, employers need to ensure there is a means – suitably confidential and subject to the disabled person’s consent – for bringing that information together to make it easier for the employer to fulfil their duties under the Act”. (Why did the Respondent refuse me assess to my FILE?

The Act says “Discrimination against a disabled person occurs when an employer fails to comply with a duty to make reasonable adjustments imposed on them”. (See ET Judgement posted online August 2017)

My Old Fashioned Values & Beliefs

When my friend was detained it was left for me, to find her other friends to come to her assistance. Suffice it to say we have fallen out on a few occasions, and made up. But the last time we fall out, I was experiencing depression, brought on by the actions of LEYF, my employers in 2011. I was the only LEYF employee, shortlisted for the position of Lead Early Years Practitioner, but I did not get the job. I just went into a meltdown, like I always do when these things happen (Breach of Contract & Discrimination on the grounds of Racism, Ageism, Beliefs and Disabilities). But because I had made the commitments to my friends, I didn’t want to break my promise. But what she done was the ultimate betrayal and the straw that broke the camel’s back. She gave my phone number to a bloke, pretending to be me. I have not spoken to her since November 2011 and that’s just another reminder of the deceits of LEYF.

Because of the way I was treated after coming back from burying my Mother and transferring to BIB, HOC and New Cross, I have not yet grieved for my mum. However, most of my angst are documented on  as the Daily Express Columnist states “Tech Don’t Lie” and we will find out why in due course. I have been dealing with my share of betrayals from I arrived in the UK, and taken everything in my strides. I discovered, I was only being used as convenience by my ex-husband and others. Some obviously take my kindness for weakness and my vulnerability as the cue to take advantage of me.

I experienced (6.) domestic violence and had to get the Police involved, when I was locked out of my husband’s home. The home I shared with him, yet he refused to make sure I was afforded any rights as his wife – Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Safeguarding Vulnerable Group Act 2006. The final straw came when I was beaten up one evening after work, just after returning from holidays. If my sister-in-law wasn’t present, I would have probably gotten seriously hurt or killed. For no other reasons, than I was defending my rights not to be abused. I had to run to the Police station in the pouring rain, for rescue. Brixton Police Station 867 Brixton Road, London SW9 7DD. Crime Number 1239892/0013, reported on 8.9.2000. My son-in-law came to my rescue, taking me from the Police station to his home.

I made the decision, I would not be going back to my husband’s home to live under any circumstances. I ended up in the Refuge Southwark Women’s Aid 16 Relf Road, Peckham, London SE15 (Registered Charity Number 271785) on the 14th September 2000. Despite been on the London Borough of Lambeth Housing Services list from the 8th June 1999, I was not considered much of a priority. That’s only one of the many reasons I don’t sit back and rely on handouts, or for GOD to do everything for me. I prefer to be in control of everything to do with providing for my basic needs. Despite what I was experiencing in my personal life, I managed to keep doing the two jobs. The Early Morning Cleaning, part time and Nursery Nurse, full time. I was the Room Leader for the Baby & Toddler’s Room at William Wilberforce, Lambeth Walk Day Nursery.

I was headhunted and got the job as soon as I finished studies at Lambeth College. I leave Lambeth College with a Student of the Year certificate and recommendations to attend university, based on my results. One of my former colleagues was a teenager, Joelle Lax, now manager of New Cross. I understand that Joelle Lax became one of the youngest managers at LEYF. Strangely enough I applied for a job with Westminster Children Society (WCS) back then and did not get the post in 2001. Joelle applied after and got the position and made a career for herself. However Joelle Lax was on the Disciplinary Panel that handed down the outcome of unprofessional, uncooperative, rude, intimidating, confrontational, aggressive and lacking empathy.

Despite speaking up for me that I am a professional, when they tried getting me out before I finished the Probationary at Fitzrovia, September 2009 to April 2010. (Contract Section 8 Probationary Period breached). I have been to a few places to work, spending six years at KINGS, before ending up at LEYF in 2009. I worked for Mapother House Day Nursery a workplace setting for Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust where I was destined to experience the discrimination that impacted on my life with such devastating consequences. From 2004, when I started studying with the Open University, I experienced discrimination. That’s why I am included in Dr Maria Hudson 2012 – Research Paper Ref: 01/12. The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds was recommended to ACAS:  &

Resulting from my experiences with my ex-husband when I was (7.) physically and mentally abused, Victim Support was involved. The Police advised me to take actions against my ex, but I refused. I was assigned a Case Worker when I was in the Refuge. Despite the fact that I had registered with Lambeth Council from April 1999 to get out when my ex became abusive and threatening me, I was not considered suitable for Council Housing. I had confessed to my best friend before that I don’t think I could survive on my own. Because I lived and had a sheltered life, my upbringing did not prepare me for a living away from home. The fact I lived with my Chronic Anxiety, what I called my Parkinson’s disease, meant I always relied on others. I later discovered I have some (8.) Dyslexic Traits that are linked to my disabilities and DNA.

I have since identified that I have Atypical Parkinsonism, however I have managed to live a relatively healthy lifestyle since I studied at the OU and gained a Leve 2 Health & Social Care certificate. I lost my sense of smell in 2004 and all these can be linked to my disabilities. The same year I had an abnormal pap smear and having to go for annual checks instead of 5 yearly. I developed phobias from childhood. I will always be thankful for Southwark Women’s Aid Charity that took me under their care, when I reached rock bottom and was homeless. By December 2000, I secured my own home from Housing for Women –, Blue Star House, and 234-244 Stockwell Road, London SW9 9SP.

I was lucky, too that I got most of the furnishing for my home from the Charity Southwark Women’s Aid. However I moved into the flat with its four walls. I would have had to pay two rents otherwise, and I could not afford to be paying rent for both places. I was brought up to be frugal and value everything that I got. I have to thank God for the people whom, He provides to help me throughout my transitional journeys. That’s why I have to continue living my life as an example to the old fashioned values and beliefs by which I was raised. That’s why I am so devastated that I can experience discrimination in two workplaces. And the Employment Tribunal can be so negligent in presiding over the miscarriages of justice that ruined my life. They are refusing to right the wrongs so that I can move on with my life. This in breach of all the Rules of Law and abusing the powers of their authority with the contingent laws mentioned in the Equality Act 2010.

Adapting To Life In The UK

I was a witness at two weddings and attended another, for people who invited me to celebrate their special occasions. I would like it be known that I attended a wedding when the plots were put in place to dismiss me from the work I was so proud and passionate about. Without prejudice, I later learned that this was sanctioned at the top by the CEO June O’Sullivan. In November 2014, there was a letter of threats directed by myself and the chef, Gloria. The CEO, June O’Sullivan, Head of Children Services & Family Rashid Iqbal and Hilda Miller Area Operations Manager were copied in. This later became self-fulfilling prophecy, when both the chef and I were disciplined after allegations were made. It started with the wedding and because the chef refused to lie, she was set up by the manager Lynne Kelly and Caroline Quirke that she stole from the kitchen. Everything is documented in the BUNDLE.

Reasons I accepted Judge Martin rejections of my RACISM claims, but explained in writing why I did not agree. Whilst LEYF was perverting the course of justice at the ET Case, because Rashid Iqbal resigned. However he still attended to lie, but they refused to allow me to question Isabella Glen on the grounds she finished her employment. There was no mention of Isabella Glen in the judgement I received. So how come the ET made such a mistake? Not only that the Employment Appeal Tribunal at somehow think RACISM was part of the case? So how come I was advised to inform the EAT about my disabilities? Once again I have to say the way the Respondent LEYF and their representative operated during the time of the case to date is an indication of what is wrong at the top of every organisations and even Legal Entity.

The Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal is a classic example of what MP David Lammy Review of Racial Bias and BAME representation in the Criminal Justice System – 16th November 2016. Therefore I have to direct you to Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12. The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds because I was a participant.  My arguments throughout my ordeals at LEYF can be summed up by the Reviews on LEYF websites: Julia Elizabeth Gould -25th March 2016. Ingrid Curuvija Townsend – 29th August at 18:38. Jyoti Sharma – 12th March to be found in my email to Dilys Epton on 14th March 2015 about the discrimination at BIB.  If I did not have disabilities, why did Neil Best agreed to the Reasonable Adjustments from my grievances? All the evidence are to be found in the BUNBLES, so I don’t know how the 3 Judges could come to the unanimous decisions that they did after five months.

I meet some of the people who were going to play important roles in my life when I was a Cleaner, working with RCO Support Services LTD, 149-157 Kings Road, Brentwood Essex CM14 4 EG. I was based at MAFF and Victory House, government buildings, where I have to be Security Cleared. I last worked with the company in 1997 before leaving to go to college. When I was in the Refuge, I spend time at my friend’s home in Bermondsey. She cooked for me and helped me to care for my hair that I’d started growing natural again. It was at her home, the realisation came to me that I have long hair. Although I was told this fact by my sister-in-law, I have no memory of it, when it was long. I recall the story that I had long hair and it was cut short by the lady in whose care I was left.

My hair was cut off with the assumption that it was responsible for my (9.) lack of growth and development. I was gobsmacked and have the photos to prove my discovery. Photographs are important to me for a variety of reasons. Primarily they help me to know my history and to capture the Legacy for my future generations of my family. Hence the reasons for my social media footprints It so happened that I got my flat in Bermondsey. My friend advised me to order my bed, because I did not have any personal household possessions. In the meantime I improvised making my bed on the floor, until the one I ordered arrived. My next door neighbour, TESS, may God RIP her soul introduced herself and take me under her wings.

I gave her a spare set of keys to my home and that’s why I am so angry to this day, the way she was treated by Social Services and the authorities. She was left to die on her own, without any assistance, despite the times I tried getting help for her. I know she too experienced mental health issues as we developed that bond. Luckily for me, I developed (10.) resilience that empower me to always be applying the early intervention strategies that come to my rescue in times of needs. That’s’ why I am passionate about working with children and young people. I am an advocate of inclusion, who is breaking down barriers to deliver the Early Years Curriculum, as well as supporting others to empower themselves in implementing and promoting the British Values that I was brought up with,

People have been kind to me, most of the time, but you have to look out for the haters. They will hate you for no reasons whatsoever. I qualified at Lambeth College after trying my hands at different work and studies to find out where I could fit in. When I completed the Care Assistant trainings, I went back to doing cleaning. I could not stomach what happened to me when I went to the Residential Care Home to do the practical. I put that down to my experiences at home, helping my mother to care for my dad and grandma. That’s why I am convinced after hearing about mama’s life from her best friend and my elder breda… that mama experienced Mental Health Conditions. Getting counselling from the Maudsley Hospital, helped me to come to terms with everything that happened in my life from childhood.

I accessed the counselling on the advice of the recommendation of the Occupational Health Doctor. This was when I was sent on Medical Suspension to deny me of my basic rights as a vulnerable employee. An employee who experienced bereavements, months after saying my final goodbyes to my mother who suffered dementia and did not recognise me until the day I was leaving. That’s why I am getting involved with advocacy and is a Dementia Friend Because as an empowered educated woman, I was able to diagnose mum’s dementia, listening to my family talking about the changes in her behaviours. As is the norms for me, I went to the Occupational Health prepared with my answers to the questions ready. I do not always function well under pressures.

Doctor Laura Crawford advised me to get (11.) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to find out why I react the way I do to certain situations. That’s why I am convince that mama experienced a number of Mental Health Conditions, which made her the sort of persons who she was. At one of my placements, Turney Special Needs School, Education Act 1981, during studies at Lambeth College. The teacher was impressed with me and my work as I was/is/am passionate about inclusion. However, I just could not take up the offer of applying for the job. Because I know that I would not be able to cope (12.) emotionally resulting from my childhood traumas – Children and Young People Act 2008.  I had done better than I expected, going back into studying. I was headhunted by the time I finished studying and went straight into working.

As a Room Leader, I mentor students on placements and liaise with other professionals. At times I see some of those peers from colleges and trainings, who I helped with completing their studies and they are doing so well. There are others, who I mentored on placements as the professional in charge and they too are doing well. There are others whom I supported throughout the time they studied at university and with other training providers, and they are doing well too. I supported them with writing reference, coaching them to go for interviews and they too are doing well.

I trained and mentored some in the workplaces, more recently at LEYF, when I edited their work for Leadership and Management trainings. When they are doing higher level studies to be in Leadership and Management. When they are doing the Apprenticeship or Students on placements. If you check LEYF websites, I can name some of my former colleagues who are now in Leadership and Management. However despite starting at (WCS now LEYF) with a Foundation Degree In Early Years, and completing Working Together For Children in 20110, my career and life have been destroyed. That’s why the ET needs to go back to the time when they presided over another miscarriages of justice.

Taking On Advocacy & Developing My Voice

I am part of Dr Maria Hudson research that support my arguments about how vulnerable employees are been let down by the Rules of Law on technicalities written in contracts employees sign. I was told by the Union Solicitor Arwen Makin, who tried tricking me into not appealing the Disciplinary Outcome that the discrimination was written in the contract. There was nothing to be done excepting to accept it and in no time it would be taken off my FILE. But it should not have been on my FILE in the first place, there was a plot to dismiss me. There were trumped up allegations and complaints that led to the Disciplinary labelling me as uncooperative, unprofessional, rude, intimidating, confrontational, aggressive and lacking empathy. Well this was already premeditated and coming from the allegations at Rumi’s wedding on the 4th January 2015.

Statements were sent to Dilys Epton, Senior HR, who tried trapping me to take out a Grievance when they could not prove I breach the contract. There were complaints and investigations, and I was prepared to give up my rights, but the discrimination only got worse. I refused to accept the discrimination for the second time and ended paying the price two times. When I was doing the Learning Support Assistant training, to get back into working as part of my Continuing Personal Professional Developmental Plan (CPPDP). This was a Career Change advice, recommended after writing four Open Letters.

The Open Letters were sent to the following: Prime Minister David Cameron, 10, from whom I got response in writing promptly. There was also contacts from the Department of Education, David Chapman, via the telephone messages and conversation in October 2015 – January 2016.  I later contacted PM Theresa May, in 2016 about my plight and got an automated response, but is not sure if there is any follow up? The union representing me, threw me to the wolves, and abandoned me, the same way that UNISON did at Kings. They are still taking fee and trying to trick me to sign away my Membership rights to get representations. This was after the Union Rep Darren Mahon disappeared after accompanying me to the Disciplinary Hearing. He promised he could get me a package.

This goes to show how the unions operate unscrupulously and are on the sides of the employers and not the employees. The same happened to me with at KINGS. I have correspondences to prove my arguments to the level of discrimination faced by vulnerable employees. That’s why I am not one who is fooled by UNISON with their Our Statement On Modern Slavery that I copied from the website. I can categorically say without a shadow of a doubt that I Mervelee Myers can prove that “As a trade union, UNISON is not concerned with working conditions and employment rights of its 1.3m members, working people in the UK and worker’s rights globally.

The solicitors Bates Wells & Braithwaite is another example of the unprofessionalism in the Legal Justice System and Employment Law and the Employment Rights Act 1996. My arguments are backed up by MP David Lammy Review of the Racial Bias and BAME representation in the Criminal Justice System – 16th November 2016. There are employees out there experiencing discrimination, all account of the unions refusing to give us proper representations. As for ACAS, they are another story. The amount of messages that were left on my phones as they tried to curry favour for LEYF is laughable to say the least. There is a saying that money is the root of all evil. I have proven this to be a fact, where employers are concerned. I had a similar experience with Capsticks of Wimbledon that represented KINGS when I was left to represent myself against Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Last but not least I sent a letter to the Daily Express and, because I supported the Mental Health CRUSADE. Sharing stories about my experiences of having Mental Health Conditions from childhood. But as I have come to realise, only celebrities are given a voice to share their stories in the tabloids and other media. This goes back to what I learned via studies, that those who equip themselves, and are aware of their rights, are more likely to reap the benefits from the systems in place to offer support. The more knowledgeable make sure they make use of all the available capitals to benefit themselves and their families. The others of us are treated less favourably than animals. We are made into voiceless vulnerable by the systems and establishment in place to protect us from discrimination.

I have gone the extra mile, empowering myself to become an advocate, breaking down barriers to get on with my life and offering support to others. Embarking on research, I discovered that whilst I was on Medical Suspension from LEYF, my stories were appearing in the media and I was not surprised. In April 2015, is one such site that reference my story published on Social Media. Then on the 3.4.2015 I know more about Parkinson’s disease than most… was featured on My Personal Experiences of Parkinson’s Disease – updated 17.8.2017 is at the website. My internet footprint can be found all over cyberspace.

That’s why when the opportunity was offered, I went back to volunteering with my tutor at, STORM Family Centre. With the hope that I would be getting on the training programme run by HCT Group. To be doing mentoring and to be teaching young people and adults, for preparation into the workforce. Instead nothing much have changed since, others are making progress and I am even getting shunned. Because some are distancing themselves from me once they are on the road to success. Last but not least, those I mentored during the time I work at LEYF are the ones who are so ungrateful. However I do not blame anyone for the decisions and choices they make about how they live their life. Some have lost their moral compass because of manipulations of the psychopathic employers that have lost their ways and sight of the bigger picture.

But I know whatever is done in the dark will be revealed and come to light one day. Hence the reasons that Julia Elizabeth Gould, Ingrid Curuvija Townsend and Jyoti Sharma named in the ET bundles as Jyoti Bhardwaj, Deputy Manager of BIB, backed my story of discrimination at LEYF websites. Going back to KINGS they tie in with me raising concerns in my role as a Whistle blower to UNISON, KINGS HR Department,, Southwark Council: and the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board to get training to complete my OU studies, as part of my CPPDP. However I can’t help but wonder why I am the one who have to face the discrimination, just because of my (9.) hidden disabilities. Leaving me open to be judged, misunderstood and penalised for the DNA I was born with and part of my multiple identities.

Due mostly to ignorant bigots, who are the quickest to judge before finding out the fact I was always on the lookout for the ideal job, knowing that with my hidden disabilities, I have to be extra qualified and prepared to go the extra mile. I thought I found the ideal job with the NHS at Mapother House Day Nursery, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. I worked as Preschool Leader at Family Support Network, but I believe that was more to prepare me for the future. I had an interview with an Ofsted Inspector when gaps were identified in my Professional Development Plan (PDP) as a Preschool Leader. I’d done the trainings as part of my PDP with the OU

I have not stopped doing researching, and updating my knowledge since. Everything can be accessed in cyberspace, about my qualifications and experiences and expertise.  I came face to face with putting the theories I had learned at Lambeth College into practice where I got a Student of the Year Award, at Family Support Network. I was the Preschool Leader, working to develop my PDP, which was to set me on the road to seeing my thirst for knowledge about Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) becoming visions of realities. I also got top marks for all of my modules including the Community Assignment. My tutors were persuading me to write about my experiences, because of my assignments. Which were about my personal experiences, growing up with transitional developmental childhood traumas from puberty. As well as the impacts on my first child who was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities. I learned from helping my Mother as an informal carer from an early age.

Yes, I was curious yet passionate at the same time about extending my knowledge about Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND). Therefore it was no surprise when I was reading the Nursery World Magazine article about (13.) Autism Spectrum Disorder, and could relate to the behaviours of a child in the setting. I therefore set to work applying knowledge from studies at Lambeth College to share and support the child and his family. I was able to provide information to other professionals, involved with the child and family, working collaboratively from a shared perspective. I was only involved, working alongside other professionals supporting children with SEND when I done a placement at Turney Special School.

Legislations, Laws, Codes of Practices and Conducts: Contracts, Policies and Procedures

I was introduced to a variety of Health and Medical Conditions and SEND that fall within the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Race Relation Act 1976 – Race Relations Amendment Act 2000, Education Act 1981, Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, Education Reform Act 1988, Children Act 1989 & 2004, The Disability Act 1995, Child Protection Act 1999,  Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001, Childcare Act 2006, Safeguarding Vulnerable Group Act 2006, Equality Act 2006, Children and Young People Act 2008, Employment Equality Regulations and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

To include updated Rules of Law: British Values 2014, Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015 – Section 40 of the Childcare Act 2006, Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015 – Prevent Duty, and Modern Slavery Act 2015.

EduCare Learning Ltd – Online Trainings https://educare.couk/:

(1) An Introduction To DATA PROTECTION 14.8.2012.

(2) Child Protection Awareness in Education 14.8.2012.

(3) Level 2 Child Protection in Education – 11.6.2015.

(4) Level 2 The SEND Code of Practice. 12.6.2015.

(5) Level 2 Fire Safety in Education 16.6.2015.

(6) Level 2 Equality & Diversity 16.6.2015.

(7) Level 2 First Aid Essentials 18.6.2015.

(8) Level 2 Data Protection 18.6.2015.

(9) Level 2 Health & Safety in Education 30.6.2015.

(10) Level 2 Basic Food Hygiene 30.6.2015.

(12) Safeguarding Vulnerable Young People 2.7.2015.

Importance of Research & my Defensive Practice

I was privileged to gain valuable experiences working at William Wilberforce, Lambeth Walk Day Nursery where I got the job via my tutor Yvonne Fletcher now Whittaker after I was headhunted. At Mapother House Day Nursery, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, I found my calling to be an influencer, leader, role model and mentor. Matters came into perspectives and I began making plans now I thought I found my ideal job. In 2004, I enrolled with the OU and started studies. The ups and downs at KINGS are documented, therefore I won’t go into too much details now. Excepting to say that my ideal job that I thought would be the place where I intend to retire from or return home… Turned out to be the worst nightmare, and where any hopes of going up the career ladder ended.

I would advise you to read Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12, the Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds recommended to, to understand why. I have to be making sure to find out what LEYF has done that is stopping me from getting a job since I was forced to resign with a nervous breakdown on the 27th September 2015. Days after attending Middlesex University and meeting the two professors from the Centre for Research in Early Childhood CREC in Birmingham – Amber Publications Chris Pascal and Tony Bertram on the 19th September 2015. My credibility about meeting the professors can be verified on on the 22nd September 2015. I also spoke to Mine Conkbayir This is the same date I was called to CO for a chat with Neil King.

But the meeting was to blackmail into writing an on the spot resignation. Years before I had the same experiences at KINGS that I have years later with even worse consequences from having the same experiences at another workplace. What with LEYF, the systems, establishments and the Employment Tribunals, making my life a living hell from the 23rd July 2014 to date.  But true to colour, and self-fulfilling prophecy, it’s a case of history repeating itself. Therefore let me go back to 2004 when I appeared in the South London Press: Again 2006 I get a diagnosis for (14.) Chronic Anxiety, inclusive of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), at The Landor Road Surgery.

This was so I could prove that I have (15.) disabilities, in order that I can do my Health & Social Care Level 2 exam, sponsored by UNISON, with the OU. In 2006 I contacted UNISON and raised concerns about discrimination. I contacted KINGS HR Department after years of keeping a defensive practice and sharing concerns with the manager internally. Then when no actions were taken I contacted Southwark SEND Section for advice. I had contacted the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board about training as part of my PDP as a student with the OU, before. I have to adhere to British Ethical Guidelines as part of the contractual agreements, signed by the manager Glendalyn Aboayge. I followed up contacting in writing. And spoke to an Ofsted Inspector during the inspection about inappropriate practices, but not as a whistle blower.

The Equality Act 2010 have Protected Act and Protected Characteristics. But this was to set the precedent for the continuing discrimination that would result in the blacklisting and networking that ruined my career and triggered my childhood traumas into (16.) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I was completing my studies with the OU when I was hit with a number of events that take me back to my childhood. My breda BYRON, was struck down with (17.) Colon Cancer and died within three months of the diagnosis of 3-6 months to live. Then the allegations came fast and furious and I didn’t know what hit me. I became (18.) paranoid and thought back to past events when I developed childhood traumas as well as the fact of how provocations can cause any person to act out of character.

My breda ASHTER was provoked and committed a criminal act and died in prison. I relied on my GP for support and was signed off sick, but knowing that work keeps me going was back at work as soon as I could. But the fact I had raised concerns and sought advice, meant I set myself on this rotating treadmill that I was unable to get back off. I was like a sitting duck and the target for everyone to mistreat. After evaluation of the situation, I decided to get the expert’s opinion about whether my breda’s sudden demise was affecting me. I self-referred to Occupational Health and after seeing two professionals, was passed fit to resume working. Take my foolish advice, once you challenge the status quo, you will end up suffering like I have done over the years.

I was signed off sick from work, but on returning, the discrimination escalated with full force. In 2006 I take time out, going for a holiday in the USA with family to get away from the situation. Working in any toxic environment, with colleagues who have been sanctioned to discriminate is very stressful and leading to disabilities been triggered and exacerbated into unmanageable and uncontrollable medical conditions. Because I was no longer able to manage my (19.) Mental Health Conditions – Depression to carry out normal day-to-day activities as was the norms, from I started working in the Early Years Sector. This time I was on my own, abandoned, shunned and excluded by my colleagues. Luckily some of the parents came to my rescue, writing resume for me. I was admitted to KINGS Accident & Emergency from work with (20.) Panic Attacks. But they refuse to give me a Medical Report at the hospital.

When I could no longer cope with carrying out normal day to day activities, because of having to be signed off work sick, I resigned. I decided to take my case to the ET, after the HR Department, UNISON, Southwark SEND Section, the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board, the Local Educational Authority and Ofsted colluded to undermine the work I had done during my studies with the OU. But before that I was given the run around by ACAS. Even the CAB refuse to advise me because they said I have a union, but I did not. I have to deal with the unprofessionalism of the unscrupulous solicitors Capsticks of Wimbledon. I was even in for a bigger shock when the GP who gave me the diagnosis of Chronic Anxiety in July 2006, to do my exam with the OU, refused to give me a Medical Report.

I had also gone for checks when there were (21.) abnormalities in the Pap smear I had done in 2004. That was about the same time I began to lose my (19.) sense of smell.  Years later I was to find the evidence linking my (22.) deficits and limitations to the DNA over which I have no choice. Most of my deficits and limitations are linked to my DNA from conception and there is not much I can do about it. Excepting of course continuing to manage my disabilities by maintaining my healthy lifestyle. But because of lack of knowledge on the part of LEYF Leaders and Management Team, I am again being penalised. All you have to do is take my arguments about how LEYF breached the contract I signed on the 7th October 2009. The contract was not reviewed and updated in line with the Equality Act 2010.

Dilys Epton Senior HR did not know that in sending me on Medical Suspension and to Occupational Health, this was covered by Disability Legislation and if so what Reasonable Adjustment should be considered.  LEYF used my vulnerability against me, refusing me access to my FILE, whilst breaching the Data Protection Act 1989 to breach the contract I signed. I was placed under additional significant workplace stress triggering my childhood traumas into PTSD. When I transferred to BIB, I was expected to work in the Baby Room, despite me having an agreement about not working with the younger children at the interview in May 2009. At HOC I was being offered a job in the Baby Room, and the two weeks I spent involved lots of sitting and lifting and using double buggy to take children to the Park, sometimes two times per day.

I was getting shocks from the plastics, mentioned in Dr Laura Crawford Medical Report from the Occupational Health Medical Suspension. When I raised concerns I was treated like a liar. Just like what was picked up in Dr Maria Hudson’s 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12.  And about how Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) employees are treated by employers – (David Lammy MP Review of Racial Bias representation in the Criminal Justice System).  In my case by the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal. More recently there is the case reported in the of Friday December 29 2017 by John Twomey Executive called ‘pikey’ and ‘gyppo’ by bullying boss wins £280k pay out”.

The Deputy Manager of HOC, used my concerns about my disabilities and the impact this might have on the safeguarding of children in how I was able to carry out normal day-to-day activities reporting that I refused to supervise the children. Thereby, continuing the discrimination that came out of the Disciplinary labelling me as the following: uncooperative, unprofessional, rude, intimidating, confrontational, aggressive and lacking empathy. I was taking on my role as everyone is responsible for safeguarding children. At New Cross I was in the Baby Room when allegations were made, within a month of me returning to work. I was left on my own with the younger children downstairs, with the telephone to call for help if I need to go to the toilet. I have a Reasonable Adjustment agreement in place after putting in the grievance and meeting with Neil Best on the 16th July 2015.

I eventually got a job in the meantime, after almost giving up hope, of ever finding one. The impacts on my Mental Health after been turned down time after time, without an explanation at times began to take a toll on my (23.) emotional health and wellbeing. Realisation came one day when I was called just hours before an interview that it was cancelled. Then I was asked at one interview if I was attending lots, and the penny finally dropped. But still I continued with the hope my qualifications and qualities would show through, but it was not meant to be. The job I got with support from my friend, colleague and supported Winnifred Jacques was at Peckham Settlement.  But I was treated so unfairly by yet another former colleague, Augusta Foster, whom I supported, it’s unbelievable. I had supported her at KINGS, found her job, mentored her for interviews and written references for Ofsted and Southwark Council for her.

But I was rescued because of my generosity of spirits in helping others regardless of what’s happening in my life. By this time I was experiencing depression, talking about my problems help me get rid of the angst. I was told about the fact Westminster Children Society (WCS) now LEYF is recruiting, Alev Sagnak. We were colleagues at KINGS, but she left once the undermining of staff by the manager started. During the time I was at the ET with KINGS, I was holding down a full time job and representing myself. I am aware of every tricks in the book that HR Departments, Unions, Solicitors, CAB, Employers, GP, Legal Advisors, etc will use to sabotage vulnerable employers. Name it and they have done it to me from 2004 to date in the UK. That’s why I refuse to allow the ET to repeat the history of discrimination that destroy my life because some of the Judges decided to play devil’s advocate and continue to judge me.

How the Establishment and Systems Collude To Discriminate Against Vulnerable Employees

Firstly the Department for Works & Pension DWP giving me the run around when I was to submit my ET Form. And again when I was to get Fee Remission, but on each occasion, I exercised my rights, to get what was due to me. However that did not help me in preparing a RACISM claims, when everything is in my head and I have no concrete evidence. Then it was the turn of Judge Martin, who decided to repeatedly strike out the RACISM claims that were sent for review by Judge Baron. The Respondent’s Representative Mr John Fenton is a pathological liar. He lied in Court to Judge Elliott, in the presence of Winnifred Jacques at the Case Management on the 8th July 2016. He continued to lie in writing throughout. The ET tried stitching me up with the Telephone Conciliation, I had to put my concerns in writing once again.

I copied the ET into every correspondences with Mr Fenton, when he failed to comply with the Judges Court Management Orders. It later turned out Mr Fenton have no Legal trainings. This was only disclosed to me after the adjournment of the case. When Mr Fenton, get the Court Orders lifted to try tricking me to sign away my rights to having a hearing and accepting three of the four thousand pounds (£3,000.00) that was the Commercial Settlement on offer. Mr Fenton claimed to have no memory of the fifty eight thousands (£58,000.00) that was offered during the Telephone Conciliation.  But I have to tell the world how they tried to trick me about the Telephone Conciliation as well. If in any doubt about whether I am a credible witness, I maintain my Defensive Practice. Her Majesty Revenue & Custom HMRC got in on the act, breaching the Data Protection Act 1989.

But I quickly put them right, as I still don’t know where they think I was all this time before turning up at my address in late 2015? It seems every establishment and systems have it in for me, as I have to go to Southwark Council to let them know I am not an idiot. It took the DWP almost two years to sort out my Housing Benefits. In the meantime all they done was further exacerbated my Mental Health Conditions into PTSD. No it did not stop there because Southwark Council SEND Section think they could frighten me, like what they done to me at KINGS with their threats. In case they were not aware the volunteering I done with happen to be my work that I shared with the school that enlisted my help in writing an Educational Care Plan for the child.

Because the parent told the school about my contributions to her child and the family as a whole unit promoting inclusion as a professional. Therefore I reminded Southwark of what they done to me at KINGS and to make sure it’s on record. Imagine I was unable to get a placement in a Primary School in Southwark, when I was doing my Learning Support Assistant trainings, why was that? As before I was getting the run around after attending interviews. I started making every efforts getting involved socially to get back into working, but nothing was been done to help me. However I refused to give up. After the harrowing ordeals of yet another ET case, I waited for the outcome and contacted them. Only to be given some flimsy excuses for why the judgement was taking so long. Eventually it was posted online after taking five months to copy and paste the Respondent’s Summary.

Perverting the Course of Justice

LEYF set out to dismiss me from my job from the time I returned from my son’s wedding in January 2014. The changes that started with the culling of prominent Leaders and Management like Karen Walker, Head of Children Services and Families was just the beginning of my experiences until I was forced to resign with a Nervous Breakdown. It was a surprise to everyone when Karen Walker resigned and others followed, until even Julie Weise done the same. Julie Weise, manager of Luton Street left before I returned in January 2014. However she left me a Leaving Card. I meet up with Julie Weise the last time at the New Year Staff Party 2014. I meet Rashid Iqbal, who replaced Karen Walker in passing at the party for the first time.

Rashid Iqbal was an insider brought in on Positive Discrimination to replace Karen Walker. The same happened to meet when I was the only LEYF staff shortlisted for the position of Lead Early Years Practitioner and was not considered good enough and an outsider got employed. After that more female employees were leaving in their droves. The story doing the rounds was that they could not get on with the CEO June O’Sullivan. The organisation changed and needed to be meeting managerial targets that were no longer promoting and implementing inclusion. If in doubt I attended ResPublica Clubbing Together: The Hidden Wealth of Communities by Keith Cooper and Caroline Macfarland, and write a report. I attended the meeting with the Deputy Manager Stacey-Jane Whitfield to represent the manager Julie Weise, who should have represented the CEO.

By this time I was doing the work of the professional as a graduate of the OU, applying the top down bottom up approaches of the experts (qualifications & trainings 1997-date). On the 19th January 2016, Stacey-Jane Whitfield wrote on Facebook about the impacts of not getting a lunch break. Especially if one have diabetes (Contract Sections 2009, Equality Act 2010 and the ET Judgement 2017). Considering the fact that I joined LinkedIn resulting from the CEO Memo to employees to contribute to her BLOG, in 2012. I invited colleagues with reservations to join before Social Media is the platform that it is today. Yet in January 2015 after writing LEYF on my Doorstep, Hilda Miller told me I must remove all mention that I work with LEYF from my profiles. I was barred from getting updates from the Nursery World FORUM, where I was a contributor.

However once I got access again, I had correspondence from the editor of the Nursery World Forum. I worked in partnership with Community Playthings, but after doing a presentation on the 26th October 2016, everything changed. I have agreement with them to have my work in video and photographic formats to help me get back into working and this have not been honoured. The CEO-MBE June O’Sullivan visited BIB with one of LEYF trustee’s Aletea Siow on the 28th January 2015. This was to try and stitch me up to breach the Social Media Policy & Procedures. See From: June O’Sullivan MBE Sent: 29th January 2015 13:03 To: All Nurseries; COT; Trustees Subject: Visit to Bird in Bush. Please refer to LEYF Policy On Use Of Social Networking Sites September 2010 & Behaviour Management to see how LEYF continue to abuse their power of authority and operating contrary to the Equality Act 2010 and other updated and new Rules of Laws.

Yet when I ask for my FILE that I was refused access from January 2014 whilst still at Luton Street, I was refused. I have since requested disclosure of information from LEYF only for them to respond with a letter dated 2nd January 2018 Without Prejudice Subject Access Request. As with my dealings with LEYF from the time I realised they set out to destroy my life (refer to email to Senior HR Dilys Epton 14th March 2015), I haven’t got a clue what they are doing. That’s why I am challenging the Employment Tribunal Judgement to be (cohesive: based on those in the establishment and systems that are prepared to discriminate against me in support of LEYF). I should not have been subjected to another miscarriages of justice by the Employment Tribunal. Leaving me to be going through the EAT.

The results are that I am facing further discrimination from scammers, terrorists and unscrupulous people because I am vulnerable. Considering I have all the evidence in the BUNDLE, which the letter from LEYF can be used to substantiate my Witness Statement and Summary of the ET Case. The 3 Judges might have been tricked by the continuing unprofessionalism of the Respondent Representative Mr John Fenton, who by the way do not have Legal Trainings. The input of Solicitors Bates Wells Braithwaite that chose to send me a letter of threat on the 24th September 2015. Then keeping a low profile after the Open Letter and other correspondences. Only to resurface in August 2017 after the judgement was posted online, reminding me about the threats. They get Facebook and Twitter Legal Team to contact me. And they have since disappeared again, despite me addressing their threats.

I would like to bring to the attention of the world my letter to the Daily Express Mental Health Crusade Dealing with the stigma of Mental Health that can be accessed on Social Media. Then refer to Health Management Medical Advice for Business. Boston House, 2nd Floor, 63-64 New Broad Street, EC2M 1JJ. Email: Website: Web link:… I was advised to seek Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to find out why I react to situations the way I do. I was the EYFS Coordinator, SENCO and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator.

Therefore what give the 3 judges the rights to make a judgement based on the Respondent’s Summary? If you go back to look you will find this happened after allegations about Rumi’s wedding, the investigations were decided from the allegations and complaints. The Disciplinary Outcomes were based on the allegations, complaints and investigations. And I could go on and on showing how the cohorts colluded throughout from January 2014 at Luton Street to the time I resigned on the 27th September 2015 to use my vulnerability to destroy my Mental Health. Therefore I should not have had to be going through the EAT.

Evaluation: How the Employment Tribunal Contingent Laws and Legislation are putting Employees at risk of Mental Health Conditions and other Disabilities

 I am making sure I take back my good name from what’s at I am a Writer, Photographer. Blogger and Advocate of Inclusion. As a result of the breaching of the Rules of Law, everyone seems to think it’s a field day to jump on the bandwagon to demonise Mervelee Myers and I am here to tell the world about it. So the like of my Consultant Winsome Duncan of will know that I refuse to allow another person to take advantage of me. That also goes for Ryan Clement http://www.rayanclement. The Police and Ambulance Services won’t escape either, because what would they have done when they showed up at my home on the 30th October 2017, if I was agitated?

Because of my disabilities both Mental and Physical, I am never in a rush to do anything, as this can make life so much more difficult for me. As with the first ET case with KINGS, I only became aware of certain pertinent fact that hinges on the outcome. After using delaying tactics to confuse me, the solicitors waited until the final moment, to be exact the day before the start of the case to send an offer of four thousand pounds (£4,000.00). I had no time to consider the offer as I could only open it just before the start of the case. I was working full time with LEYF by this time. I was representing myself yet there were three solicitors and barristers representing KINGS. In the end they confused the Judges who in the end confused me.

This time around, I was representing myself and only became aware of some information after the case finished. But what’s most important are some of the discrepancies to be found in the judgement. One in particularly that’s of interests is the fact no mention was made about one of the witnesses, Isabella Glen. Since she was the one who done the investigations and responsible for the Disciplinary, I find that really strange. Another matter of interest is the Employment Appeal Tribunal decisions mentioning the RACISM claims, as if it was part of the ET Case hearing. But since the Racism claims was strike out repeatedly, how did it come to get mentioned in the Appeal?

Even if that unscrupulous Barrister Ryan Clement made mention of it, that is also showing that he was involved in defrauding me of my money by submitting irrelevant information that have no bearings on the case. I have not worked since I was forced to resign with a Nervous Breakdown on the 27th September 2015. Now I can’t move on with my life through no fault of my own. I have to conclude that by posting the judgement online this has become more of a hindrance for me. Because Winsome Duncan was helping me to set up my online business until she got ideas to make money out of me because of my vulnerabilities that were disclosed in the judgement online.

Winsome Duncan hatched her plans the same way LEYF done to wear me down. In the process she got her Employment Barrister to scam me and I don’t know what he done for the £9,000.00 – nine thousand pounds he charged my husband to prepare the Appeal. I was so relieved, when he offered to take over the Appeal. I just turned over everything to him and left him to get on with the work. But Winsome Duncan seemed to have plans to harm me at her birthday party. When I was unable to attend. She send the Police and Ambulance Services to my home to section me. Whether they know it or not, this is radicalisation and terrorism. I aim to get justice for what has happened to me. I am holding the Employment Tribunal responsible for making my life the hell that it has become.


Manal Shabaniedited – English as Addition Language (EAL) – Key person for Melissa and Melinda at Luton Street Community Nursery, London Early Years Foundation (LEYF):

Mervelee each time I see my children’s success I only say nobody deserves to say thanks after God expect you. If everybody wrong don’t let them drive you mad. There are many outstanding teachers who are victims. Teachers like you, who decided to quit the Education System with the Local Education Authorities. And they are doing outstanding jobs, helping students.  We love you.
We love you to teach our children. Please let’s speak off live. I admire your determination to stand up against them.

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard · Manal, I will be in touch. Each time I think I am moving forward, they do this to me again. So I am showing them what I am made of. I build their brand and #JuneOSullivan will pay for sanctioning the discrimination, if it’s the last thing I do?

Dear Mervelee,
Mum gave me the phone to tell you something from the deepest depths of my heart (not for real 🤗). That you are the person who taught me good manners, to make friends and to say what you believe in. I am turning 11 in 3 days my birthday wish will be for you to have a great life and that you succeed in whatever you are doing. Stay strong you are a soldier with no armour except for knowledge. Use it wisely or you will get beaten up by the big bully who has all the armour and weapons but no knowledge. I miss you so much!
P.S: I did that quote on the spot!!
Best Wishes,
Melissa Shabani

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Naheel Julene Brown Legister · So sweet Melissa. Good job. Keep up the good work of highlighting the good work of others and using it to motivate them through rough times.

Taurus: Sharing your expert knowledge will be gratifying. People are eager to learn from you because you take a gentle approach to educating. Instead of giving up on students who are struggling, you’ll try a range of teaching methods until the penny drops. Daily Express Russell Grant

I have to go make smoothie for my husband’s nephew. I will update later.

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The Queen’s English with my Mother Tongue Patois (Patwah): Edited 15th January 2018

Oh yes am still up Writing? This (WB) wedding business has taken its toll on me? A few more to write and I still have to be learning new skills all the time. Now in case anyone is wondering, I am the Spitting Image and temperament of my Mama as I am aging? So I am going to call a bloody spade a spade? And if anyone is a damn COWARD, I am not going to tell them that they (dem dat dey) are Brave! Word is (nutn) nothing more than winds. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can’t? So (suh wat run galong guh) along go find (di) the Shrink then no (den nuh)?

Some of them (Sum a dem) must have some Guilty Conscience indeed? I have been to hell and back and my Spirits not broken? Just a little bruised and I found the Will to get up and Fight Back to Heal my Wounded Spirit! That’s how I do it (A suh me dweet). Word to the Less Wise… (Di same Dog dat tek in dat Bone), is bound fi bring back one out – The same dog that takes in that bone…? I am contended with the LIFE I am Blessed with and not Looking for no Status nor Positions. So they (suh dem) can rest assured and sleep easy. I am not planning to kick away nobody’s, (I naw plan fi kick wey Nubaddy) Foot a God in Heaven at all? Dead Serious (pon dis) about this one!!!!


Written by: Mervelee Myers Cert WTC (Open), FD (Open) & Cert in Health & Social Care. Early Years Practitioner and Carer

Status before the UK: Basic School Teacher, Teaching Assistant Apprentice, Writer and Informal Carer

Arrival in the UK 1992-1999: Housewife, Contract Cleaner, Student and Carer

1997-1999 – Graduate: BTEC National Diploma in Childhood Studies (Nursery Nursing) and Lambeth College – Awards Evening: Student of the Year

1999–2009 – Employee: Nursery Nurse and Part time Cleaner

2009-2015 – Employee: London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) and CEO Long Service Awards – 5 Years

Fundraiser: Charities

July 2015 – Volunteer: Resources for Autism

Advocate: Writer, Photographer, Author, Mentor, Social Commentator and Social Media platforms as a Publisher

Additional Roles & Responsibilities: Carer, Dementia Friend

Trainings May 2016 – October 2017: 1. Competence Based Qualification (QCF) Pearson Edexcel Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools. 2. London Learning Consortium: Dylexia Awareness. 3. NHS Wandsworth: The Expert Patients Programme 

My Defensive Practice: CPPDP & Intellectual Properties Copyright 2018 of Mervelee Myers:

Aim: To expose the level of discrimination in the Early Years Sector. Show how the Legal Entities from the unions to the solicitors are colluding with employers in destroying the lives of vulnerable employees and families. By making us into the voiceless vulnerable victim, like myself who face two miscarriages of justice at the hands of the Employment Tribunal contingent Laws and Legislations. Despite Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12. Recommended to ACAS and


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Copyright of Mervelee Myers. Written and edited on the 15th January 2018.

Published online: 31.01.2018.

Celebrating my Mother 94th BD


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Mama Lou 92nd BD Celebrations 26th January 2016Benefits of Counselling

Today as I sit down to write what I hope is a “short tribute to my MOTHER on the eve of her Birthdate” I must give thanks to God for the Mother I was blessed with for 56 years of my life. I do believe in faith and the fact that God gives us challenges in our life to measure our strengths and weaknesses. By so doing He is in a position to help us with our character and reputation building that will empower us to take control of our lives and continue with the journey to reach our destinations. As I look forward to celebrating another milestones in the life of my Mother, her 92nd birthdate. I must first acknowledge that Mama’s life was full of the A – Z of everything that the good Lord saw fit to test her strengths and weaknesses.Whilst reflecting on Mama’s life, I therefore have to admit that I have been tested beyond measures over a period of time. Strangely enough the testing started shortly after I came back from Jamaica in July 2014. I’d visited Jamaica two times in 20014, January for my #2son’s Valdin Legister’s wedding. I was back again to attend the funeral of my Mother in June and came back July. A week later I was granted the transfer I’d been requesting. I wanted a transfer to be working closer to home for personal reasons, health and my husband’s welfare being the primary causes. However if I’d known what was in store for me I might have settled for “the devils I knew” instead of the encounters I had from July 2014 – September 2015.

Suffice it to say I tried to get those responsible in so called “authority and leadership to listen to my pleas” without any avail. I was left at the mercies of some “Racist Thugs whom I’ve since discovered are Institutionalised Corporate PSYCOPATHS” who systematically destroyed my life. That’s why I am highlighting the “Support Network” provided by the professionals in their various fields who are helping me to come to terms with my situation. Although I do not have the space here and now to mention every one, I will have to single out a particular professional.Therefore I’d like to mention in passing Laura Tinsley, Trainee Counselling Psychologist, Southwark Psychological Therapies Services The GP at The Grange Road Practice, Bermondsey Health Centre, 108 Grange Road, London SE1 3BW were instrumental in my rehabilitations when they provided me with the support I needed and put me in touch with the agencies. I hit on the status Trainee because I have this vivid memory when I was once a Trainee myself and those in “authority took liberties”. I once worked with the NHS as a “Nursery Officer and there was where I first experienced DISCRIMINATIONS” full-scale.Although I was proactive, initiating my own Professional Development Plan (PDP) from 2004 when I started studying with the Open University. I was destined to suffer for wanting to change the circumstances that blighted my life for 30+ years and left me unable to reach my potentials. When I started and my potentials as a leader was identified. I was given the “status of Group Supervisor” by the manager. All that happened like the pattern of my life from 2003 – 2015, those in authority used my knowledge and expertise to gain beacon status. Once they achieved this, then they showed me another face and “I was held back in my career” and unable to continue up the ladder.When it suits them they “dangle Trainee Group Supervisor on a stick to a drowning me” because if you are keeping up you know “I can’t swim”! Realising that the accolades I was being given were not worth the paper they were written on. I decided not to allow anyone to use me. Because as soon as they get the outcomes they wanted they revert to type. But like now, I was destined to suffer for my cause, the knowledge, values and beliefs by which I was brought up were trampled underfoot. But I refused to turn a blind eye to the “social injustice and inequalities” and paid the price with my health. To cut a long story short I was always destined to be a “Trainee Group Supervisor” with no hopes of progression.That’s why I am lifting my hat to Laura Tinsley who is a true professional and there is still hope for us to have true representations from human beings who care. Following from my experiences in the workplace, I developed “Mental Health Issues along with the onset of the Menopause”. You’d have thought the NHS would have taken responsibility and be accountable for their own. But take it from me there is no such thing. That’s why today I have to take it upon myself to find the agencies to offer my “Next Door Neighbour the Early Interventions” she might need. On the eve of my Mother’s birthday I’d be lacking the empathy my former employers tagged me with when they done what they did to me, if I didn’t do what I know I must do to help TESS.

When I started April 2003, I done what came naturally to me and promote and implemented best inclusive practice. Immediately I was promised a post and the “darling of the organisation wid dem deceitful lying tongues” coached in rhetoric and bureaucratic red tape. Since my experiences with the “Institutionalised Corporate Psychopaths” I am weary of some of those “in authority” because I know how they operate. They set out to control one’s life, making promises that they never fulfil. The promises are just to sweeten us up whilst they pull the wool over our eyes and put us in “strait jackets and enslave us with their CONTRACTS” that are binding.

They say lightening rarely strike the same place twice, but in my case it did. The last time was worse than the first. Although I was adversely affected the first time, I had youth on my side so made a recovery. I managed my recovery with the “Support Network of professionals” once I changed my GP who was in on the plots to destroy me. However this time round the onslaught from July 2014 – September 2015 took dramatic tolls on my health and wellbeing. This period of being treated less than an animal left me traumatised to the point where I am a shadow of my former self.

I am contending that the horrible experiences so soon after my bereavement and loss of my MOTHER, must have taken their tolls on me? I am now left to reflect that GOD made Mama in His own image enabling her to be able to cope with the challenges life was to throw up at her from an early age. Therefore Mama had to present one exterior to her Family and had the resilience to cope with her inner self away from prying eyes. I however had to cope with the ordeals and come to terms with the fact I was let down by those I trusted to listen to my concerns. I am still finding it hard even when I was being warned that some people could change like that in the twinkling of an eye.

Without prejudice I have to now reveal that “other’s plotted against me before I got back from burying Mama” to turn me into a scapegoat and a victim. I am waiting to get closures and hear the reasons I was treated the way I was two times over a period of six years. As God is my judge and I told the Counsellor, I will “leave no stones unturned” until I get some closures. This is about my “FIGHT4JUSTICE” that has become like an obsession. Because since my ordeals I’ve had time to hear and read about stories like mine. If someone is not prepared to take a stance, then these EMPLOYERS, Unions, Solicitors, Legal Advisors and other Unscrupulous Authoritarians will continue to make the lives of the vulnerable “a living hell” and get away with it because they are allowed to.

Then government used taxpayer’s money to fund INVESTIGATIONS and Case Reviews. Yet the powers that be refused to listen when you raised concerns. Because some of these perpetuators have friends in high places with whom they are “Bench and Botty” who meet up to crucify those of us who are brave enough to challenge the corruptions. Attending counselling is just another chapter in my Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan (CPPDP) that is empowering with the knowledge to finally find out what caused some of the deep rooted conflicts in my life to date.

I have had to be making a reflective account of Mama’s life and taking on board some very important facts about our lives. I am just realising just how much I’d missed out by the things I did not known about my MOTHER. Mama is dead and it makes no sense beating myself up for matters over which I had no control. However the least I can do in her memory whilst I am celebrating her life – all 90+ years. Is to keep her memory alive for future generations of my family. Therefore I will not be sitting around waiting to write that Book that may never get written. Instead I am using the media at my fingertips to tell my stories. When I am unable to do no more, then at least I know I done my best.

My biggest regret is not knowing my MOTHER as I ought to have known her as an only “surviving daughter” whom she did not recognised in the last months of her life. However I live with the consolations that she came around the day I was leaving home – Jamaica in January 2014 for us to say our “final goodbye”. This final “goodbye is one of my most treasured memory” that is second to none. The mere fact that I had Mama influencing my life is the best thing that could have happened to me. I recalled in my younger days when I’d get really cross if someone told me I was exactly like Mama. But now I must confess that I did not know Mama very well and I might have tried to blot out the sufferings, and failed to see the real MOTHER.I only learned later about some of the things that were important to Mama and made her tic. I was mindful of her sensitivity about aspects of her life without knowing the reasons. I was not aware of the sacrifices that she made for her loved ones before my Papa and Grandma. I was too young to know about those things and Mama was not a “storyteller like Papa”, so hold the things that are dearest close to her heart. Luckily I am different from Mama in that aspect of my life and can’t help the fact that I was born to be an “Inquisitive Nosey Parker” who likes to know the very minute details. However I believe I share Mama’s sensitivity in that I will leave well enough alone when others are involved and maybe affected.

Mama Lou is dead, but her “one gal pickney Ratty” is very much alive and has inherited most of the straits that I once denied. Therefore I am beseeching all those I love and my sons in particular to try to get to know the “real me if you don’t” and don’t wait until you end up with any regrets. The Counsellor told me that Mama might have been protecting us from some of the hurts she endured throughout her life. And this was me thinking she did not LOVE me? Missed opportunities cannot be retrieved, especially when death is involved.

I pride myself on my life being an “open book”, but don’t be fooled. And I guess this is where I can identify Mama in me most definitely. There are some cards I hold close to my chest and will only on a need to know basis. I know for a fact and without any doubt that there are some things that are better left hidden where they are buried. When the lives of others are tightly wound up with ours, it’s best to left well enough alone. I am positive Mama would agree with me wholeheartedly, and that’s why she chose not to talk about certain sensitive matters, even to her loved ones. I know now without I am Mama Lou’s daughter whom she LOVED, but was unable to express her feelings to me.

I regret not understanding her more so we could have had a closer relationship – Mother and Daughter. However I still have the opportunity to embrace the values and principles she stood for. I can stand tall and claim her for my Mother, knowing she lives on in me, the way I conduct my life. I am not perfect, I am full of flaws, but I love myself warts and all. Therefore I can shout from the roof tops, Mama made me the person I am today, even when it took the horrible experiences I’ve been through to recognise her input in making me who I am.

That’s why my “Fight4Justice” goes on because my loved ones who gone on before would show their displeasures, if I did not stand up for my beliefs. I will not stand idly by and let anyone label UNCORPORATIVE, UNPROFESSIONAL, INTIMIDATING, CONFRONTATIONAL, LACKING EMPATHY because as one couple with whom I worked at Bird In Bush (BIB) Nursery said… How does one measure “Lacking Empathy”? But I know one saying from back a Yard, “Kettle a call Pot BLACK” so I am not expecting them do anything about my situations. My Union Solicitor told me the Employers do not have to prove I done the trumped up allegations, they are written in the Contract.

I am being asked to tell them how to do their jobs the same way I trained my colleagues. Then I had to ask their permission to carry out my Job Description. If I don’t I am dismissive of authority. Biggest joke of all the Legal Advisor told me I am Not Diagnosed with DIABETES and ARTHRITES. In the Open Letters I posed questions and I can’t get answers. When the time is right I will put the Correspondences in the PUBLIC Domain for them to be Judge and Jurors. In the meantime I am not expecting to get any JUSTICE because of the Systems in place.I have no one but myself to clear my name, and I doubt I can repair my reputation and character because I am one “small fish in an ocean of big fishes”, but I’ll not give up until DEAD calls me home. I promise to be a thorn in their flesh exposing them for what they are. All I’ve done is do what was expected of me in the CONTACT I signed. But others think they can CRIMINALISE me with their devious PLOTS. The question is were the forces intent on cutting me down to size to stop me developing my CPPDP? If that is the case they have another thinking coming! Social Media is everywhere in every nook and cranny. I’ll use Social Media to get back at them, because they helped me to develop my CPPDP.

On the 92nd Birthdate of my MOTHER I want to let them know that Mama though DEAD is with me in Spirit. She will not rest until I’ve got the JUSTICE I deserve for what those Institutionalised Corporate Psychopaths put me through right after I came back from laying her to rest. Out of respects for Mama I am turning my attentions to ensuring my next door neighbours Esther Oliver aka TESS get all the help she needs. She certainly needs it from what I am witnessing. But I refused to invade her privacy and will make sure she is given all the dignity she needed like Mama had.Perline Louise, Maam-Jess, Mama Lou, Di Satiday Lou or any other endearments by which she was known. Your daughter Mervelee Myers-TOMLINSON aka Ratty NEMBHARD will keep on with my FIGHT4JUSTICE in your name for all the vulnerable and downtrodden people who experienced DISCRIMINATIONS in any shape or forms.

As soon as the time is right, I’ll pack up “mi bungle and head back home a mi Yard” because JAMAICA is my Home. I left Jamaica the first time I came to the UK in 1990 with one suitcase. As Mama used to say when “you sick doctor don’t want you clothes, a di money him want fi look after you”. I am here for my husband and once I am not needed, then it’s “Vamoose”!

Fish a Pick dung a we land bottom and that’s where I’d like to be. Mi fed up bout di lifestyle dat was forced unto me which left mi a shadow a mi former self!

Memories of My Mother

Mama Lou’s 94th DOB -Moving On

Written by: Mervelee Myers 26th January 2018

Celebrating my Mother’s birthday and the life of a Strong Woman

On the 94th birthdate of my mother Perline LOUISE Nembhard, I would like to take this opportunity to clear up some of the long held misconceptions that have dogged my life over the years, and refuse to go away. However before I can do any such thing, I will have to be able to exercise the ghost from my past, so that I can move on. Therefore I will try to be as sensitive as can be about the feelings of others, knowing there are other parties involved in this my search for redemption. Before anyone starts to judge me and deciding, what’s best for me, I would prefer for them to accept that we all come with some amount of baggage. Baggage of the type that can impact on the lives of others, rather than one’s self alone.

Everything started with my mother of course. For some reasons or the other, mama was unable to express her innermost thoughts and share her feelings with others. Of course there is always one exception to the rules, and for mama she had her best friend, Ms Connie Legister. That’s why I am a firm believer in the fact that God always provide His Angels to look over us, and providing us with guidance in our times of greatest needs, before we reach rock bottom. Therefore I have to reflect on the life of my grandma, Elsie Adina Saunders who was a totally different kettle of fish and an (enigma: puzzling thing or person). But there is this thing about her, she never stopped talking and using those sayings for every situations.

Grandma was deadpan serious in her deliveries, and I know I got my wicked sense of humour from her, amongst other things.  She didn’t care who gets upset when she speaks her mind. On reflections I would have to accept that some of the things we share in common, grandma, mama and I are coming to the fore, now I am the only female left of their linage, on the Nembhard side. We are highly strung, hoarders, we love the finer things of life, like nice clothes. But most importantly, we were/are kind, loving and caring women, who would/will sacrifice our lives for the people we love, cherish and care about. Please take it from me however, about how you treat us, because that can be detrimental to our emotional wellbeing and affect us for the rest of our lives

Once more let me say, how much I have benefitted from counselling at That’s even more reasons why I am an advocate of inclusion, wishing that early interventions were available to me before. That’s why I am on a mission, sharing my stories, so that no other child and families have to go through my experiences  Although there is not much I can do about my past life, I am empowered to use my love of writing to bring about change, Fight4justice www.MerveleeConsultancy.com  and

By so doing others can be aware of how our own conscious and subconscious preconceived prejudices about Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) can impact on how we see ourselves and are seen by others. The Equality Act 2010 states that a person has a disability if s/he has a physical or mental impairment, which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on his/her ability to carry out normal day-t-day-activities. There are different sides to each one of us. As I have come to understand, knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss to those who refuse to open their eyes to the discrimination that affect the vulnerable https://ofqual-gov-uk/qualifications-and-assessment/qualification-frameworks/levels-of-qualifications, and

Throughout my life I complained about the things I did not like about my grandma and mama and anyone and everything. From the way my grandma used to comb my hair, which made me stand out and look different from the crowd. She had her special ways of doing things, and she was full of advice about why I should not do certain things. But my granny was miserable, so I thought. That’s until I hear my own youngest son saying the exact same words about me. It did not take much for grandma to fly off the handle and into a strop. That’s when you would hear her using those well know phrases of hers. If I was paying attention, to my granny’s sayings, I could have been one of the greatest (philosopher: 3 people out-look on life).  About human behaviours and relationships, as I have my life experiences going through my transitional developments as evidence.

Mama Lou on the other hand was always keeping a stiff upper lip, most of the time, until she flip for one reason or another and goes into one. Yes for those who don’t remember, mama used to curse, until I am not sure when she stopped? After that she detested hearing the cursing and would complain to me about it in her latter days. I know for a fact God provided my grandma and mama with the best helpmates to match their unique personalities in the forms of the men who they married. Although I don’t know much about my grandpa, excepting hearing the story about the Spanish Jar “Panyah Jar” episode with Missa Banny, I learned about his kindness. The most valuable lesson I learned about him from Ms Bernice Henry, the last time I visited she and Mass Roland, give me an insight about my history.

Ms Bernice told me about the kindness of grandpa Claudie, on his way home from the bush one day. Seeing her in her yard, he stopped to plant a garden egg at her fence for her. She said that it bear every year in abundance that she was able to share with her neighbours. Only other information I know about him are he decided to strike out on his own, away from the family land with his family. And he died of stomach cancer and mum cared for him. I learned this when my breda BYRON was struck down with colon cancer and the doctors wanted to know the family history. Then when I was home in 2014 for my youngest son’s wedding, my breda Balis told me about my sister Yvonne. About how she died from (epilepsy – fit) in grandpa’s arms. I knew I had a big sister who died, but not much else before Balis revelations.

My biggest surprise came when Ms Connie, mama’s best friend told me about mama’s life. From thence I began to fit the pieces together about mama’s life of adversities, struggling and sacrifices she had. Prior to all this I started taking notice of some of mama’s peculiarities. But hearing the stories began making more sense to me.  By this time it was too late for me to do anything about what I was hearing. I do the next best thing on my return, after saying my final goodbye to mama on the 22nd January 2014. I started fitting the jigsaw together, writing the Eulogy/Remembrance for my mother. I know I was not going to be seeing mama alive again in the mortal flesh.

Writing the story, as a lasting legacy of her life, give me the opportunity to tell about my mother who was vilified, misunderstood, judged, condemned, rejected, etc.…, because we did not have the chance to know who our mother really was. This was primarily because of her inability to show her feelings and express her thoughts for others to understand. But via my own counselling on the advice of the Occupational Health doctor, that I should get Cognitive Behavioural Therapy…. I realised how much of an exceptional person my mother was. She had to be strong in order that she could survive. Mama sacrificed her life for her family and friends. In the end she did not even find the elusive love she craved after the death of my father.

Even though she had forgotten me, her only daughter as a result of the dementia She did not forget the man she loved after my father, Mass Victor, but he was not the marrying type. That’s why I have become a I have been privilege to experience love in its many formats. The love of my father, who I lost about the age when I was going through another transitional development of puberty. Although dad lived until I was the age of twenty after the birth of my second child, I lost my papa years before to Parkinson’s disease, even though he lived in the physical flesh. That’s why when I discover myself at, I was chuffed to see my photos.

I have the love of my 7 bredas, 2 younger and 5 older – 2 of the elders now deceased, and some very special boyfriends. Those boyfriends were just special, for being my friends. There were men who played important roles in my life and give me the gifts of motherhood. The fathers of my sons Kevin Murray and Valdin Legister. Mama was proud of the fact that she never have any of the patchwork children (pickney) Men with whom I have been in relationships with and taught me how to deal with some of my emotions. There are two men who were/is my husband. The love I have for my sons and their families. And I would be rather amiss if I did not mention that man who I like to refer to as my meeting on the Road the Road to Damascus going to the CAB at the Blue in Bermondsey. I am still trying to make sense of this impromptu meeting and the role GOD played in it.

But as my likkle breda Ervin said I am not to question God and this time I am going to take his advice. For those of you who are interested, I have not seen this person who make that appearance in my life and disappeared again. But he is somewhere in the background offering me his support, with his words of encouragement. Otherwise, I am doubting I could have achieved so much in my recovery? Some people, including my family don’t understand my need to talk to get things out of my system. But he does and I will always be grateful, because in the beginning I just viewed him as another annoying God person with an agenda from God that I didn’t want anything do with during the time I was at my lowest ebb.

On mama’s 94th birthdate, let me end by saying that anyone of my family who are having personal issues of their own. I would entreat them/us to take a page out of mother’s book of life. It’s time for us to stop being so (egocentric: adj. self-centred), and start thinking less about self and more about others. More so if there are children involved, as they will be affected like I was for the rest of their lives. Because mama sacrificed her life for her family, friends and whoever was in need of her tender loving care. There were matters over which she had no control to make the differences.

This was from the day she choose to stay at home with her parents as a dutiful daughter, instead of going to her posh family to reside at their prestigious home and learn the craft of baking exotic cakes. I do not know at what age Mama lost part of her thumb, but she was affected by it for the rest of her life. That’s why I am reflecting on the life of my grandma, mama and myself hoping lessons can and will be learned? Whatever will be, must be, but at the present I have my obligations to my elderly husband. This became my priority from the day I made my vows when he made an honest woman of me and I am Mr Mervelee Tomlinson.

Next I need to clear my name so I can move on with my life. That’s why I have my, with my Pages. I will be using all my Social Media profiles to counteract Because of the way I was stitched up by after I got back from burying my MOTHER. I still have not had the chance to grieve for mama and this is affecting the way I am able to live my life.


Blacklisting & Networking is Discrimination

TA course

Mervelee Myers

Mervelee Myers  Edit article

 I have signed up for a 14 weeks, Supporting Teaching & Learning In Schools (QCF) Level 2. This is with Islington College/HCT Yes I guess I have to face up to the realities of the systems which operate to tell me one thing about myself when I know another. But life goes on and I have to accept that every thing in one’s life happen for good and even bad times. Therefore I am putting the bad times behind me and grasping out for the good, better and best.
I am moving forward with positive vibes and faith in God to see me through. And if I am honest enough, this is after I stopped long enough to stop “cussing bout mi bad and tek back control a fi mi life”. There are a few obstacles in my way that may pose as barriers, constraints and limitations to me completing this programme of studies. 1. I need a school to do at least 30 hours of placements to meet the criteria for the course. I’ve been trying but no joys to date. Well I know darned well I don’t have to spell it out why…?
Update 22.01.2018: Well after writing my application as part of the DWP criteria for Universal Credit, the lady at the Job Centre said she is a Proofreader. There was only one grammatical errors in my letter. I gave to my peers to use as template and one lady who is multilingual, and a translator, told me how helpfull she found it. Despite doing all these trainings. Today the 22nd January 2018, I am still out of a job. My circumstances have become even worse. No doubt because of another miscarriages of justice by the ET After the discrimination I endured at, from the 23rd July 2014 to date. The ET further damaged my reputations with the online judgement at
The other things that became hindrances surrounds my overall emotional health and wellbeing, and what some “Corporate Institutionalised Psychopaths” did to me. When I go back and read their Blog of 15th June 2012, it tells me everything I needed to know about them. Now I have a clear picture in my head how they changed from being the organisation I knew to one that is “LACKING EMPATHY”. Maybe if they revisit the Blog, they will witness how “the self-fulfilling prophecy” came about slowly but surely over the years.
Update 22.01.2018: I am on a mission to expose the discrimination against vulnerable employees, in particularly the Early Years Sector that I worked with from 1999 to when I was forced to resign with a nervous breakdown.  I am part of research by Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper recommended to I am attending the, and the Childcare Expo 2018 to see some of those responsible for destroying my health and taking away my rights and dignity.  
They are responsible for robbing me of “my self-confidence and self-esteem” that I’ll have to spend I don’t know how long to rebuild? And they honestly think they got away with destroying what I spent so many years to build. I now have to start from scratch and force myself “not to be frightened by every shadow and see a Duppy in every movements”?

Let me get back to my main reasons for writing this post. 2. Along with the school to do the placement, I’d like to get a copy of a book. Book title: Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools By: Louise Burnham & Brenda Baker Publishers: Heinemann ISBN 978-0-435032-03-6. Normally I’d go out to spend my money to buy my own, but my circumstances have changed.

Update 22.01.2018: I have had counselling There was a Judge’s Court Management for me to present Medical Reports at the Employment Tribunal. Only for them to turn around and treated me with prejudicial baises of the demeanest proportions they are unimaginable. Thats why I have written my Review of the Employment Tribunal, from my own perspectives. It will be going out to the relevant authorities and then going online, the same way the judgement was posted.   When I get this course over I intend to do “The Specialist Diploma Level 3” and take things from there. Hopefully I will then be able to do my PGCE after doing my research. The good thing about the above 2 courses I don’t have to do exams. As of now it’s more life as I move forward to conquer and overcome the “Fears of being JUDGED” that the PSYCHOPATHS who labelled me have done to me.

Update 22.01.2018: Well there was no joys for me here either, as I faced further discrimination from Tutu Adebiyi of She told me when she called me for a visit, when I was handed a copy of the Impact Report 2016 Changing Times, Lasting Impact that she works in partnership with LEYF. Maybe that’s why I was not surprised when I was given the run around. It’s strange and I did not even notice the statistics until it was pointed out by On page 9 of the Impact Report 2016. It states 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment. I am positive that’s where my Coach, who I got to help me set up a business got the ideas from for what she done to me. Instead of publishing my book, she stole my copyright and tried to get me to write her life story in my book. After the way I was treated by Winsome Duncan of I am only left with the evidence collected from both, that Barrister Ryan Clement groomed Winsome Duncan and they are operating a scam against vulnerable people. The plan was to harm me at Winsome’s 40th birthday party on the 27th October 2017. Because I was unwell and could not attend. Winsome send the Police and Ambulance Services to my home to section me on the 30th October 2017. I have the emails, text messages and messages on my house phone as proof.

They’ve blackened my name, ruined my reputations and destroyed my character. However the race is not for the swift, but those who can endure to the end. I am living my life in honour of my “Mother for whom I am regretting not to have known better”, because if I did, I’d have had a more enriched life. Mama could not read, but she spell and pronounce. She practiced writing and writing her “r” the old fashioned way. Everything I do these days in in “Mama’s Memory” as I look forward to writing another tribute for her 92nd Birth Date.

Update 22.01.2018: Although I have been pushed from pillow to posts over the past 4 years. Today as I celebrate the 4th year since I said my final goodbye to my mother. Despite not knowing and recognising me when I spent 4 weeks with her, because of her dementia She came around on the day I was returning to the UK, telling my son, “she did not come to say goodbye”? That’s the lasting legacy I have of my mum, because I have it digital.   

Let those without any SINS cast the first stone!    My “Homemade Book” was borrowed to improve on as a Teaching & Learning Tool the day SKY News visited. I haven’t heard “breeze blow bout it since”. Does any one know about “Copyrights & Patents”, I’d really appreciate. I intend to write my story bout “Sweet Cassava & Bitter Cassada” & it should be revealing.   

Proving LEYF & ET not to be Credible Legal Entity!

Me Nah Buy Nuh Puss In Bag?

 Mervelee Myers   Mervelee Myers

Me Nuh Buy Nuh Puss Eina Nuh Bag?

I brave the rain and winds to go do my regular shopping in East Street market, but believe me ESM is not the same as it once was, but as usual I am ME. I greeted people I pass on the way as I was brought up by my old fashioned parents. I popped into the Bookies to collect the little dividend from Tom’s bet last Saturday. And crossed over the road to go to the PO to get information for my hubby about the Pension Scheme that has come on board as he wants to invest. I made my merry way down the road. Walking has become 1 of my greatest love as this is how I managed to help maintain a semblance of good health where some of my health conditions are concerned.

I walked through the market trying to find my money’s worth of things to buy, especially since my hubby TOM is so intent on me getting values for money and saving up what I can for my old age. I saw Mr Peter Tatchell the Gay Rights Campaigner, and greeted him “wishing him a HNY” and he responded in kind. I went to buy some vegetables but decided against it because under closer examinations they were going off. I got some squash and broccoli on a stall and when the bloke held on tightly to the bag, asks him what he thinks I am going to do? Run off without paying him – as I have a heavy trolley and a handbag… And of course he begins to argue and I told him exactly what I think of him… “You are a silly man!” I went to another stall to buy from a young man and he is so professional and the mere fact that he acknowledged me made such a difference. It is worthwhile to know that there are still some very nice persons out there no matter your Job Description as we all have different roles to play in life.

I went to look at yams and when I done the finger pinching test learnt from my old folks in JA, they were already turning black and rotten. I walked ½ way down the market to find my African auntie to check out her yams, but hers were no good. I headed back to the 1st stall, looked and chose 2 yams and asked the bloke to cut them. When he cut the 1st one it is no good. So I decided I am not having them and the bloke begins to argue. I decided to buy 1 big yam for a fair price instead of getting 2 for £5.00 and the bloke now adds 50 pence so I decided to argue as well. The bloke takes the 50 pence back off and I asks him to cut it, but the other bloke is telling him not to unless I am buying. I told them I have chosen it so I am buying, but I work hard for my money and I have to know I am getting value for my money. There is no way I am dragging a whole load of stuff home to end up in the compost, because I might end up spend £5.00 and end up getting £1.00 money worth out of them.

One of my African sister agreed with me and backed up my arguments. I went to Danny’s shop to get a few bits and bobs and heard another of my African breda teasing him about being a Baby Father and I jokingly offered to be God Mother. I saw Michael on my way back and he said I’d promised to give him my mobile phone #. He showed me the newest addition to his family and his recent trip to the USA – we are Jamaicans and living in close proximity in Bermondsey. It’s important to me to keep connected to my own people. I got back in doors only to leave the trolley to go back out to the Bookies to put on Tom’s bet. Because these days he is not as mobile as he’d wished, what with the aging process in full swing. I cooked my hubby’s soup and served him on a tray in the living room whilst he watched snooker or horse racing and any other sports that take his fancy. He was crossed because his idol Ronny O’Sullivan lost the match.

My job is to serve and that is exactly what I do. I went on the internet to check out the information I was given about the Pension and I think some of my duties are accomplished? These days I realised that most of the foodstuff that is bought and cooked in my house either end up spoilt, going in the compost bin, stored in the fridge until it is also thrown out, because I refused to do anything to exacerbate any of my health conditions. My hubby knows I love plantains and he went out and bought them, but I prefer abstain for the sake of my health with the hope that I can maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle as long as is decently possible. I don’t want to rely on anyone for hand-outs either? Where I come from we have practically all kinds of fresh produce to help us maintain good health. I am a real country girl who came from Sugar Belt Country, so I know more than most about getting food stuff straight off the trees or digging them up from the ground and when we buy we buy only the best.

Now that I have sorted out some of the Blinking Foolishness that derailed my Plans since the Past 2 weeks and I can now get back to celebrating my Mama’s Life and the other things that are important to me!

Mama’s Words of Wisdom!

Mama Lou Warned Me About Men Who Are Up To No Good & Bad-Minded, Red Eyes and Vindictive Women! 14th January 2018

INSPIRED THINKING “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life” Charles Darwin (1809-1882).

Taurus: Try a different approach if conventional solutions to problems aren’t working. Don’t be shy about asking an imaginary friend for help. Their suggestions may sound weird at first, but give them a try – the results will surprise you.

The things they say… “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on” (Robert Frost 1874-1963).

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Taurus-Lori Reid: Planet of talk and travel, Mercury puts faraway places and faces on today’s agenda. Perhaps you’re retracing a journey. With a clear view ahead, you’re determined now to take your place centre stage. Call to hear why it’s time to take a broader view.

I am determined to address this matter of everyone deciding to come to my PAGE 4 FREE SPEECH without even knowing what they are supposed to be talking about. The first time, it was from me answering a question from Jasmine Hylton about ASHTER, daughter Careen Nembhard Sinanan, Mother, ROSE BERRY. The next thing I know I got a message denouncing me for spreading Rumour on Facebook…?
The next time, it was some issues in the news about the IMF Chief and the Maid… I never back down yet, when I know I am in the RIGHT. And years later I got an apology, after I moved on. Everyone seem to think they have a right to take me to TASK, trying to push their Freedom of Speech down my throat.
The next time was when one Ms Sanya McDonald, TRURO people set her up to come dis me on the Community Upliftment Programme – C.U.P. At the time I didn’t know what it was all about. But for anyone who don’t know me, they should stop to study me, because by the time Natasha SPENCE and Truro People with their plots of so called DISGRACE, I was ready for them.
This is the trend I pick up in all the incidents to date, they come and say the most disrespectful things, even when they don’t know you. But stranger still, they are telling you about their Man-Given-Rights-Freedom-of-Speech. But why do they choose to come to my Page to disrespect me and then demand their Rights2FreedomofSpeech at my expense? The message to the Intellectual Imbeciles like Meli Sue is I am doing my things to promote INCLUSION. So go find your thing to do apart from taking away other Women_MEN! They can Read, but can’t comprehend…
So please get off my Bandwagon and let me get on with my show. If they have told you stories like is the norms, keep it to Yourselves, I am not interested. If you noticed, I keep myself to myself now…
But if anyone DARES, you will hear from me. This is my Facebook PAGE. I have to demand my RIGHTS-4-a-VOICE when the Establishment-Systems got me BLOCKED. So I don’t know what the hell you are talking about.
Please desist from coming to my Social Media for Free-PUBLICITY. I am not working, but I am Funding my Fight4justice campaign to rid the world of Modern Day SLAVERY.
Just remember, I have no Obligations to anyone, my Papa-Mama are DEAD!
I will defend Myself from all Onslaughts no matter from Whom?

Updated: 14th January 2018 I am abreast of the recent happenings from those who claimed I blocked them, but I can see them online. They have no need to fear me, anything was said to me in confidence, I would not repeat. I would rather die with honour. There are others who have blocked me so I can’t see their comments. Honestly, I wanted to get rid of you lot long time and good riddance to rubbish.

Added 5 new photos — celebrating recovery with Myrna Nembhard and 25 others.

January 14, 2017 at 11:00am · London ·

To all #HATEARSES of #RATTY_NEMBHARD, I have you covered in Jesus name. When I reflect on the way I have been forced to live since I got back from burying #MAMA, I know only GOD kept me thus far. Resolution is just around the corner. In the meantime my Fight4justice go on with gusto. For the #Establishment_Systems for which I am an #Automation2FillCoffers, my #ADVOCACY will ensure they are #Revealed as #ModernDaySLAVES. Only then will they know who is #MERVELEEMYERS. Damn #TEALEAVES all a dem and some even a telling flipping lies bout dem #Status?
I was educated at #TownheadBasicNPrimarySch#FromeSecSch, stint at #Mannings_EC, the rest were from #LifeExperiences. I attended #LambethCollege and end with the Open University UK. Now I will show them what an #Empowered_Ambitious_BLACK_WOMAN is capable of?

Updated: 14th January 2018  I have written my review of the Employment Tribunal to go live like what they have done with the judgement. So man a plan and GOD a wipe out. Everyone will have access to–2300047-2016, but I am making sure my review is in cyberspace asap.

Learning My Lessons: Not All Who Kin Teeth and Laugh With You Are Your Friends?

If I spend my time on here commenting on all the things of interests that caught my Eyes, I will never get the Work I have to do done? DEAD-LINE to Meet and this Might just turn out to be a LIFE or DEATH Matter? Ketch you all sum times maybe over the Strong End?

Taurus Apr 21 – May 21: Grab your chance while you can. If you have been incubating ideas, don’t miss this morning’s opportunity to link up with someone who has the power to open all the right doors for you. Call me to hear why you mustn’t delay talking to the boss.

When I was younger, I never bother read my horoscope. Now I am getting older and greyer I read every day and can tell when it is Relevant to I! The last time I was home – JA, my son Valdin Legister said supn and you know what I have to now take what he said on board. Otherwise I will be RUNNING for the Rest of my LIFE? Sorry age is ketching up wid I, suh I a guh Stand up and Fight 2 dah Bitter End!

Russell Grant – Taurus April 21 – May 21:  If conventional solutions to problems aren’t working, don’t be shy about asking an imaginary friend for help. A joint effort will be more productive than anyone expected and as a result, an extra bonus could be coming your way.

If all my efforts from Friday until now haven’t been productive, because of more than joint efforts, I would have failed. But I am thankful for the little I could have done with resolving any outstanding matters. What some of us failed to understand is that it’s time to stop taking others for granted. Spare some time to start thinking about others, instead of focusing on that bloated ego that is me, myself and I, in other words you, yourself and you. It is time we pause long enough to think about how others will be affected by my/your/our selfishness.

Back in the days, my granny and parents would be sharing their words of wisdom and I am sorry now, I did not pay too much attention, in my ignorance. Because now they are dead and gone and I am the poorer for losing out. Some of us will never get more than one chance at anything. Therefore as the saying goes, every day bucket go to the well one day the bottom will drop out. If this is pertinent to anyone, including me, I would start taking heed? Because of my experiences since coming back from burying my MOTHER, lots of things have pass me by in a haze.

Hopefully I can get my life back on track sometimes this year? I have plans and I would like to revisit this chapter in my life from 22nd January 2013 to when I said my final goodbye to my mother on the 22nd January 2014 and know for certain, I would not be seeing her again in the mortal flesh. I am making sure continuing the documenting of the Legacy that, hopefully will be of benefit to my family when I am no longer here in this life. I haven’t the slightest interests in most of what people have to say about me. Yes when I was younger I was bothered, but not at this stage of my life.

My MOTHER warned me about lots of things from I was a child. Mama used to say, “Ratty when you see them jumping on two feet, keep hoping on your one and a half and go on”. I know exactly what Mama was talking about now. GOD in His infinite mercies have empowered me with knowledge and wisdom to know wrong from right. I know none of us is perfect and GOD don’t make mistake. But if we keep making the same mistake over and over again it is no longer a mistake but a deliberate act…  First time is mistake, second time is purpose and I did not bother finding out what name was given third time. By the second time, I learned my lesson well, I know you can’t please everyone, but you have to please yourself.

Updated 14th January 2018: I want everyone to take note that I have been using Social Media as my platform to tell my stories from I joined in February 2010.  Top of Form

So mum had a fleeting memo of her daughter yesterday. This morn she asking fi Toya Latoya Nembhard. But all else belongs to her Long Time Memory (LTM) – Effie, Sadie, Harold, and Will Bernard. All her family on Chambers/Saunders side who passed on. She knows their correct names and that they died. Nothing about me and the Nembhard side.

Top of Form

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

January 14, 2014 at 2:14pm ·

Me cawn call unuh till me put credit pon phone. I am teking the Bun Savanna Road leading to all dem outer regions later. 2moro me off to Hanover.  Got to see Jevon.

Updated 14th January 2018: For those of you not in the know? Jevon is my nephew who was born prematurely. He has multiple disabilities. He will be 26 years old on the 7th September 2018. What chance is there that I will see him before his birthday?

Updated 14th January 2018: I am a Storyteller. I inherited from my Father and not my Mother. Not all my stories are good for all and sundries either.

Suh me feel a story cuming. Dis dunce pickney did guh a school and when the time cum fi spelling…?  He never know fi spell Cow. Suh teacher bus him ass wid di fan belt. Pickney guh home guh tell di even dunca puppa. Puppa cum to teacher wid fire blazing outa him yais dem. Here him to di teacher – “Imagine u gawn tell me pickney fi spell a big sinti like Cow! Why u nebba did ask him fi spell MOSQUITO?”.

The Moral Of The Story Is?

I have seen quite a few breadfruit crops in my time. I know from back in the days when my Mother did not bother to teach me anything, but she expected me to know how to do everything. Her words were if when I show you, you don’t want to learn, that’s your look out. Many of what I know I learn through my own initiatives of trials and errors.

Now I touch briefly on LOVE, because there are ginnals to be found in every walks of life. It don’t matter if they are men or women. They will use you and abandon you and destroy you if it comes to the test. There is more to life and a relationship than empty words. If you have someone who sacrificed their life for you, please respect that person. We are humans and we make mistakes, but please don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by some psychopaths who can think no further than getting their rocks off… And keeping evidence for no good reasons than to pay you back for some slight that was done previously.

My Mother used to tell me that I love tun trash too much, it takes me years to realise what my Mama was getting at. That’s why I want to remain on good terms with anyone who have impacted in my life in any ways. But I am heeding my Mama’s words, if it didn’t work first time, there is no chance it will ever work. There will always be the underlying emotional baggage that stop one from moving on…

I aim to stand up in LOVE, instead of Falling in Love. If there is no respect for other Women, I would prefer not to entertain any arguments you might be thinking of putting forward?


Legister-Nembhard Professionals

Nembhard achieves FIFA dream – Jamaican becomes youngest ever in the world to reach milestone

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Veralton Nembhard,FIFA,Jamaica,Horace Burrell

Photo: Veralton Nembhard receives his FIFA Badge from Jamaica Football Federation President Captain Horace Burrell. Nembhard became the youngest referee ever to receive a FIFA badge on Saturday.

Veralton Nembhard became the youngest person in the World to earn a FIFA Referee badge at the age of 26 when he was bestowed the honour on Saturday, during the half time break of the Under-20 match between Jamaica and Cuba at the Waterhouse Mini-Stadium. Nembhard was the man in the middle for that game which Jamaica won 2-1.

The graduate of the University of the West Indies who is a father of two boys began following his father Texchus to referee training at the tender age of four so it is no wonder that he followed in the footsteps the person to whom he says he owes everything.

“I owe it all to my dad and my mom, they have been a pillar of support every step of the way. I can’t even describe how I feel right now, it is a massive achievement,” a beaming Nembhard told Yardie Sports.

Nembhard represented Cornwall College in the DaCosta Cup before heading to UWI to pursue his degree in Psychology. He continued to play the game, representing his hall of residence Taylor Hall and the University but never hung up his whistle.

Since leaving UWI he has hung up his boots in favour of the whistle and became the youngest person to take charge of a DaCosta Cup final at the age of 24 in the 2012 final. He set another record by becoming the first person to do back to back finals the next year. This added to his previous achievements of being the only person to do the U-14 and U-16 finals twice.

The Manchester United fan is elated to have achieved his goal so soon but is fully aware that this is just the beginning.

“I dreamt of this moment for years but I never imagined that it would happen so soon and I am sure it’s going to come with added pressure. But I am ready for it, so bring it on,” the confident young man said.

The humble and appreciative Taylorite thanks a number of people for their continued support that has seen him achieve his first goal.

“My training partners Trevor Ellis and younger brother Dondre who are also referees keep me focused and motivated. My father Texchus Nembhard, Peter Prendergast and Dave Meikle are three people I want to thank for their continued guidance and I cannot leave out my cousin and fellow referee Valdin Legister who is also a great source of motivation.”

With his international journey now set to begin, Nembhard is totally focused on establishing his international credibility and advancing Jamaica in the world of football officiating.

Multigenerational Working Approach

Thinking of brand Mervelee Myers & the Case Studies!

I find this article interesting for a variety of reasons. Some day it will be made clear when I eventually clear my name. That’s why I have my Fight4justice campaign to get the government to hold an injuiry into the Early Years sector. That way I don’t have to face another miscarriages of justice after being part of Dr Maria Hudson 201 Research Paper Ref: 01/12 recommended to
That way they will think twice about posting online at

Call for ‘shared sites’ to bring young and old together

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A new report has called for the introduction of 500 intergenerational shared sites to unite young and old people and counter ‘age apartheid’.


Lexden Lodge Kindergarten in Colchester visits Oaks Care Home

According to think tank United for All Ages in its ‘Mixing Matters’ report published today (5 January 2018), urgent action is needed to create 500 shared sites across the country by 2022 to tackle growing social divides in ‘Brexit Britain’.

In the report’s analysis of recent research, it found that Britain is one of the most age segregated countries in the world, particularly for the oldest and youngest generations, and said this gap has widened over the last 50 years.

United for All Ages made three key recommendations for bringing older and younger people together:

  • Building multigenerational communities: supporting community businesses, making public spaces more accessible, opening community facilities to all ages, co-locating childcare and eldercare schemes
  • Mutual support through two-way relationships: online mentoring of younger people, advocacy for older people needing health and social care, ‘homeshare’ schemes where younger people live with older people, increased interaction between grandfathers and grandchildren
  • Better communication between generations: establishing a national council for all ages supported by an intergenerational convention, building bridges between generations using arts activities and street parties.

According to the think tank, shared sites such as housing schemes for the elderly co-located with nurseries should be prioritised in the fight to beat age segregation.

The ‘Mixing Matters’ report highlights the growth of shared sites in 2017, including the first ‘care-home nursery’ at Apples and Honey Nightingale in south west London, and mentions the significance of the Channel 4 programme ‘Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds’ in raising awareness of intergenerational projects.

Director of United for All Ages Stephen Burke said, ‘Brexit Britain is dogged by divisions – we are divided by class, income, race, geography and age. The mistrust that arises from such divisions is fuelled by the lack of connection between different generations. This can breed myths and stereotypes, misunderstanding, ageism and exclusion. That’s why we believe mixing matters.

‘The joy of mixing can unite Brexit Britain in these divided times. As surveys repeatedly show, older and younger generations have much more in common than some would have us believe. Now’s the time to make shared sites happen because mixing matters for everybody.’

  • Read an extended version of this story in Nursery World, out on 8 January.

I Survived DV & Discrimination 2 Times

Remove The Perpetrator Not The Victims


The current system does not sufficiently protect and support survivors of domestic violence. We need to change the law and the system so that survivors can regain their full freedom, safe from fear, threats and harassment, and be given appropriate support and help to heal and recover from trauma.

I am a survivor of one of the most widespread crimes of all time, domestic violence. I was held hostage, tortured, beaten and conditioned to do exactly what my abuser wanted. Miraculously, I survived.

After many, many, years I finally escaped with my children, and we were then placed in the hands of a system where, due to lack of support and appropriate care, we were traumatised further.

I fought my abuser in the law courts for years after escaping, and in the end my children and I were taken away from where we had lived and placed in a different part of the country, far from family, friends and all we had ever known. While still suffering the serious and debilitating effects of post-traumatic stress, we were put in a refuge full of strangers and had to stay near to a year in one room, without any contact with loved ones, without TV and radio, without appropriate medical care and mental health support or any resemblance of normality.

If my abuser had been sent to jail he would have had better treatment. He would have had phone calls, visits, letters to family and friends. My children and I had none of the above, and I wasn’t even allowed to have a mobile to take out and make me feel safe. I did everything and more that the system asked of me and yet I was made to feel like I was in the wrong. Being sent from one controller to an ocean of new controllers, the system that is put into place to protect us actually played a detrimental part of further trauma to us.

While we went through further stress and trauma, my abuser was free to remain in his home, in his job and within his social network, and he is still free to commit violent crimes against others.

Why should the survivors be taken away?

Why should the innocent children be ripped away from everything they have known and that offers them stability and happiness?

Why is the abuser left in their own home and job and left to commit more crimes?

Why are the innocent made to feel they have done wrong?

We want the system to change. The perpetrator must be removed, not the survivors and their innocent children.

In order to save lives we ask that the law is changed as a matter of ur-gency to protect the lives of victims, and to give them appropriate support and help so they can heal, recover and live the rest of their lives in freedom.

Today I am a survivor and I want to help make the changes that are needed to save lives.

One voice joined by a million more can save lives.

One person alone can not help everybody, but everybody can help one person.

The chancellor announced that the government will ban letting agency fees thanks to the help of 250,000 petition supporters.
Vicky Spratt started her campaign 8 months ago. Todays victory has been made cover of The Times the Guardian as well featuring on the BBC Radio 5 Live this morning. This petition has helped make a change to peoples lives……
If Vicky Spratt got 250,000 in 8 months to remove the letting agents fee!
Lets together build this petition to Remove the perpetrator who destroys lives of innocent people, not only in the UK but around the world.
Please sign and share this petition because you will not only be making change to peoples lives you will be helping SAVE lives.

This petition was delivered to:

  • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party
    Theresa May MP
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1 year ago
Petition update

A mothers love is a powerful thing, it not only saved my life on many occasion it nutrues, drives and shapes us as the women we are and the women we want to be. It is impossible to extinguish that maternal flame…
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Reasons for signing

Steph ‘I’m a survivor’

Steph Tomkinson, Huntington, United Kingdom
1 yr ago
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I Mervelee Myers is publishing this on my website as I have had my Fight4justice campaign to seek justice againts London Early Years Foundation Now I have the Employment Tribunal The judgement posted online after the ET Judges take 5 months to copy and past the Respondent’s Summary left me opened to all kinds of terrorism from unscrupulous people like Winsome uncan of and Everyone can go to
Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12 recommended to Acas: &, is there for all to see.

2018 New Year’s Resolutions

The Thoughts of Mervelee Myers that were written on the 31st December 2012. Published on Facebook on 31.12.2012.

New Year Resolutions 2013. Updated for New Year 2018.

Dearest Father once more, Ermine Mervelee Ionie NEMBHARD-Myers-TOMLINSON comes before Thee with my prayers and wishes for the New Year 2018. If you could consider even one of my supplications, I’d be eternally grateful. This, it seems I will have to spell it out and demand that I, be given closures about this matter of another discrimination here in the UK. Because everyone is allowing London Early Years Foundation LEYF to get away with Modern Day SLAVERY practices of pre 1807. Despite there is a Modern Slavery Act 2015.  The United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child: Article 14 states that it is a basic entitlement of humans to enjoy their rights and freedoms without discrimination on any grounds.

This New Year, 2018 means a new I, Mervelee Myers, is prepared to negotiate and meet half way…  However, I have given everyone the chance to settle whatever differences there are/were between us, amicably. Therefore, I am not going to give up any more of my basic Human Rights for others to discriminate against like what was done at

Every day please make my life continue, to evolve as I try to embrace my callings toward new thinking and ways of working. By so doing I can be empowered with enhanced knowledge to evaluate the old fashioned values and beliefs and the ethos by which I was brought up… I have been advised to read Psalm 27 v 1: The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? I started the daily reading only today and I am positive I will find renewed inspirations rediscovering the Bible as a source of comfort and joy for my weary and battered mind and soul?

When will I see my loved ones again? If not on earth we will meet at Jesus’ throne… This is very tricky for me as I still have not had the time to grieve for my Mother, because of LEYF and now the Employment Tribunal think they can abuse the powers of their authority to make me a voiceless victim. I have since lost family and friends and my life is still held on tenterhooks as I am fighting to get closures. Today marks another milestones in the life of my family, however I am finding it hard to celebrate as I ought to. I would love to meet all my dearly departed one day at Jesus’ throne, but how can I do that without getting the closures to move on…?

Yester year was like an evening gone, but I intend to make 2013 even more productive as I stop yearning for the impossible… Little did I know what was going to be in store for me, but I was given a pre-warning. It was January 2014, when I was at my Auntie’s home, when I got the warning from a Man of GOD. He prayed for me and I thought that was the end of it, but four years later, I am still confronted with this matter. When will it be resolved…?

I know Eternal and everlasting life is promised to believers, and I intend to let my light shine, so others may see my better qualities… This is a sticky matter for me to handle after what LEYF done to destroy my life. This was after coming back from burying my Mother. However after the ordeals of the horrors of the ET Case, I have to admit that the discrimination started from January 2014. I have the evidence as part of my defensive practice to attest to this fact. Whether anyone wants to accept that I am a believer, I am. That’s the way I was brought up to believe in the teachings of the Bible.

My intention is to Arise, take up the Cross and follow Jesus… See my Christian principles are the reasons for this decision, however how am I supposed to do this? The way my life has been affected by the discrimination after I said my final goodbye to Mama and came back to the UK on the 22nd January 2014 are debateable. If I didn’t have GOD guiding me, I would not be here telling my stories, of the experiences. I have been advised to read Psalm 23 v 1–10, and I am finding comfort and solace in the scriptures.

I’ll always Remember, my past, as this will enable me to deal with the future revelations… If the 23rd July 2014 to the 31st December 2017 are/was anything to go by, then I have every reasons to remember my past. However I have to admit that the advice I was given by the Occupational Health Doctor, Laura Crawford is instrumental for many reasons. The advice was for me to seek Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to find out why I react to certain situations the way I do. I have since had counselling at the Maudsley Hospital I am dealing with my past and looking forward to any future revelations.

I’ll always Resolved to revel in my family and friend’s achievements. Rewarding those who are precious to me, as well as fulfilling my promises to help others who might need my support. Ensuring I revere and extoll the virtues of those who have stood by me through thick and thin over the years… Look no further than my support network at, to see how my perseverance is paying off.

Please Empower, me to enlist support and encouragement in times of enlightenment when I am in doubt… My Fight4justice campaign is testament to the fact I will not allow another soul to walk all over me like what was done to me at Mapother House Day Nursery, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. By the Local Education Authority, Southwark Council SEND Section The union at Solicitors Capsticks of Wimbledon and the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board. And That’s why Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12 Made recommendation to about the research: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds. I was involved in the research and vowed to clear my name and exonerate myself. So good luck to the ET Judges who are prepared to bury their heads in the sand about hiding behind the contingent laws and legislations that are not fit for purpose. UNISON overturned the government law of charging employees to take employers to the ET.

Perspectives from another Woman with similar experiences: 2nd January 2018

I’ll always Seek, solace in God, our soon coming King. To see me through the sorrows and tribulations which are bound to come my way… I am prompted to expand a little on this after an unplanned visit to see my friend and her relative yesterday. I decided to walk using the route I would normally have taken to work at BIB LEYF. It is only 20-30 minutes’ walk from my home as I told the Ofsted Inspector in September 2014. I was used as the employee for whom Reasonable Adjustments were made as part of my transition from Luton Street to BIB. That’s why I had to voice my concerns whilst standing at the bus stop from across BIB. Although I was given a warning in January 2014, before saying my final goodbyes to my Mum. I was not prepared for any of the trials and tribulations that were coming my way since I wrote the 2013 New Years’ Resolutions.

I’ll always expect you to Observe and help me take stack and remove obstacles that are coming my way, and enable me to obtain my dreams if it is your wish dear Lord… Talking to the relative of my friend who went through similar experiences to mine, is more than a revelation. More reasons for me to continue with my advocacy, sharing my stories to help and empower others.

I’ll always expect you to Listen to my fervent prayers and turn my dreams into reality… Already this is bearing fruit as I am sure there is a reason for what I call the Road to Damascus going down to the CAB at the Blue in Bermondsey on the 11th December 2017. I am sure every single actions that I had taken, that led me to meeting one particular person, was ordained by GOD. The GOD who was listening to my prayer, hence the person contacting me via Facebook Messaging, even when he did not remember we were school mates at Primary School.

Please let my Utterances be tempered with tolerance and thoughts of others, so I don’t intentionally offend. I promised not to take umbrage when others are unintentionally unpleasant and unprincipled…  Can someone please inform the bigots and all those who have tried to destroy my life from after I got back to the UK on the 23rd July 2014 and transferred to BIB, HOC and New Cross, about my Social Media platforms?

These are the vehicles I have been using to share stories of my experiences. They can be found at:  Mervelee Tomlinson/Pulse My Website: Fight4justice Website:


Please remove Temptations, I pray and will YOU ensure they are banished forever…  So why do I have to be wrestling with my conscience about matters over which I do not have much control? I am woman, and only human, of course. But I know this is part of my history, as all my women folks have gone through similar transitions. Not least my Mother, who never forgot the man she gave her love to after my Father.

Please Inspire me to reach my goals… So why do I have no job and have to be relying on benefits? I am at the mercies of the establishments and systems and all that robbed me of every shed of my dignity. However, I am going to start relying more on GOD and the people who love and care about me to help inspire and motivate me. I will believe now that “GOD can restore what is broken and change into something amazing. All I need is faith”?

My stories can be found at: South London Press: Acas: & The OU & Cancer Research UK Race for Life: Daily Express: & & http:Darvell%20School. & NPL4Kids: practice. Jamaica’s 53rd Independence Celebrations in London CaribbeanCelebs

Omnipotent and majestic I’d like to be, if only to fulfil Thy will oh Lord. So I can be of service to God and those who need me most… Yet all I am is a shadow of my former self, trying to put the best out sides. Because everyone must feel some sense of satisfaction by being able to knock me down and stopping me from getting back on my feet. LEYF & & & & & & to name a few.

Never leave me to my own negative thoughts for longer than necessary…  Oh yes, all I have most of the times are my memories of the dreams that have not been fulfilled and become realities. However, I have decided to stop the wallowing in self-pity and get on with my Fight4justice campaign. Who could have thought I would be getting such support at MYJAMAICA Page on Facebook?

Saviour hear my call and empower me to be of service to those who are depending on me…  That’s why I have to take my Fight4justice to Social Media. My life have been taken away from me. However I am an empowering black woman who is an influencer.


Just a few wishes as I struggle with the tasks which confront me again this year. I am pleading your intersession and ask that you continue guiding and protecting my mum and 2 children for yet another year.

My Mother has been dead since the 1st June 2014. I have lost other family members and friends as well. Some have fallen ill and I am unable to help financially like I know it is my duty to do. So where is the justice in this Mother Country, where animals are treated better than some of us? For example the Employment Tribunal decided to judge me on what grounds I am still not able to comprehend?

My children are doing well and I am proud and happy for them. But how can someone else judge me to be the person who they say I am, after thee sacrifices I have been making for everyone else?

Lord oh my Lord make me an instrument of your peace… A bright & prosperous New Year 2 ALL!!!!!


Written by: Mervelee Myers FD (Open) Early Years Practitioner. Carer.

Status before the UK: Basic School Teacher & Teaching Assistant Apprentice. Informal Carer.

Arrival in the UK 1992 – 1999: Housewife, Contract Cleaner, Student, Carer.

1999 – Graduate: Student of the Year Awards – Lambeth College.

1999 – Employee: Nursery Nurse & part time Cleaner.

2009 – 2015 Employee: London Early Years Foundation (LEYF). Long Service Awards.

Fundraiser: Charities

Volunteer: Resources for Autism

Advocate: Writer, Blogger, Author, Social Media platforms

Additional Roles & Responsibilities: Carer, Dementia Friend

CPPDP & Intellectual Properties Copyright of Mervelee Myers: Part of my defensive

Aim to expose the level of discrimination in the Early Years Sector and the role of the Legal Entity in colluding to destroying the lives of vulnerable employees.

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