Revisiting My Posts!

“Defensive Practice” #2 Gagged!

Mervelee Myers

Mervelee Myers  my life of facing discrimination in the UK! Edited on the 19th December 2017

Domestic Abuse Because I Was Not Street Wise: I have been here before and got stitched up by all and sundries. When I was going through my “Divorce the Solicitor didn’t believe 1/2 of what I told him” until I produced the evidence. When my ex-husband “kicked me out and bring his Sweetheart from JA”, I cut out his photos from beside me and send them to her. Call me what you will I don’t care, because unless you have had my experiences, you don’t know my sorrows and struggles. My “Old Folks used to say if sinting nuh hot Bud, it nuh Fly a Night”.

That woman came over here from Jamaica and carried on with her antics. So once I got enough of her stupidity I showed her and my ex what I was made of. I took out a loan at the Credit Union to fund my divorce and that is that. I will stand up for and even die for what I believe in. That’s why will not hear the last of me. I decided to give away my rights at Kings College Hospital when, and the establishments and systems ganged up against me in 2004-2008. That’s the reason I was part of Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12 recommended to the  

Defrauded by the Banking Institutions & Labelled a Thief: They colluded to steal/defraud my MONEY when I planned to go home for my “grandson’s christening”. And everyone else – In-Steal-Executioners preferred to brand me a Thief. So I let the Bank see I was “not an idiot” and got my compensation. I take my case to the Financial Ombudsman Services. Now you know I have been fighting my corners, from I learned to read and write. 

How the Employment Tribunals Operating Like An Ostrich: The same thing happened when some “Corporate Psychopaths” decided to do what these ones, LEYF are doing to me. They think they got away using “Dirty Tricks from the Union, Solicitors, etc, etc…”. And even though I chuck most of my stuff out in frustrations, I still have enough to name and shame them. The only reason I am prepared to exonerate the NHS, is because they provided the counselling for me at But I will forever hold them responsaible for triggering my childhood traumas into Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. Not only that they ruined my career with the blacklisting and networking over the years. I will forgive, but can’t forget and they will be named when appropriate.

Advised to get Cognitive Behavioural Therapy by Dr Laura Crawford: I told my Counsellor Laura Tinsley at Southwark Psychological Therapies Service that I am glad in a way I get to do the Therapy. I am getting the support I need to deal with lots of stuff that I didn’t even know affected me from my childhood. I told her the trouble started in the area, at Mapother House Day Nursery -KINGS. And in order to move on, I have to “Exercise some of the Ghosts of my Past” and I am on track. I am so pleased with myself for where I am at with my progress, dealing with my Mental Health Conditions. That’s why I am an Advocate of Inclusion, a Social Commentator, a Writer, a Volunteer and Fundraiser with my Fight4justice campaign at   

Let Down by the Uncaring Establishments and Systems: So now I get to this little matter of why I tried to clung on to my job and endured the DISCRIMINATION that drove me to the edge of despair. All of South London Big Wigs in Southwark Council, the Local Educational Authorities, Local Safeguarding Children’s Board, UNISON, Capsticks of Wimbledon, my GP at Landor Road Surgery, and the NHS colluded and were involved in “Blacklisting and Networking” against me. But if these lots,,,,,,, http://www.hctgroup-org,, think they are getting away with it… Not “over my DEAD Body” as my Old Folks would say.

The Evidence showing from when I chared my concerns with LEYF about my DISABILITIES and the impacts of the DISCRIMINATION: I am sure anyone who is able to read can understand what is written in this email to Dilys Epton and her response. The Union Rep Darren Mahon made mention of it at the Disciplinary. This was written up in the Discilinary Outcomes, everything was included in the BUNDLES. However the ET Judges came up with the judgement they take 5 months to give and then posted it online at It is evident what their intentions were in doing this. This is to make me out to be the person that LEYF make me out to be during the time they carried out the terrorist acts of radicalisation. Their aim was to dismiss me from my job, making sure I could not get another job working with children, young people and vulnerable adults. How come the Judges did not see this evidence in the bundles along with the Medical Reports that were the Judges Court Management Orders? Even Dr Laura Crawford Medical Reports was enough to show that I experienced discrimination at BIB that impacted on my disabilities, mental and physical. And the and the EAT, really think I am going to be a voiceless vulnerable to cover up for the incompetence of the ET Judges, Barrister Samantha Jones and John Fenton to save their profession from becoming a laughing stock like LEYF?  2

How a Lay Person without any Legal Trainings showed up the Professionals: The 22nd December marks the 36th BD of my Son VALDIN ALLAN LEGISTER. And already I’ve lost a few years since “cussed ruthless, manipulative and rule breakers” have made my life a living hell. It’s time I get closures, so I can go back to what I do best. Instead I am STRESSED out, with some “judgemental others” asking me silly questions!

Update: It’s been 3+ years since I returned from burying my MOTHER and transferred to BIB, HOC and New Cross where my life was destroyed. I took my case to the Employment Tribunals, only for them to preside over another miscarriages of justice. I will not be taking it laying down like I did at KINGS. I have had counselling and I will be using the benefits from that to become an advocate of INCLUSION to support others. I am a Blogger and I am hoping to do much more using the media that are available on the internet to help me reach out to others.

Please visit my Social Media at My Website: My is where you can find my Pages. Together we can work sharing ideas to help make this world a better place.

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