Winsome Duncan Scammer

When the Customer can show up the Consultant to be Unprofessional

I was busy as per usual, trying to get the jobs done as the OCD will allow me. However, I glimpsed an email from Winsome Duncan and I was wondering, “what is that about”? But I was not in any hurry to find out, as I have lots to do. Some as a result of the pressures put on me by the malicious actions of the Consultant to the Customer. The Consultant is on breach of the agreement that was signed by the Customer on the 8th April 2016. Just imagine today when I cleared nearly half of the emails piling up to see the following:

WD: Thanks for the update Valerie, glad you have found another Professional Proof reader that knows what they are doing. At this  

The level this book is going to and the corporate audience it will reach, when it comes to spelling errors or incorrect grammar, places like Waterstones will simply reject it on that alone, as it comes across amateur.  

Give me a deadline for completion and please forward them the typeset document only. Also  make sure they do track changes as you don’t want to get stung twice and you can see how they have improved the manuscript. 

 Winsome Duncan

CEO Peaches Publications. 

The Counter Terrorism & Secirity Act 2015: Any sensible person looking/reading Winsome Duncan’s response will see exactly what she is about. The reason I decided to put my Book on hold was for some of the reasons like the above. Once Winsome Duncan thought she had me eating out of her hands, she reverted to type. The first thing she did was tried to dampen my spirit. Her exact words to me were, “how you said you done Report Writing, your grammar is so bad”. That’s when I became alerted to what she was up to. The same day in Roberto’s, she produced a Crdit Card that have no money on it to pay for her orders.

I have been paying for her ever since she wormed her way into my confidence by false pretense. The same way she thrawled through my Data, she should have realised that I am slow but sure. So I started taking stack of her unprofessional conducts, right up to her 40th birthday party. She was using my money that she got under false pretense to splash out. But at the same time, planning to harm me. When I go back to read some of the messages, leading up to her birthday party on the 27th October. Winsome calling me on the 29th, saying she just woken up, later calling to threaten me. Sending the Police and Ambulance services to my home on the 30th, and the discoveries of the emails claiming she was trying to get in touch with me.

But the one on the 29th, setting out her malicious intentions about taking me away from my family by getting me Sectioned. I am only left to think that Winsome Duncan planned to harm me and for it to look as if I committed suicide. I stick to my words that Winsome Duncan is a terrorist. She is a threat to children, young people and vulnerable adults. However she is using her business as a front for her terrorist activities of radicalisation and recruitment. Winsome Duncan thinks she can get away with her terrorist activities because of what has been posted online at

Email Recepient VT: Thank you Winsome

On reflection, I have now got someone who will do this for me over the
next ffew days so I wont need Joanne’s services.  Thank you so much
for this offer.

Will speak soon.

> Dear Valerie,
> Thank you ordering our proof reading service.
> £493.00 is the amount for a 7 day turn around, which will start upon receipt
> of manuscript and signed agreement. Joanna has the manuscript and is on
> standby.
> Once received I will take any feedback you have, do a final typeset and we
> will order a proof copy within the next two weeks. How does that sound?
> I have the updated version of your book cover back I just need to check the
> back is correct regarding your changes. I’m off to teach a workshop now, so
> will check later.
> Thank you,
> Regards,
> Winsome Duncan
> CEO Peaches Publications

Counter-terrrorism as a crime prevention: a holistic approach by Tore Bjogo. Abstract Within democratic societies, counter-terrorism is almost exclusively about crime prevention. A broad and holistic approach to preventing terrorism can be based on nine preventative mechanisms: 1. building normative barriers against terrorism, 2. reducing radicalisation and recruitment, 3. deterrence, 4. disruption, 5. incapacitation, 6. protecting vulnerable targets, 7. reducing benefits to terrorists, 8. reducing harm and 9. facilitating disengagement from terrorism.

Safeguarding is Everyone Responsiblity: Since Winsome Duncan do not have a clue what inclusion is about. I am going to make sure I apply the studies that have empowered me over the years to be an Advocate of Inclusion. Therefore I am enusring that I take my role for safeguarding childfren, young people and vulnerable adults as paramount. Because safeguarding is the responsibility of everyone. That’s why this email has to turn up in my inbox for a purpose. Therefore, I am making sure of my responsibilities of everyone is responsible for safeguarding. Here is the transcript of the email and in some parts my editing.

My Response to VT – adapted for Facebook: For all Persons who are liable to be caught in this web of deceit by Winsome Duncan: Author & Public Speaker. Despite my warnings to those who are supposed to be in the know as part of everyone is responsible for safeguarding, Peaches Publications still have free reign to scam vulnerable children, young people and adults.
If you were the recepient of an email sent on the 24th November 2017 at 18:22 Re: Invoice: Proof reading, it’s time for you to take actions. You will of course know exactly who you are if you happen to receive the following from me.
This is the response to the email that ended up in my inbox, proving my GOD is on the case: It has been edited for obvious reasons.
Dear Val
There is every possibilities we don’t know each other. However, I think this correspondence was forwarded to me in error for a purpose. God is working in a mysterious way to uncover Winsome Duncan as a #scammer. She is an evil person and must be stopped at all costs. All she does is go around looking for vulnerable people to scam. I am not sure who, else, apart from her Employment Barrister is involved.
It’s up to you how you intend to use this information that I am sending you. She used the sensitive confidential information from my book. Then she tried rewriting my book using her own life stories. I don’t know what she has done with my original manuscript.
But after I was unable to attend her 40th birthday party, she sent the Metropolitan Police Service and the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust to my house to take me away from my vulnerable husband. Be warned. The rest of my story is already history because of my experiences of having to fight discrimination in 2 workplaces. First at King’s College Hospital and now with LEYF Nurseries But what did the Employment tribunal do, presided over another miscarriages of justice. And breach every Rules of Laws, Legislations and Codes of Practice and Conducts. I am here with my Fight4justice campaign that will go on as long as I shall live and can write about the Modern SLAVERY practices that are rife here in the UK.
Kindest regards.
I am fighting so many battles on my own that at times I don’t know whow I find the energy to go on. But I know I cannot give up now, there are too many people out there suffering because of terrorist like Winsome Duncan who is prepared to prey on vulnerable people like myself. There are the Modern Slavery Masters and Mistresses in the workplaces and the Early Years Sector in particular. Last but not least you have the Solicitors, Unions, Barristers and Employment Tribunal Judges who act as if they are God, lauding it over vulnerable employees. So they take 5 months to give a judgement. But if you are to complain, they give you a time limit of 3 months. But I will be doing my Fight4justice until there is no more breathe left in my body. I am keeping my Defensive Practice.
New Book Cover by Winsome Duncan 31.10.2017.jpg

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  1. Anyone who thinks they are going to get away with treating me like a MAD CRIMINAL, well they can think again. The Employment Tribunals, think they have the rights to continue the discrimination of LEYF Because they colluded to try and break my resolves as I am not prepared to be the voiceless vulnerable to suit their purpose. So I am on a barring list that prevent me getting a job. But I will make sure everyone else whose name must be on that list get there in the end.

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