Luton Street LEYF April 2010- July 2014

Who is Responsible for the Sanction of Discrimination that Ruined my Life at LEYF?

Here is the list from the Top Down:

  1. CEO-MBE June O’Sullivan. At the Big Childcare Conversation at Middlesex University, on the 19th September 2015, she snub me. Turning her back on me and when I challenged her, claim she did not recognise me. Why did she not regognise me? Because of the Meeting at New Cross on the 18th, about how they were going to get rid of me. Present at the Meeting: Senior HR Dilys Epton, Operations Area Manager Hilda Miller, Manager Marion Breslin, Deeputy Louise Eliasen, Deputy Emma-May Ruegg. Marion resigned and blamed it on me, but she has since gone back like the lapdog, LEYF turn professionals who are spineless into. Deputy Louise was made the scapegoat when a parent reported to and Social Services and there was an investigation, so she too resigned. Hilda Miller has since resigned, goodriddance to rubbish like her. She claims BIB is her baby, but throw the baby out with the bathwater. She has since joined the lot of those resigning, but not with a Nervous Breakdown, I am hoping? Is the taking notes of the fact that the 3 Judges failed to take into considerations?

2. Bully Boy Neil King, the last time I saw him was at CO on the 22nd September 2015. He was with Senior HR Dilys Epton who was by this time afraid of her own shadow. That’s why she sent me a LinkedIn request on the 22.09.2015. She needed company because she face Age Discrimination at LEYF. She was scared of Hilda Miller and Neil King whenever we were in their presence. Bully Boy tricked me to come to a Meeting for a chat and tried to harass and bully me into writing on an the spot resignation. This was done to Karen Walker, Head of Children’s Services and Families, who they forced out. The rot started at LEYF in 2013 when the employers who they forced out, began to leave in their droves. By the time of the exchange of Witness Statements, Neil King was the first casualty from the top to resign. One down, how many more to go?

3. Rashid Iqbal, he was brought in on Positive Discrimination to replace Karen Walker, despite Dearbhala was doing the job after KW left. But that was nothing new for me, as I was the only LEYF employee shortlisted in 2011 for the post of Lead Early Years Practitioner, but did not get the position. I was doing the work of the top to bottom as well as 3 practitioners job, but not good enough for promotion. So where is the Equality Act 2010 and the Contract I signed on the 7th October 2009? Well Rashid Iqbal join the list of those resugning even before the ET Case ended. Staff at CO went out to buy champaign to celebrate on his last day. That tells you all you need to know about him.

4. Hilda Miller, but I won’t even waste time on that wretched woman, she is to be pitied.

5. The rest are the entire BIB team: Lynne Kelly, Carolyn Quirke, Benedicte Siewe, Jyoti Bhardwaj, Flavia Foddai, Sao Banya, and Remi.

6. Deputy Nicola O’Holloran and her Team: Sadie, et al. There names are in the Witness Statements by Lynne Kelly.

7. Others from CO & HOC & other Settings: Dilys Epton, Louise Cooper, Gill Springer, Mary Wynne-Finch, (Isabella Glen, she take her Pension and run),  Neil Best, (Joelle Lax, find out about our professional relationship/partnership, but she’d rather get a brown nose), Beverly Jean-Baptiste, (Manager Anjali, joint manager of Nursery World Awards 2017, based on lies), (Sharon Dhand, now manager of Playhouse), (Crisella Rattary-Brown, Michelle Hoofong, 2 Jamaican who sold out), Gemma Mann. If I don’t document, soon I will be unable to do so from memory.

Go and do the research at to find out about Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds.

For those perverting the course of #Justice, I will give them all the ropes they need to use their #FeetTiezHands#LIARS!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing If I did not have British citizenship, they would have deported me back to my country already. But despite the 3 Judges from the ET Case affirming the discrimination posting online at I will go back when I am good and ready. I am carer for my husband. The same husband who was told “Mr Tomlinson, you have a small illusion that one day you can become a Property Tycoon”. Well all they have done is stop my claim up the career ladder with the 2 miscarriages of justice, presided over by the ET. I don not want anyone to colonise me, sending me to no Prestigious HOC to get me to act unprofessionally by triggering and exacerbating my childhood traumas into PTSD like LEYF done after I got back from burying my MOTHER in July 2014. In case they don’t know there is a Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015 covering the legalities. I covered the modules when I done studies with and is in HCT Group Impact Report where the stastic states 1 in 5 suicides are associated with unemployment. What has LEYF and the ET done to stop me getting a job? Whatever it is, it is breach of the Rules of Law and my Basic Human Rights.
Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor I am hoping the ET is dealing with the fact, when they go to review the correspondence I copied them into from the pathological liar Mr John Fenton.
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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard shared Kevin Murray‘s post — feeling determined.

My #1Son! added 6 new photos — thinking about my future.

Taurus: You may take a slow amble into your day but by mid-morning you’ll be run off your feet. You don’t usually like to work at this kind of speed but your services are in demand and you can’t say no. Call to hear about the promising changes ahead.
Exactly as it said, as I manage to give the #LittleCottage a spruce up & clear away some of the insightly things poking out from every nook & cranny.
Well I did get back to some of those LEYF Nurseries hiding behind to do their #DuttyWuck. So let me see what’s next. From them calling that #Parents did not know of my visits to their #School. To been accused of making #PersonalCommentsAllegations… Well very soon we shall all be knowing who knew of my #Circumstances? My Fight4justice will filter out those who make #Allegations, are #Liars#Discriminators or even #ModernDaySLAVEDrivers with #PsychopathicTendencies.
I am looking forward to the #PromisingChanges ahead in roughly #1Month…?
Let LEYF Nurseries & the #Establishment cover up the #TRUTHS until the day of reckoning!

Update 21st November 2017: This is the Carolyn Quirke the Nursery Assistant, who was my Supervisor in the Baby Room at BIB.  

Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting, child and outdoor Manager Beverly Jean-Baptiste who was thrown in at the last minute on the Panel of the Disciplinary Hearing. The questions they asked were diabolical. But what do you expect when most of the Leaders and Management can’t string 3 word together to form a sentence. Some do not get their post on merit, but to be lapdogs to the CEO-MBE. She don’t like strong empowered women, that’s why she get rid of all of us.
As for Benedicte Siewe, she is another one who is to be pitied. She is carrying a chip on her shoulders, because she is ashamed of her identity.
Crisella Rattary-Brown did get her comeuppance in the end. When Joelle Lax moved her out of New Cross after Marion Breslin resigned. Their days are numbered, the Bible words must come to pass.  I am not going to wait to publish any books, I am doing it now.
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November 21, 2013 at 10:33pm · 

So today is yet another BD on my AGENDA! is feeling excited.

November 21, 2013 at 8:43am · 

When I was the Jill of All Trades at Luton Street & Mistress of None

Just leaving enough time to get to my destinations as trying to do Ur bit can prove a PiBS if 1 is not careful! I recalled being told yrs ago that whatever Ur superior asked U 2 do U do! So when I who is dere to challenge the wrongs ventured to asks “So wat if the superior is wrong…?” I was told that U don’t question U do cause dey r di SUPERIORS! I have since larn dat when dem sey JUMP, U doan even bodda 2 ask how High, U just JUMP?

Update 21st November 2017: Why did you think I used Facebook as my confidant? Can anyone show me where I breach the Contract I signed. This was another of my Early Intervention Strategy to deal with my disabilities. The counsellor at Maudsley Hospital told me whatever therapy works for me, don’t be afraid to use it. I hardly cuss bad wuds these days.

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November 21, 2013 at 8:30am · 

 I adhere to British Ethical Guidelines at

There was a Time when I set myself up as an ADVOCATE! More Fool Me? So to undermine the work I do, this IFFWM used 2 ask “Why do U keep saying Children have SEN…?” She’d keep her distance, stand away from the action with pen & notepad in hand 4 abt 5 minutes, then said “I have done my Observations & there is no evidence…” Well this so-called IW claims she was a NURSE & HH by the NHS 4 her Post…! Suffice it to say no wonder the NHS is in such a dire strait? Every walks of Life U turn in Society History is Repeating itself & all they do is have another Case Review or Enquiry!

Update 21st November 2017: Check Dr Maria Hudson Reserach Paper: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds for You have Leaders & Management who are unable to string 3 words together to form a sentence. Is it any wonder the Early Years Sector is in the crisis it is? So children and young people are discriminated against because of lack of trainings and equiping with the knowledge to do the job. Then the likes of BIB team with the Nursery Assistant in the form of Carolyn Quirke is my Supervisor in the Baby Room. And Benedicte Siewe can tell me that my Foundation Degree don’t count.  

So on my way from work & decided to b lazy because of the weather? Got on the bus & it came to a halt on Edgeware Rd. Eventually asked BD why we r not moving – Accident ahead, so started walking>>> Was just in time at the SoA asking if it was another cyclist?
Heard my kinda lingua coming from a biker who looked like a courier… Believe me & I quote “If U ever touch me bike, a U a guh en up ina dat Ambulance…” As he negotiated a path on the curve… To make matters worse I saw another fellow went up to this bloke & said “U want to try…, & another 1 cornered him on the other side pushing FIRE to the already heated Argument…?
I was glad when the Black guy rode off & the matter disintegrated? Got across the pavement & saw this Chinese looking YL flat on her back, sum1 holding an umbrella to shelter her from the rain.
The Paramedics were already present, so I went on my merry way to let them get on with the job. I am praying & hoping her injuries are not life threatening? I am extra vigilant on the road especially since Walking is part of my Exercise Regime.
But I’ve seen so much recklessness on the roads, it’s amazing, as Drivers rushed thru PC when the light is green>>> I am not 2 sorry that I don’t drive sum times! I got the same bus 2 stops away from my destinations & the BD was like really surprised how far I’d reached! Pity he didn’t know that this OG usually walked the whole length from Luton Street to Tottenham Rd New Oxford Street? 

Update 21st November 2017: What more evidence does the ET want as part of the fact that I managed and controlled my disabilities until LEYF www, set up a terror cell at BIB, HOC and New Cross with the malicious attacks which led to me almost becoming a Paranoid Skitsofrenic, I was becoming afraid of my own shadow. In order not to commit CRIMINAL Offences and end up in prison to die a lonely death away from my family. I resorted to Passive Aggressive Behaviours. Now the bigots at the ET better getting some trainings about the Employment Legislations.  The terrorsim started after I got back from buring my MOTHER. Tell them to work out the impacts of that from the Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015. Who is responsible for the changes? 

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, plant, tree, grass, child and outdoor


Yesterday was a very relaxing day in another of LEYF nursery! Wow practice was 110% Beacon of Excellence… Got me some great ideas from Mary who once taught in Hong Kong to take back to Luton Street! Danielle & the team, BUUS & I am willing to cum discover sum more whenever U need support at Mickey Star! 1 of their team is heading off the JA soon, so have a fab time & njoy Ur hols!

Update 21st November 2017: Need I say anymore about why the EAT needs to llok at when the change occurred. Why would I have written all this on Facebook, if it wasn’t true. I might be J.Kill & Hide, when it comes to cussing bad wuds. But I, repeat I am not a MAD CRIMINAL. 


Everything Capasetic & Ready fi PE 2moro!!! Well dah PRO will be tunning up dah Heat lika nubady’s Bizz….

Update 21st November 2017: When I transferred to Luton Street, there were more Agency staff than LEYF staff. I went there and take over doing the jobs of 3 staff. There was the matter of Rebecca Brown who came and resigned the next wee. Katie McGill who came and was going to resign promptly. I spoke to her to think about her future and buld up her CV. She stayed on longer and done exactly that. She was blamed for an accident that she had no idea how it happened. By this time I had come to the sad conclusion that because of the blacklisting and networking, I have no where to go, so I give of my best. But you should have heard the stupid Barrister Samantha Jones drumming it out in the ET Court that you know is they sack you, you couldn’t get another job. Did the ET Judges reprimand her, no. But yet they have attitudes about my Passive Aggressive Behaviours that was never played out to them, but on Facebook. If only they know the provocations I endured and how paranoid I was I would enmd up like my breda who DIED in PRISON?

Image may contain: 1 person, hat and closeup

Darned Bloody Good at my CRAFT!!! Even if I have 2 blow mI own TrumPET…?

The ACCOLADES have started coming in again!!!!

Update 21st November 2017: What more do I need to say? There are many more like this in the Bundles. But the BIGOTS might have though I forged them to myself. That’s what they said at KINGS about the letter I wrote to the HR Department in 2006. This prompted the investigation, and that was the start of the way my life was spiralled out of control as my childhood traumas were triggered into PTSD. It happened when I experienced the loss of my breda from CANCER. Can you see the patterrn?

No automatic alt text available.

Gone & done it so have 2 wait until the EoW 4 the result…. Hope am not OVERCONFIDENT!!!!

Update 21st November 2017: I am preparing my documents before seeking Professional Advice. Because someone have to examine their conscience and say enough is enough. Today my niece, whose Father I promised on his death bed to help with her education is celebrating her birthday. Honest to GOD I only remember because of the Facebook memories. LEYF take away my job and the Employment Tribunal affirm the discrimination posting the judgement online to further nail the lid of the coffin down with me not yet DEAD. I am unable to fulfill the promise I made to my breda. At the same time believe she has been scantioned by the ET to carry out her scams using her business as the front to introduce me to her Employment Barrister at What they have done is beyond comprehension. How can we be treating our own the way they have treated me, using my vulnerability to do such a wicked act. Then they tried getting the Police involved. What did they expect, the Police was going to carry out the plots they were unable to do, because I was too ill to attend Winsome Duncan 40th Birthday Party. The party she uses my MONEY to plan? 


Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, child and indoor I have been invited to do another training, but what’s the point, what am I going to do with the certificates? Paper my wall, or will they sell on eBay?

One thought on “Luton Street LEYF April 2010- July 2014

  1. Today is my niece birthday. I promised my breda on his death bed to help with her education. But because of LEYF, I am unable to continue to fulfill that promise. I am mindful of my own circumstances of having childhood traumas because of my father’s illness, long suffering and death. My breda was not sick for long, but I didn’t want my niece to suffer like I did. Now the ET has affirmed the discrimination at This sanctioned the scammers and to put their criminal activities into practice and attack the vulnerable. But I don’t intend to just role over and die. The Police did not manage to fo what wasn’t done at the 40th birthday party on the 27th October 2017. So do they really believe I am a MAD CRIMINAL? I have Mental Health Conditions triggered in 2 workplaces, that’s all.


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