How Allegations Destroy Lives!

Allegations Destroy Lives 7th November 2017

Starting Out In The Early Years Sector – Lambeth College to KINGS College Hospital NHS Years 2003 – 2008 – to LEYF 2009 -2015 and Another Miscarriages of Justice at the Employment Tribunals.

I was working in South Norwood as a Preschool Leader, who did not seem to be going anywhere, in my career. Therefore, I have my eyes opened looking for the ideal opportunity, working closer home. I spotted the adverts for the workplace nursery at Mapother House Day Nursery, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Because of work commitments, I asked Tom to collect the Application Forms for me, which he duly complied. We are very much a team, looking out for each other from the time we were introduced in 2001. Just to reiterate, my most lasting relationships which led to two marriages are by introductions. I filled the application, Tom went to drop it off and the rest is history as far as I am concerned. I worked at KINGS, from April 2003 to November 2008, when I was forced to resign.

Just to reflect on my life, from the time I decided to enter the Early Years Sector, applying to study at Lambeth College. I applied for a lower level course, but during the interview and assessment procedures, was encourage to do higher level studies. The rest is history and you can verify if I am a credible witness by checking my CV on the worldwide web. My life is an Open Book as that’s the way I was raised, with Christian upbringing that see me weathering the storms of life. I was headhunted straight out of Lambeth College where I achieved a Student of the Year Certificate. All my Tutors encouraged me to go to University. However my personal life was in shambles as I was experiencing marital problems. Not only due to the fact of me wanting to better my chances, but because my ex was a Controlling Freak and an abusive husband.

Therefore, I did not let that deter me from pursuing my dreams. To this day, despite the agony of my childhood traumas started from the time my Father was struck down with Parkinson’s, giving up was not an option. I was Room Leader, where my natural flare for leadership was enhanced, liaising with other professionals. I was a Basic School Teacher, I also done one year National Youth Service as a Teaching Assistant at Primary School. I was advised to enhance knowledge as part of career change to get back into work by the Department for Education after contacting with my Open Letter. I subsequently done the LSA at But all good things must come to an end when I noticed certain patterns in the workplace.

I was verbally abused by one of my colleagues, who threatened me because I asked her not to shout at a child. In the end she blamed the incident on stress, which I honestly didn’t understand much about at the time, even though I suffered with Chronic Anxiety, I was diagnosed in July 2006. But I naturally identify with my Dad’s Parkinson’s But I was more concerned about the way the incident was handled by the owner. She accused me of instigating the matter and from then, if I reported inappropriate practices, she accused me of threatening her business. Strangely enough the colleague was a young girl who attended Lambeth College with me, and who I supported, like I did for others.

Mentoring and coaching as well as editing their work was part and parcel of why I left Lambeth College with a Student of the Year certificate, despite being one of the older student at the time. Along with the behaviours of others who were questioning my qualifications, authority, experiences, etc, I decided it was time to move on. I have been searching for the ideal post since. After one incident too many, when I had seen another colleague, who was pregnant, got into an argument with the owner, I decided it was time to leave. I was tired of shedding tears after been picked on for things that were none of my making. And having to justify my practice and defending myself from allegations, from those with little or no knowledge and qualifications.

I was working with a Teenage Girl call Joelle Lax, who had a scooter that she rides to work. More about her later and the roles she played in my life at different stages. I resigned at the spur of the moment after one provocations too many. But it did take me a little time to get a job. I applied for a post at Westminster Children Society (WCS, now LEYF), but was not successful. However, I know because of my childhood traumas, which were inclusive of the signs and symptoms of my Dad’s Parkinson’s, I was not any good at interviews. Therefore I tried to stick to the same routines as much as possible to save myself disappointments. They are part of my Early Intervention Strategies, along with my Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD).

I was not unduly bothered about not finding a job immediately, because I was still doing my Early Morning Cleaning Job to top up my wages. I am astute about money like my Mother, because of my circumstances.  I got a job close to where I used to live in Lambeth and realised I was only the prop, doing the work, but not getting the benefits. But by this time, I realise that this is the way the systems work and I just tried getting on with the job, because I was benefitting from every single experience. I was featured in magazine because of my enthusiasm for INCLUSION. But once more the spectre of jealousy raised its ugly head and the backbiting and bitching started from the female colleagues. When women gang up against another female, it’s the worse experience.

I started job hunting and handed in my resignation. However, the Manager convince me to reconsider and I did. But the ambiance did not last for long and I once more decided to get out of the toxic environment. I did not thrive well in such toxic environments with even more toxic colleagues who viewed my passion for my work as threats to their incompetence. Whilst I was doing interviews, I signed to an Agency, owned by the Mother of a former Lambeth College student. The most jobs I was sent to, was to the company I had recently resigned from, at other branches. I realised that I would not be able to manage on Agency work alone, to pay my way.

I started feeling down, but at the time did not know that this was due to my childhood traumas of having DEPRESSION. I did not know that all these years I developed Mental Health Conditions from childhood and my mood swings were the results of my mental and physical disabilities. I was so relieved to get the job of Preschool Leader that I jumped at the opportunity. Although the business did not really get off the ground, I am thankful for the opportunities I was presented with. The first of which was the interview with the OFSTED Inspector Gaps were identified and I undertake trainings to fill them. This was when I started my stockpiling and building up my Professional Development Plan – PDP in earnest in 2002 – 2003.

I recalled working with this child who was into his Schemas at the time. I was really curious as I identified some of the theories from studies that I could put into practice in my work. I was learning new skills as I was responsible for drafting the Policies and Procedures. At the same time my Information Technology Skills were limited to the little I learned at Lambeth College. I invested in myself and got my first computer, a seconf hand one, teaching myself at home. I handwrite my assignments at Lambeth College and recall having to pay the Princely sum of Thirty Five Pounds (£35.00) for my Community Assignment because it had to be Word Process. But I did not regret spending money to better myself. I used the Nursery World Magazine, to help with my research.

Therefore I was not surprised when I was browsing through a copy and had the most revealing moments of my life about Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND – Autism Spectrum Disorder). I had started documenting my observations, and take my findings to the Director, before speaking to the parent. I was instrumental in providing the Mother with information to share with the Professionals to help with her child’s development. The Mother was a Student, studying in the UK and was not aware of her child’s developmental and learning milestones, delays. I was privilege to work with another child with disability that could not be seen with the naked eyes, but the Mother chose to be open and honest with me and I was grateful.

Getting the chance to put theory into practice must have been the catalyst that spurred me on…? Wanting to find out more about my own experiences, and that of my first child. He was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities at a young age. Probably if I did not stand my ground, he would have been sent to some institutions and not have the chance to be the person he has turned out to be. That’s why I am an advocate of INCLUSION, and refused to allow anyone to discriminate against me, taking my job of safeguarding to be paramount. During the period I realised that although I was doing the work and my Intellectual Property was responsible for building the brand I did not have much say in the matter.

From thence I became aware of the discrepancies in the laws and legislations, governing the Early Years Sector. There is notion of those who are in authority, having the power of dictating how practice is implemented and promoted, owing to their status and how further up the hierachary they are positioned. However, this was to be made clearer in my next job. When they want to keep you underfoot, they make sure you do not have a status. It don’t matter if you are the one building the brand like I done whilst studying at the Open University The business wasn’t picking up and I was looking to secure my future and I started job hunting again.

KINGS 2003 to 2008.

I will not write too much about KINGS excepting to say, I learned the hard way about discrimination using allegations. This was the workplace where they used my vulnerabilities to trigger and exacerbate my childhood traumas into the beginning of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that was to blight my life forever. My stories are documented in Cyberspace. I am part of the research of Dr Maria Hudson of, who made recommendation to ACAS. I have some of my Defensive Practice over the years to back up my story that I am a credible witness. This is despite throwing out resources that I could probably auction to go towards my PENSION?

I was let down by the establishment and systems that I thought were in place to protect me, then as they have done now, And Along with all those who have sided with LEYF in discriminating against me, directly and indirectly. That’s why I am not going to be the Voiceless Vulnerable that mostly everyone is telling me to become and leaving everything to GOD to deal with.

My Father used to say every tub has to sit down on its own bottom and my Mother said every heart knows its own sorrow. It took the death of my MOTHER, the way I was discriminated against in two workplaces that triggered my childhood trauma into PTSD to get counselling on the NHS that is responsible for starting the discrimination. Now I finally realise what my Mother meant about every heart knows its own sorrows. Because, Mama experienced Mental Health Conditions throughout her life. But she dealt with it the way she dealt with everything in her life. Showing the world the face they wanted to see and by which she was judged. Even us her children judged her, because we did not understand her. That’s why knowledge is power and ignorance bliss.

But counselling help me to know more about the Strong Woman who was my Mother. This was in addition to what I learned from her best Friend Ms Connie Jourdine-Legister and my elder breda Balis Alexander Sylfrazier Nembhard. That’s why I am an Advocate of INCLUSION, and will be until the day I am no longer able to write about my experiences. Living in a society where discrimination is rife and prevalent in workplaces can cause the best of us to end up MAD as a hatter. That’s why we have children as young as that 18 month old Baby killed and the death covered up. Because knowledgeable and passionate Early Years Practitioners like me, can be destroyed by allegations. All for trying to make the lives of others better and not having families going through what I went through because of lack of knowledge.

The Role The Daily Express Played in my Education

I was introduce to the Daily Express, by my Tom, as I said I benefit the most from introductions. That’s why I am going back to some headlines in the Sunday Express 5th November 2017. Making comparisons to how I have been failed by the establishments and systems from 2004 to date. Page 5 – Camilla Tominey: How rape claims nearly destroyed the Socialist party. Comparisons can be made with the amount of concerns I raised within and out of workplaces about the discrimination from 2004. That leave me labelled a CRIMINAL from 2015. Leaving me unable to getting back into working from I was forced to resign again after a Nervous Breakdown. Because of a six line reference flagging safeguarding. Refer to Dr Maria Hudson recommendation to

Page 5: Tatler says sorry to Daisy over slur. But can get away with the discrimination that ruined my life after I get back from burying my MOTHER, because they have friends in high places. I was sent from pillow to post as they used every contingent policies and procedures to breach the Rules of Law, OFSTED Standards and the EYFS Welfare Requirements. In the end when I was left to represent myself at the Employment Tribunal, they can preside over another miscarriages of justice and join in to affirm the discrimination. When I tried starting a Petition using information posted online at, my Petition is rejected. Now can someone please explain this to me?

Page 11: Left-winger lost her job fairly over George jibe. If anyone chose to do the research going back to Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12, they can make the comparisons of how allegations are used to destroy lives. And how the Employment Legislations are not fit for purpose, as recommended to ACAS. I was told by that there was nothing an employee can do, because the discrimination is written in the contract. That’s why the ET Judges allowed LEYF to get away with not reviewing and updating the contract I signed in 2009 in line with the Equality Act 2010. Yet my Medical Reports were accepted when there was a malicious act of Terrorism against me, by Winsome Duncan of to get me sectioned. Leaving my vulnerable husband on his own.

Page 13: Attacked girl, 7, dies in hospital. The amount of provocations I endured in workplaces, triggered my PTSD. The allegations, led to my self-referral to KINGS Occupational Health, fearing I was going MAD, like my Auntie. Or about to commit CRIMINAL Offences like my breda, who died in prison,  However prior to the self-referral, I raised concerns within and outside the workplaces, but all my whistleblowing under the Protected Act by an employee with Protected Characteristics, was to set me up to face discrimination. And later blacklisting and networking that ruined my career and left me dealing with Mental Health Conditions. Because I experienced more bereavements and was going through the menopause, had a Cancer scare on top of the allegations.

Pages 18-19: Mental Health CRUSADE. DANNY BUCKLAND talks to millionaire Adam Shaw about his obsessive disorder and how he is campaigning to make mental health education compulsory from primary school. ‘I was driven to the brink of suicide… now I want to save the next generation’. If you look on Mental Health and Parkinson’s websites you will find some of my stories. They were written during the times I was on Medical Suspension from work. Or during the time I was trying to clear my name from the allegations that destroyed my career and nearly drive me to the brink…

However suicide do not enter my thinking, because it is against my Christian upbringing. But why is no one taking any of my concerns over the years seriously. Now the ET Judges compounded the matter of discrimination with their judgement and refusing to accept the fact from the Experts contained in the Medical Reports. Some of my Defensive Practices are in Cyberspace, documented in Open Letters to government, solicitors, unions, and newspapers.

Page 25: British woman faces death penalty in Egypt.  The discrimination I have been facing in the UK from 2004 is more than a death sentence. If I was not a resilient person, whose experiences help make me the person I am today, I might have given up already. Despite everyone, with their good intentions telling me to pray and leaving it all to GOD, I will not be doing any such thing. I have my meltdown moments, sometimes I revisit my childhood when I was so scared because of the experiences that caused my childhood traumas. But I know without a doubt I am a stronger person. I don’t even use the Passive Aggressive Behaviours that I relied on during provocations from I returned from burying Mama Lou.

Otherwise I probably would be dead when Winsome Duncan maliciously called the Police and Ambulance services to my home on the 30th October 2017. Therefore I will be holding PM Theresa May to her pledge about AVIVA Review about Mental Health Conditions. I have since develop a facial tic, which is symptomic of my self-diagnosed Atypical Parkinsonism. I discovered this from research and that it is hard to diagnose and treat. But I have lived a productive life despite my deficits and limitations until LEYF decided to terrorise me into resigning from my work. Thereby denying me my Basic Human Rights.

Musings From My Childhood

Dem a go tiyad fi see mi writings, cropping up all over the available platforms that I can share my stories.

One blow mi blow Sityra, one blow mi blow. Sityra and her Mooma, she did and she bury, she bury dung a river side.

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  1. I will be writing, because I have been denied my Basic Human Rights by the powers that be, with a CRIMINAL label. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Article 14 states that it is a basic entitlement of humans to enjoy their rights and freedoms without discrimination on any grounds. But if you do the research, you will find out how allegations have ruined my life from 2004 here in the UK.


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