Credible Witness

The Discrimination Started With the Banks

Sharing some of my Defensive Practices showing how I raised concerns when they were becoming matters around safeguarding of the children, young people and adults I work with. Safeguarding is the responsibility of everyone and I am more conscious of my own vulnerability because of my own hidden disabilities from childhood. But also the mental and pysical disabilities in later life. Some of my childhood traumas were triggered and exacerbated into PTSD over the years in toxic work evironment sanctioned by incompetent leaders and management who refuse to adhere to changes in laws and legislations. That’s why I want support to Petition the UK Government for a review in the Employment Legislations.   Scan_20170217

2004 was a pivotal years in my life for some reasons that was to prepare me for how I was going to struggle up to this time of writing. I had an unclear Pap Smear which left me believing I was going to have Cervical Cancer. During treatment, no one in my workplace was sympathetic or supportive of my needs. Therefore I had to apply the Early Intervention Strategies to get on with my life. Working to earn my keep was important as I was scared of going the same way of my Father who was struck down with Parkinson’s from an early age.

I have been fighting discrimination ever since, in the UK. I was treated like a criminal by the BANKS involved, the Police and even the authorities until I decided to put my foot down and don’t take their nonsense. That’s when they started taking notice and I guess the fact that I already have a British Passport meant, they have to accept me, here in the UK? They did not have any legitimate grounds to deport me. I started my Fight4justice with the Financial Ombudsman Services in 2004.

Raising Concerns Internally before going Externally: I had exhausted every available channels raising concerns internally via verbal and written communications. However,  when my concerns were not addressed, I done what I thought was the professional approach to resolving the matters. In my frustrations, I got rid of the documents from the Employment Tribunal. I did not have storage space and keeping them reminded me of the miscarraige of justice refer to Dr Maria Hudson recommendation to I am the Nursery Nurse in the research The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds. I am sure this is self-explanatory?

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Raising Concerns with the Union: The difficulties I encountered with the Union led to me resigning my Membership to avoid the way they joined in to discriminate against me. In the end I was burdened down with completing my studies and the death of my breda from Colon Cancer. I promised him to help with my young niece’s education on his death bed.

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The last time I spend with my breda before his untimely death aged 56 years old. He wanted a little time to put his plans in order, so asked his family for finacial support with Chemotherapy. But it was already too late at the time of his diagnosis. I was responsible for ensuring my breda was returned home. When I send my Mother to visit her son, she told me, he asked if they came to take him home. There was no hesitations on my part in ensuring he had his final wishes to go back home. To be buried with his loved ones who went before him. What they done to me during that time in the workplace and at the Employment Tribunal, would have broken a lesser person. However, I think my experiences, over the years prepared me for my life transitions. I was mortified, learning of my Mother’s struggles throughout her life. The stories were told to me by my breda’s Godmother and elder breda, when I was home for my youngest son’s wedding in January 2014. By this time my Mother did not know me, her only daughter.


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I have my photographic memories because of my love of photograhy and the writing I do as my hobbies. I was not able to attend my breda’s funeral, but we chat about what was more important. That was becoming a graduate weeks before my 50th birthday. The rest is history.

LEYF- 23rd July 2014 to 3rd March 2017: Allegations, Investigations, Disciplinary/Appeal, Medical Suspension, Return to Work, Suspension, Resignation, Employment Tribunal, Label as Criminal

Here is the proof that I am a credible witness contrary to I have never override my authority and adhering to British Ethical Guidelines in every aspects of carrying out normal daily activities both in workplaces and my personal life. I have my Defensive Practice to confirm this in line with the Rules of Law of the International laws, legislations, codes of preactice and conducts. That’s why I am always enhancing knowledge and doing research. I was the key person of one of these children. He was part of my Case Studies and I identify him to be a SAVANT by the age of 4 years old, no doubt about that.



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I want those who are impartial to take a look at my Defensive Practice, over the years in the workplaces and tell me what else I was supposed to have done in the circumstances of facing discrimination. That’s why I would like the powers that be to see the plight of employees working in the Early Years Sector and admit that we have been failed by the Employment Legislations in place to protect us. When a lay person like me have to represent myself at the Employment Tribunals and having to deal with the biases of those who are quick to judge and fail to pay attention to the evidence presented, then we are living in a society that turn people into Mental Health cases where suicide is the only way out for those who are failed.

Others might end up living like some of the people living homeless and barely existing. Whilst I am left to be unable to control and manage my disabilities and progressive health conditions like I used to. Others will be radicalised and become lone wolves, seeking revenge for the social injustices and inequalities because of the the miscarriages I faced at the hands of the Employment Tribunals. But not only that, whilst others choose to drag their feet judging others, because of the preconceived notions of those who can’t even bother to keep abreast of the Rules of Law.

We have headlines in the Page 11: Millionaire in court after murder of girl. Page 12: PM shows she has trhe guts to act over MP’s conduct. I would also like the PM to act on the pledge she made about AVIVA Review re Mental Health Conditions and the workplace. Because I am still reflecting on the outcome that could have been when a malicious person send the Police and Ambulance services to my home on Monday 30th October 2017. After a well thought out plan to have me taken away from my vulnerable husband. However she was so stupid she puts everything in wrriting to me before. But I am thinking, she thought I would not be around to read the emails, I would be DEAD?


Throughout my dealings with Mr John Fenton of, I informed the about Mr Fenton unprofessional conduct. I copied the ET in with the correspondences. Now the ET affirm the discrimination, taking no notice of the Medical Reports that are Judge Elliot’s Court Order. Mr Fenton and later Ms Samantha Jones continue to lie and act unprofessionally. In the end the ET granted an adjounment because Ms Jones did not prepare a case and told the court as much. So she pulled a SICKIE saying she have contagious disease. But did the judges take my Medical Reports into question, no. Therefore they are disregarding the evidence of the Experts. However when a malicious report was made about concerns re posts on Facebook, the Police and Abulance arrive, treating me like a CRIMINAL. With hindsight I have to use the same Medical Reports that the ET refuse to consider to show them.

I would like to know the qualifications of Winsome Duncan, the Police and Ambulance crew who visited my home on the 30th October 2017. What if anything is been done to address my concerns about TERRORISM. When I raised concerns with the Police about verbal threats over the telephone, they did not want to know. Even after I visited the Police station they didn’t want to know. In the end they promise to write a report and call to give me the reference, I am still waiting.


I have contacted the relevant authorities to report my concerns about safeguarding, but I am guessing they are too busy getting on with their lives. Or maybe they have gone online and decided like the ET judges that I am not a credible witness? Whatever their reasonings, I will not hold myself to blame when anything untowards happen. Is it any wonder then that another innocent child have to die because of complacency? Are we waiting to read another headline in the newspaper Page 24: My anguish over sister’s murder.

Remember I am learning my craft from only the best. I was hoodwinked by After meeting her at one of the free trainings I attended http://WWW.BLACKCARDBOOKS.COM. But before long I realise she was a shambolic person blagging her way around. As soon as she thought she have me under her spell, she allowed her mask to slip. I was unto her in a flash, I am only disappointed that I was still taken in by her partner in scamming. But by now he must realise what he told me that I can write and knows what I am writing about unlike some who only just write for writing sake. My life is at stake therefore all I have left is my writing ability because of my own hidden disabilities from childhood.

Book jacket for strong women [7175]

One day I am hoping to change the course of my life to have my dreams becoming the visions of my realities to be the best that I can become. A successful WRITER. In the meantime I will continue documenting my experiences. Sharing my stories as I am seeking to leave legacies for my family, friends and anyone who can benefit from my passion of been an advocate of INCLUSION.

All this is dedicated to my Father IS NEMBHARD in particular, in the face of adversities despite the fact that Parkison’s and other health complications strip him of every ounce of his dignity, until he was a shadow of the Man of GOD, who lived up to his Christian belieffs to the very end. I was the last to see him alive and first to find him DEAD. But in GOD, I put my trust, because I am at the stage in my life where I am getting a better understanding about life. But please, I don’t want anyone telling me to pray and leave everything to GOD. I know GOD wants me to question and challenge him.


I will dedicate the rest of my life with my Fight4justice campaign in honour of every human being who experienced discrimination. Because, I have lost families and friends who have disabilities, mental and physical. Some were provoked into commiting Criminal offences and died all alone away from their families and friends. Others like my MOTHER lives to a ripe old age, but was taken from her family before she died. Families, young and old taken by cancer and other siggered and exacerbated into PTSD over the years in toxic work evironment sanctionedcknesses. So in GOD, I put my trust to see me through this journey of breaking down barriers.


How Allegations Destroy Lives!

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