Luton Street LEYF April 2010- July 2014

Who is Responsible for the Sanction of Discrimination that Ruined my Life at LEYF?

Here is the list from the Top Down:

  1. CEO-MBE June O’Sullivan. At the Big Childcare Conversation at Middlesex University, on the 19th September 2015, she snub me. Turning her back on me and when I challenged her, claim she did not recognise me. Why did she not regognise me? Because of the Meeting at New Cross on the 18th, about how they were going to get rid of me. Present at the Meeting: Senior HR Dilys Epton, Operations Area Manager Hilda Miller, Manager Marion Breslin, Deeputy Louise Eliasen, Deputy Emma-May Ruegg. Marion resigned and blamed it on me, but she has since gone back like the lapdog, LEYF turn professionals who are spineless into. Deputy Louise was made the scapegoat when a parent reported to and Social Services and there was an investigation, so she too resigned. Hilda Miller has since resigned, goodriddance to rubbish like her. She claims BIB is her baby, but throw the baby out with the bathwater. She has since joined the lot of those resigning, but not with a Nervous Breakdown, I am hoping? Is the taking notes of the fact that the 3 Judges failed to take into considerations?

2. Bully Boy Neil King, the last time I saw him was at CO on the 22nd September 2015. He was with Senior HR Dilys Epton who was by this time afraid of her own shadow. That’s why she sent me a LinkedIn request on the 22.09.2015. She needed company because she face Age Discrimination at LEYF. She was scared of Hilda Miller and Neil King whenever we were in their presence. Bully Boy tricked me to come to a Meeting for a chat and tried to harass and bully me into writing on an the spot resignation. This was done to Karen Walker, Head of Children’s Services and Families, who they forced out. The rot started at LEYF in 2013 when the employers who they forced out, began to leave in their droves. By the time of the exchange of Witness Statements, Neil King was the first casualty from the top to resign. One down, how many more to go?

3. Rashid Iqbal, he was brought in on Positive Discrimination to replace Karen Walker, despite Dearbhala was doing the job after KW left. But that was nothing new for me, as I was the only LEYF employee shortlisted in 2011 for the post of Lead Early Years Practitioner, but did not get the position. I was doing the work of the top to bottom as well as 3 practitioners job, but not good enough for promotion. So where is the Equality Act 2010 and the Contract I signed on the 7th October 2009? Well Rashid Iqbal join the list of those resugning even before the ET Case ended. Staff at CO went out to buy champaign to celebrate on his last day. That tells you all you need to know about him.

4. Hilda Miller, but I won’t even waste time on that wretched woman, she is to be pitied.

5. The rest are the entire BIB team: Lynne Kelly, Carolyn Quirke, Benedicte Siewe, Jyoti Bhardwaj, Flavia Foddai, Sao Banya, and Remi.

6. Deputy Nicola O’Holloran and her Team: Sadie, et al. There names are in the Witness Statements by Lynne Kelly.

7. Others from CO & HOC & other Settings: Dilys Epton, Louise Cooper, Gill Springer, Mary Wynne-Finch, (Isabella Glen, she take her Pension and run),  Neil Best, (Joelle Lax, find out about our professional relationship/partnership, but she’d rather get a brown nose), Beverly Jean-Baptiste, (Manager Anjali, joint manager of Nursery World Awards 2017, based on lies), (Sharon Dhand, now manager of Playhouse), (Crisella Rattary-Brown, Michelle Hoofong, 2 Jamaican who sold out), Gemma Mann. If I don’t document, soon I will be unable to do so from memory.

Go and do the research at to find out about Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds.

For those perverting the course of #Justice, I will give them all the ropes they need to use their #FeetTiezHands#LIARS!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing If I did not have British citizenship, they would have deported me back to my country already. But despite the 3 Judges from the ET Case affirming the discrimination posting online at I will go back when I am good and ready. I am carer for my husband. The same husband who was told “Mr Tomlinson, you have a small illusion that one day you can become a Property Tycoon”. Well all they have done is stop my claim up the career ladder with the 2 miscarriages of justice, presided over by the ET. I don not want anyone to colonise me, sending me to no Prestigious HOC to get me to act unprofessionally by triggering and exacerbating my childhood traumas into PTSD like LEYF done after I got back from burying my MOTHER in July 2014. In case they don’t know there is a Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015 covering the legalities. I covered the modules when I done studies with and is in HCT Group Impact Report where the stastic states 1 in 5 suicides are associated with unemployment. What has LEYF and the ET done to stop me getting a job? Whatever it is, it is breach of the Rules of Law and my Basic Human Rights.
Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor I am hoping the ET is dealing with the fact, when they go to review the correspondence I copied them into from the pathological liar Mr John Fenton.
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Taurus: You may take a slow amble into your day but by mid-morning you’ll be run off your feet. You don’t usually like to work at this kind of speed but your services are in demand and you can’t say no. Call to hear about the promising changes ahead.
Exactly as it said, as I manage to give the #LittleCottage a spruce up & clear away some of the insightly things poking out from every nook & cranny.
Well I did get back to some of those LEYF Nurseries hiding behind to do their #DuttyWuck. So let me see what’s next. From them calling that #Parents did not know of my visits to their #School. To been accused of making #PersonalCommentsAllegations… Well very soon we shall all be knowing who knew of my #Circumstances? My Fight4justice will filter out those who make #Allegations, are #Liars#Discriminators or even #ModernDaySLAVEDrivers with #PsychopathicTendencies.
I am looking forward to the #PromisingChanges ahead in roughly #1Month…?
Let LEYF Nurseries & the #Establishment cover up the #TRUTHS until the day of reckoning!

Update 21st November 2017: This is the Carolyn Quirke the Nursery Assistant, who was my Supervisor in the Baby Room at BIB.  

Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting, child and outdoor Manager Beverly Jean-Baptiste who was thrown in at the last minute on the Panel of the Disciplinary Hearing. The questions they asked were diabolical. But what do you expect when most of the Leaders and Management can’t string 3 word together to form a sentence. Some do not get their post on merit, but to be lapdogs to the CEO-MBE. She don’t like strong empowered women, that’s why she get rid of all of us.
As for Benedicte Siewe, she is another one who is to be pitied. She is carrying a chip on her shoulders, because she is ashamed of her identity.
Crisella Rattary-Brown did get her comeuppance in the end. When Joelle Lax moved her out of New Cross after Marion Breslin resigned. Their days are numbered, the Bible words must come to pass.  I am not going to wait to publish any books, I am doing it now.
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November 21, 2013 at 10:33pm · 

So today is yet another BD on my AGENDA! is feeling excited.

November 21, 2013 at 8:43am · 

When I was the Jill of All Trades at Luton Street & Mistress of None

Just leaving enough time to get to my destinations as trying to do Ur bit can prove a PiBS if 1 is not careful! I recalled being told yrs ago that whatever Ur superior asked U 2 do U do! So when I who is dere to challenge the wrongs ventured to asks “So wat if the superior is wrong…?” I was told that U don’t question U do cause dey r di SUPERIORS! I have since larn dat when dem sey JUMP, U doan even bodda 2 ask how High, U just JUMP?

Update 21st November 2017: Why did you think I used Facebook as my confidant? Can anyone show me where I breach the Contract I signed. This was another of my Early Intervention Strategy to deal with my disabilities. The counsellor at Maudsley Hospital told me whatever therapy works for me, don’t be afraid to use it. I hardly cuss bad wuds these days.

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November 21, 2013 at 8:30am · 

 I adhere to British Ethical Guidelines at

There was a Time when I set myself up as an ADVOCATE! More Fool Me? So to undermine the work I do, this IFFWM used 2 ask “Why do U keep saying Children have SEN…?” She’d keep her distance, stand away from the action with pen & notepad in hand 4 abt 5 minutes, then said “I have done my Observations & there is no evidence…” Well this so-called IW claims she was a NURSE & HH by the NHS 4 her Post…! Suffice it to say no wonder the NHS is in such a dire strait? Every walks of Life U turn in Society History is Repeating itself & all they do is have another Case Review or Enquiry!

Update 21st November 2017: Check Dr Maria Hudson Reserach Paper: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds for You have Leaders & Management who are unable to string 3 words together to form a sentence. Is it any wonder the Early Years Sector is in the crisis it is? So children and young people are discriminated against because of lack of trainings and equiping with the knowledge to do the job. Then the likes of BIB team with the Nursery Assistant in the form of Carolyn Quirke is my Supervisor in the Baby Room. And Benedicte Siewe can tell me that my Foundation Degree don’t count.  

So on my way from work & decided to b lazy because of the weather? Got on the bus & it came to a halt on Edgeware Rd. Eventually asked BD why we r not moving – Accident ahead, so started walking>>> Was just in time at the SoA asking if it was another cyclist?
Heard my kinda lingua coming from a biker who looked like a courier… Believe me & I quote “If U ever touch me bike, a U a guh en up ina dat Ambulance…” As he negotiated a path on the curve… To make matters worse I saw another fellow went up to this bloke & said “U want to try…, & another 1 cornered him on the other side pushing FIRE to the already heated Argument…?
I was glad when the Black guy rode off & the matter disintegrated? Got across the pavement & saw this Chinese looking YL flat on her back, sum1 holding an umbrella to shelter her from the rain.
The Paramedics were already present, so I went on my merry way to let them get on with the job. I am praying & hoping her injuries are not life threatening? I am extra vigilant on the road especially since Walking is part of my Exercise Regime.
But I’ve seen so much recklessness on the roads, it’s amazing, as Drivers rushed thru PC when the light is green>>> I am not 2 sorry that I don’t drive sum times! I got the same bus 2 stops away from my destinations & the BD was like really surprised how far I’d reached! Pity he didn’t know that this OG usually walked the whole length from Luton Street to Tottenham Rd New Oxford Street? 

Update 21st November 2017: What more evidence does the ET want as part of the fact that I managed and controlled my disabilities until LEYF www, set up a terror cell at BIB, HOC and New Cross with the malicious attacks which led to me almost becoming a Paranoid Skitsofrenic, I was becoming afraid of my own shadow. In order not to commit CRIMINAL Offences and end up in prison to die a lonely death away from my family. I resorted to Passive Aggressive Behaviours. Now the bigots at the ET better getting some trainings about the Employment Legislations.  The terrorsim started after I got back from buring my MOTHER. Tell them to work out the impacts of that from the Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015. Who is responsible for the changes? 

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Yesterday was a very relaxing day in another of LEYF nursery! Wow practice was 110% Beacon of Excellence… Got me some great ideas from Mary who once taught in Hong Kong to take back to Luton Street! Danielle & the team, BUUS & I am willing to cum discover sum more whenever U need support at Mickey Star! 1 of their team is heading off the JA soon, so have a fab time & njoy Ur hols!

Update 21st November 2017: Need I say anymore about why the EAT needs to llok at when the change occurred. Why would I have written all this on Facebook, if it wasn’t true. I might be J.Kill & Hide, when it comes to cussing bad wuds. But I, repeat I am not a MAD CRIMINAL. 


Everything Capasetic & Ready fi PE 2moro!!! Well dah PRO will be tunning up dah Heat lika nubady’s Bizz….

Update 21st November 2017: When I transferred to Luton Street, there were more Agency staff than LEYF staff. I went there and take over doing the jobs of 3 staff. There was the matter of Rebecca Brown who came and resigned the next wee. Katie McGill who came and was going to resign promptly. I spoke to her to think about her future and buld up her CV. She stayed on longer and done exactly that. She was blamed for an accident that she had no idea how it happened. By this time I had come to the sad conclusion that because of the blacklisting and networking, I have no where to go, so I give of my best. But you should have heard the stupid Barrister Samantha Jones drumming it out in the ET Court that you know is they sack you, you couldn’t get another job. Did the ET Judges reprimand her, no. But yet they have attitudes about my Passive Aggressive Behaviours that was never played out to them, but on Facebook. If only they know the provocations I endured and how paranoid I was I would enmd up like my breda who DIED in PRISON?

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Darned Bloody Good at my CRAFT!!! Even if I have 2 blow mI own TrumPET…?

The ACCOLADES have started coming in again!!!!

Update 21st November 2017: What more do I need to say? There are many more like this in the Bundles. But the BIGOTS might have though I forged them to myself. That’s what they said at KINGS about the letter I wrote to the HR Department in 2006. This prompted the investigation, and that was the start of the way my life was spiralled out of control as my childhood traumas were triggered into PTSD. It happened when I experienced the loss of my breda from CANCER. Can you see the patterrn?

No automatic alt text available.

Gone & done it so have 2 wait until the EoW 4 the result…. Hope am not OVERCONFIDENT!!!!

Update 21st November 2017: I am preparing my documents before seeking Professional Advice. Because someone have to examine their conscience and say enough is enough. Today my niece, whose Father I promised on his death bed to help with her education is celebrating her birthday. Honest to GOD I only remember because of the Facebook memories. LEYF take away my job and the Employment Tribunal affirm the discrimination posting the judgement online to further nail the lid of the coffin down with me not yet DEAD. I am unable to fulfill the promise I made to my breda. At the same time believe she has been scantioned by the ET to carry out her scams using her business as the front to introduce me to her Employment Barrister at What they have done is beyond comprehension. How can we be treating our own the way they have treated me, using my vulnerability to do such a wicked act. Then they tried getting the Police involved. What did they expect, the Police was going to carry out the plots they were unable to do, because I was too ill to attend Winsome Duncan 40th Birthday Party. The party she uses my MONEY to plan? 


Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, child and indoor I have been invited to do another training, but what’s the point, what am I going to do with the certificates? Paper my wall, or will they sell on eBay?

Facebook Memories 15th November 2017

Finding a Voice via my Blogs

My Fight4justice will go on as long as there is breath left in my body. And I am able to apply my intellectual capitals in telling my stories about the Experiences of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds that see me in this positon where LEYF can sanction the discrimination that is terrorism. Under the Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015, what happened to me from I returned from burying my MOTHER, leave me without a job. I have been barred from working with children, young people and vulnerable adults despite telling Senior HR Dilys Epton that work keeps me going because of my childhood Traumas. Now the Employment Tribunal at can preside over yet another miscarriages of justice after the recommendations made by Dr Maria Hudson to That’s why they take 5 months to copy and paste the Respondent’s judgement and 3 days to post online at I am making sure to earn my keep from the benefits I am been paid as every establsihment and systems colluded with LEYF to strip me of my dignity and Basic Human Rights. 

The following will help me to share my experiences about when I changed.  4 new photos — thinking about the meaning of life.

November 15, 2016 at 8:47pm · 

 Tuesday-Taurus: After yesterday’s tensions, assertive Mars brings out your most competitive drive. A question mark still hangs over money but career-wise you know that you’re definitely going places. Call to hear when to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Since I have no money & LEYF Nurseries made sure I am #Unemployable… I have to be assertive in ensuring I am going places with the #Career. Here is the #PlanMIM: My #OwnBusinessAgenda focusing on #Advocacy. Make the world a better place so no one else have to live through the time from 23rd July 2014 to date & I can’t see an end in sight. Just imagine my life on the #Dole that stripped me of my #SelfWorthofDignity!
Now LEYF Nurseries & the corrupted in the #SYSTEMS will be held accountable!

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is thinking about doing something different.

November 15, 2016 at 8:14pm · 

 Monday-Taurus: Feeling under pressure? Blame it on the full moon! Today’s supermoon in your sign is extra potent so will impact on your emotions bringing feelings to the surface. Focus on faraway thoughts. Call to hear when to sort the wheat from the chaff.

I am doing everything in my #Power with my #FIGHT4JUSTICE campaign to get LEYF Nurseries & the corrupted SYSTEMS to be held accountable for the #ModernDaySLAVERY of #VulnerableEmployees whose career & life have been destroyed by #Discrimination!

Update 21 st November 2017I will be presenting all the documents from BIB, with the RACISM written in black and white.  I only got access to most of these after the exchange of documentations between the Claimant & Respondent. My RACISM claims was strike out repeatedly despite the Judge sending it back for reeconsiderations. The same thing happened when I tried to submit additional evidence after the adjournment. Also they tried to stitch me up with the Telephone Conciliation. I copied the ET into every correspondence. I told Senior HR Dilys Epton, I could not accept the grievance as everything was in my head. Even if I could write what was in my head, she refused to give me time to prpare. But I know that was how they operate, everything is in the CONtrAct to trap employees. It happened to me before and I learned from my mistakes. Dilys Epton confirmed my arguments in her Statements, but everyone was so busy trying to stitch me up because I use Passive Aggressive Behaviours so as not to fall in the trap and commit criminal offences.   

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard shared her photo — thinking about friends and family.

Nominated by:
GodChild Campbell
My #2Son Valdin Legister Uncle from his #GrandPa Mr Legister. 
Now U know if everyone on Facebook was to track their #History, we know how #Family are connected.

Update 21st November 2017: I will be attending another Family funeral on Friday, 24th for another victim of Cancer. But because of what LEYF, the establishment and systems have done to me. I have not yet had the chance to grieve for my MOTHER, my cousin Janet Beeput and now her Mother is diagnosed with Cancer. The Employment Tribunal says I do not have disabilities despite the Medical Reports which were Court Orders from the Judge.  

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Natty Dixon in Jamaica.  October 17, 2011 at 3:39pm · 

Update 21st November 2017: Massa Man, now I will be attending the funeral of Kenneth Legister’s wife Joyce on Friday. But you know what, Ken have dementia and I am sure Joyce would have thought she would be there to care for him? Each time I promise myself to visit the family in Leytonstone, something crop up and I did not get to go. I am blaming LEYF for changing my life totally and now they are claiming I am a MAD CRIMINAL. Therefore I have to be careful and looking over my shoulder. Well I was diagnosed with Chronic Anxiety in July 2006. Which conditions does not fall under having disabilities, might I ask the ET Judges?

Shared a Page — thinking about making a change.  November 15, 2016 at 4:48pm · 

 Now I need to get my head around this? I am #CampaignManager all the way in the UK. Because of LEYF Nurseries, I don’t have a #Job. But I am #Gifted#Creative#Talented & have the #GiftofzGab… So now the #HardWork start to #ElectionDay & after.
To uplift all the communities in the Friendship Division of Westmoreland, Jamaica
 Update 21st November 2017: When I was preparing my ET Case documents. Writing was a form of therapy, but sometimes it was so overwhelming dealing with everything all by myself. 
 To sit down & Write a 15 Page Document is no Easy Task, but I’ve completed it. Only thing left 4 me to do is Edit, so most of the Stress is off me now.

Gosh I’ve been so Busy the whole of last week… Helping to do CAF form 4 my Little Girl. They calling it new name, but the more they change, the more things remain the same & Complicated like bitch!

Update: I am hoping the Powers that be can see why I have my Fight4justice campaign. Southwark Council SEND Section coluded with Kings College Hospital NHS Founfation Trust, the Local Education Authority, Local Safeguarding Board to make my life hell. That’s how I come to end up in Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds recommendations to This has been my life from I studied at Lambeth College and later the I do the work and others take the credit.  

Scan_20161204 (7)

This week is going to be even busier. Every day this week is booked… Monday Balham, Tuesday CAB near me Yard, Wednesday Networking in Camden – buy the ticket & need to search thru the realms of paper to get hold of it b4 Wed.

Update: It was only later, after reflctions that I realised something was not right. People who I networked with at Charity Meetup were distancing themselves from me. Once I began to feel like a fish out of water, I decided there is no way that I am going to let them get the better of me. Because this will only have a negative impact on my disabilities.   

Scan_20161123 (4)

Don’t even know what am doing Thursday? Ok iron sum of the tun load a water wash clothes… & get me garms out.
I am going as I am ordained Nigerian Princess Ratty of Nembhard Clans to Tottenham on Friday 4 a Wedding!
Oh wow I hope I can get everything done so I can focus more on sorting out my CPPDP?
I am strong enough to blOw my Own Trumpet & b-EAT my Own dru-Ms as Ms Ratty love mek whole he-Ap O nOise, when fi I MaD he-AD tek I!
Gosh if only they knew di Trouble dem cum stir up. If a did C-Duppy dem set pon dem it coulda nebba get worsarah?

Update 21st November 2017: So who is responsible for sanctioning the discrimination from the time I get back from burying my MOTHER? Actually, I thought this started in October 2014 when I was eating a ripe banana so not to fall into a hypo on the job at BIB, but no I found out it was from the day I attended for my initial visits. Only realised on exchange of documentations. How did Lynne Kelly come to associate me with African Margaret, who abused 3 children? Well she had to go get counselling, but nothing was done about my letter that the Union Rep Darren Mahon raised concernd about at the Disciplinary Hearing. As for saying Stella Louis said I was a Negative Influence, maybe LEYF can explain that to her when I track her down?  I bring African garments to Jamaica in 2004, the year when the discrimination started that was to change my life. Read about it at, 28th May 2004.


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LinkedIn offering me Up-Grade, but I never bite off more than I can chew, nor hang my basket where I have 2 tek long stick juck it dung? So that will have 2 wait until me cum back from Yard! Who knows I maybe allowed to publish my Musings then? Have so much Irons in the Fire that I need an outlet for my Creative Juices!

Update 21st November 2017: I was always doing my research and making sure I enhance my knowledge. I always wanted to be doing something productive to promote and implement inclusion. That’s why I started making Homemade Books at Luton Street. One of my Books was taken by the then CEO before she became MBE, June O’Sulivan to improve on as teaching and learning tool. All I see was consultations from my Book mentioned in her Blog. The amount of work I done for everyone at LEYF from top to bottom is amazing, yet I was never credited. I was gobsmacked after I returned from Medical Suspensions and attended a training at CO, I saw one of my photos at the entrance to the toilet. Od course I got the message, because they triggered and exacerbated my disabilities. And they were telling me the only place I was needed was in the toilet. I have my Defensive Practice. 


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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling wonderful.  November 15, 2013 at 9:41pm · 

So I walked into Debenhams – Oxford Street & saw this DRESS! Mon it a tek like, but me nah pay dem-deh H&L money fi it? So I’ll be keeping my eyes out just in case the price drop b4 me ready fi Yard!

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard added 5 new photos — thinking about my future.

From last week the #Scammers are back contacting me via telephone re: MicrosoftTransport for London re Serious Accident reported from my #Address if I want to claim. Today I got an email from #KarinSomplatzki re $1,500,000.00 USD etc… Contact Dr Tony Yung call + The amount is at Western Union re Poverty supn or other? But not only that, I was warned to get in touch now because I was contacted before & they did not get any #RESPONSE. I tried printing to show the world that, although I am what LEYF Nurseries classified me as #UURICALEafter5yearsServices, I am a #LawabidingCitizen with a clean #Record. Only thing I am guilty of is fi #CussBadWuds!
Now who in their #RightMind is not yet aware of my views about wanting to #CashinMoney that is not #Legitimate more than welcome to go collect the #Money on my behalf. Because my #Parents brought me up not fi hab #RedEyes after nothing like that. We were #DirtPoor, but we have #Ambition!
Not ambition to #Lie#Steal#Murder#Destroy#Covet anyone for what they got!
Be warned because LEYF Nurseries is intent on #InstitutionalisingALL that are relying on them to provide the Basics for themselves & their #Families. My #FIGHT4JUSTICE campaign is to become an #Advocate providing Evidence of how I was a #VICTIM from 1.9.2009-27.9.2015 & it became even worse once I decided to take a #Stance!

Update 21st November 2017: By now its at that the ET Judges affirm the discrimination. But little did I know that I would fall victim to the elaborate scams of because I want to write to share my experiences about life. So that I can help other not to become a victim. But why am I not shocked about the behaviours of the Police? If I was not careful and knowing my rights I would have become another miscarriages of justice, not from the Employment Tribunals this time but the Police.   The many people out there need to come forward to expose LEYF as Modern Day SLAVERY Masters and Mistresses. Go to the website to find the Reviews by Jyoti Sharma, the parent and former employee. This will confirm everything in my Witness Statement at the ET.  

No automatic alt text available.
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Image may contain: tree and outdoor
Image may contain: one or more people, tree and outdoor
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I am not staying, but just to #WARNUall that there are evil forces out there trying everything to #Mashup my life further. I will reveal all later. Just how silly can some of them be…? Clowning my #1Son Kevin Murray profile to send me request. But Facebook is on the ball & doing an #Excellentjob in thawting these #Criminals. I have only #1Facebook account so please don’t accept any request from me if U get one. Later!

Update: I would be grateful if all the Prem Johal could block me. Imagine sending me message about my ranting and getting blocked and not waiting for my response. He didn’t think anything of when he was trying to get me into his ponsy schemes.

Is feeling excited. November 15, 2013 at 9:36pm · 
 2moro is gonna b 1 BD fi me…! Me wearing me Pants wid di Deep Pockets fi guh bout Serious Bizz…! When 1 has to tek on Responsibilities like those I have being Designated wid, then I have 2 rise up to the Calling & do a darn good job. I am really Blessed to be entrusted with such Responsibilities & I intend 2 be Accountable 4 every Penny I spend!
No automatic alt text available.

This has being a very topsy-turvy Week indeed! The longer I live the more I learn? On my way 2 work & as I reached the local Sainsbury I saw this young lady walking out the store, & a worker marching after her. Being the Nosy Parker who I am I stood to see the next developments…? I could see the YL had a packet of battery (2) in her hand & her handbag slung over her shoulders.
Young man reached her, said supn & the YL just handed over the package in her hand. YM marched back in the store & said supn (can’t hear) to his colleague! Immediately 1 thought flashed through my mind – Thief, but as fast as it went in it was out again! I recalled seeing the person walking out of the store looked like a young lady, but there was this childlike look about her?
OMG my brain began to work over time… It dawned on me that the Person whom I just saw walked out of that store, may not be totally responsible & accountable 4 her actions! U know what the reason she looked like a YL & also CL is the fact that she has Downs Syndrome…? I would certainly would have liked to know the level of her understanding. & is she to be held accountable 4 what she did. Maybe if I had not noticed she has Diverse & Complex Needs I would be quick to judge & condemn.
Knowledge is Power & ignorance is bliss to the uneducated lot who are quick to Marginalise! Once more I’ll have to reassert that WE CANNOT TELL BY LOOKING…? INCLUSION is the BUZZ Word 4 Me as I have my own Experiences to contend with!!!

Update 21st November 2017: Maybe I should refer LEYF, the and the EAT to this. Then they need to tell me what caused Mervelee Myers to change after she got back from burying her MOTHER and transferred to BIB, HOC and New Cross?  It’s only a little matter of why the Medical Reports were not taken into account. But the 3 Judges could grant the Respondent’s Barrister Samantha Jones her wish to have an adjurnment? Well we all know why that was, isn’t it? Perverting the course of justice and an assessory after the fact.

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6 YEARS AGO TODAY   Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

November 15, 2011 at 8:11pm · London · 

 Who GOD bless no one curse!!! <<<My Star is beginning 2 Rise & Shine>>> Another hurdles overcome….
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7 YEARS AGO TODAY Mervelee Ratty Nembhard shared her photo.

November 15, 2010 at 7:39pm · 

 Told U I still have the POWER to draw when I put me Glad Rags on. Got myself hooked on some Fantabulous EYE CANDY. He definitely meets up to my SPECIFICATIONS tall…!!!! Gonna turn detective now.
Now who is going to be my Judge and Jurors, only GOD.

My Racism Claims Rejected Repeatedly, Why?

BIGOTS Will Not Get Away With The Discrimination That Triggered My Mental Health Conditions
I am using my Facebook Posts from years ago to help tell my stories. If not the Employment Tribunals will think they can get away with the miscarriages of justice they presided over 2 times and now think they can destroy my life completely at
My 3 new photos — with Kevin Murray and 2 othersNovember 20, 2016 at 7:15pm · 
The things they say… “The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding” Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)  Each day I have another important fact presented to me, to continue my Fight4justice campaign without fail. LEYF Nurseries & the #Establishment  must be called to take responsibility & be accountable for the #ModernDaySLAVERY in 2016. 

As I keep on saying this is not about the amount, but the #Principles  involved?
For those perverting the course of #Justice, I will give them all the ropes they need to use to tie their #FeetTiezHands#LIARS!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing  This was the outfit I wore on the final day of the Employment Tribunal Case at Montague Court, 101 London Road, West Croydon, Surrey, CRO 2RF. Throughout each day, I wore an outfit depicting my multiple identities of 90% African, with the mixture of German, Dutch, Scots, Chinese and Mulatto that are part of my DNA. Maybe that’s why the 3 Judges were at a loss to understand who is Mervelee Myers. I would advise them to go back to Dr Maria Hudson of, 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12. The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds of which I was interviewed in my home in 2010. Recommendations were made to If Acas: had implemented the recommendations, I would not have had the amount of messages from Acas workers on behalf of, trying to pervert the course of justice. Don’t worry there is still one left on my house phone from Mary O’Shanahan, despite losing those on my mobile.
Maybe that’s why the 3 Judges failed to understand who I am, once again in breach of the Equality Act 2010, the British Values Act 2014, the Counter Terrorism & Secirity Act 2015, The Disability Discrimination Act 1995, Education Act 1981, Education Reform Act 1988, Employment Equality Regulations, Children & Young People Act 2008, Childcare Act 2006, Special Educational Needs & Disability Act 2001, Disability Discrimination Act 1995 & 2005, Race Relataions Act 1976 – Amendment 2000, Sexual Discrimination Act 1975, Child Protection Act 1999, Safeguarding Vulnerable Group Act 2006 and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. My stories are documented in cyberspace on all the Social Media platforms that I could get myself on to get a voice. Therefore I will prove those 3 Judges wrong that I am indeed a Crdible Witness and they are the ones who let themselves be hoodwinked into perverting the course of justice and colluding with the dicrimination that is a criminal act.
Please find me at the following: Mervelee Tomlinson/Pulse,, Valdin Legister Facebook JBSF VMBS Publications Twitter Charity Meetup SLP HCT Educare Parkinson My website Google If I don’t take the time to invest in myself, using all the available platforms in sharing my stories about my experiences. I will allow LEYF and the Employment Tribunals to get away with making me out to be a MAD Criminal at
Why is the Judge afraid of the Truth/Fact?
Please see below and it will tell you exactly why I am challenging the Employment Tribunal judgement with my Fight4justice campaign. I informed the ET Court from the very beginning that Mr John Fenton is a patholigical liar. I copied them into every single correspondences about how the establishment and the systems were trying to pervert the course of justice. In due course I will be making the correspondences public. Throughout this sad state of affairs with LEYF, I have written 4 Open Letter in October 2015 to the following:,, and
Later I wrote to the PM Theresa May and the MP Neil Coyle. Now that the judgement is posted online that’s when BWB Solicitors think they can appear after nearly a 2 year absence, reminding me about their threats from September 2015. They get Facebook and Twitter Legal to contact me. I have since responded, copying the 3 in and have not heard from them since. However I am ashamed of those individuals and organisations that have colluded with LEYF to un/consciously discriminate against me. In due course I will be making my correspondences with them public. Because this is all they know, how to lower their moral compass to be in with the crowd.
That’s why I did not give up until I get https://www.actionfraud.police/report-fraud-about-you involved at the highest levels after decided to dey me the copyright to my book. She then tried to get the Police and Ambulance services to carry out her malicious terrorists plots when I was unable to show up at her 40th birthday party on the 27th October 2017. So she breached the Engagement Agreement of April 2017, sending the Police to my home about her concerns about my Facebook Posts. This is totally against my Christian beliefs and why did they not check Facebook before?
But most surprising of all is the fact that I reported verbal threats to 101 and they said it was nothing to do with them. Despite having the emails, the Police who showed up at my house on Thursday 16th November is telling me crap about what they don’t seem to have the slightest clue about. Ignorance about the Rules of Law, the EYFS is the reason I am having to face 2 miscarriages of justice presided over by the Employment Tribunal in the first place. I keep abreat of the news, not only in the UK, but worldwide. I am aware of the lengths the Police and & Authorities will go to, to cover their tracks. And that’s why the judgement has been place online branding me a MAD CRIMINAL, so no one will think I am a Credible Witness?
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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard shared Serena Dyett‘s post — thinking about making a change.  November 20, 2016 at 1:12pm · 

#SelfBelief kept me going all this time so LEYF Nurseries face my #FIGHT4JUSTICE campaign. All they do is LIE-LIE & more LIES. Now it’s #Purjury of #CriminalProPOORtions!

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Serena Dyett  

Real,true, correct, no doubt about it, the one and only thing you have to do is believe!

 Everyone should know by now the story of my son, who was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities. If not go read about my extraordinary life, and how I persevered, using the early intervention strategies I learned from my experiences of having childhood traumas. At no stage in my life was giving up an option. Therefore for the Employment Tribunal to preside over 2 miscarriages of justice and deny me my rights is just diabolical. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in Article 14 states that it is a basic entitlement of humans to enjoy their rights and freedoms without discrimination on any grounds. Let them go back and look at the Medical Reports from the experts, before telling me foolishness about Credible Witness.
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Kevin Murray is looking forward to the day with Mervelee Ratty Nembhard.

Ready and waiting to implement the plans that will move the Friendship division forward. November 20, 2015 at 5:44pm · 

This sorta Smiley 1 is 4 sister Marcia Murray Royal.

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Wedding pre

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Those Keeping Quiet About LEYF Discriomination of Vulberable Employee Are Culpable
I would like to share the story of attending the Big Childcare Conversation at Middlesex University on the 19th September 2015. There I meet 2 Professors Tony Bertram and Chris Pascal for the first time. I introduce myself and told them about my dreams. If you are in doubt whether I am a credible witness, or not. Visit Linked in on the 22nd September 2015 to verify my story. But on the 19th the CEO-MBE June O’Sulivan of LEYF turned her back on me and when I approached her, she claimed she did not recognise me. By the 22nd September I was tricked to go to CO to write a resignation and suspended again. But this time I did not make fun to tell Neil King and Dilys Epton exactly what I think about LEYF.
When I get home I realised Dilys Epton sent me LinkedIn reguest, what for? Neil King along with others have since jumped ship. I only found out about the meeting at New Cross on the 18th September and I am appalled that people who are supposed to be at the hearty of the Early Years Sector could behave like this. No wonder the parents reported New Cross to Ofsted and Social Service. After the investigations, Deputy Louise was made the scapegoat. So she got out before they could destroy her, like they done to me, and others.

Got up this morn & shed TEARS because I just couldn’t bear the PAINS! But I still carried on trying to do my best? I ended the day feeling like a lump of Shit because of the actions of 1 Silly Self Serving Shithouse Gal who seems to have an axe to grind for I don’t know what reasons? But woe betide those who are Digging Pits, cause I have seen a few falling headlong in…! I am still skirting my way around the edges of all those Pits that were & are being dug? I have unburdened Iself & is going to try & get sum rest over this Pain Threshold? This Sore Gum is Worse than a Brute & should be referred to as a BITCH. Only us Women are so divided & dead set on Fighting each other ova Position? Pity they don’t get it that I don’t have any Ambitions left in their Directions – I have my Writing to Focus on & keep me Company! I AM AN OPEN BOOK, so feel free to read at Ur Leisure? & I’d be grateful if U who don’t mean me any Good to Leave I well Enough A-lone!

Update: 20th November 2017 Here is my proof that Facebook was my confidant as most time I have no one to talk to. For me writing was the therapy I used to help me with my Disabilities. The ET Judges say I do not have disabilites and I am not a credible witness.  

 Mervelee Ratty Nembhard        November 19, 2014 at 8:47pm · 

So I never did plan to cum pon di FACE, but after hearing certain News, had to bruk me vows! So now me gone back in my little Karna guh consider wat else me fi tackle as part of my new Field of Self Expressions? Oh & di Blast-Ted Gum a gi me a Warm Time & me can wait fi it Heal up now!!!
Update 20th November 2017: Even the Dentist Medical Report stated I was diagnosed with diabetes. Don’t know if the 3 Judges can read and understand, maybe they are like John Fenton?

22 years of living in this Town & having to be looking over my Shoulders for the next MFCS who is trying to get supn pon I fi mess up my Life? Is it any wonder that I’d love to tek dah next flight home! So since I am not in a position to do this yet! I am keeping 1 step of the Wicked BITCHES by keeping my own Counsel. I am not in no Friendship Bizz wid nubaddy & intend to continue as I started – Keep my Frigging Distance & be the Consummate Professional? Wow betide those HCU No Brain-ASSES who guh out deh sey dem a mek dem name & prove demselves whilst hiding behind the Rhetoric of Bureaucratic Red Tapes! I have Eyes & Ears every where seeing & hearing dem! For all those who tink Big Massy nah see dem, dem mek a Sad Mistake? After my Confession wid my Confidant Book Face, my Lips are Sealed!

Update 20th November 2017: Maybe the ET 3 Judges need to go back and read all the Statements from the Witnesses starting from the 23rd July 2014, the first day I started at BIB.  

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard     November 20, 2010 at 6:09pm · 

When Suicide is the only Option?

Reasons Why I Will Not Be a Suicide Statistic 18th November 2017
Although I have been having my personal problems which keep me busy these past years from the time I got back from burying my Mother in July 2014 and transferred to BIB, LEYF Nurseries I am still trying to keep abreast of the news from home, in Jamaica and across the globe. That’s why when I heard of the suicide of a child from back home, I was more than distressed, and could not stop from thinking about the way how my life has unravelled because of toxic people and the toxic working environment. Although I do not know the little chappie, I know his family on both sides. The local communities that are the stomping grounds where I grew up are the places from which there are many stalwarts who are the influencers, who are part of my life.
I was born near the Townhead Cross Roads heading towards Ground Road, for those who travel the shortcut to Hanover, via the terrains of Bull Head. My family moved to GaGa Street in late 1963 and that has been my family home ever since. God permits, I am making plans to go back and spend my twilight years where I was born and grown. I am hoping to be able to make valuable contributions to improving the capitals of my country, using the knowledge gained from the years I lived in the UK and making the most of my opportunities at the Department for Education I am choosing to write this because of my own experiences from the 19th October 2017, when I nearly became part of yet another statistics.
Funnily enough I appeared in the HCT Group Impact Report 2016, page 9. I was not aware that on the other page there was the statistic of 1 in 5 suicides are associated with unemployment until it was pointed out to me by none other than the Barrister Ryan Clement, Whom my Coach Winsome Duncan: Author & Public Speaker of introduced me to. Little did I know of the misfortune that was to befall me later? That’s why, my heart goes out to the family of the little boy who reached the end of his tether. And felt he had no other alternatives but to commit suicide. When I heard the story, it was totally different to what is now trending on Social Media. Now I have to clarify that this is yet another #suicide that is different from the child’s whose family I know. Therefore, there seems to be an epidemic outbreak of younsters taking their own lives?
The Importance of Resilience for Emotional Intelligence – Emotional Capital
Apparently he, had attempted taking his life before and finally managed to get it done after leaving a chilling message, about his ordeals of bullying and harassment. I am saddened by the entire situation and I will have to share an insight into my life for you to begin to understand where I am coming from. If you are familiar with my story so far, you will know that I grew up with 7 brothers, 5 older and 2 younger. I was a proper Tom Boy, who was just one of the boys, as the issues of being an only girl didn’t enter the equation until much later. I was left to be one of the boys, even when my Mother keep an eye on me and the fan belt was always at hand to keep me in line. Sometimes I only escape the discipline when my brothers beg for me.
With my Mother, there was no escaping therefore, it was best to take the punishment or next time it would be doubled. My Father on the other hand was more forgiving and lenient. If you manage to get away, that’s it, so I got beaten by my Papa only once. My one beating was for cursing, and I believe that was going to form the Passive Aggressive Behaviours that saved me from myself later. On reflections, I would not call the discipline I get from my Parents as abuse. Because if I was not punished for my misdemeanour, I would probably be a totally different person from who I am today. The transitional developments that were to take place in my life from the time I reached puberty, would change my life for ever. The changes happened gradually over a period of time from my Papa was struck down with Parkinson’s disease
At the time I did not know what happened, except that I was different, as I was affected by my Papa’s illnesses that led to the childhood traumas that changed my life. I was no longer the Tom Boy who could do everything like my brothers, and I regressed into myself. I had taken on my Papa’s symptoms that come with him being sick with his nerves. Well you know what the village lawyers were like in any community, they know everything, without actually knowing anything? I certainly didn’t know anything about Parkinson’s, back then. The village lawyers said my Papa had worked too hard and did not have any sinuses left in his nerves. I don’t know when I started taking on Papa’s symptoms, but I was unable to perform in public and would get the shakes, and the tremors, along with the palpitations and unable to control my gross and finer motor skills.
I was a nervous bumbling wreck, who was unable to talk coherently because of the palpitations which caused the tightness in my chest. Over time I changed from the confident little girl who was my Papa’s pet to this person with two personalities. One personality, when I am in my comfort zones and the other who is a nervous wreck. To save myself the agony, I stayed out of the limelight and retreated into the background. Without realising at the time, I was using the early intervention strategies from the expert theorists to manage my Disabilities, which are been used by MQ: Transforming mental health to provide support for those experiencing Mental Health Conditions.
Sharing my experiences of having Parkinson’s in my DNA is also used on and I am proud of myself for speaking out and not be ashamed of who I am. I have decided to be part of research resulting from the counselling at the Maudsley Hospital as I am aware that there are people in Leadership and Management post like at London Borough of Southwark that are not trained to carry out their jobs. That’s why I have to refer you to the Employment Tribunal, This is to remind you that as they say Legal Entity do not discriminate, people do. In due course I will publish the names of the organisations and individuals that colluded to discriminate against me over the years with LEYF Nurseries.
Because that’s why there can be another miscarriages of justice after I was part of research by Dr Maria Hudson of University of Essex Recommendations were made to Acas, and nothing was done like when I raised concerns about the discrimination to UNISON, which resulted in the blacklisting and networking which changed my life. The first book from my Father was a copy of the Bible and I went on to pass Bible Knowledge with credit before I left Primary School. My love of reading as a pastime developed and I started writing. Sometimes all I did was write down the thoughts happening in my head and planning a life out of the life that had befallen me from the books I read. On top of that I was an unhappy little girl, approaching Puberty and I was confused as well.
I just didn’t know what was happening to me, that at some stages I questioned if my parents really were my parents. I grew up within a Christian household and I guess that despite my misgivings, this is the faith in God that has kept me going. At times I questioned God and asked why me and my family. When I could not find any answers, then I guess that’s when I sought refuge in the Passive Aggressive Behaviours that was to be my salvation. My only regret, is that cursing was a way of getting back at my Papa for being sick and leaving me to suffer. At the time I have no way of knowing back then what caused me to be different from my peers. But I dealt with my situations the best way I know how. As well as all the people who contributed to my life, I must first mention my Primary School Teacher Ms Una Perry.
She supported me to develop the resilience that was to lay the foundation for my future. Ms Una taught me that giving up was not an option and there is always another way to solve a problem. When I reached puberty my Mother planted another seed in my head that was the way I would end up protecting myself for the rest of my life. Although I interpreted her warnings the wrong way, this was the marker for my relationships later on. However, without a doubt I am still looking for that special love that my Father gave me and which I always thought I lost when he was struck down with Parkinson’s. I am proud that I was able to help mum to care for him until his dying days. I was the last to see him alive and first to find him dead, that’s why I am upset about what is happened to that child who thought there was no other way out than to leave a legacy behind.
The legacy that some will use to define his family and who knows the impacts for his family over the years, he is dead therefore they are the ones who will need support. I developed childhood traumas because of my experiences linked to my Father’s prolonged illness and the poverty in which my life was plunged. I was not abused as tried to take over the copyright to my book and tried to write her story as mine. Because I was just too feisty to allow anyone to get the better of me. My only regret is the fact that not everyone believe in me and I would always be trying to justify myself and waiting on the approvals of others, which were not always forthcoming. This lead to my angst and caused me to be always trying to live up to the expectations of others.
The Story of the Boy Who Committed Suicide
Listening to that child on the video, talking about why I decided to commit suicide is soul destroying. However I am so happy for myself that I was instilled with the resilience from early on in my life to deal with everything life was going to throw at me later. I grew up in a community where, it takes the village to raise the child. I doubt anyone knew what was happening to me, because I didn’t understand myself. But I did find solace in writing things down, even when I didn’t chat much about it. I have a vivid imagination and I hoped and prayed that one day my life would change. I consider that I am from the other side of the track for a number of reasons. Some people used to describe me as shy, feisty, worthless, out of order, any negative narratives were the ones use to label and tag me.
Most times I was hurt but I would pretend that I was not bothered, but I am very good at hiding my feelings. I wrapped myself in this cocoon, dreaming one day that my life would change. I am sure that’s what my Mother done throughout her life, hoping that one day she would be rescued from her life of toiling for others. In the end, I am glad I was able to contribute to her dreams of living in a nice little home with modern facilities Facebook I am thankful for some exceptional friends, mostly males who I have the most fantastic positive relationships with. The most memorable was with #LloydMercy who wanted us to be more than just friends.
But because of who his family were, I just was not convinced. I guess this was in some ways due to the influence of my Mother, who thought we were lower class, despite her family, being well to do in their time. I still recall Lloyd Mercy saying my Mother is a nice lady, if you only get to know her. Because of our close relationship, he was mistakenly named as my first son’s father. But we did not have that kind of relationship and I am glad that I did get to know his mother, even if years later. Mrs Mercy turns who I get to know, she is really one of the loveliest lady I have had the privilege of knowing. That’s why it’s such a mystery that the little chappie could not have known her Great-grandmother for the kind compassionate lady who she is. I later know her to be and talk to her about what was bothering him.
People using my Kindness for Weakness
Lots of people fail to understand me, while others go out of their way to take advantage of my generosity and be exploitive in the bargain. I have had my unfair sharing of angst in Jamaica which I have dealt with over the years. Therefore I will not be thinking of stirring up some of the matters which are better left lying buried. All I will be saying to everyone who has been a part of my life, I am more than grateful. Life might not have turned out the way we expected, but for every experiences, there has been some additional values to my life. I refuse to turn the clock back either and try fix anything, life was meant to be exactly the way it is. My old folks used to say, you do, you do yourself and I will leave it at that. Since I come to the UK, I have always maintained that God brought me here for a purpose and did not allow me to go to the USA.
I am still waiting to find my purpose and I did not know that God would allow me to go through yet more trials and tribulations in another workplace after King’s College Hospital and the death of another of my loved ones. So how did I get to this chapter in my life after coming back from burying my Mother in July 2014? My stories are out in cyberspace, therefore I will move forward to why I have decided to write about the tragedy that happened to a child whose family I know. And now discovering that there is still another child who left a chilling reminder of his suicide for others to be tearing his family apart. If I was a different person, this might have been me. Either matters would have become too much for me or I decided to take the easiest way out. Or when the malicious people who plotted my downfall and demise to steal my money sent the Southwark Police Station and London Ambulance Service NHS Trust to my home, I would be murdered? As you can see I am not that kind of person to take the easiest way out, or to just sit idly by and accept the injustices from anyone.
The Communities Where I Was Blessed To Be Part Of
If I tell you that my life was perfect where I grew up, I would be telling lies. However, I will reflect on my life and reiterate that I was privileged in many ways because of where I was born and raised. But I would be painting a false picture if I said everything was the best. That’s why I am writing this story to clear up some of the myths from a video, left by a child who feels that suicide was the only option left for him. I say this because I know the elderly family from my generations, of another suicide victim from Jlp Western Westmoreland. I am wishing he could have gone to speak to someone, the same way he left that video. Because all he has done is opened a can of worms that put his family under scrutiny which will impact on their lives for ever. I am saying this because of some of the experiences over the years.
The one closest to my heart is that of #Lindel_aka_LloydieLEGISTER.
He was taken from his parent’s home, probably tortured and brutally MURDERED by the Jamaica Constabulary Force Security Forces, during the start of the history that was to gradually lead to why Westmoreland is now the crime capital of Jamaica. It was a case of mistaken identity, but the lengths the authorities went through to cover up their mistakes is recorded. But what hurt me the most is the way some people behaved. When I read some of the negativity about this child’s family on Social Media I am livid and have to reflect on what happened back then. I have never heard Ms Connie talked about her youngest child who was taken out of his bed and the next time she saw him was in a casket for his burial.
What happened to me last year after trolls from my own local communities decided to join in to tear me down, make it even harder for me to understand why some people are so evil. That’s why I will never give up my Fight4justice campaign. As far as the world is concerned, owing to the data that the posted online I am a MAD CRIMINAL. But you know what, they are the ones who need to examine their conscience as to why they have made the judgement that they decided? My GOD is my judge and no man or woman can judge me.
The Education Act 1981: Ofsted to be responsible for regulation of day care and out-of-school care. Settings required to meet 14 National Standard. Standard 7 (Health), 9 (Equal Opportunities), 10 (SEND). These 14 Standards were superseded by the EYFS following the Childcare Act 2006. 2006 was when I was diagnosed with Chronic Anxiety, as no one wanted to deal with me saying I have Parkinson’s. Well I have now done the research and discovered my condition is called Atypical Parkinsonism. My condition is hard to diagnose and hard to treat. However I have been using my early intervention strategies to manage until the discrimination at KINGS triggered my childhood traumas into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when I experienced a bereavement.
When I contacted UNISON, and Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Mapother House Day Nursery, HR Department about my concerns about inappropriate practices, they behaved the same way that LEYF has done years later. Therefore proof that this is the practice in the Early Years Sector. Southwark Council decided that I was to be ridiculed for raising concerns because I did not have a status and was studying at the The Open University However, I am of the opinion that they viewed my knowledge as threats to their incompetence. If in doubt see Ofsted because one of the child on the Poster was my key child. I can name the other child and the adult in the photo who was also pushed out of her job by the Manager. The Manager, who triggered my childhood trauma into PTSD from 2004 until I was forced to resign in 2008.
Education Reform Act 1988: Employers and those providing services must make reasonable adjustments to their services to ensure that they are not discriminating against disabled people. Education providers where exempt, prompting discussion about continued tolerance of discrimination against children and young people. That’s why I want the government to carry out an inquiry into the Early Years Sector. I have been in contact with from October 2015 and it’s been ongoing communications.
Employment Equality Regulations: Amended the Race Relations Act 1976 to include a statutory duty on public bodies to promote race equality, good relations between different ethnic groups, and to demonstrate effectiveness of anti-discrimination procedures. In 2003 additional regulations also outlawed certain forms of discrimination due to religious beliefs. My stories are in cyberspace, if you want to know why former employers like #JyotiSharma are sharing their concerns about LEYF on their websites, once they manage to get out of the grasp of those who sanction discrimination and can give an employee a 6 line Reference which make sure I can’t get another job. But not only that the Barrister for the Respondent keep on drumming it out to make up time. Because she did not prepare a case and used unprofessional methods of claiming sick to get the case adjourned. Then she used my to make a spectacle of herself. But I told Bates Wells & Braithwraite London of my intentions about my Fight4justice. Also John Fenton Personnel Consultancy Services
United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child: Article 14 states that it is a basic entitlement of humans to enjoy their rights and freedoms without discrimination on any grounds. That’s why I will continue to write, sharing my experiences about how 2 employers were supported by the Employment Tribunals, the establishments and the systems to strip me of my dignity and label me a MAD CRIMINAL and leave me at the mercies of the psychopaths.

Credible Witness

The Discrimination Started With the Banks

Sharing some of my Defensive Practices showing how I raised concerns when they were becoming matters around safeguarding of the children, young people and adults I work with. Safeguarding is the responsibility of everyone and I am more conscious of my own vulnerability because of my own hidden disabilities from childhood. But also the mental and pysical disabilities in later life. Some of my childhood traumas were triggered and exacerbated into PTSD over the years in toxic work evironment sanctioned by incompetent leaders and management who refuse to adhere to changes in laws and legislations. That’s why I want support to Petition the UK Government for a review in the Employment Legislations.   Scan_20170217

2004 was a pivotal years in my life for some reasons that was to prepare me for how I was going to struggle up to this time of writing. I had an unclear Pap Smear which left me believing I was going to have Cervical Cancer. During treatment, no one in my workplace was sympathetic or supportive of my needs. Therefore I had to apply the Early Intervention Strategies to get on with my life. Working to earn my keep was important as I was scared of going the same way of my Father who was struck down with Parkinson’s from an early age.

I have been fighting discrimination ever since, in the UK. I was treated like a criminal by the BANKS involved, the Police and even the authorities until I decided to put my foot down and don’t take their nonsense. That’s when they started taking notice and I guess the fact that I already have a British Passport meant, they have to accept me, here in the UK? They did not have any legitimate grounds to deport me. I started my Fight4justice with the Financial Ombudsman Services in 2004.

Raising Concerns Internally before going Externally: I had exhausted every available channels raising concerns internally via verbal and written communications. However,  when my concerns were not addressed, I done what I thought was the professional approach to resolving the matters. In my frustrations, I got rid of the documents from the Employment Tribunal. I did not have storage space and keeping them reminded me of the miscarraige of justice refer to Dr Maria Hudson recommendation to I am the Nursery Nurse in the research The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds. I am sure this is self-explanatory?

Scan_20161204 (8)

Scan_20161204 (9)

Raising Concerns with the Union: The difficulties I encountered with the Union led to me resigning my Membership to avoid the way they joined in to discriminate against me. In the end I was burdened down with completing my studies and the death of my breda from Colon Cancer. I promised him to help with my young niece’s education on his death bed.

Scan_20161204 (5)

Scan_20161204 (6)

The last time I spend with my breda before his untimely death aged 56 years old. He wanted a little time to put his plans in order, so asked his family for finacial support with Chemotherapy. But it was already too late at the time of his diagnosis. I was responsible for ensuring my breda was returned home. When I send my Mother to visit her son, she told me, he asked if they came to take him home. There was no hesitations on my part in ensuring he had his final wishes to go back home. To be buried with his loved ones who went before him. What they done to me during that time in the workplace and at the Employment Tribunal, would have broken a lesser person. However, I think my experiences, over the years prepared me for my life transitions. I was mortified, learning of my Mother’s struggles throughout her life. The stories were told to me by my breda’s Godmother and elder breda, when I was home for my youngest son’s wedding in January 2014. By this time my Mother did not know me, her only daughter.


Scan_20161109 (2)

Scan_20161109 (3)

I have my photographic memories because of my love of photograhy and the writing I do as my hobbies. I was not able to attend my breda’s funeral, but we chat about what was more important. That was becoming a graduate weeks before my 50th birthday. The rest is history.

LEYF- 23rd July 2014 to 3rd March 2017: Allegations, Investigations, Disciplinary/Appeal, Medical Suspension, Return to Work, Suspension, Resignation, Employment Tribunal, Label as Criminal

Here is the proof that I am a credible witness contrary to I have never override my authority and adhering to British Ethical Guidelines in every aspects of carrying out normal daily activities both in workplaces and my personal life. I have my Defensive Practice to confirm this in line with the Rules of Law of the International laws, legislations, codes of preactice and conducts. That’s why I am always enhancing knowledge and doing research. I was the key person of one of these children. He was part of my Case Studies and I identify him to be a SAVANT by the age of 4 years old, no doubt about that.



Scan_20170807 (2)

I want those who are impartial to take a look at my Defensive Practice, over the years in the workplaces and tell me what else I was supposed to have done in the circumstances of facing discrimination. That’s why I would like the powers that be to see the plight of employees working in the Early Years Sector and admit that we have been failed by the Employment Legislations in place to protect us. When a lay person like me have to represent myself at the Employment Tribunals and having to deal with the biases of those who are quick to judge and fail to pay attention to the evidence presented, then we are living in a society that turn people into Mental Health cases where suicide is the only way out for those who are failed.

Others might end up living like some of the people living homeless and barely existing. Whilst I am left to be unable to control and manage my disabilities and progressive health conditions like I used to. Others will be radicalised and become lone wolves, seeking revenge for the social injustices and inequalities because of the the miscarriages I faced at the hands of the Employment Tribunals. But not only that, whilst others choose to drag their feet judging others, because of the preconceived notions of those who can’t even bother to keep abreast of the Rules of Law.

We have headlines in the Page 11: Millionaire in court after murder of girl. Page 12: PM shows she has trhe guts to act over MP’s conduct. I would also like the PM to act on the pledge she made about AVIVA Review re Mental Health Conditions and the workplace. Because I am still reflecting on the outcome that could have been when a malicious person send the Police and Ambulance services to my home on Monday 30th October 2017. After a well thought out plan to have me taken away from my vulnerable husband. However she was so stupid she puts everything in wrriting to me before. But I am thinking, she thought I would not be around to read the emails, I would be DEAD?


Throughout my dealings with Mr John Fenton of, I informed the about Mr Fenton unprofessional conduct. I copied the ET in with the correspondences. Now the ET affirm the discrimination, taking no notice of the Medical Reports that are Judge Elliot’s Court Order. Mr Fenton and later Ms Samantha Jones continue to lie and act unprofessionally. In the end the ET granted an adjounment because Ms Jones did not prepare a case and told the court as much. So she pulled a SICKIE saying she have contagious disease. But did the judges take my Medical Reports into question, no. Therefore they are disregarding the evidence of the Experts. However when a malicious report was made about concerns re posts on Facebook, the Police and Abulance arrive, treating me like a CRIMINAL. With hindsight I have to use the same Medical Reports that the ET refuse to consider to show them.

I would like to know the qualifications of Winsome Duncan, the Police and Ambulance crew who visited my home on the 30th October 2017. What if anything is been done to address my concerns about TERRORISM. When I raised concerns with the Police about verbal threats over the telephone, they did not want to know. Even after I visited the Police station they didn’t want to know. In the end they promise to write a report and call to give me the reference, I am still waiting.


I have contacted the relevant authorities to report my concerns about safeguarding, but I am guessing they are too busy getting on with their lives. Or maybe they have gone online and decided like the ET judges that I am not a credible witness? Whatever their reasonings, I will not hold myself to blame when anything untowards happen. Is it any wonder then that another innocent child have to die because of complacency? Are we waiting to read another headline in the newspaper Page 24: My anguish over sister’s murder.

Remember I am learning my craft from only the best. I was hoodwinked by After meeting her at one of the free trainings I attended http://WWW.BLACKCARDBOOKS.COM. But before long I realise she was a shambolic person blagging her way around. As soon as she thought she have me under her spell, she allowed her mask to slip. I was unto her in a flash, I am only disappointed that I was still taken in by her partner in scamming. But by now he must realise what he told me that I can write and knows what I am writing about unlike some who only just write for writing sake. My life is at stake therefore all I have left is my writing ability because of my own hidden disabilities from childhood.

Book jacket for strong women [7175]

One day I am hoping to change the course of my life to have my dreams becoming the visions of my realities to be the best that I can become. A successful WRITER. In the meantime I will continue documenting my experiences. Sharing my stories as I am seeking to leave legacies for my family, friends and anyone who can benefit from my passion of been an advocate of INCLUSION.

All this is dedicated to my Father IS NEMBHARD in particular, in the face of adversities despite the fact that Parkison’s and other health complications strip him of every ounce of his dignity, until he was a shadow of the Man of GOD, who lived up to his Christian belieffs to the very end. I was the last to see him alive and first to find him DEAD. But in GOD, I put my trust, because I am at the stage in my life where I am getting a better understanding about life. But please, I don’t want anyone telling me to pray and leave everything to GOD. I know GOD wants me to question and challenge him.


I will dedicate the rest of my life with my Fight4justice campaign in honour of every human being who experienced discrimination. Because, I have lost families and friends who have disabilities, mental and physical. Some were provoked into commiting Criminal offences and died all alone away from their families and friends. Others like my MOTHER lives to a ripe old age, but was taken from her family before she died. Families, young and old taken by cancer and other siggered and exacerbated into PTSD over the years in toxic work evironment sanctionedcknesses. So in GOD, I put my trust to see me through this journey of breaking down barriers.


How Allegations Destroy Lives!

How Allegations Destroy Lives!

Allegations Destroy Lives 7th November 2017

Starting Out In The Early Years Sector – Lambeth College to KINGS College Hospital NHS Years 2003 – 2008 – to LEYF 2009 -2015 and Another Miscarriages of Justice at the Employment Tribunals.

I was working in South Norwood as a Preschool Leader, who did not seem to be going anywhere, in my career. Therefore, I have my eyes opened looking for the ideal opportunity, working closer home. I spotted the adverts for the workplace nursery at Mapother House Day Nursery, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Because of work commitments, I asked Tom to collect the Application Forms for me, which he duly complied. We are very much a team, looking out for each other from the time we were introduced in 2001. Just to reiterate, my most lasting relationships which led to two marriages are by introductions. I filled the application, Tom went to drop it off and the rest is history as far as I am concerned. I worked at KINGS, from April 2003 to November 2008, when I was forced to resign.

Just to reflect on my life, from the time I decided to enter the Early Years Sector, applying to study at Lambeth College. I applied for a lower level course, but during the interview and assessment procedures, was encourage to do higher level studies. The rest is history and you can verify if I am a credible witness by checking my CV on the worldwide web. My life is an Open Book as that’s the way I was raised, with Christian upbringing that see me weathering the storms of life. I was headhunted straight out of Lambeth College where I achieved a Student of the Year Certificate. All my Tutors encouraged me to go to University. However my personal life was in shambles as I was experiencing marital problems. Not only due to the fact of me wanting to better my chances, but because my ex was a Controlling Freak and an abusive husband.

Therefore, I did not let that deter me from pursuing my dreams. To this day, despite the agony of my childhood traumas started from the time my Father was struck down with Parkinson’s, giving up was not an option. I was Room Leader, where my natural flare for leadership was enhanced, liaising with other professionals. I was a Basic School Teacher, I also done one year National Youth Service as a Teaching Assistant at Primary School. I was advised to enhance knowledge as part of career change to get back into work by the Department for Education after contacting with my Open Letter. I subsequently done the LSA at But all good things must come to an end when I noticed certain patterns in the workplace.

I was verbally abused by one of my colleagues, who threatened me because I asked her not to shout at a child. In the end she blamed the incident on stress, which I honestly didn’t understand much about at the time, even though I suffered with Chronic Anxiety, I was diagnosed in July 2006. But I naturally identify with my Dad’s Parkinson’s But I was more concerned about the way the incident was handled by the owner. She accused me of instigating the matter and from then, if I reported inappropriate practices, she accused me of threatening her business. Strangely enough the colleague was a young girl who attended Lambeth College with me, and who I supported, like I did for others.

Mentoring and coaching as well as editing their work was part and parcel of why I left Lambeth College with a Student of the Year certificate, despite being one of the older student at the time. Along with the behaviours of others who were questioning my qualifications, authority, experiences, etc, I decided it was time to move on. I have been searching for the ideal post since. After one incident too many, when I had seen another colleague, who was pregnant, got into an argument with the owner, I decided it was time to leave. I was tired of shedding tears after been picked on for things that were none of my making. And having to justify my practice and defending myself from allegations, from those with little or no knowledge and qualifications.

I was working with a Teenage Girl call Joelle Lax, who had a scooter that she rides to work. More about her later and the roles she played in my life at different stages. I resigned at the spur of the moment after one provocations too many. But it did take me a little time to get a job. I applied for a post at Westminster Children Society (WCS, now LEYF), but was not successful. However, I know because of my childhood traumas, which were inclusive of the signs and symptoms of my Dad’s Parkinson’s, I was not any good at interviews. Therefore I tried to stick to the same routines as much as possible to save myself disappointments. They are part of my Early Intervention Strategies, along with my Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD).

I was not unduly bothered about not finding a job immediately, because I was still doing my Early Morning Cleaning Job to top up my wages. I am astute about money like my Mother, because of my circumstances.  I got a job close to where I used to live in Lambeth and realised I was only the prop, doing the work, but not getting the benefits. But by this time, I realise that this is the way the systems work and I just tried getting on with the job, because I was benefitting from every single experience. I was featured in magazine because of my enthusiasm for INCLUSION. But once more the spectre of jealousy raised its ugly head and the backbiting and bitching started from the female colleagues. When women gang up against another female, it’s the worse experience.

I started job hunting and handed in my resignation. However, the Manager convince me to reconsider and I did. But the ambiance did not last for long and I once more decided to get out of the toxic environment. I did not thrive well in such toxic environments with even more toxic colleagues who viewed my passion for my work as threats to their incompetence. Whilst I was doing interviews, I signed to an Agency, owned by the Mother of a former Lambeth College student. The most jobs I was sent to, was to the company I had recently resigned from, at other branches. I realised that I would not be able to manage on Agency work alone, to pay my way.

I started feeling down, but at the time did not know that this was due to my childhood traumas of having DEPRESSION. I did not know that all these years I developed Mental Health Conditions from childhood and my mood swings were the results of my mental and physical disabilities. I was so relieved to get the job of Preschool Leader that I jumped at the opportunity. Although the business did not really get off the ground, I am thankful for the opportunities I was presented with. The first of which was the interview with the OFSTED Inspector Gaps were identified and I undertake trainings to fill them. This was when I started my stockpiling and building up my Professional Development Plan – PDP in earnest in 2002 – 2003.

I recalled working with this child who was into his Schemas at the time. I was really curious as I identified some of the theories from studies that I could put into practice in my work. I was learning new skills as I was responsible for drafting the Policies and Procedures. At the same time my Information Technology Skills were limited to the little I learned at Lambeth College. I invested in myself and got my first computer, a seconf hand one, teaching myself at home. I handwrite my assignments at Lambeth College and recall having to pay the Princely sum of Thirty Five Pounds (£35.00) for my Community Assignment because it had to be Word Process. But I did not regret spending money to better myself. I used the Nursery World Magazine, to help with my research.

Therefore I was not surprised when I was browsing through a copy and had the most revealing moments of my life about Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND – Autism Spectrum Disorder). I had started documenting my observations, and take my findings to the Director, before speaking to the parent. I was instrumental in providing the Mother with information to share with the Professionals to help with her child’s development. The Mother was a Student, studying in the UK and was not aware of her child’s developmental and learning milestones, delays. I was privilege to work with another child with disability that could not be seen with the naked eyes, but the Mother chose to be open and honest with me and I was grateful.

Getting the chance to put theory into practice must have been the catalyst that spurred me on…? Wanting to find out more about my own experiences, and that of my first child. He was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities at a young age. Probably if I did not stand my ground, he would have been sent to some institutions and not have the chance to be the person he has turned out to be. That’s why I am an advocate of INCLUSION, and refused to allow anyone to discriminate against me, taking my job of safeguarding to be paramount. During the period I realised that although I was doing the work and my Intellectual Property was responsible for building the brand I did not have much say in the matter.

From thence I became aware of the discrepancies in the laws and legislations, governing the Early Years Sector. There is notion of those who are in authority, having the power of dictating how practice is implemented and promoted, owing to their status and how further up the hierachary they are positioned. However, this was to be made clearer in my next job. When they want to keep you underfoot, they make sure you do not have a status. It don’t matter if you are the one building the brand like I done whilst studying at the Open University The business wasn’t picking up and I was looking to secure my future and I started job hunting again.

KINGS 2003 to 2008.

I will not write too much about KINGS excepting to say, I learned the hard way about discrimination using allegations. This was the workplace where they used my vulnerabilities to trigger and exacerbate my childhood traumas into the beginning of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that was to blight my life forever. My stories are documented in Cyberspace. I am part of the research of Dr Maria Hudson of, who made recommendation to ACAS. I have some of my Defensive Practice over the years to back up my story that I am a credible witness. This is despite throwing out resources that I could probably auction to go towards my PENSION?

I was let down by the establishment and systems that I thought were in place to protect me, then as they have done now, And Along with all those who have sided with LEYF in discriminating against me, directly and indirectly. That’s why I am not going to be the Voiceless Vulnerable that mostly everyone is telling me to become and leaving everything to GOD to deal with.

My Father used to say every tub has to sit down on its own bottom and my Mother said every heart knows its own sorrow. It took the death of my MOTHER, the way I was discriminated against in two workplaces that triggered my childhood trauma into PTSD to get counselling on the NHS that is responsible for starting the discrimination. Now I finally realise what my Mother meant about every heart knows its own sorrows. Because, Mama experienced Mental Health Conditions throughout her life. But she dealt with it the way she dealt with everything in her life. Showing the world the face they wanted to see and by which she was judged. Even us her children judged her, because we did not understand her. That’s why knowledge is power and ignorance bliss.

But counselling help me to know more about the Strong Woman who was my Mother. This was in addition to what I learned from her best Friend Ms Connie Jourdine-Legister and my elder breda Balis Alexander Sylfrazier Nembhard. That’s why I am an Advocate of INCLUSION, and will be until the day I am no longer able to write about my experiences. Living in a society where discrimination is rife and prevalent in workplaces can cause the best of us to end up MAD as a hatter. That’s why we have children as young as that 18 month old Baby killed and the death covered up. Because knowledgeable and passionate Early Years Practitioners like me, can be destroyed by allegations. All for trying to make the lives of others better and not having families going through what I went through because of lack of knowledge.

The Role The Daily Express Played in my Education

I was introduce to the Daily Express, by my Tom, as I said I benefit the most from introductions. That’s why I am going back to some headlines in the Sunday Express 5th November 2017. Making comparisons to how I have been failed by the establishments and systems from 2004 to date. Page 5 – Camilla Tominey: How rape claims nearly destroyed the Socialist party. Comparisons can be made with the amount of concerns I raised within and out of workplaces about the discrimination from 2004. That leave me labelled a CRIMINAL from 2015. Leaving me unable to getting back into working from I was forced to resign again after a Nervous Breakdown. Because of a six line reference flagging safeguarding. Refer to Dr Maria Hudson recommendation to

Page 5: Tatler says sorry to Daisy over slur. But can get away with the discrimination that ruined my life after I get back from burying my MOTHER, because they have friends in high places. I was sent from pillow to post as they used every contingent policies and procedures to breach the Rules of Law, OFSTED Standards and the EYFS Welfare Requirements. In the end when I was left to represent myself at the Employment Tribunal, they can preside over another miscarriages of justice and join in to affirm the discrimination. When I tried starting a Petition using information posted online at, my Petition is rejected. Now can someone please explain this to me?

Page 11: Left-winger lost her job fairly over George jibe. If anyone chose to do the research going back to Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12, they can make the comparisons of how allegations are used to destroy lives. And how the Employment Legislations are not fit for purpose, as recommended to ACAS. I was told by that there was nothing an employee can do, because the discrimination is written in the contract. That’s why the ET Judges allowed LEYF to get away with not reviewing and updating the contract I signed in 2009 in line with the Equality Act 2010. Yet my Medical Reports were accepted when there was a malicious act of Terrorism against me, by Winsome Duncan of to get me sectioned. Leaving my vulnerable husband on his own.

Page 13: Attacked girl, 7, dies in hospital. The amount of provocations I endured in workplaces, triggered my PTSD. The allegations, led to my self-referral to KINGS Occupational Health, fearing I was going MAD, like my Auntie. Or about to commit CRIMINAL Offences like my breda, who died in prison,  However prior to the self-referral, I raised concerns within and outside the workplaces, but all my whistleblowing under the Protected Act by an employee with Protected Characteristics, was to set me up to face discrimination. And later blacklisting and networking that ruined my career and left me dealing with Mental Health Conditions. Because I experienced more bereavements and was going through the menopause, had a Cancer scare on top of the allegations.

Pages 18-19: Mental Health CRUSADE. DANNY BUCKLAND talks to millionaire Adam Shaw about his obsessive disorder and how he is campaigning to make mental health education compulsory from primary school. ‘I was driven to the brink of suicide… now I want to save the next generation’. If you look on Mental Health and Parkinson’s websites you will find some of my stories. They were written during the times I was on Medical Suspension from work. Or during the time I was trying to clear my name from the allegations that destroyed my career and nearly drive me to the brink…

However suicide do not enter my thinking, because it is against my Christian upbringing. But why is no one taking any of my concerns over the years seriously. Now the ET Judges compounded the matter of discrimination with their judgement and refusing to accept the fact from the Experts contained in the Medical Reports. Some of my Defensive Practices are in Cyberspace, documented in Open Letters to government, solicitors, unions, and newspapers.

Page 25: British woman faces death penalty in Egypt.  The discrimination I have been facing in the UK from 2004 is more than a death sentence. If I was not a resilient person, whose experiences help make me the person I am today, I might have given up already. Despite everyone, with their good intentions telling me to pray and leaving it all to GOD, I will not be doing any such thing. I have my meltdown moments, sometimes I revisit my childhood when I was so scared because of the experiences that caused my childhood traumas. But I know without a doubt I am a stronger person. I don’t even use the Passive Aggressive Behaviours that I relied on during provocations from I returned from burying Mama Lou.

Otherwise I probably would be dead when Winsome Duncan maliciously called the Police and Ambulance services to my home on the 30th October 2017. Therefore I will be holding PM Theresa May to her pledge about AVIVA Review about Mental Health Conditions. I have since develop a facial tic, which is symptomic of my self-diagnosed Atypical Parkinsonism. I discovered this from research and that it is hard to diagnose and treat. But I have lived a productive life despite my deficits and limitations until LEYF decided to terrorise me into resigning from my work. Thereby denying me my Basic Human Rights.

Musings From My Childhood

Dem a go tiyad fi see mi writings, cropping up all over the available platforms that I can share my stories.

One blow mi blow Sityra, one blow mi blow. Sityra and her Mooma, she did and she bury, she bury dung a river side.

The Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015!

When The World is Against You Because You Challenge Social Injustices and Inequalities to Safeguard Vulnerable Children, Young People and Adults from the Terrorism of Radicalisation. This is how they go about making one into a Voiceless Vulnerable. Dr Maria Hudson made recommendation to Acas in 2012, however nothing was done. That’s why in 2017, I face another miscarriage of justice at the Employment Tribunals If in doubt go do the research and find my Open Letter to former Prime Minister David Cameron, in October 2015.

I later send follow up correspondence to Prime Minister Theresa May about my treatment by the Department of Works & Pension. They done the same as, saying that I did not exist. But then Her Majesty Revenue & Customs join, in the fray saying they were not aware of me living at my address until 2015. The way they went about gathering information was in breach of the Data Protection Act. Just wondering where they think I was all this time? After all this time, I think I have come up with the answers. LEYF put me on some safeguarding list as a CRIMINAL. This happened before, at another workplace when I was blacklisted and networked against for raising concerns about safeguarding.

This was during the time I studied at the I have a DBS, registered online However I am unable to get a job because of the 6 lines of reference flagging safeguarding. And you have the nerves to come say you don’t know what I want the governement to do? Well it should be clear from the judgement posted online who is libelling whom, and who is the credible witness? That’s why I am continuing my Fight4justice campaign going public.

Scan_20170503 Brief Response to Email re Petition: I will be writing in due course, requesting further clarifications for the rejections of the Petition. I am on my way to the hospital for my annual Diabetic Eye Check  Lets hope I am not murdered, and it is covered up, to look like suicide before I get someone to take my concerns seriously? If in doubt, find out from the Police and Ambulance services why they responded to a malicious phone call and visited my home on Monday? PM Theresa May made a pledge to the Daily Express. Now I understand what Frank Bruno was talking about on tv. What would have happened if I didn’t open my door and invited them in my home?

——– Original message ——–
From: “Petitions: UK Government and Parliament” <>
Date: 31/10/2017 17:46 (GMT+00:00)
Subject: We rejected your petition “Review of the Employment Tribunal Laws, stopping discrimination of employees.”

Dear Mervelee Ionie Myers,
We rejected the petition you created – “Review of the Employment Tribunal Laws, stopping discrimination of employees.”.
It included confidential, libellous, false or defamatory information, or a reference to a case which is active in the UK courts.
We’ve marked this petition as confidential because of the personal information you’ve included. In any case, we can’t accept your petition because it’s not clear what action you’d like the Government or Parliament to take.
We only reject petitions that don’t meet the petition standards:
If you want to try again, click here to start a petition:
The Petitions team
UK Government and Parliament

Mervelee’s Response to the Government Rejection of Petition

Review of the Employment Tribunal Laws, stopping discrimination of employees“.  Since I have been facing discrimination in the UK from 2004, which have had detriments on my life and as far as everyone is concerned I am a CRIMINAL, I will only have to continue with my Fight4justice.

As per usual from the discrimination started, no one was willing to listen to my concerns, until I have to literally take the law into my own hands to get justice. Let me go back to 2004, when the Banks colluded to defraud me of my money. I was left fighting the Banks involved, as they already decided I am a CRIMINAL. If I did not get the to publish my story, I would have lost every penny and my reputation. Dictionary definition 2: (V) False damage the reputation of (someone). In the interim, the Police treated me like a CRIMINAL, as did the Banks. The only reasons I got anyone to listen to me was the fact I possessed a British Passport, but I refuse to stay here and will be gone as soon as my duty of care responsibilities to my husband is completed. The husband who was told that “Mr Tomlinson, you have a small illusion that one day you can become a property tycoon”?  Surely that’s discrimination, the kind of Modern Day SLAVERY Practices that I have been trying to stamp out from 2004. The pattern of discrimination continued and that’s why I started my Petition.

It included confidential, libeleous, false or defamatory information, or a reference to a case which is active in the UK courts. I would be grateful if the powers that be could clarify this matter for a lay person to understand?

Confidential: When is the information that is posted online become confidential? Who have access to that information and what can they do with it? I am saying this because of what LEYF done to breach the contract I signed on the 7th October 2009 that was not reviewed and updated. They refused me access to my FILE with the confidential information about my disabilities. They set about changing my Confidential Data to put their discrimination of destroying me, using my vulnerability in place. Refer to But not only that they used my email fraudently to make online DBS application. Is it any wonder the government is unable to implement the Counter Terrorism Act 2015 to save lives?

Libeleous: Who is responsible for posting the information online? Who is this information libelious to? The Collins Dictionary meaning 1: (N) Published statement falsely damaging a person’s reputation. 2: (V) False damage the reputation of (someone). 3: (Adj). I have my Defensive Practice stating I am the one who experienced all of this and more since 2004.

False: None of the false information have anything to do with me. However I would suggest those who take 5 months to make the judgement and 3 days to post online to go back and look at the facts. I am now in receipt of correspondence from the person who done this malicious at to get revenge However the Police failed to act to protect me when I reported verbal threats. Despite going to the Police Station at London Bridge on Monday to make a report, they tried convincing me it was normal for someone to make malicious allegations. I, however got Police Lulu to take my concerns seriously. He took my number to give me the reference number, I am still waiting. Or maybe the Police is waiting for the persons responsible to commit some act and blame it on the fact they reported about me being suicidal and making posts on https// about self-harm?


Reference to Active Case: That’s why I need an explanation as to why the judgement is posted online. Are you telling me it is not there for everyone to use to carry out malicious acts of TERRORISM? For your information the Police & Ambulance Services was called to my home to section me under the Mental Health Act 2015. Would you agree that having access to the judgement online might have given the person ideas about taking revenge for some perceived wrong?

Marked Confidential: Maybe you could explain why you are blaming me for using the confidential information that is about me, posted online? The information that The Collins Dictionary meaning 1: (N) Published statement falsely damaging a person’s reputation. 2: (V) False damage the reputation of (someone). 3: (Adj).

Not Clear of Actions: Maybe I should refresh your memory about the PM pledge written in the Sunday Express, of the 29th October 2017. On Monday 30th October someone sent the Police and Ambulance Services to my home to take me away and leave my vulnerable husband on his own. I only managed to convince them not to forcibly take me away, when I showed them some of the Medical Reports and other documents from the Bundles that were used in the judgement posted online. Now if they could see the information that they used to make their judgement that the call out was a false alarm, why didn’t the, judges?

The government is busy working at dealing with the sleaze on their hands. I am therefore requesting that something be done about this matter. I was sent to the House of Commons Nursery from th 17th – 27th March 2015. That’s in breach of the Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015, the Modern Slavery Act 2015, the British Values Act 2014, the Mental Health Act 2015 and the Equality Act 2010. All that’s left for me to do is publish all my correspondences to the government, authories, establishments and systems showing who is the CREDIBLE WITNESS dealing with the facts of the discrimination I faced in the UK from 2004.

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Maybe it’s time you look at the how Petitions meet the Standards. Because I am not sure who breached whose Human Rights and I intend to find out.

I will be making more Petitions until one meets the Standards.

Yours truly

Mervelee Myers FD (Open),

Basic School Teacher, Early Years Practitioner, Learning Support Assistant, Writer, Carer, Volunteer, Advocate.


Don’t get Scammed by complacency & trust!

Scammed by those who gained my Trust: Out of the Frying Pan in the Fire: Edited by Mervelee Myers 03.11.2017
Response email to Winsome Duncan my Coach, after she sent the Police & Ambulance Services to my home on Monday the 30th October 2017. That’s 3 days after her 40th birthday party and 1 day after I spoke to her on the telephone about recent developments re Ryan Clement. Winsome introduced me to Barrister Ryan Clement and the rest is history. I have been telephoning, sharing my concerns about Winsome as I know “everyone is responsible for Safefuarding“, but once again I am the target for the authorities to be questioning and investigating
The Police refuse to act on my concerns about verbal threats over the telephone, which I reported. But they turned up at my house when Winsome makes malicious allegations about what I am supposed to have written on kttps:// If you happen to visit, you will find that I am part of Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper – Reference – 01/12: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds. Dr Hudson of, research was carried out and recommendations made to Asac. This came about the first time I represented myself at the
At that time, as now there was miscarriage of justice. Nothing have changed since and I think there needs to be a review of the Employment Tribunal Laws and how the system works in supporting vulnerable employees in getting help with representations. Both times I have unions and was let down by them. The first time it was Unison This time around it is that is still taking my fee, but join in the discrimination that left me with a CRIMINAL Record. As a result I am unable to get a job and Winsome Duncan believes she has the rights to get me sectioned.
My Response to Winsome Duncan, reviewed and updated on 3rd November 2017:
Counter-terrirism as crime prevention: a holistic approach (Tore Bjorgo – Behavioural Sciences). Abstract “Within democratic societies, counter-terrorism is almost exclusively about crime prevention. A broad and holistice approach to preventing terrorism can be based on nine preventive mechanisms: cuilding normative barriers against terrorism, reducing radicalisation and recruitment, deterrence, disruption, incapacitation, protecting vulnerably targets, reducing benefits to terrorists, reducing harm, and facilitating disengagement from terrorism. Counter-terrorist policies which are only based on a narrow range of repressive mechanisms and military measures tend to become overly heavy-handed, producing serious negative side effects whick serve to enhance the problem rather than reducing it“.
Extracts from my email to WD: Since I am still waiting to have that consultations with Joanna Oliver, the Proofreader, I will wait until she has been in touch. In the meantime you can go ahead and do whatever you want to do. Thanks very much, the Police and London Ambulance Service NHS Trust turned up at my house yesterday. They have seen my husband, who I am carer for. The Police mentioned your name Winsome and keeps telling me to stay away from you. That can only mean one of many things, but I think you are a pro at this and I am going to make it clear that I consider you to be a “Terrorist“. Therefore you wiggle your way into the confidence of vulnerable people like me and Princess Thomas Using the different means by which you are then able to put your con into place introducing us to
So good luck, I am not sectioned under the Improving Access to Mental Health Act of 2015 as you expected and never will. London Early Years Foundation (LEYF), did not manage to do it, and neither will you. Neither did the previous employers King’s College Hospital. However, the NHS exonerated themselves with the excellent services of counselling provided by the Maudsley Hospital, Luckily I have all my Medical Reports, dating back to my chronic anxiety diagnosis at the Landor Road Surgery that I showed to the Police. I needed evidence of my disabilities to sit the Health & Social Care exam, sponsored by UNISON. I studied at the to become a graduate. I am a member of
Therefore, I know all my qualifications are genuine and I achieved them despite my disabilities. Documents from my FILE at LEYF Nurseries 1st September 2009 to… are inclusive of my CV, to be found on Social Media platforms. I got the diagnosis of Chronic Anxiety, because no one would accept I have Parkinson’s disease in my DNA. But now I have done my research and know my condition is Atypical Parkinsonism. A condition that is hard to diagnose and treat. So we go back to who is credible witness in the ET judgement that they were quick to post online. I needed the diagnosis for my Health & Social Care exam with the The Open University. The course was sponsored by UNISON. I have since done other trainings with the Local Education Authorities, the NHS,,,
Since I am at it, I might as well claim my accolades. I done trainings, collecting certificates from EduCare the most recent was June to August of 2015 after resumining work coming back from Medical Suspension at LEYF. It would be interesting for Winsome Duncan to find out the Trainings I completed as she is not aware of INCLUSION. I completed Makaton on 10.12.2009 months after starting at LEYF at I was at the #BigChildcareConversation at Middlesex University on the 19th September 2015, when I spoken to 2 Professors about my vision of gaining my SEND Teacher Qualifications to go back home to make contributions. That’s how I come to have Professors: Tony Bertram and Chris Pascal on LinkedIn.
Dilys Epton sent me a request on the 22.09.2015, the date I was called to LEYF CO to bully and harass me into writing a resignation. But poor fools they should have been aware of my disabilities, which mean I don’t function under extreme pressures. Just for LEYF information, I have a copy of the email sent ot me by Maria Jose Goncalves [] 23rd November 2009 14:35. I was the SENCO at Fitzrovia when they started the discrimination that would have stopped me finishing my Probation. This triggered the PTSD and left me opened to the blacklisting and networking, started at KINGS. My career remained at the bottom and I leave LEYF as a CRIMINAL. I attended the Nursery World Show 2017, Raising quality in the EYFS: learning from Frobel” seminar. Stella Louis was one of the Presenters, and that’s why Lynne Kelly will have to give an account of her allegation in the ET Case about Stella.
I will go back years to let the world see what I have been up against. It started at KINGS at http://mailserv3/exchange/Gloria.Desbonnes/my%20mail/parents%20complaints/RE:.. 19/09/2008. Make of this what you will because I will be using my Defesnisve Practice.
One of the children on the was my key child. He was only one of a number of the children who were part of my Case Studies when I studied at the OU. Instead of empowering me, my enhanced knowledge was viewed as threats to the incompetent Management and Leadership Teams at KINGS and LEYF. That’s why I had to defend myself at the ET, two (2) times because I challenge discrimination against children, young people and adults.
I was at on the 4th March 2017, a day after the end of the ET Case. I was targetted by 2 Young White Men and on reflections, maybe if I’d responded, I would have been sectioned and taken away. Because that’s exactly what Winsome Duncan tried doing to me. Now I am casting my mind back to how the stages were set for me to be sectioned at LEYF. I was sent to HOC, after concerns were raised and I informed Dilys Epton about the impact on my Mental Health Conditions in an email of the 14th March 2015. The disciplinary and appeal and Voice solicitor Arwen Makin advising not to appeal after the disappearance of Union Rep Darren Mahon. The numerous times at New Cross starting with Crisella Rattary-Brown allegations until Hilda Miller harassment and bullying on the 10th September 2015. These were part of the plots to provoke me into acting unprofessional to get me section.
Now stupid Windome Duncan, the terrorist done it, sending me the email to prove her stupidity.  But don’t worry I leave you to my GOD, and He will surely be putting out that “Little Light” of yours that you are using to scam people. You are a Terrorist and a CYBER BULLY. You got access to Confidential Information about me via your Illegal Activities of SCAMMING. The net will close in on you soon, don’t worry.
As regards to your brand, maybe you can explain how I got involved? What were your intentions of putting me on your brand? Why you keep asking me to write reviews? The rest of it is history in the making, and I am looking forward to hearing what your Family and next victims will have to say about how you abuse your power of authority and dragging their names in the mud. Talk about confidentiality, how did you come by the information you are using to SCAM me?
From: Pearl Peaches
Sent: 30 October 2017 03:13
To: Mervelee Myers
Subject: Your book is on its way to you!!!
Dear Mervelee,
A proof copy of your book is on its way to you and will arrive in 7 – 10 working days for your viewing. (NB: Forgotten about the email, and your starting another book?)
Once Joanna has proofed read your book and you have received the final copy, it will be uploaded onto Amazon and this will bring our working relationship to an end. (NB: I am still waiting to have the consultation with Joanna. You seem to have forgotten why the Book was not published as arranged)
May I remind you that you have signed an agreement which states in clause 27:
27. In the event of agreement termination both parties will not slander each other on social media, word of mouth or by any other forms of communication. Currently you are in breech of this. I do want my logo or brand associated with your book due future legal implications. This is your own independent publication. REMOVE any covers with my logo from your social media IMMEDIATELY. (NB: Who is responsible for the LOGO, and is that why you removed me as adminstrater from Merveleeconsultancy? Did Ryan Clement, your Employment Barrister prepare this clause for you? When we meet the first time, he told me he track you struggling on Social Media.)
If you continue to slander my name and brand, I will be forced to take the legal route of an injunction out against you. (NB: Please hurry up so we can get to the bottom of the matter Ms Terrorist) Like others in your past I will not tolerate your verbal abuse and defamatory comments, when all I have done is been supportive of your whole journey even during your meltdowns. (NB: Please try remember the last 2 messages you sent me before the birthday party) The fact that you have disclosed things I’ve said to you in confidence has broken all trust and future working opportunities. I will make sure you are held accountable and you will be responsible for any more continuation of liable comments in social media. (NB: Did I tell you about my Open Letters to former PM David Cameron, Bates Wells & Braithwraite London, Daily Express, Voice: the union for education professionals?)
You need to seek support for your meltdown otherwise you will face being sectioned under the mental health act and i’m sure you don’t want to be away from your family. (NB: Are you aware of my contacts with PM Theresa May, 10 Downing Street, Facebook, Twitter, Google, WordPress. My articles on MQ: Transforming mental health and Parkinson’s UK? I am hoping by now you have done your research about INCLUSION?)
I hope I’ve been clear in my communications and you will see I’m being reasonable in completing your independent publications. I have noted your request of not wanting your book changed. Attached is your typeset manuscript. (NB: Please go and research the current Rules of Law, in particularly the Equality Act 2010, Data Protection Act 1998 and last but not least the Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015. You are so out of it, you were not aware #Aluko, played for Chelsea Football Club Stamford Bridge Women’s Team. Yet you were keynote speaker at the Chelsea FOUNDATION)

Discrimination on Multiple Grounds!

Once again I am left to use whatever tools I can lay my hands on to try and get justice.