British Ethical Guidelines!

Mr Cornelius Meier – Teacher, Darvell School, Brightling Road, Robertsbridge, TN32 5DRI http:Darvell%20School

22nd March 2017 Updated 25th October 2017

Reference: Intellectual Properties 26th October 2016

I am hereby taking this opportunity once again to give due notice that I would like to have receipt of my Intellectual Properties. They were recorded/videoed during my visit to Darvell School on the 26th October 2016.

Since I have already put in writing to you, at Darvell School about the contents of the video that I am expecting to receive. I would be grateful if this could be dispatched to me without delays. I would be grateful if it could sent in the best ICT/Technical package that will enable me to use it to get back into work. I communicated that the reasons I wanted to get the video done was with the hope of showcasing my qualifications, experiences, creativity and expertise. For working with children and young people to support my transition back into work. Scan_20161204 (3)

To date I have not received any further communications after I was contacted by telephone saying the parents were not aware of my visits to Darvell School. I was asked to delete a video I had made at Robertsbridge Station and Without Prejudice this was the doing of London Early Years Foundation (LEYF). LEYF has been throwing their weight around. Getting other companies and organisations into colluding and conspiring with them to continue the discrimination. From 23rd July 2014 after I got back from burying my MOTHER that caused me to resign from my job. You are aware of the circumstances why I am not working and the tribute song I done for my MOTHER summed it up. That’s why I am going to stick to my guns for copy of the video to be released to me. Scan_20161123 (2)

If I can’t get the video amicably, I will resort to seeking Legal Advice about how to go about getting it. For old time’s sakes and considerations of the good working partnerships we have had over the years are the reasons why I am giving you the chance to deliver the video. Non-compliance of delivering the video will mean I will be putting the full story in the public domain as well as taking the matter to court. Scan_20161204 (4)

Awaiting a favourable response.

Kindest regards.

Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

One thought on “British Ethical Guidelines!

  1. 26th October 2016 was the date I done the presentations at Darvell School. However they are feeding into hat the ET Judges have put online at years foundation-2300047-2016. This further add to the reference Dilys Epton write for http://www.connex-education,, et al making sure I will not even be able to fill an application form to get a job. I now understand that I will have to find out what information LEYF have supplied to the Data Protection Act Section 7 about me. I don’t know what PAVO is and will have to do my research. Despite the 3 Reviews on website from former employees and parents about LEYF breach of standards, the ET can refused to accept my APPEAL. Now I need someone to explain to me where is the justice for me?


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