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Mr Cornelius Meier – Teacher, Darvell School, Brightling Road, Robertsbridge, TN32 5DRI http:Darvell%20School

22nd March 2017 Updated 25th October 2017

Reference: Intellectual Properties 26th October 2016

I am hereby taking this opportunity once again to give due notice that I would like to have receipt of my Intellectual Properties. They were recorded/videoed during my visit to Darvell School on the 26th October 2016.

Since I have already put in writing to you, at Darvell School about the contents of the video that I am expecting to receive. I would be grateful if this could be dispatched to me without delays. I would be grateful if it could sent in the best ICT/Technical package that will enable me to use it to get back into work. I communicated that the reasons I wanted to get the video done was with the hope of showcasing my qualifications, experiences, creativity and expertise. For working with children and young people to support my transition back into work. Scan_20161204 (3)

To date I have not received any further communications after I was contacted by telephone saying the parents were not aware of my visits to Darvell School. I was asked to delete a video I had made at Robertsbridge Station and Without Prejudice this was the doing of London Early Years Foundation (LEYF). LEYF has been throwing their weight around. Getting other companies and organisations into colluding and conspiring with them to continue the discrimination. From 23rd July 2014 after I got back from burying my MOTHER that caused me to resign from my job. You are aware of the circumstances why I am not working and the tribute song I done for my MOTHER summed it up. That’s why I am going to stick to my guns for copy of the video to be released to me. Scan_20161123 (2)

If I can’t get the video amicably, I will resort to seeking Legal Advice about how to go about getting it. For old time’s sakes and considerations of the good working partnerships we have had over the years are the reasons why I am giving you the chance to deliver the video. Non-compliance of delivering the video will mean I will be putting the full story in the public domain as well as taking the matter to court. Scan_20161204 (4)

Awaiting a favourable response.

Kindest regards.

Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Loss of Moral Compass!

Community Plaything Visit 26th October 2016 Updated 25th October 2017

Hi Helen & the Team

I am getting myself ready for the visit to fit in with the date that is most convenient for you. Refer to, http:Darvell%20School. 


I am preparing some songs, poems and stories from the Caribbean to get everyone involved in the day’s activities. Then we can round off with music and some dancing. I wouldn’t say I am verse in doing all the new dances that are more suited to the younger generations like the Ney-Ney. But I am still prepared to do what I can in the spirit of the moment.

Updates – 25th October 2017: Refer to,, MerveleeTomlinson/Pulse…,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, http://www.aoug.orguk/awards,,,,,,,,, These are some of the Social Media platforms that my stories about my life experiences can be found. Also I have been involved in some forms of trainings and presentations. Sky News  .

I will come prepared to do cooking that is simple and easy to fit in with the allocated time frame. I will bring the saltfish, ackee and plantains. Of course you can get self raising flour for frying, the cooking oil, onions, sweet peppers and tomatoes. Of course I will bring some spices.

I will come dressed in my Traditional outfit and bring along some artefacts. I am so looking forward to the day. DSCF5069

However I would like the School permission to video some or all of the activities we do…? That is so I can document evidence of my abilities to do presentations as part of my Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan (CPPDP). I am looking for innovative ways to earn money as I am not in paid employment at the moment.

As I have said I will make the arrangements from my end. All I need for you to say that the last Wednesday in October 2016 is the best options.

Kindest regards.  Mervelee Nembhard-Myers FD.


Mr Cornelius Meir, Teacher Darvell School, Brightling Road, Robertsbridge, TN32 5DR

9th November 2016

                                                                    Deleting of Video

Dear Mr Meier

Further to your telephone call on Saturday 5th November 2016 re my video on Social Media. I have had time to reflect and think about the conversation and what I can understand that you are asking of me. I understand that you are asking me to delete my video because it makes reference to London Early Years Foundation (LEYF), . In the conversation you claim that Darvell School and Community Playthings are separate and parents are not aware of my visits. You further went on to say that the video was very hurtful and you are asking for me to delete it. Who is the video hurtful to might I, venture to ask?

Therefore I am of the opinion that the video in question is the one I made on the Wednesday prior to attending Darvell School to do the presentations. If this is not the facts of the matter I would be grateful for your clarifications. Since I did not make that video on Darvell School premises, I refuse to delete it. Also I would like you to clarify why you stated that the Community Playthings as an organisation parents were not aware of me coming to Darvell School. When I ask about the video that was made on the Wednesday I done the presentations. You claim that you would be discussing this with the Head Teacher.

Updates – 25th October 2017: The Head Teacher visited the classroom, the kitchen and the dining area throughout the time I spent at Darvell School. Therfore, someone have been influenced by LEYF to lose their moral compass. By saying that the Community Playthings parents were not aware of my visits to Darvell School is a lie. The first time I visited Community Playthings was for a training with the former employers LEYF. I have been asked to come back, now the third time to do the presentations by Helen. She is the one who always make the contacts. This was due to the fact that I stood out during the first time I attended for trainings. If the parents did not know of my visits to Darvell School, how come you gave me a reference to that effect. I also have evidence of my presentations on Social Media. It just makes me think differently about all the things that were said, especially when I had tea with your Mother. You told me about how she cared for her family and now it’s her family’s turn to care for her. What I would like to know is what price did you pay to sell out your moral compass to LEYF? Scan_20161106

What I would like to know also if at this late stage when you called on Saturday, why have the Head Teacher not given his approval for the making of the video? Because you said you have to discuss it with him and I thought that was approved before. The Head Teacher came into the classroom and the dining area during the presentations. One of the pupils in the class is the daughter of the Head Teacher, therefore everyone is contradicting themselves. I am surprised that you allow (LEYF) to get you to stoop to their unprofessional levels that are akin to INSTITUTIONALISED CORPORATE PSYCHOPATHS.

Updates – 25th October 2017: After the stories that was told about the history of how Commnunity Playthings came to be established by Helen’s father and their struggles across Continents, I am surprised about your actions. But what is even more upsetting is listening to your Mother telling me about her experiences growing up in her Country which was similiar to mine. Then you asked the children to speak about what they gained from me doing the presentations. All I can say there is a GOD and you have shown that you have discriminated against me with the Modern Day Slavery practices that stop you handing me the video. Scan_20161123 (3)

After much reflections, I have come to the conclusions that the only reasons that you made the call to me on Saturday was at the instigations of London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) that is continuing the DISCRIMINATION that destroyed my health. Cause me to be out of a job from the 27th January 2015, blacken my name, ruin my reputation and destroy my character. All this with the conspiring and colluding of friends in high places and the SYSTEMS, I thought were in place to support me. Now I am very disappointed to say I have to add you to the lists of those that are collaborating with (LEYF) to discriminate against me.

Lest we forget how I came to have done presentations at Darvell School for the third time a few Wednesdays ago. I attended Community Plaything with the former employers (LEYF) for a training for the first time. I am positive I was only invited back because of my professionalism that I displayed at the training sessions. Over the years that I came to do the presentations I asked verbally for permission to video some of the sessions. Adhering to Ethical Guidelines which is part of my Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan that became part of the Defensive Practice from my studies with the Open University.

As a matter of fact the first visit when I done the Harry Belafonte Day Oh Song was videoed by you using my camera. The second visit I was given permission to video the act that was done. Each time I took photographs of the cooking sessions and these have been on my Social Media profiles since. Because of what (LEYF) have done to me. I lost my self-confidence, self-esteem and the ability to make informed decisions as I do not want anyone else to alleged that I acted unprofessionally. Whilst trying to make me out to be a CRIMINAL. That’s why on this visit, I ask permission about getting some of the sessions videoed as part of my CPPDP. I could use the video to promote myself and to get back into work. 18698116_10154339085872133_8421290152847569381_n  IMG_20160308_113759 [575212] TA presentation .jpg

It was agreed over the telephone the criteria for the videoing on the Wednesday I attended Darvell School to do the presentations. At no time did I use either my camera or mobile phone to photograph and take any images of the children, Darvell School or Community Plaything. Because the decision was made by you and the photographer Martin, which sessions were to be photographed and videoed? Therefore, I am finding it rather strange that you are telling me that you will have to discuss the matter with the Head Teacher. Since I have come to the conclusions that (LEYF) have gotten to you to continue with the DISCRIMINATION and do their dirty work…

I am therefore going to put in writing that I am expecting you to stick to the agreement we made over the telephone. I am expecting to be given a copy of that video to help me in finding a job. The video contains my INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES that can be of support in helping me to get back into work. Therefore since you seem to have lost your moral compass so soon after my visit and pondering to (LEYF) prejudices. I will demand my rights not to be directly or indirectly discriminated against by anyone. Because of the collaborative working partnerships between us over the years. I am willing to be respectful of those strong held values and beliefs I have of the company.

Meeting your mother and hearing her stories about her life which bear much similarities to mine, I am prepared to be forgiving. But I am asking that the copy of the video that was made MUST be sent to me as soon as is reasonable possible. Or else I will be adding your name to the list of those that have joined (LEYF) by discriminating against me. I will not only be adding your name, but also making this public when the appropriate time arrives. (LEYF) made my life a hell here on earth soon after I come back from burying my MOTHER in Jamaica and it has not stopped.

Now I am very sad to know that someone who I respected all these years can stoop so low as to allow (LEYF) to let them act against their better judgement. So as there are no misunderstanding about the contents of the video, I will make a list of some of the sessions that were photographed and videoed. Photos were taken of:

  • Some of the resources in the classroom that I brought in and set up the room
  • Resources in the kitchen
  • Me peeling the Sugar Cane
  • Children working at stations: kneading the dough, etc.
  • Me cooking
  • In the Eating Area
  • Me singing tribute Song to my Mother
  • The children saying what they got from the presentation & me attending the School
  • Photographs with the group outside

Now you can explain why you told me that parent did not know about my involvement with the School. Maybe you are forgetting that each time I come to Darvell School I was in attendance at the group session and introduced to the Community. So are you saying like (LEYF) that you breached your own Policies & Procedures by having me coming to Darvell School on three occasions and parents did were not informed? (LEYF) mistake was to refuse me access to my FILE. From before I transferred from Luton Street back to South London where I was treated less favourable than an animal. Then they say they were not aware I have disabilities. My health was destroyed with their contingent policies and procedures in the Contract I signed on the 7th October 2009. Scan_20170807

Scan_20170807 (2)

The rest is history, but I will not leave myself open to the DISCRIMINATION by (LEYF) and which you seemed only too happy to join. I feel the way I have been treated by the conversation that was relayed by telephone on Saturday have caused me to become DEPRESSED and leaves me questioning my self-worth. As stated in the video I was on the road to recovery, especially when I got the invitation to come back to Darvell School to do the presentations. But in one telephone conversation on Saturday, I was set back months into my recovery. I offered myself for research and will be attending a session tomorrow Wednesday 9th November 2016 at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust & Maudsley Hospital.

Maybe I might get some insights into why you chose to collude with (LEYF) to set back my recovery. Does this have anything to do with money and power? I have the money that was given to me and honestly I am thinking of finding a worthy cause to give it to. I just don’t want to keep it and spend it for myself as it will bring back very sad memories of the way I was betrayed by you and whoever else is involved in this sordid affairs.

With all due respects I am expecting to hear from you in the next two weeks when I will be given my copy of the video. The terms which were discussed between us by telephone.

Awaiting you earliest response.

Kindest regards.

Mervelee Myers (FD) Open

Telephone – Home:  –  Mobile: 07950618083 – Email:


Why Am I Treated Like A CRIMINAL?

25 Years of Living in the UK 07.06.1992 – 07.06.2015 Updated: 24th October 2017

Dealing with the Pleasantries & Unpleasantness of Life in the Mother Country of Great Britain in 2017.

Every time I have a brand new or revisited any experiences that may have occurred before in my life, it either does one of two things. This might bring back some poignant and pleasant memories of some incidents or events from my childhood or even something that happened to family or friends. But worse still it might bring back some of the most unpleasant of memories that I prefer to forget. I guess, throughout my life I have had to learn to accept the good with the bad. Because for nearly a year now, since coming back from burying my MOTHER. I’ve had to endure the most horrendous times of my life. The horrible, wicked and terrible experiences nearly pushed me over the edge, ruined my emotional health and wellbeing and have negative impacts on my life.

Updates- 24.10.2017: I have since being having the fight of my life with the establishments and systems to treat me like a human being. Those involved are to be found listed in my stories of facing persecuation here in the UK, starting in the workplace. If in doubt check Dr Maria Hudson recommendations to But those responisble for taking away my Basic Human Rights not to be discriminated against are the Judges who presided over the ET cases at There is a Judge Martin who strike out my RACISM claims repeatedly. The Judge who presided over the Telephone Concilliation when they tried stitching me up. This was in the hope that they could gag me to become a voicelss vulnerable. When this did not happen the 3 Judges turned a blind eye to the discrimination of John Fenton, before the case was adjouned. Then allowed Samantha Jones to continue throughout from 28th February to 3rd March 2017.

That’s why as I sit down to reflect because I have been tied out to grass with time on my hands to put to good use. I refuse to let the bright lights that are my cognitive and intellectual skills diminish. To do so is to let them get away with doom and gloom of the self-fulfilling prophecy they instituted on me to try and stop my progress. Since they say the “Devil finds work for idle hands…”? I am fine tuning my grey brain cells using the space, time and money they have given me. Whilst trying to destroy me, to hone my skills to fight the injustices of an unfair and unjust system. The system that has been put in place by evil unscrupulous persons. Who are part and parcel of the Legal Entity, to destroy the lives of the innocent and vulnerable. If we refuse to stoop to their levels of depravity.

I have been living in the UK 25+ years and I have been unfortunate to meet up with some depraved persons. Most reently at my former employers and their collaborators in discrimination. These persons who have no scruples and will do everything in their power to destroy others for no reasons whatsoever, other than envy. I can remember one such occasions back home when my breda ASHTER decided to enter the political arena. I am not sure if he had given any thoughts about what he was entering into. Nor about the adverse effects that this would have on his family and friends in general and him as a whole. But whether he had given it a thought, I doubt very much he would have been daunted by the undertakings and the consequences. He was a man of convictions, was principled and believed in himself and whatever he set his sights on achieving.

For those of you following and keeping up with my stories, you’d have already learned that we – my parent’s children come from humble beginnings. And a  family that have nothing except love to give because of our experiences. We were as poor as a Church Mouse, but that did not stop us from having ambitions and visions above our statuses and stations in life. Although both our parents’ family were well to do. Our side of the family – mum’s dad and her husband’s, walked away from their family. They decided to start lives of their own. The saying “mother have, father have blessed be the child who have his/her own…” comes to mind. That is the mantra that my family live by, even though it was not always easy to achieve our goals.

This resulted from circumstances over which we have no control: like poverty due to, sicknesses, disability, redundancies, social injustices and inequalities, and the end game of death. Grandad by Mum’s side walked away and leave everything to start from scratch. Grandma was different in that she had visible features that marked her out from others. Grandad from Dad’s side was a philandering womaniser. Who met his match in the person of Grandma Irene Mills-Nembhard. Grandma had a deficit that was accidentally inflicted when she was a baby. I guess like me, this must have helped to shape her life. She was “blinded in one eye and I suffered from Chronic Anxiety” from early.

She tamed my grandpa putting up the fights of her life showing up the shallowness of her competitors. And grandpa could see past the one eyed woman who was of a strong character, despite his stuffy nosed family not liking her. He made her, his wife and they produced 16 children of whom Dad was the second child. Grandpa was jealous of his wife’s relationship with their children, I later learned. So as soon as they could, they flew the nest and launched out on their own in separate directions. Some of them settled in the same parish, others went to adjoining parishes and only Dad settled in Westmoreland, where I was born. It was sad indeed to hear of the breakup of Dad’s family and some of the children did not reconciled with their dad.

But I guess this state of affairs have been in existence from Biblical days…? Therefore, some turned up at different times for his funeral. Even when they were moulding up the grave I believe. But as one has their own life experiences like I’ve had to date, one realises and begins to get a better understanding of the complexities of one’s transitional journey through life. Therefore, I am proud to say that all of us inherited the best characteristics, determinations, traits, etc… from our ancestors down the ages. That mean we are prepared to make sacrifices and fight to the bitter end for what we want. We have to stand up for our beliefs, argue our points and never back down despite the odds stacked against us.

Although I said I am going to record my memories in a book…, the way life is going, I might not get the chance for that book to see the light of day. I am therefore using the media available to get my thoughts, and life experiences out in the public domain as soon as the ideas present themselves. If I don’t do it now, I might never get a second chance. Back to when my breda decided to use his God given talents to make a difference in the lives of the marginalised in the parish of his birth – Westmoreland. They did not get much of a representation at the local government levels of politics. He was up for a rough ride and exposing his family to that unopened can of worms that some have used to keep the likes of us down and in our place.

Updates – 24th October 2017: I have been having my share of discrimination from I got back from burying my MOTHER. I stood up to the bullies, knowing I have to be strong as I had  faced discrimination before and came off with my life in total disarray as my childhood traumas were triggered and exacerbated into PTSD. Throughout the time I contacted all those in authority that I thought were there to advice and protect me. Instead I was let down by the establishment and systems. This time around, I endured to the end, when I was about to lose my life with the onset of a Nervous Breakdown. I have the Medical Reports from the counselling I attended

My breda came from the wrong side of the track for a variety of reasons. If he was a lesser personality with a different mentality and mind-set, he’d not have taken up the mantle to bring about change. He wasn’t daunted by anyone nor anything, and he was prepared to come out from under the shadows. He was a go getter for the objectives of his visions he aimed to achieve. His determinations was second to none and I was there from the beginning to support him in his vision. To bring about change to benefit everyone regardless of political affiliations. As an advocate who because of circumstances beyond my control had to work in the background sharing my breda’s visions.

My recent experiences are bringing back a few unsavoury incidents that happened to me here in the UK . Those experiences that nearly knocked me off my feet never to recover. As a result the Hidden Disabilities from my childhood was triggered and the trauma caused me to develop DEPRESSION ( I have been struggling and fighting my demons ever since. Every time I encountered another unfavourable experience, I am pushed even closer to the edge of the abys. However at no time have I ever covered up my conditions nor try to make a secret of them ( I was at home one day when from out of nowhere our home was surrounded by Law Enforcement Officers.

But the biggest shock of all, was the fact they came pointing long guns at us ( We were bundled out of the house, questioned and manhandled. Whilst they carried out a thorough search of every nook and cranny in and outdoors. Whatever they were searching for did not materialised and they left empty handed. I am not putting it past the corrupt bastards not to have planted something at our home, so that was one of our lucky day. Luckily, my breda wasn’t at home, probably there might have been a totally different outcome. He was an outspoken person who would have challenged them and think nothing of the consequences to himself. All they would do is come up with some flimsy excuses for their unethical behaviours. (Refer to

I know what I am talking about because I know of cases where weapons were planted and innocent people lose their lives. Because others might have grudges against them (refer to,,,,,, Southwark Council: to name some of the establishment and systems that colluded to discriminate against me. No one will listen to your side of the story and prefer to see you as the monster others make you out to be,,, Then they are prejudiced against you and contradict themselves in the bargain for reasons only they know about.

At the time there was a level of corruption in Jamaica that makes me cross to think about. On reflections I was glad the incident happened after the death of Dad. He didn’t have to witness such a terrible act of injustice. I am almost sure he could not have handled that kind of experience anyway. He was a SICK man for a very long time. We are always trying to protect our loved ones from the unpleasant things in life. I have had allegations made against me since living in the UK and each time I am adversely affected worse than the first time. Apparently the reason our home was searched and we were treated like criminals was because of an allegation that my breda had guns and ammunitions at home. It was nothing more than a set up. My breda had thrown his hat in the ring to enter politics. So he could make much needed changes in the local communities to benefit the poor and needy.

My experiences since moving to the UK mean I now have to make comparisons to my breda as each time they tried to make me a VICTIM. I come out more scarred than the last and my health suffer in the processes. Because of my experiences, I dedicate myself to enhancing knowledge. To help me become a beacon for change, making a difference in the lives of those who needed my support. We were raised that way and taught to look out for the welfare of those who are most in need. We are raised to offer our love and provide a support network for the less fortunate than ourselves. However each time I tried to get up on the career ladder I am dealt a cruel blow. There is always someone standing on the wrung of that ladder grinding their feet into my hands. In the end I have to let go and start again from the bottom.

What hurts me the most is the underhand methods and tactics that some in the echelons of authority are willing to apply. To blacken another person’s good name, destroying their character and ruin their reputation with their false allegations? The first time this happened my Hidden Disabilities were triggered and because I was going through the Menopause, DEPRESSION took over my life. I have not recovered since and get bouts of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that are linked to my Mental Health Conditions, when I get stressed out. I have to seek medical attention from the Health Professionals.

When one is determined, like I am to standing up for what one believes in and be counted not to be treated unfavourably. One can end up feeling excluded and getting the brunt of discriminations, harassment and victimisation from an uncaring set of boffins who are only interested in meeting their own targets. They don’t give a hoot about Welfare Requirements, changes in laws and legislations. They will tie you up in their policies and procedures that are written to put you in a bad light and break you to your own detriment. They sing from the Hymn Book and Sankey of “rhetoric and bureaucratic red tape, filled with tokenisms”. That suit them to make you who they expect and want you to become, the voiceless vulnerable. This happened to me two times when I was left to represent myself at the ET.

If one is assertive enough to try and implement and promote the knowledge and expertise that they dedicate years of their knowledge to enhance. Then persons like me and other likeminded people are viewed as threats to some. We are labelled aggressive, dismissive of authority and not credible witness. They will make one’s life a living hell to be destroyed without even a thought for the welfare of the person involved. Nor the impact on their dependents. As long as they get their ways, colluding to destroy you for your integrity and listening to your conscience. It don’t matter if one has given years of their lives contributing. No one will take any of your loyalty and passion into considerations when they set out to get you. Because of past experiences, I tend to keep a low profile. Do my work and any other things from the background where I can perform at my best and maximise my potentials.

Therefore, I will not let anything stop my thirst for knowledge, so I can continue to be the best at whatever I have to do. However despite my qualifications, I have not managed to shake off that period when I stand up for what I believe in. That was to use my knowledge and expertise gained whilst I embarked on studies. To safeguard the vulnerable, whilst implementing and promoting inclusion. Meeting the diverse and complex needs of children and their families. As a result I have had the establishments having a go at me for showing up some of the unpleasant sides of daily living. That put vulnerable children and adults like myself at risks. Despite keeping a low profile my name is already in the public domain because I am being networked against and blacklisted.

Some feel threatened by my knowledge that I will uncover their incompetence. They have to use foul and unorthodox methods of allegations and lies to blacken my good name and character to get rid of me. Although some will pretend that they have no knowledge of what is happening. This is only a smoke screen to keep you in the dark whilst they try to destroy you. When some who have otherwise stick to highest of principles have lost their way to the market forces. Meeting managerial targets at the expense of beacons under which they once operate, then it’s time for reflections.

Some are now prepared to turn a blind eye: hear no evil, see no evil and do no evil covered in the rhetoric of bureaucratic red tape of tokenism, refusing to take responsibility and be accountable. Instead they will use others as scapegoats for their incompetence and leave you to carry the can as they continue a rigid regime of provision, criterion and practice (refer to Jyoti Sharma Review at Take it from me because I have had the experiences. The adverse effects to my health and emotional wellbeing as proof of the social injustices and inequalities that one can face. If one is not prepared to sell out your knowledge, values and beliefs to the wiles of Satan.

As a warning, I’d encourage others to think carefully about how you are prepared to approach life and the decisions that you make. Whatever you decide to do, can either make or break you and the impact on your health and emotional wellbeing can be life changing. My career has been stuck on hold from as far back as 2008, the same time I lost one of my bredas BYRON from CANCER. There have been many life changing experiences that helped me to become even more resilient since I moved to the UK. I lost track of the number of interviews I’ve attended, some didn’t even have the decency to get back to me with feedback. Others couldn’t find a legitimate reason why I did not get offered the job I applied for (refer to

After doing an interview where I was the only one shortlisted from the Company:LEYF and was given pure drivels for not getting the job. I threw the towel in and decided that was it. I refused to waste any more of my precious time. I settled myself to be content with what I have got, working and saving up for my PENSION. I had to swallow my pride when I was always passed over and only got asked to do jobs for others to take the credit. But I have become accustomed to the things like this that I have been doing all my life.

Updates – 25th November 2017: When the culling started at LEYF some of those who were involved in the discrimination were the first to get booted out. They were forced to resign so as not to have to go through what I went through two times in workplaces. Some were on my interview panels in 2009 but were forced to resign under furess. But not before they blamed me for threatening to resign before I resigned with a Nervous Breakdown.  Without prejudice, I believe the same thing might have happened to them regarding reference because in the end Marion Breslin returned to work at LEYF. When my breda ventured into politics I was the one who done all his writings and I developed a love of writing from Primary School days.

It is no wonder to me that my creativity and talents are being fed from my experiences in life. As I journey to documenting my history for the future generations of my family. I can’t change much in my life as I don’t have the resources to do so, I am content to go with the flow. I’ve had experiences where my DEPRESSION was triggered and when I am in such states where I am adversely affected. It is very devastating as I am engulfed and transported to places I don’t imagine anyone would understand. Because if you have not stood in a person’s shoe, please don’t try judging them before trying to walk that journey that has been a part of their life. However despite all of this I have never wallowed in self-pity for myself for long. I do what I can to bounce back and get back on my feet.

Now to pour salt into old open wounds there are some who are prepared to contradict themselves handing out accolades one minute. And the next, colluding with others to blacken your good name, tarnish your character and make sure you are totally ruined so you can’t pick up the pieces. They don’t give a toss about depriving you of your Basic Human Rights. They will take bread out of your mouth. Leaving you destitute to walk the streets with your naked arse exposed, and chatting to yourself. Then they tell you to remove all associations of your connections with them once they have gotten the best out of you.  Although they are saying that they do not have any records of you over a certain period and would like you to quietly disappear.

It is impossible for me to do this when My Ugly Mug of a face has been splashed over the Public Media in their publicity campaigns. If they can remove me from their records good luck to them for trying. Then they talk about multigenerational working approaches and treat you as if you are a Common Criminal and Mentally Unfit. They gagged you whilst they gang up with others to destroy you. They don’t listen to a word you are telling them even when you present the evidence. Then you start worrying if you will be living to see your next birthday as the memories of bygone experiences come flooding back. Despite the trials and tribulations, I continue to rise above them. When one is burdened down with so many Hidden Disabilities and Progressive Conditions linked to aging. It is not always easy to perform at your best like when one is younger.

It is sad to reflect on the fact that half of this year has been taken away from me, and I almost ended up in the Maudsley Hospital and nearly died. I am aware of what goes on at the Maudsley Hospital because I once worked in Mapother House for the better part of 6 years. I experienced discriminations, harassment and victimisation which triggered my DEPRESSION. I was diagnosed with Chronic Anxiety in July 2006, in order that I could sit my exam, with the Open University. Yet despite paying my dues to get support in situations like I have experienced, I was sold out by the unscrupulous Union UNISON. The same union that sponsored my Health & Social Care course with the OU.

Once more I am sold out to the highest bidder like I have once again by VOICE: They are now trying to trick me to resign, despite still charging me fees. I have not worked since I was forced to resign. There is no justice for the poor, weak and vulnerable no matter where in the world you happen to live. I was advised by an advocate that what is happening is affecting others like me all over the UK. He encouraged me not to give up and let anyone get away with discriminating against me. Therefore that advice refuelled the fire in my guts to stand up for what I believe in. Honouring the values and beliefs that my PARENTS instilled in me.

Only by these tokens will I be able to advocate for equal rights and justice for every vulnerable child and adult who needs that little bit of support to make the difference in their lives. I have rights like anyone else and I have never broken the laws, taken anything that don’t rightfully belonged to me. I have never acted unprofessionally, confrontational and intimidating and being uncooperative. But most frightening and disturbing is to accuse me of lacking empathy. I have been accused of many things because some don’t take the time to know and find out about the person who, I am and what make me tick. To have others judging, marginalising, stereotyping and putting me into a pigeon hole is bad enough.

But for anyone to try again to blacken my good name and character and trying to ruin me, taking bread out of my mouth. And leaving me to suffer is really hurtful and hard to come to terms with. Then they tell you that we are all responsible for safeguarding and to report… Well I’d advised anyone to take certain actions at your perils unless you have strong constitutions to deal with the consequences. Don’t be fooled by their whistle blowing policies and procedures. You will end up holding the can as always. Everyone else is out looking after their best interests.

Twenty five (25+) years of living in the UK have been good to me with regards to some favourable outcomes and achievements. However there are some experiences that contributed to almost ruining my life and leaving me with some life changing conditions which I could well enough do without. I told my SONS that now I understand why some people returned to their country of origin from whence they came mad as a Hatter. Because of what they have to go through just to earn a livelihood. No one to talk to and share their problems with. They are bombarded into lowering their morals just to fit into the right crowds or a clique. But the cruellest fates of all some people who returned to their country of origins do not get the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labours.

Envious, bad minded, grudgeful red eyes people take away what they worked hard for and don’t care a hoot. My intentions is to return to my country of origins before I am too old. To make valuable contributions using some of my knowledge and expertise I’d initiated my Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan (CPPDP). In making a better place for children like myself who had a rough start in life through no fault of our own. Early Intervention Strategies are the key to lots of what affects children’s ability to achieve their potentials. Enabling them to make something of their lives before too late. So whilst I am celebrating the highs with the lows. I am doing everything in my power over the next couple of years. To making my dreams and visions become realities for the future.

I know this can only happen with God’s continued blessings of good health and the ability to enhance knowledge and expertise to maximise my potentials. In the meantime howeve, I believe I have certain Basic Human Rights to which I am entitled. I am hoping, I will be given the opportunity to continue doing what I am best at. Without others expecting me to be forever under their thumbs and living in their shadows. Just so they can prove an elusive point to themselves that they have the power of authority and status. Making the lives of us mortal a living hell, just because we don’t always share the same views. We are different in our ways of thinking critically, about life’s journey that we undertake daily.

Therefore I have since decided to cast off the naivety in which I usually cloaked myself taking people at face value. I will never be that uncooperative, unprofessional, confrontational, intimidating, aggressive and lacking empathy as some Jobsworth at LEYF and now the Employment Tribunal are making me out to be. I will continue to be the person whom I know myself to be. Not that one whom they pinned those unflattering words, labels and stereotypes unto and would like me to become. I have spent 25+ years of my life in the UK. Where some got the best out of me and now that they feel they don’t have any more use for my service. They are ready to use underhand methods to put me out to grass with nothing to show for those years of hard graft.

I am left with a bitter taste in my mouth, but I guess my expectations must have been set too high. Despite that I will be using the skills I developed under their tutoring. Whilst they set about robbing me to give them a taste of their own medicine. Exposing them for the White Collar Criminals that they truly are. Fraudsters, who made online applications using my email address at (, yet the ET Judges can make excuses for the fraudulent act that end up placing me on some register where I am considered a CRIMINAL. Despite me having a DBS registered online). They cry wolf-wolf like the boy in the story I read as a child.

I have since learned not to trust anyone except my MOTHER only because she is DEAD. There is an enemy lurking in every corner, nook and cranny to get me. One thing I will not do is allow anyone to trample all over me and take away what is rightfully mine. Not over my dead body and as I take the time to reflect once more after yet another ordeals. I hope not to be around the next seven (7) years to be revisited by the seven (7) year curse that must have been placed on me by I don’t know whom or what? In order not to be dismissive of authority and be derogatory about the Ignorant Uneducated Minions who did not gain their places by Merit. I’ll rest my case and leave for another time when something take my interests.

Updates – 25th October 2017: There were some photographic evidence in the extract below, but they are lost. I will have to have another go at doing it at a later date.

Twenty five (25+) years off Mixed Emotions living in the UK.

BIB October 2014 to 16 March 2015

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