Who is Credible Witness?

Addressing Issues With Jyoti Updated on the 24th October 2017

WB: 05th January 2015 – 15th January 2015. 

Conspiracy of Discrimination Covering Up LEYF Discrimination of Mervelee Myers

In light of the continuing discrimination on the part of the Employment Tribunals in the case of Claimant Ms M Myers v Respondent London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) http://www.leyf.org.uk. Case Number: 2300047/2016, I want the world to take note that this is the second time I am facing a miscarriage of justice by the ET Services. If you are in any doubt about my arguments because the 3 Judges come to a unanimous decisions that Mervelee Myers is not a credible witness? The Employment Tribunal  https://www.justice.gov.uk/tribunals/employment/claims/responding.

Please visit http://www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers to find Dr Maria Hudson of https://www.essex.ac.uk would carried out an interview with me. After carrying out the Research Paper: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds Ref: 01/12 made recommendations to ACAS, http://www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers. Before you do anything else please go to LEYF website to read the 3 Reviews from Jyoti Sharma, Ingrid Curuvija Townsend and Julia Elizabeth Gould to verify that everything I wrote in my concerns about inappropriate practices at BIB from 23rd July 2014 to date are in fact correct. Whilst LEYF was perverting the course of justice, refusing me access to my FILE and my own images on their website, the Reviews were in the public domain.

How The Discrimination Played Out at BIB and Jyoti Sharma’s Role!

I extended the arm of professional friendship to Joyti Bhardwaj, Deputy Manager, when she started at the setting. Telling her I worked with LEYF for 5+ years so knows more than most about LEYF work ethos and she was welcome to ask for any help. After Remi handed over the Learning Journeys, she went through the LJ with me and I explained the way how I do my work. I addressed each question and even said to her there are certain things I do not agree with as the LJ was not being treated as a whole document, but instead all focus was on the observations. She said she spoke to Lynne Kelly about what I said and LK told her someone was coming to address the matter and she would tell her what to tell me. (I was the EYFS Coordinator, Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator and SENCO at Luton Street https://register.ofqual.gov.uk).

Joyti admitted to me after her handover with Remi that she was confused and did not know what to do. I offered my support and told her about the LEYF Tracking Children’s Progress 0-5 that each LEYF staff were given a copy. I told her I would try and bring in my copy so she could have a look, but I forgot it. I went into the office to ask Lauren to send of the work I’d done in Child’s K’mari’s LJ for Hilda Miller. And saw the BIB copy on the filing cabinet and told her about it. Joyti said she read through it and everything was clear and she understand what was to be done now. (Refer to Jyoti’s review on LEYF website to accertain who is credible witness)

I introduced Joyti to the ECAT forms and gave her copy and told her LK is arranging trainings with Early Years Consultant Stella Louis. I will wait for the training so everyone can benefit. However I have had training and knows what to do, but I have to wait on LK. (Refer to acc-gen@open.ac.uk, http://www.open.ac.uk/ceremonies. I graduated from the OU in May of 2009 before starting at LEYF. But instead of moving up the career ladder, I have been used an abused. Now I have been thrown out like a CRIMINAL, and the ET is intent on affirming the discrimination. What is Judge Freer afraid of?)

Jyoti looked at Chid Tayandre’s LJ and saw the Individual Education Plan (IEP) and ask to take it home to copy. I told her she can copy and take, but I would not allow her to take the original out. She showed to Sao Banya and Sao took copy, she spoke to me about the fact that she would anonymise it and use it as a learning tool for the key children for whom she has concerns. I told Sao I did not mind supporting her if she needed my help. Joyti also showed the IEP to Flavia Foddai and I told Flavia I’d help her if she needed me to. I told both Sao and Flavia I was the SENCO at Luton Street. Therefore had done trainings about aspects of Special Educational Needs (SEND).

I was responsible for doing lots of documenting information and working with other professionals http://www.education.gov.uk/contactsus. I brought in other training materials and shared with the team and Joyti took her own copies. Although I explained things to Joyti she keeps coming back to me asking the same question over and over. When I say such and such is not in my remit, as I did not have a status and did not want to overide my authority. She said she is asking me because I should know (refer to her review). At this point I was getting the impressions that she thought I was responsible for training her? So thinking I could be of more help to her I handed over two of my key children’s LJs.

Explaining that Hilda Miller the area manager was using Child K’mari’s LJ as one of her project. Chid Tayandre’s was different in that I was documenting evidence because of mine and the parent’s concerns about SEND. (Refer to Jyoti’s review about Area Manager. The said Area Manager who have since resigned after the end ot the ET case. Rashid Iqbal also resigned, therefore something must be instrinsically wrong for this to be happening. I was forced to resign after the discrimination that lasted from 23rd October 2014 until I resigned on the 27th September 2015. Everything is documented in my Bundle and I copied the ET at LondonSouth@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk about the Respondent’s compliance with the Court Orders. This was from Mr John Fenton and I meet for the first time on the 15th March 2016.)

I showed Joyti my Activity Planning Folder that I organised and told her I had added the Evaluation part to it. When I went to Luton Street and OFSTED http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/parents, recommended it on their visit. (When Karen Walker http://www.msatrust.org.uk, who wrote the Tracking Children’s Progress 0-5 booklet, when she started at LEYF as Head of Children Services and Families. She asked permission to borrow and used some of the planning forms, I introduced to Luton Street). I explained to Jyoti about the weekly planning and how the focus activities feed into the weekly planning. Each staff is responsible for doing two (2) activities per week for the 2-3 & 3-5 age groups.

From the focus activity, evidence are documented for the LJ. Joyti would question why I do things a certain way and I explained that working with LEYF 5+ years meant everything I do is centred around LEYF ethos, Core Values, DNA and ways of doing things. Before we went off, I heard Joyti questioning why some children behave certain ways….? I tried to explain the reasons behind the behaviours as I know it would take a little time before she would get to know about each individual child refer to (Jyoti’s review about her Job Description. When I started at BIB, LK asked me to help her as HM appointed her as the SENCO and she did not have trainings or knowledge to do the job.)

I believe I am a very tolerant person and I am prepared to go the extra mile to facilitate anyone especially if they are new to the situation like Joyti. But after coming back from holidays I got the impressions from how Joyti was approaching her work that she is not using her initiatives. For taking on such a Senior Role as the Deputy Manager, mean she is not doing enough to get to grips with her work. Instead she was relying too much on her colleagues to be spoon feeding her and using her status as Deputy Manager to blag her way through? I found that she kept asking me the same questions about things I had gone through with her several times and which she said she understands. But somehow she just could not seem to get it, no matter who explained it to her.

The way she does things can be very disruptive to the routines and leave the children unsettled and I, in particular stressed out. I felt I had to be giving her needs for information to do her job priority over meeting the needs of the children (refer to review). She would chose the time when you are trying to engage with the children to go over things that were already explained to her. I get the impression that she thinks she has priority to getting her questions answered over the needs of the children. I think by now she should have taken her time to familiarised herself with her Job Description and be more proactive in finding her way around by now.

For example she is setting up the table and she keeps walking into the room back and forth with one (1) mat at a time asking who this is, is he/she here? All she has to do is get the register and look to see if the child is signed in or out and set a place. These things are happening when I am trying to engage with the children or doing circle time.

One day she commented loudly why is this child so miserable today? The child in question is TAYANDRE’ and I have to say Joyti this is the child I have been sharing information with you, about my concerns. I am sat at the table engaging with children and Joyti went and takes the LJ, sits at the table and is going through every scrap of information that we went through before. And even that which she took copy. Then she has all these questions… What did his parents say? I showed her where parents commented on the 6 Weekly Review. It says here he has French and African language does he speak any of them?

Now there is a time and place for everything and since we had gone through the LJ before. I thought Joyti should at least be making a profile of the child by then? (But from her review it is evident that LEYF got rid of staff like Karen Walker, Marion Breslin, Mervelee Myers and frustrate others to give up and go like Dearbla, Julie Weise and others who contributed to building brand Westminster Children Society WCS, now LEYF. All because of the agenda of dumbing down, giving away quality for quantity. In the end others were hurrying to dessert the sinking ship. From BIB: Remi, Flavia Foddai, Rujina, etc. New Cross: Deputy Louise, who was the scapegoat when a parent reported LEYF to OFSTED and Social Services. Refer to the parents and former employees reviews).

What really irritated me was the way Joyti kept going through each forms and asking if I had made them up. No I am working with what I have got until I am given the correct ones. Then she is pointing out what are outdated… I was annoyed that Joyti got up and left the LJ on the table and did not remember to get it and put it away securely. I worked too hard on TAYANDRE’ LJ for anything to go missing. I don’t keep copies on my USB. I do the work and delete to make space. I think Joyti has let the status of Deputy Manager get to her head and have lost her focus on how to accomplish her job. Just going around saying I am this or that status don’t get the job done.

Joyti is not the only one, either who has let their position go to their head. I am afraid they can rest assured I have no ambitions to be anything than I am so I am not a threat to anyone’s job?  Joyti took to coming to seek me out when I am doing circle time. She kind of reminded me of those Inspectors when I went to Primary School. She never contributed anything and just questioning and observing my practice. Then one morning I am doing circle time and she comes in. Since I had been working with Rujina to get Tayandre’, Ify and some of the children settling in from baby room, including Adama to join in. I asked Joyti if she would like to take control of the group so I could focus on Tayandre’.

She said she would work with Tayandre’, but instead all she ended up doing was keep asking questions about him – why is he not sitting, etc, etc…? So instead of giving my priority to the children, Joyti expected me to answer her questions. In my frustrations I said Joyti this is TAYANDRE’ whom I have been sharing information with you about. Even then I doubt very much if Joyti got it?  I just don’t think it was by coincidence that Joyti comes to seek me out when I am doing circle time and is always acting out of sorts whether it was deliberate or she knows it or not. So in the pm when I had to do circle time and had Jayden clinging unto me, I asked Sadie to come in with me. I just could not cope with Joyti anymore.

Joyti did come in with Adama but left when Adama did not want to stay, and she did nothing to help her settle.  Sadie who was, I am assuming given her role to carry out on Tuesday when I saw 4 members of staff in the office mouth in mouth had done her job. But exaggerated a bit to make it spicier, I supposed about what I said? My defence in the matter is I was trying my best not to behave unprofessionally to Joyti because I realised I was STRESSED and at the end of my tether? I was doing my level best to keep her away from me as by this time she was getting on my Nerves. Yes anyone is welcome to check my FILE to know why I know when I am liable to behave a certain way if I am unduly provoked?

Some of my health conditions caused me to have other underlying health issues that I have to try and control.  (I have been sent on Medical Suspension, pass fit to resume work. But the discrimination became worse to the point when I experienced paronia. I wrote a letter to Dilys Epton detailed the effects the effects of the discrimination after she did not bother to send me the information she promised when she visited BIB on the 30.01.2015 to try trick me to take out a Grievance. I had counselling a http://www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk/southwark. I presented Medical Reports under the Judges Court Order, so how come the 3 Judges did not see them?

Jyoti’s review detail about her Mental Health Condition that was affected resulting from bullying from the chef. But my discrimination stretched from 23.07.2014 to 27.09.2015 and lasting throughout dealing with the Respondent Representatives. But I have to undergo it all again at the ET and waiting for the Judgement. Now it’s not over yet as I have to be trying to clear my name. Without prejudice, I can only come to the conclusions that the ET Judge Freer is hoping that I wil succumb to my disabilities and both my husband and I will die because we are vulnerable? 

Monday 5th January 2015, Jyoti told me about staff meeting, as I was the last to be informed about plans as this was their way of trapping me. By Thursday her behaviour towards me was just intolerable as she just kept doing these things that was getting on my nerves. Because by now she was assessing my practice, even though, she like Lynne Kelly admitted she did not know what she was doing. Then she keeps asking the same questions and did not seem to be getting it. She and Trainee Deputy Nicola copied some of my work to take to their Deputy Trainings and yet I was hearing things said about me not doing anything. I got the impressions she came back from her Deputy Training to exert her authority wearing her Deputy Manager’s status.

But she chose the wrong person to be her target if that was the case. Each time she presented anything I told her that I will do whatever is expected of me when they are implemented by authority. (I was tired of hearing that I am dismissive of authority and knows nothing. However I have almost singlehandedly transformed Luton Street Nursery. Whenever LEYF wanted a setting where there was evidence of best inclusive practice to show to the world, I was relied on to front the media campaign. I was publishing in http://www.nurseryworld.co.uk and attending consultations on behalf of LEYF. My CV and work can be found https://www.linkedin.com, https://ww.facebook.com/public/Mervelee-Myers and http://www.google.com.)  

Thursday whilst on my break and working on the computer she comes to show me the 2 Year Old Progress Check, saying LK ask her to show to me. I told her LK had already spoken to me about it earlier and showed me the format. I asked if LK could get it on my USB. She still keeps prattling on, so I simply asked if she was finish with what she was saying. She later come to ask Benedicte a question but was unable to formulate it properly, so left to get the book. I said to Benedicte after she left to go find the book that she is talking about the EYFS and she walks in with LK copy. It was funny that Joyti could not formulate a question about the EYFS…?

Later she came out to show me folder that Nicola had given her with planning and advising me what to do with it as Nicola had told her to tell me. I took her again to the Weekly Planning and explained to her how the planning is done again and linking the Focus activity. I said I know that the resource file is a good tool to fall back on, but I would continue using the planning until I was told otherwise. She is telling me that I should just handwrite the activity plans and put in the file Nicola gives her as I don’t have to use computer because she don’t. I told her LK already knows why I do most of my work on the computer (refer to http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection.)

Monday I noticed Joyti was behaving towards me as if she is my superior and I was there to answer the questions she asked even though I had gone through them with her before. I have to be justifying my practice to her even though I realised there are lots for her to learn. However after what happened the previous week I tried to control my irritations and not to let my frustrations show.  

Tuesday of this week I am doing circle time with the younger children, as I prefer to work with them to establish the foundation before they turn three (3) years old. Joyti comes to the door and tells me I should be quiet with the children because she is trying to read and I AM DISTURBING HER! Now these are the -3 who are the focus to develop skills in the Prime areas and they are not talking, singing or doing nothing to develop any of those skills.

Since I spoke to LK on Tuesday I realised Joyti has climbed down off her high horse and is treating me differently. That is why today I offered the hand of friendship and told her if she feels I have offended her in anyway, speak to me about it. I advised her to ask for some time away from the setting to shadow a more experienced Deputy, when she told me she did not have an induction. This is after I spoke to her about the child who is settling in and she said she assumed…? I told her certain things are covered during settling in and she must not ever take anything for granted.

This is my way of covering my back and I do not intend anything I write here to be used against Joyti as I can appreciate how difficult it can be starting out in a new job. I am still willing to help Joyti and anyone else who need my help in getting the job done, because UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. I am only interested in giving of my best and working collaboratively in the team.


Allegations: Setting the Record Straight – Since there were a number of allegations coming back and forth from WB: Monday 5th January 2015 culminating in a meeting between Lynne Kelly, Remi as the witness and I. Out of that meeting I am hearing about a number of ALLEGATIONS that were made against me. Since some are from the wedding and others from within the setting most of which were alleged to have taken place on Thursday 08th January 2015. I have now been made aware that some are orchestrated by Joyti. Joyti in particular is the author of a number of the allegations that are made in the setting. I don’t know why she is behaving this way towards me.

To protect myself I have decided to stop running from my past and stand up and fight for my rights. However there are certain matters that I need to be cleared up. I am not going to sit idly by and let any other person ruined my life, blacken my name and good character and bring down my high integrity that I worked so hard to achieve. Most of all I won’t allow anyone to rob me of my basic Human Rights not to be Harassed and Bullied as I go through the processes of living my life in a productive manner.

However I must let it be known that the past two (2) weeks have impacted on my health, emotional well-being and exacerbated my underlying health conditions. I have gone through the menopause and haven’t had a period over a year. Now I am STRESSED out, and bleeding and this is all due to the actions of some UNSCRUPULUS Colleagues who have conspired to make ALLEGATIONS against me. I am hurting and trying to cope with this deceit because all I have done since joining Bird In Bush is to give of my best! It will be very hard for me to go back to that time when I trust anyone because my life was almost RUINED once by unfounded ALLEGATIONS made against me before (refer to http://www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers).


At the New Year Staff Party: I was talking to Tania Silva my former colleague at Luton Street about telling Joyti to ask to shadow another Deputy Manager. When I told her I worked with Tania, she said she met her at deputy meeting. Tania told me that Jyoti came to shadow her and she was asking for help with the Home Learning & Language groups etc. Tania said she told Jyoti to ask Mervelee to help her because I know what to do. Yet no mention is made of this when they are trying to frustrate me and disempowering so I can’t do my work. 

Disabilities: In light of my Appeal to the Employment Tribunal and the response of ET Judge Freer to stick his neck out in covering up the discrimination that affected my life from the time I got back from burying my MOTHER. I will be spending the rest of time posting the information to my blog. My only concerns at the moment is for both my husband and myself. I am unable to carry out normal day to day activities to take care of my health. Also I am my husband’s carer and unable to do anything to help either of us. I have never had a HYPO, but have to take care of my husband when he goes into one. We are both at risks becausee of our disabilities. I want the Powers that be to act now.

One thought on “Who is Credible Witness?

  1. I have not eaten since breakfast, yet I am unable to get anything pass my lips. This is documented in the Medical Reports about the impacts on my disabilities. Yet the 3 Judges can sit in court and come up with the judgement. I was begging them to allow to go to the toilet so I don’t lose my dignity. Whilst the Barrister Samantha Jones was rediculing me about my need to use the loo. Yet the 3 Judges allowed her to pull a SICKIE and adjourn the case when she didn’t prepare one and told them as much. Well if both my husband and I die as a result of the continuing discrimination, at least I am putting the information for the world to know who is responsible.


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