Petition against Modern Day SLAVERY & Discrimination in the UK!

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Subject: Action required: Petition “Review of the Employment Tribunal Laws, stopping discrimination of employees.”


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Review of the Employment Tribunal Laws, stopping discrimination of employees..

I am part of research, representing myself 2 times at the ET. 2009 & 2016. Both times there are miscarriages of justice. This came about due to direct & indirect discrimination by those in authority who judged me based on my disabilities. Both times the unions abandoned me, I had to do the work.

M Myers v LEYF at Please see for the reviews of Julia Elizabeth Gould, former employee. Ingrid Curuvija Townsend, parent and Jyoti Sharma, known to me at BIB as Jyoti Bhardwaj, Deputy Manager. Please follow my blog at Fight4justice Facebook https/ Google Time4Justice.

Click this link to sign the petition:


So I can only continue to do what I am good at, writing, since the Powers that be are prepared to continue with the discrimination that have tag me a CRIMINAL in Great Britain after MP David Lammy Review of the Criminal Justice System. Presently I am sat in my house a PRISONER of Stress Incontinence. I have since had to talk sense into my husband about not becoming the voiceless vulnerable that they expect me to be. As long as there is breathe left in my body, I will be telling my stories about what is happening in the Early Years Sector. The discrimination is making Impact Report 2016 of 1 in 5 suicides is associated to unemployment becoming self fulfilling prophecy for more and more vulnerable employees.

Whilst at the same time, the unions like and can disregard the plights of us vulnerable employees whose life have been destroyed by unscrupulous employers like LEYF. But not only that the ET Judges are prepared to affirm the discrimination, empowering the employers to continue tearing families apart. They have corruptions at the highest level like that are prepared to lay in wait for the ET to preside over another miscarriages of justice. Then they pounce with their threats, getting my and blocked to stop me revealing the truth about Modern Slavery practices in the Erly Years Sector.

Before that I was excluded from and later the editor of the think she could shut me up with her email. To make matters worse I was stalked by 2 young white males on the 4th March 2017 at the Nursery World Show 2017. Without prejudice on the advice of Liz Roberts. There are trails of how the discrimination is continuing to impact on me being able to get back to leading a normal life. When I was sent on Medical Suspension, I wrote about my experiences with my Mental Health Conditions that is been used at My experiences with Parkinson’s which is part of my DNA is on

I am awaiting closures from the UK at I am sure it should not be my responsibility to be righting the mistakes of the ET 3 Judges who allowed LEYF to pull the wool over their eyes about the discrimination I faced from I returned from burying my MOTHER. As a result I will be using this space to publish the correspondence I have been forced to write to the ET, DWP, LEA,, etc showing how I went about raising concerns. As well as those from LEYF that the ET Judges chose to overlook in their continuation of the miscarriages of justice.

They are only doing this because I did not accept the amount with a clause to make me a VOICELESS VULNERABLE. My Fight4justice continues.

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