My Fight4justice Continues!

This is yet another correspondence with 10 Downing Street as my Fight4justice campaign continues. I do not understand how the Powers that be can sit by and discriminate against a vulnerable employee and society is allowing them to get away with it? My stories about the discrimination I experienced which cause me to be where I am now at in my life is documented, therefore I will continue telling my stories and be damned. Let them come and send me to prison because I will not stop sharing my experiences until someone begin to listen. My whole life has been destroyed because I refused to accept blood, sweat and tears money to make me a voiceless vulnerable. If I take the money then I could not be telling my stories to expose the levels of discrimination that drive vilnerable employers like myself to the edge.

The following is my email to the PM Office: I wrote to PM Cameron and PM May before about my ongoing discrimination case with the former employers and London Early Years Foundation. As you might be aware they are operating the HOC nursery. The discrimination started after I got back from burying my mother and transferred to BIB, then HOC and New Cross from the 23rd July 2014 to when I was forced to resign on the 27th September 2015. I had to resign because despite being passed fit for work after I was sent to HOC when they they made allegations about me after I raised concerns about the impacts of the discrimination on my Mental Health Conditions. I was sent to HOC from where I was escorted out saying Security was High and I did not have a PASS. I went through disciplinary, but the discrimination continued resulting in a Nervous Breakdown. I had to represent myself at the Employment Tribunal again, and experience another miscarriages of justice. I am part of research into discrimination in the workplace. I need answers now.

Right now I am at the mercies of the UK Government stepping to see that I, Mervelee Myers get the justice I deserve from the Employment Tribunals. On two ocassions I was denied justice after facing discrimination that caused my Childhood Trauma to be triggered into the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Now my husband and I are having arguments because he wants me to keep quiet and let matters go. I am at a very lonely place right now dealing with yet another discrimination that will impact on the rest of my life.

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