I Will Stop When I Am DEAD?

BIB Monday 16th March 2015 Report – Updated 24th October 2017.

Hilda Miller came to BIB at 4.00 o’clock, I let her in. She and Lynne Kelly locked up in the kitchen and when I am tidying up LK comes to tell me HM wants to speak to me in the kitchen. That is before I went to speak to Isabel Glen. HM said I should go and work at House Of Commons (refer to https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016), for a couple of weeks to take some of the pressure off me. She said they are short staff and she can’t use agency staff. I told her I know because I covered there before and staff have to be Security Cleared. HM said to let her know if I incurred any expense and she will reimburse me. When I am talking to Isabel, she said she was not aware of that development.

Update: The meeting at BIB on the Monday, came about after the allegations that were sent in by BIB on the Thursday and on the Friday there was an investigations. Realising the extent of the investigations, I went home and write to Dilys Epton. I reminded her about sending the contact information for the support she promised on the 30th January 2015, directly to me. The http://www.voicetheunion.org.uk, Rep Darren did bring this up at the Disciplinary. However after accompying me to http://www.leyf.or.uk CO, he disappeared of the face of the earth. Voice later told me he left for a new job the day after representing me at the Disciplinary Hearing.

(Refer to correspondences to the ET about John Fenton non compliance with the Judges Orders. Due to the fact he was not trained as a Lawyer. This came after the adjournment because Samantha Jones did not prepare a case and told the Judges as much). I was sent to HOC despite there were concerns about my Mental Health. Hence thirteen (13) days I was marched out of HOC by the Manager  claiming I did not have a PASS and Security was High. Despite this discrimination by the HOC Manager, the http://www.nurseryworldawards.com made he joint winner of Manager of the NWA 2017. I will leave no stones unturned until the world know the truth about the extent of the discrimination happening under the nose of the UK Government at HOC.

However whilst I was on Medical Suspension, my experiences of living with Mental Health Conditions from childhood were been used on Social Media websites to support others. I have been raising my concerns about experiencing discrimination in the workplace with http://www.express.org.uk and others who are on the badwagon, promoting Mental Health Crusades. But I am left once again with my life in tatter despite telling Lynne Kelly about the Whistleblowing that caused my life to be turned upside down. I told Isabella Glen about this when she came to do the investigations. But because the systems and establishments got away with the blacklisting and networking http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/parents, that’s why LEYF launched their campaign of discrimination because they know of my vulnerability.

Yet the ET Judges judgement left me feeling as if I was been penalised for http://www.lefy.org.uk triggering and exacerbating my childhood trauma into PTSD. This left me feeling paranoid and a shadow of my former self after I had worked hard to control and manage my disabilities. On the 4th April 2015 my article was on http://www.mqmentalhealth.org/Mental-Health/Mental-Illness. Others were at http://www.google.com and http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/research. My stories are to be found at https://www.linkedin.com. At pages at https://facebook.com/public/Mervelee-Myers and https://twitter.com/rattynem amongst other platforms.

In light of the numerous Rule of Laws: British Values, Security & Counter Terrorism Act and the Modern Slavery Act. I would like the http://www.gov.uk/Number10 to address this matter in line with infringements of my Basic Human Rights not to be discriminated against. The UNCRC Article 14 “states that it is a basic entitlement of humans to enjoy their rights and freedoms without discriminations on any grounds.  I was in the company of MP Neil Coyle, when he spoke candidly about his mother’s struggles with Mental Health Conditions. I contacted him before and did not get any response, but I have since made contact again at neil.coyle.mp@parliament.uk. I intend to attend his surgery on Friday to talk to him about what has been happening to me from I returned from burying my MOTHER.

Tuesday at HOC March 17, 2015:

Met Child Elsie at HOC on Tuesday and she just chatted away and played with me from I walked in the room. I mentioned to someone that she has my grandmother’s name and that’s probably why we bonded on sight. Most of the children just cried when they see me. (Refer to LEYF Review by Jyoti Sharma, Julia Elizabeth Gould and Ingrid Curuvija Townsend http://www.leyf.org.uk).  Afer I am pulled from pillow to post with the explanation that I am there to cover so I have to float. I said I didn’t mind because I am here to serve as long as I am not permanent in the Baby Room. I ended up having the Deputy Manager making allegations against me, when I was experiencing health conditions that was stopping me from carrying out normal day to day activities, as described in the Equality Act 2010.

Asked to do extra time.

Going to the Park I was going to ask for the taller buggy, but think better of it and stick with the one I was given. Child Oscar that is holding to the buggy is crying and Feyi keeps asking what happened? I say nothing happened, but now I realised there was a plot in place to make allegations against me that’s why I was sent to HOC. The Manager attended a meeting with Hilda Miller where she was given instructions about how to stitch me up. She tried, but I didn’t fall for the plots. In the end they have to take him off my buggy because he is not used to me. Pushing the buggy around was difficult for me, but on top of that I am given orders to do this, do that – keep children awake, make sure shoes don’t fall off, etc. I tried my best and the Security were helpful when I am struggling with the buggy inside the building.

Wednesday March 18, 2015:

Saw Contingency Plan for a child and realised I needed one in place, but no one seemed to know about this. I didn’t want to complain so I tried my best.

Shock Hazard:

Supervising children on slide in the small room on my own and door is closed. When I go near slide it shocked me. But it’s even worse when it goes through the child, so I went and told Feyi. She said I should go back, it happens to everybody. I tried to stop child falling and got shocked and had to recoil nearly dropping the child. I went back to inform Feyi and she said I am to carry on  nothing, she can do. But I can open the door if I want to and I did. I am still supervising the children but standing back in case I have to support a child, but is really getting concerned.

Nabila puts her head through the outer door and I told her about getting shocks, she said it happens to everyone. I am watching the children but keeping a little distance from the slide so as not to get any more shocks.

Sharon – deputy manager comes to the door so I got her attention. Told her I am getting shocks from the slide and it’s even worse when I touch the children on the slide and nearly dropped one child. She said it happen to everybody and it not going to hurt me. I am trying to explain that I am not comfortable with the situation because I don’t want to put any of the children in danger… Without allowing me to finish, she asked “are you telling me you are not supervising the children then?” I said I have been here all this while. I told Feyi and Nabila about my concerns and I am not comfortable nor confident doing this. She said ok we’ll take them out but can you make sure you engage with them, and I am thinking here we go again.

I am a graduate of http://www.open.ac.uk/ceremonies, acc-gen@open.ac.uk before I started working at LEYF. I mentored and trained my colleagues and even done work for the CEO June O’Sullivan, who acknowledge my contributions with a Long Service Awards and letters of commendations refer to (www.bwbllp.com.) She borrowed one of my Homemade Books promising to develop on it as a teaching and learning tool. Yet I was reduced to been supervised by Agency Staff and Apprentices at BIB, HOC and New Cross because LEYF make sure I was labelled a CRIMINAL.   Now the ET has affirmed the discrimination because they refuse to admit they have made errors in their judgement.

I know without a doubt that the HOC staff were given their advanced warnings and briefs on how I am to be treated before I was sent to HOC? From Sharon’s attitude towards me from I entered the nursery on Tuesday I sense something wasn’t right. I’d covered at HOC before and met some of the staff, but this time the reception was so icy. No one actually spoke to me except for Feyi who gave me orders as the room leader. Later when we came back from the park, Sharon came and said to me “if I asks you to do anything and you can’t, will you let me know”? That confirmed my suspicion that she reported the matter about me refusing to supervise and engage with children? In return she must have been told about my health conditions and disabilities.

Going to the park the next day, Feyi said I should use the taller buggy because it was easier to manage. So why did they not think of that yesterday?

Yesterday and today children fall over on the hard concrete surface running and got big grazes.

The way Feyi giving me orders you’d think I was an idiot and didn’t know what I am doing and is a new recruit, but I just get on with the job like when in BIB. I find her manner patronising, when I ask anything of her eg only to leave the children with me who don’t mind me playing with them. She would say I don’t know, they soon get use to you.

Saw Rashid coming back from park, he acknowledged some of the staff. He has resigned before the completion of the ET Case and why is that since LEYF is such a Prestigious place to work?

Back from park security door on the little lift taking up the buggy fly opened part way up. Ashley have hand on it and is saying to Feyi, “children did not push it and that was scary, thank God I have my hand on it”. Can you imagine if something had happened to any of those children, they would probably make more allegations against me. I was already paranoid and it was the allegations in the first workplace that left me thinking I was MAD. Therefore I self-referred to Occupational Health.

At lunch Phoebe saying how tired she is. (Refer to Reviews on LEYF websites).

I was knackered and for the first time in the longest while I had to have a nap at break time. But I am not comfortable as I have to sit out in the public gallery and was worried in case I needed to use the toilet. I would have to wait for someone to let me. I was on tenterhooks.

Was left on my own with children for 5+ minutes, the younger children, who were not used to me and crying.

Breaching LEYF & OFSTED Welfare Requirements re: Safeguarding.

Then to find out later that the manager LK at BIB claimed during the investigations that she had concerns about me was just too much. Once more I was been stitched up again like the time at KINGS – 2003 – 2008 when I was made SICK resulting from the Direct Discriminations I encountered.

Other professionals who did not know me are alleged to have said things about me that I considered unprofessional and without any merits as claimed by LK the manager. (Stella Louis – Early Years Consultant) All the staff at BIB including Nicola’s team are given their briefs to make allegations against me and I am feeling like the hare caught in the headlights without anywhere to turn.

15th October 2014 I was given Long Service Award. 05th November 2014. CEO stated in letter about not knowing I was at BIB and coming there and seeing me. (See copy of letter November 2014) about me embracing the multigenerational ethos. 28th January 2015 on another visit to BIB with a Trustee, CEO wrote another letter (see copy) about me writing a piece about the cassava for LEYF bulletin board.

CEO told me that she told off BIB team for not attending the New Year Staff Party.  I was later informed that BIB got permission from CO not to attend because they were trying to build a case against me. So without prejudice the CEO deliberately lied to me and attended BIB to stitch me up with her letter about writing a piece for LEYF Bulletin (30.01.2015). I’d written two (2) articles and published on LinkedIn promoting LEYF (see articles – LEYF on my Doorstep…). But Hilda Miller told me to remove them and not to say I worked with LEYF. So I did but have since republished one and waiting to do the same with the other.

29th January 2015 another Trustee Mary Wynne-Finch visited BIB. I, in my naiveté not knowing the reasons for the visit said to the manager Lynne Kelly “something exceptional must be happening at BIB why so many VIP are visiting”. I only learned later that I was the target for the VIPs who were visiting as everyone were fed erroneous information about misdemeanours I had committed. Only I was the only one in the dark as the wool was being pulled over my eyes whilst they collected their evidence. The evidence to give me a sanction. I believe the sanction is the same one they hand out to everyone whom they made allegations about when LEYF want to get rid of us, or have us where they want us.

Campaign of harassment, bullying and intimidation continued and BIB transferred their angst to the Chef Gloria when she refused to join them in discriminating against me. She ended up being suspended, faced a Disciplinary and given a Sanction like mine.

I was escorted out of HOC like a criminal by the manager Anjili on the 27.04.2015 when Dilys came to try and set me up.   She stated that HOC was on High Security Alert and I could not be left to find my way out on my own. This is after I worked at HOC from the 17.03.2015 until 27.03.2015 when Dilys came to send me home she claims with pay to rest from my ordeal.

I don’t know who is deluding whom, but everything I’ve written down happened to me and not a figment of my imaginations. Because Dilys, BIB and everyone else seem to think I am mad, but I am 100% sure I am not. I am experiencing mental health issues as a result of the treatment at BIB. But I resolve to fight back and get better because I am a resilient person.   But how can I overcome https://ww.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016. I paid all my savings to APPEAL and this is how Judge Freer is deciding to continue treating me like a CRIMINAL because he is afraid to accept that they got it wrong at LondonSouthET@hmsts.gsi.gov.uk.

Well I have no other alternative than to continue doing what I am good at and write about my experiences in the hope that good sense will prevail.  I have started a Petition at https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/203618/sponsors/new?token=5L4FX4zYInwpx2DJ.

One thought on “I Will Stop When I Am DEAD?

  1. I am going to be doing this until I am back in control of my disabilities. They can do whatever they blinking well please. The truths will be told. This is the UK Kingdom in 2017 and I am living in pre 1807 SLAVERY Conditions because of those who have friends in high places. And can pay blood, sweat and tears money to get the Powers that be to close their eyes to discrimination.


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