When Paranoia Set In?

System:  Connecting…
 System:  Your reference number for this chat session is 4910450
 Mervelee Myers:  Initial Question/Comment: Last Thursday my Norton was uninstalled and reinstalled when I contacted Norton. But later it was saying I need renewal. Days later I was contacted via mobile to say I would be sent a link to click on. That’s not right is it?
 System:  Welcome to Norton Support! A Norton Representative will be with you shortly.
 System:  Your Case number is 32888967
 System:  KRACK attack puts Wi-Fi connections at risk: What you need to do to stay safe Click to Learn More.
 System:  Waiting for a Customer Representative…
 System:  Estimated wait time is 0 hours 0 minutes 17 seconds
 System:  https://us.norton.com/internetsecurity-emerging-threats-what-to-do-about-krack-vulnerability.html
 System:  For assistance with any LifeLock ® Identity Theft Protection services, please visit http://www.lifelock.com, or call 1-855-993-1976
 System:  Vaibhav Pania has joined this session!
 System:  Welcome to Norton Support, my name is Vaibhav Pania. Please give me a minute to go through the information you have provided.
 Vaibhav Pania:  Welcome to Norton Support Mervelee Myers. My name is Vaibhav Pania. I will certainly help you with the issue. Could you please provide me your active email address and phone number to confirm that there is no data loss in transition and no spelling mistakes as well? I apologize for asking it again.
 Mervelee Myers:  I deleted re Privacy
 Vaibhav Pania:  Thank you for the information. Please take note of case number 32888967 for future reference. You can contact us back with this same number if this chat session is disconnected.
 Vaibhav Pania:  Please allow me 2 minutes while I locate your account details.
 Vaibhav Pania:  Thank you for your kind patience.
 Vaibhav Pania:  I would like to inform you that the call was a confirmation call from our outbound team just to check if the issue has been resolved or not.
 Vaibhav Pania:  If you wish, I can connect to your PC to check if Norton is working fine.
 Mervelee Myers:  So why was I told I would be sent a link to click on? If they did not hear from me in 3 days, they would call again.
 Vaibhav Pania:  Yes, the link was to connect to us via remote session.
 Vaibhav Pania:  Please do not worry about the call.
 Vaibhav Pania:  It was a legitimate call from Norton.
 Mervelee Myers:  I am still not satisfied with this answer. My laptop Norton was uninstalled and now I am not protected. Were you the person on, on Thursday?
 Vaibhav Pania:  No, the agent was different.
 Mervelee Myers:  Can you supply me with NORTON contact phone info please
 Mervelee Myers:  The name does look similiar?
 Vaibhav Pania:  The person was trying to install Norton again on your device but the chat got disconnected.
 Mervelee Myers:  How do you know that? It was uninstalled, then installed and then I was told to renew. y
 Vaibhav Pania:  Due to this, our outbound team called you to connect you back to us so that we can install Norton again on your PC.
 Vaibhav Pania:  When we chat with our customers, we keep a track of what we did on the PC just to make sure if any issue arises again, we can refer to the previous case.
 Mervelee Myers:  Please provide me with the NORTON number now. When did the outbound team calll? a
 Vaibhav Pania:  I apologize as the outbound is not available right now.
 Mervelee Myers:  So you should be aware that you uninstall NORTON, re install and then state that I need renewal
 Mervelee Myers:  Who was the outbound and how do you know so much information about the case?
 Vaibhav Pania:  It must have said renewal because the Norton was not activated after installation.
 Vaibhav Pania:  I know the case because we document the case after the chat gets disconnected for future references if the customer contacts us again, just like you did now.
 Mervelee Myers:  I don’t understand what you are trying to say to me. I have the NORTON installed and it was removed. You reinstall so shouldn’t everyhting have been done correctly?
 Vaibhav Pania:  I need to check the issue for this.
 Vaibhav Pania:  Please allow me to connect to your PC to check the issue.
 Mervelee Myers:  I am still waiting for you to provide me with NORTON contact phone number
 Vaibhav Pania:  +44 (0)20 7616 5600
 Vaibhav Pania:  You can contact Norton support on this number.
 Mervelee Myers:  No I will not allow you to contact to my PC until I get answers. My laptop is at risk because of you. You are still not answering relevant questions
 Vaibhav Pania:  I apologize for the hassle being caused to you.
 Mervelee Myers:  Now do you know what number was used to contact me and by whom?
 Vaibhav Pania:  I apologize but I am not authorized to share the details.
 Mervelee Myers:  Are you sure you are an authentic NORTON rep?
 Vaibhav Pania:  Yes, you are contacting global chat support of Norton and I am a certified Norton technician.
 Vaibhav Pania:  I know the details of your case because the previous agent has documented your case and has written what all has been done to resolve your issue.
 Mervelee Myers:  Something is not right. How can you uninstall my NORTON and leave my laptop at risk and telling me foolishness?
 Mervelee Myers:  But nothing legal was done to resolve the issue
 Vaibhav Pania:  We were doing but the chat got disconnected, that is why our outbound has called you to connect you back to us so that we can resolve your issue.
 Mervelee Myers:  I am worse off than when I contacted you on Thursday.
 Vaibhav Pania:  I would like to inform you that we need to uninstall Norton if the Norton does not work good or if any error is there with Norton.
 Vaibhav Pania:  I apologize for the hassle being caused to you, Mervelee.
 Mervelee Myers:  But the NORTON was working until it was interferred with, how do you explain that?
 Mervelee Myers:  Listen I don’t want any apology, only to be secured by NORTON
 Vaibhav Pania:  May I please know why you contacted Norton support if the Norton was working fine?
 Mervelee Myers:  Are you trying to play smart with me?
 Vaibhav Pania:  Yes, please allow me to connect to your PC to check if your PC is secured by Norton or if we need to install Norton again.
 Mervelee Myers:  I said I wiull not allow you to, until I get some satisfactory answers about you and your oubound agant
 Vaibhav Pania:  Okay.
 Vaibhav Pania:  I would be pleased to resolve your queries.
 Mervelee Myers:  Do you happen to know this number as a matter of fact I will leave it because you say you are not allowed to say.
 Vaibhav Pania:  Please elaborate your concern as I did not get your concern.
 Mervelee Myers:  I will try another source as something is not right. I have being with NORTON all these years and this is the first time I am having this Problem.
 Vaibhav Pania:  I apologize fir this.
 Vaibhav Pania:  Please allow me a chance to assist you and connect to your PC.
 Mervelee Myers:  Are you telling me that all this time you did not get my concerns?
 Vaibhav Pania:  I understood your concern and I want to resolve your queries regarding Norton chat support.
 Mervelee Myers:  No you will not connect to my PC until you know what my concerns are. It seems you are unable to understand written English and I doubt you would my Patwah (Patois)
 Vaibhav Pania:  You contacted previously as your Norton was not working fine.
 Mervelee Myers:  You are bloody contradicting yourself now and confusing me
 Vaibhav Pania:  You were not able to update your Live Updates.
 Vaibhav Pania:  Am I correct?