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October 20, 2016 at 8:01pm · Updated 20th October 2017

The #Writer in me will have to take this opportunity to focus a little bit on the importance of #FamilyRelativeAwareness. I was very sceptical at one time when #MamaLou used to name her #Family and I used to join in to say Mama the #RelationshipstopatU, but don’t reach us? I guess because Mama Lou wasn’t much of  talker or storyteller like Papa, we just didn’t take her too seriously. On the other hand Papa regaled us with stories about her family that it seems like I could connect with them even though I didn’t meet or know some of them. Mama on the other hand was totally different, however she was no less proud of her family and take pleasure in naming them if nothing else.

So before further ado, Mama claim the #PringleasFamily. There was the three (3) sisters Ms Maybel, Ms Lizzy and Ms Euphie, but she also spoke about the others This was borne out in the ways she helped to take care of her #YoungerCousin Ms OLGA PRINGLE-Grant, during the time she needed the care that Mama Lou was good at. I guess my own awareness of my family became evident when my #Grandma was sick and the #CousinLambert I called Cuz all my life turn up to ask for #AuntElsie. I was gobsmacked and have to asks, “is she your real Auntie or is that how you call her”? Because in my culture and old fashioned upbringing we put handles or titles to everyone regardless of status in life. However I will leave the rest of this story for my Memoirs and the Legacy for the future generations.

So going back to the passing of #MamaCousin, I was aware of Diane as a #YoungerVersion of her #BigSister Girlie Pringle Judith Brissett at #TownheadPrimarySchool. But later on, one of the things that caused her to stand out was the fact that she joined the Jamaica Constabulary Force and made a #Career out of her chosen calling. I can recall my #PoliceBreda at the time Texchus Nembhard saying some nice things about Women in the Police Force. But most importantly for me, she was one of the #1stWomen from my #Localities that I know to become a #PoliceWoman. I set high stores by such #Merits as Diane Pringle broke the mould and choose another #CareerPath that some would not consider the norms.
Diane Pringle must be applauded for becoming an #Icon4EqualOpportunity and the #Rights4Equality!

We grew up, we have been involved in #Transitions and some of us have not seen or heard of each other until the advent of #SocialMedia and Facebook in particular. So today it is with a sad heart that I write this little tribute as a #Token2zAccomplishment of a Young Lady from Our Neck of the Woods, Townhead, Burnt Savannah and the surrounding communities, whom I admired for her #StrengthofCharacter.

RIP Diane Pringle, you have done your #DutiesonEarth. God has taken only the #Best2Serve in his Jamaica Constabulary Force, wherever that is you are serving.  The Family love you, but God loves you best of all. Sleep on and take your rest. Working on meeting with you in the Sweet bye and bye. On behalf of my Mama’s Family!

Update: Today we celebrate the first year anniversary of Diane Pringle. On the 8th October my family celebrating the first anniversary of my cousin Janet Beeput who died at the age of forty three (43) years old from Cancer. Janet worked at the Funeral Directors that were responsible for my Mother’s funeral, and played a big role in the proceedings. But the most painful thing of all is hearing that Janet’s Mother Joyce Saunders-Brown is at stage 5 Cancer herself. I have spoken to my cousin and she is so positive in her outlook on life, she is an inspiration to me.

However because of what have done to me from the time I returned from burying my Mother. I have not had the chance to grieve and come to terms with my loss. That’s another reasons why I am determined that whatever is online at, will have to be resolved one way or another. I have had it up to here by the way I have been treated from 2004 to date in the UK. That’s why I am taking a stance, making my voice be heard on Social Media.

I would entreat anyone who experienced discrimination to stand up and be counted. If I was not resilient I’d probably not be here today, or stark staring mad, and homeless, living on the streets. That’s why when I see people acting some ways, I thank GOD for my recovery. But I am making sure I share my stories. No human being should be treated the way I was in the UK since I got back from burying my MOTHER. To make matters worse, this is the second miscarriages of kustice I experience from the Employment Tribunal. Despite being part of research at


Change is Good!

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard‎ to Frome Technical High Sch. Past Students

October 20, 2013 at 6:01pm · London ·

Now that I linked with Hope on Facebook, I recalled this incident. One day got soaked going to school. I arrived at school and the teacher (I could swear it was Mr Henry) asked if I couldn’t walk between the Raindrops to stop me getting wet? I am sure me wid me fass self must have given as gud as I got, because me neva easy even from dem daze!

But you know wat I doan even recall? So teacher sent me over to the Care Taker’s home to go iron me uniform mek it dry. Me swear blind now say the Care Taker was Mr Brown and he related to Hope and Kenton Bernard, but me mighta be wrong? Hear yah nuh a di fuss time ina me life me a guh use Electric Iron.

Dem haffi gimme a lesson in using Electric Iron before me coulda duh di job zeen! All me did use to was di Iron dat dem heat pon di coals ina di fire, and later me graduated to di Tailor/Self-Heater Iron, you hear me! As fi Electricity WE couldn’t afford dat and there was none in GaGa Street fi a very long time.

Then Ms Edna Forrester daughter, Delores aka Coolie Ellis, come from Germany. She build the big house in the quickest of time and give her mum. From then they run Electricity give Ms Ed from all the way out the main road. Ah foreign people did contribute so much to the Economy fi true and if I never left Yard, I’d not have achieved as much. So big thanks for all the Educational Refinements I got at FROME!

Update: I have been living in the UK now for the past twenty five (25) years. Somehow it seems I have gone backwards. I am educated, have the experiences and yet I can’t get a job. I completed another training course today and what am I supposed to do with those certificates? I have been parading them all over Social Media, but that don’t make much of a difference. Do you know why? Because I am expected to do the trainings and studies but not allowed to use my Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan (CPPFP) and Intellectual Properties to benefit myself.

Hence the reasons I have been to the Employment Tribunals two times. Both time I experienced miscarriages of justice. Everyone is too scared to come out and talk about the discrimination they have or are experiencing in the Early Years Sector workplaces. I know what I am talking about because I have been there. It is time we stop letting employers with friends in high places abuse their powers of authority and make us the scapegoats and victims of their incompetence. Then we become the voiceless vulnerables who are afraid of our own shadows.