Making Ends Meet!

Updated 17th October 2017 

I am a Product of PARDNER!

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard to MyJAMAICA

My recollections of the PARDNER:

Mama the Hedge Fund Manager: Long before I had any sort of understanding about Money Matters, my Mama was the Banker for a Pardner which she took over from another of the neighbours in GaGa Street. The initial conception of the Pardner, I believed was set up by the poor in the community. For the benefit of the very poor who had plans to make a go of an idea. Therefore the best ways of saving up for the essentials of life was to pool the money together so those who contributed could reap the sweet success of their hard work and labours.

Mama took over the Banker position from Ms Vicky, Cecil aka Mass Phantom Gillette missis when she succumbed to ill health and sunsequently died. Mama carried on for many years running the Pardner. People came from near and far to join this lucrative Small Poor People Business to set themselves up for a better life. Some people would throw more than one hand, pair up with others to go half (1/2) and half (1/2). Or they come up with ways to make their chances better in the long run. There were times when they asked for last and first hand draws to maximise their chances of getting business transactions sorted quicker.

 There are no contractual agreements for Pardners and everything was done with more or less verbal undertakings. That everything would be dealt with above board without the need for any one up man-ship or dishonesty involved. Some Bankers usually set a standard fee to be kept in safekeeping. This was just in case anyone decided to take their draw and then decided not to pay back. But Mama never resorted to this tactic as she only allowed trustworthy persons to join her Pardner. Those who joined came highly recommended.

Every one lived up to their responsibilities paying their hand at the agreed times. Mum left it up to the discretions of the people to give the Banker what they could afford. Mum always stated that every one’s circumstances is different, so she never had too much of an expectations. On reflections I am just thinking how everything ran so smoothly back then. As everything was based on trusts and the beliefs in the nature of our fellow citizens. Back then everyone lived up to their responsibility as well as being accountable, which were part of the values that were laid down.

Mama’s clients came from all over the parish and although she had not much formal education. However, attending Primary School, she could sign her name, and spell and pronounce. You’d be surprised how Mum kept records of the people in the Pardner on the calendar? Over the ensuing years my education in knowing people’s names and who they were related to, had begun. From those times, I was being prepared for what was to be a big part of my life. I ended up knowing, as Ms Chicky would say all the Rags, Shags and Shagga-Raggas who lived in Westmoreland and even further afield.

So the Pardner, Traffickers were my first venture into documenting. The Pardner was sometimes dropped of at home by persons ranging in age from the very young to the old. Whoever was at home could collect the money, making sure they kept records of who the money was from. Mama was Banker up to the time when I left Jamaica for the UK in 1992. After that she joined Ms Maizie Campbell’s and last Joy’s Pardner and if I am not mistaken she may still be in Joy’s Pardner still?
So a big shout out to all those honest persons back in the days for whom the humble

Pardner became the bedrock and mainstay of their life and livelihood for poor people. What would poor people have done without the forward thinking person’s from all walks of life, who found ways to take themselves out of poverty? By breaking the cycle of poverty, they disentangle themselves from the chains of deprivations that keep the older generations unable to provide for their family. With the concept of the Pardner, many were able to find the fund for the deposits on their own piece of land. They can lay the foundations for providing their children with the education they need to achieve their potentials.

Updated: 17th October 2017

The Strong Dedicated Woman who was my Mother!

Mama did not need more than the informal education that she got attending Primary School, nor any qualifications to teach her how to be a BANKER for a PARDNER. I noticed that my Mother would always be spelling and pronouncing and that’s how she made sense of her world. She had one of the best penmanship I have ever seen that was similiar to my Father. The way she wrote her “Rr” was the most beautiful sign ever, I used to practice, but never get it right. Like everything else, Mama, undertake in her life, she was a Run-Away-SUCCESS in every sense of the words.

I am darn proud of my Mama and all those other persons who were and are Managing Pardners. I lift my hat to each and everyone and will always remember the dedication Mama brought to her role! That’s why I will not leave any stones unturned until I get closures from for what they have done to me since I got back from burying my MOTHER in Jamaica. After coming back I transferred to BIB and the rest of my story is history. I have tried to resolve the matter with LEYF owing to the five (5+) years of exceptional working collaborations I had working with them at Luton Street. 

I have fought my battles, took my case to the Employmnet Tribunal, hoping to get justice. However I was in for another shock when the ET presided over another miscarriages of justice. I was gobsmacked when they took five (5) months to give me the judgement. But within three (3) days it was posted online. Without prejudice, I believe this was to stop me seting up my online business that I planned with the publication of my first book. Therefore, I will have to put my plans on hold. The agony of the past three (3+) years continue and I still have not grieve for my MOTHER.

In the interim I have lost other family members, and I just can’t move on with my life. I am unable to get a job because of the reference of six lines flagging safeguarding. Over the past two years when I did not work, I have had problems with the Benefits Systems. I have never being on benefits before, so it took a bit of getting used to. However even when I was attending the Job Centre every two weeks, my papers were sat in the office. It took the DWP nearly two years to sort out the Housing Benefits. But not only that, on two ocassions I have problems when I was to be granted support to pay the ET fees. Even Her Majesty Revenue and Custom was at it, stressing me out.

But the biggest bugbear is what the ET done posting at Because it don’t take any form of educational attainments to understand that the ET only done what they did because they did not expect me to appeal the judgement. What they have done is trigger and exacerbated the disabilities that they claim I did not have. But not to worry I will show the world how the 3 Judges from the ET have discriminated against me. We will know who are the credible witness and how prestige should not be part of the Justice System in any forms. Because that what caused the judges to show their true selves that they are prejudice and bias against the vulnerable employees who are only seeking justice.

I am doing everything to honour my MOTHER. She did not have an easy life, but for her giving up was never an option. I have not worked in two years, but I was thrifty like my Mother and always have something put away for Mr/Ms Rainy Day. However, why should I have to be sucking salt grains, girting my waiste and doing without the finer things of life because others are prepared to judge me? The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child “Article 14 states that it is a basic entitlement of humans to enjoy their rights and freedoms without discrimination on any grounds. However LEYF and the ET 3 Judges have made sure I am denied my basic human rights.  

Have a BLESSED DAY FOLKS! Still working on sum more exerts to pass the time away fruitfully! Pardner, Fire coal toaster, and the first Poor person to own a Baby Buggy are just a few topics on my Agenda!

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