See & Blind, Hear & Deaf!

Honouring: People of GOD – Sunday Worship 17th September 2017

My Christian Upbringing

I am sat listening to the Sunday Service on BBC Radio 4 as is the norms, when I have to do my utmost to keep up with my Christian upbringing, even when I am having one of my crisis. Because I am mindful of the fact that despite the struggles that my parents went through, my Father never ever lost faith in GOD. My Mother who had a Christian upbringing, but was somewhat of a rebel like me in her younger days, even showed her faith in GOD, as she got older. I am/was proud when I go home and was told of how she participated in her Church Activities to the very end. Due no doubt to the fellowship she had with the Townhead Baptist Church and the local communities at large. As I am reflecting after eating the breakfast my husband prepared for me, I am thanking GOD every day for each small mercies that have been bestowed on me.

I know exactly where the blessing are from. Yes for those spreading rumours that my husband can’t turn duck off of nest, that’s so not true. Because without him, I would not have survived all that have happened to me since I was introduced to him in 2001. Now I am thinking that some of the persons who I was introduced to have the best influences on my life. Those who are waiting for my husband to die, better be aware that at this stage in my life, I might die and leave him. Because he has been my Rock, ensuring I am looked after, when I am unable to manage and control my disabilities and Mental Health Conditions. I am sure I listened more keenly to the Sunday Worship, when I hear the name Rose Hudson-Wilkin, because I can still remember the first time we meet. This was when I attended Housing for Women AGM and I still have the flyer as proof, because I am a hoarder.

I was transfixed when she described her years growing up in Jamaica, because they were similar to mine. She mentioned she was going home to talk to her Mother to get relevant information for her Biography. I had no knowledge that her family was from the local communities of Westmoreland. However I was in for the discoveries of my life when we started chatting during the break. She mentioned her cousin Dockie and her Grandmother, Ms Fran Desport from Burnt Savannah and I just couldn’t get enough. Because, now it’s time to pay attention to all the people who my Mother used to claim as her family. But we were sceptical of this been more than her wanting to be in with, the well to do people. However I had started listening to my Mother about, who are my family when I discovered that my cousin Lambert Thompson was really my cousin.

He came to look for my Grandma and upon asking for Aunt Elsie, I enquired of him, if she was his real Auntie. Then I discovered another of my cousin who was a Driving Instructor and someone I knew visiting the area, but only know we were family’s years later. I must be honest that my upbringing was fraught with struggles from the time my Father was struck down with Parkinson’s at an early age. I must confess that from thence, my perspectives about how I viewed myself changed and I was always looking for acceptance from others. And that’s why I am passionate about breaking down barriers. Since Rose Hudson-Wilkin is the Preacher and I am listening to her talking about being called to serve the Ministry of GOD, from the age of 14 years old. I was mesmerised once more, hearing her story which she told the first time we met.

Today marks the centenary (100) of a WOMAN, ordained to the church as a Priest in the UK. Now I will have to go do my research about CONSTANCE, the first Woman Priest, who served in the East End of London. The Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin is serving in the East End of London too, following in the footsteps of a great trailblazer CONSTANCE. That’s why I was more than grateful to be afforded me the privileges to be learning about Women in the Ministry. As Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin elaborated about the ordnance of WOMEN as Priest in the UK in 1994, I am fortunate to live in a time when Equal Opportunity must be the rights of everyone. As the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Article 14 states that it is a basic entitlement of humans to enjoy their rights and freedoms without discrimination on any grounds.

When I meet Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin at the Unveiling of the African & Caribbean War Memorial, at Windrush Square, I spoke with her briefly. I reminded her about the occasions of our first meeting, and telling her I am in the process of publishing my first BOOK. I have been in her company on a few other occasions at the Jamaica Independence Service celebrating the milestones of our Nationhood. I was privileged to be in her company at Westminster Abbey at Evensong when I meet Mr Neville Lawrence and other dignitaries. Sad to say I was looking forward to the publication of my book in September, but that will not happen now. Instead I am still engaged in seeking justice for the ill treatments that ruined my career, destroyed my health and leave me out of work for the past two years. Because think they are above the law and have friends in high places.

However I am in for more struggles with the ET that presided over another miscarriages of justice that is even worse than before. They have affirmed the discrimination in the forms of the vendetta that LEYF carried out to destroy my life. Stripped me of my dignity and robbed me of my entitlement to the basic human rights not to be discriminated against. That’s why been a Writer, I am adopting “Until the lion learns to write, the hunter will always tell the story”, from Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE. Another reasons for my Fight4justice and other Social Media campaigns to share my stories with those who need to be informed. Each time that I face challenges in workplaces, there is a pattern that is repeated. This goes back to my childhood when my life was changed when my Father was struck down with Parkinson’s from an early age.

To briefly recap, I have been facing challenges from the time of my Dad’s illness to this day. I have been documenting my experiences through my stories so they are available for anyone to whom they might be of benefit. That’s why I have now decided to use my Action Plan from the Training over the next six (6) weeks to continue sharing my stories and not wait to publish books, because they may never see the light of day? I am doing exactly what the ET done by posting their biased and prejudicial judgement online in the here and now by sharing stories. Because of yet another miscarriages of justice by the ET, I think GOD has finally revealed to me my purpose in life. I am convinced that my purpose is to share my story and take up ADVOCACY as an Influencer, who is an Expert Authority on subjects from cradle to grave, to help others.

This way I will be empowering myself using my knowledge, creativity, talents and passion to show others that there are ways to becoming an overcomer, and not remain a victim forever. One does not have to stay a VOICELESS VULNERABLE forever if they equip themselves with the tools to help themselves and others break down the barriers. The discrimination that are put in place in the fine prints of the CONtrACTs keeping us enslaved as scapegoats and victims of the psychopaths, who see our passions as threats to their incompetence. Then they have to keep us in our places with claims we are dismissive of authority. But what or whose authority are they talking about, when they don’t have a clue?

Because of the prolonged mistreatment by, their associates in discrimination and now the affirmation of the discrimination by the ET again. I have lost my ability to function and carry out normal day to day activities. This was from I returned from burying my MOTHER and transferred to BIB, HOC and New Cross. The terrible experiences led to me revisiting my childhood traumas when I had lost my ability to function in public from around the time my Dad took sick. Without knowing, I had taken on the signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s whenever I have to perform in public, or had to perform under pressures. I was prescribed medications for my conditions from an early age, in my teens. However I decided to wean myself off taking it after I completed my studies at the OU, Now I think I am been penalised for managing and controlling my disabilities without relying on prescription medications. But I am aware of the side effects and don’t want to get addicted, as that would make my like even harder to bear.

But as my step-son, Trevor says everything happens for a good and wise purpose. That’s why it was ordained for the ET to take five (5) months to give the judgement and three (3) days to post online. Because now is the time for the truth to come out and set the innocent and vulnerable employees who are enslaved in workplaces free. But most importantly for me to meet the person who is ordained to support my Fight4justice campaign against those that think they are above the laws because they have friends in high places. They can use the blood, sweat and tears money that are made from discriminating against employees to pay off unscrupulous so called professionals to do their biddings. Destroying the lives of employees and their families.

The Benefits of Empowerment and Having the Right Person in Your Corner

Inspired Thinking “It’s no use saying ‘We are doing our best’. You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary” Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965). I am glad I have been empowering myself so I can quote from the great leaders and philosophers, past and present for obvious reasons. Some lived their lives with deficits and limitations of physical and mental disabilities, yet they never let that determine the outcome of their lives. I am making comparisons because I managed and controlled my disabilities from childhood, until they were triggered and exacerbated into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in two (2) workplaces here in the UK. The first time was preparation for the second to be doing what is necessary to succeed. Because once more I am let down by the establishments and systems in place to dispense justice, the Employment Tribunal.

That’s why I do believe that it was not just by chance that the ET take such a long time to decide the judgement. This happens so that I could get the opportunity to meet Barrister Ryan Clement. He is responsible for playing the biggest roles in doing what’s necessary so that I succeed and overcome the years of discrimination that LEYF imposed on me by breaching the Rules of Law. Not only that they pulled the wool over the eyes of everyone, convincing the ET that they are angels who were looking out for my best interests. That’s why, there comes a time in each and every one of us life when we just have to trust another person with taking over and doing the best. When we are unable to do it for ourselves. I have put all my trusts in Ryan and GOD, knowing we have to succeed to free others from been enslaved in workplaces throughout the world.

Despite there is a Modern SLAVERY ACT 2015, but from my experiences, discrimination is worse now than pre the SLAVERY ACT 1807. Since I have been forced out of work, I have had the opportunity to talk to people who shared similar experiences to mine in workplaces and its worse. I had to resign because despite holding on, so that I did not make the mistakes that cost me the other job (refer to Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12,, I had to give in. Although I carried on, dealing with allegations, gagging, traps, trumped up complaints, investigations, transfers, medical suspensions, treated like a criminal, provocations, harassment, bullying and intimidations… By the time I reached breaking point when something had to give. I was having a nervous breakdown, but if you look at my Social Media, you will realise I stick to my Fight4justice to the very last.

Writing is therapy and part of my early intervention strategies that I have been using from childhood, even when I could not put a name to it then. Also documenting and recording my experiences through storytelling is my defensive practice. I only know this when I studied with the Open University. It was only via studies that I empower myself to change my lifestyle, applying a holistic approach to dealing with my hidden disabilities. By which I could live a more fulfilling life and maximise my potentials. That is/was until my experiences of discrimination in two (2) toxic work environments, with management and leaders who sanction the discrimination. As I have been saying, I know GOD has a purpose for me to fulfil before I am unable to do anything about it. That’s why I do not agree with those who tell me that I must not question Him. Of course I have to argue with GOD to get the answers to what are my next moves.

Just a brief pause to introduce some of the persons who are instrumental in seeing my dreams materialising into realities. I meet my tutor Danielle Williams, from St Lucia and some wonderful peers during the six (6) months I studied. This was to gain another qualifications as a Learning Support Assistant (LSA) with, at STORM Family Centre. I don’t know what I am going to do with all these certificates, because I can’t get a job with them? Pauline Peart the assessor came on board and I am grateful for the support. I meet other persons throughout all walks of life, at other free training sessions, like JT Foxx, Gerry Roberts, Tony Robbins, Andy Harrington, etc. And sharing experiences helped me to have a better understanding of how the ET works especially if one have a case that involves disabilities. There are others who I meet at STORM who I can’t even put a name to. However I appreciate the fact that when I am in their presence, they acknowledge that we meet and they remember me.

That’s why I cannot understand what led LEYF Leaders and Management to sanction the discrimination at BIB, HOC and New Cross from the 23rd July 2014 until I resigned. Then throughout, until the ET Case that ended on the 3rd March 2017. But to compound matters for the ET Judges to prolong the punishment, taking five (5) months to make the judgement, is beyond my ken. Then to post online, severing any hopes I have of setting up my online business. It was only because I decided to follow my calling, registering for free online trainings that I meet Winsome Duncan. She is my mentor and the rest is history. But the biggest gift of all is the introduction to Barrister Ryan Clement, when she was not clear about the Legalities in my first book that I wanted to publish. This book was to be my launch pad for my online business. But it is on hold at the moment.

Despite the hiccoughs caused by the ET judgement, I am still taking it one day at a time to achieving my goals. Every day I am more thankful to GOD for bringing these people in my life, to help accomplish my goals, one step at a time. As Philosopher George Santayana said “Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it”. That’s why I clung on to the bitter end despite of the effects the discrimination were causing on both mine and my husband’s health and emotional wellbeing. Because I had taken a stance in another workplace, not to be discriminated against. Therefore LEYF will have to give an account as to why two (2) former employees and a parent can write the reviews that they did, on their website. The three (3) who reviewed LEYF are Julia Elizabeth Gould, Ingrid Curuvija Townsend and Jyoti Sharma listed as Jyoti Bhardwaj in the ET case Bundles.

Because Jyoti is/was the Deputy Manager at BIB who was sanctioned with others to discriminate against me. Her review was done on the 12th March 2016, just before the Preliminary Hearing on the 15th March 2016. This was when my RACISM claims were referred for review by the Judge. But we all know the outcome of that and LEYF and their Legal Team must be charged with perverting the course of justice. Furthermore they were not operating as a Legal Entity. Mr John Fenton who prepared the ET3 Form and the case acted unprofessionally throughout. He only owned up when Barrister Samantha Jones, too acted unprofessionally. She told the judges she did not prepare the case as it was to be strike out. Most of what is in the judgement are the words of Ms Jones from the day she introduced herself to me and throughout the hearings.

That’s why I will not leave any stones unturned to expose LEYF for thinking they are above the law because they have friends in high places. I will borrow another quotes from the Daily Express, Magazine. From where I learned so much about writing and honing my skills over the years, even when they are all the same when it comes to treating us equal. The things they say… “You cannot create experiences. You must undergo it” Albert Camus (1913-1960). Luckily I had turned to Facebook to document my innermost thoughts when I could not find anyone with the time to share my concerns. So now I can refer to the Daily Express Columnist “Tech Don’t Lie” as one of my mantra in how to keep my Defensive Practice. When LEYF sent me on Medical Suspension to deny me my basic rights of earning a living, my stories was used on

All I am going to say there are lots of Ryan Clement out in the world, who are going beyond the call of duty, helping others like me. Their contributions cannot be measured in monetary values, as without him I might have ended up being another of the HCT Group Impact Report 2016: 1 in 5 suicides are associated to unemployment. During the Telephone Conciliation, the Judge took umbrage when I refuse to accept £58,000.00 because there was a gagging clause. I know as I told the three (3) Judges when they tried imposing a Social Media ban that there are matters in cyberspace over which I have no control. But the judge could only think of supporting LEYF, telling me they have to protect themselves from me, so it was not about principle, but money. But who have protected me from the time I returned from burying my MOTHER, to now?

It is only now since I was introduced to RYAN that I am beginning to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I want each and every one to find a Ryan Clement, like I have been introduced to mine. We need to get our inspirations from the Ryan Clement of this world who are Humanitarians. I know I will have to find the time for a proper testimonials. But I know that will come with my writing when I am no longer under this pressure to clear my name and exonerate myself as I told Dr Maria Hudson in 2010.

In the meantime please get to know RYAN CLEMENT at Your life will be enriched and GOD will continue blessing him and his family.

Update: 15th October 2017

Breaches in the News: Southwark Council

In light of some recent revelations in the news over the past months, I would like to make mention of the Daily Express Bungling council made 21/7 suicide bomber’s helper their poster girl. I am saying this because the council involved in this controversy is none other than Southwark Council SEND Section was involved with Kings College NHS Foundation Trust in destroying my career. I sought their supporting raising concerns about inappropriate practices and this led to me eventually having my childhood traumas triggered into PTSD. I eventually had to resign because of my health and end up losing my job when the ET carried out the first miscarriage of justice against me. Luckily for me I was part of the research when recommendations were made to

I raised concerns with and my concerns were pushed under the carpet. I contacted the Local Safeguarding Board when I was studying with the OU as part of my CPPDP, but all that happened is I was blacklisted and networked against for taking a stance against discrimination and my career ruined. That’s why when I volunteered with and the council think they could demand my work, I told them where to get off. I reminded them about how I was treated at KINGS and for them to keep my correspondence for future reference. That’s why when I have to start on benefits, I make sure keeping my defensive practice. I don’t let them bother me, as I realise some people feel threatened by my knowledge.

The Harvey Weinstein Saga

I am appalled at this story for a number of reasons, but I am not surprised. When I worked at KINGS, I used to raise concerns verbally and when they were not addressed put in writing. To get rid of me, they used my vulnerability against me. They get my colleagues to make allegations and even a parent was part of the plot. Therefore I am weary of getting involved with cowards who would sell out their own mother, like Judas Iscariot done to JESUS. Staff were threatened to cover up the discrimination. Today I am aware that employees have to earn a living and can’t be relied on to come forward and speak up about the Modern Day Slavery Practices they are having to deal with in workplaces, especially in the Early Years Sector. Another discovery I am making is how terrified people are of coming forward to share their experiences in the workplaces.

But we don’t have to look any further than what is happening with the Harvey Weinstein saga. I have been raising concerns, sharing my experiences with some of those claiming to be championing the causes of those of us who are vulnerable, especially if we suffer with Mental Health Conditions. But what kind of receptions do we get? Look no further than online at Is it any wonder that the society will be dealing with all this repeatedly? Because those who are in charge of dispensing the law are friends with employers like so they are allowed to get away with murder. Can someone please tell me why I have to go back to the Employment Appeal Tribunal to have closures that should have been sorted out already? How long am I supposed to wait to get justice, so I can move on with my life? That’s why I am telling my stories.

Written by: Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Early Years Practitioner & Basic School Teacher: West Indies & the UK 1986-1992 & 1999-

Carer: From childhood

Advocate: 2004 to date

Volunteer: 2015

Writer: From childhood

Storyteller: From childhood