Credible Witness at Prestigious HOC!

Nursery World Awards 2017 – Nursery Manager of the Year1
23 September 2017 by Nursery World 
Anjali Deb-Mukherjee, LEYF Nurseries House of Commons Nursery – joint winner
In the words of Anjali Deb-Mukherjee’s colleague, ‘Many managers are good, but few are great. Anjali is a great manager.’
This was never more clear than in March this year, when a terrorist attack in the vicinity of the Palace of Westminster caused the LEYF nursery, situated in the House of Commons itself, to be put in lockdown.
Mervelee Myers Comments: March 2017 when I had to endure the adjournment of the ET Case because of the unprofessional conduct of the Respondent’s Legal Team of Mr John Fenton and Trainee Barrister Samantha Jones. On the 4th March when I attended th Nursery World Show 2017, I was stalked by 2 Young White Men. Without prejudice under the persuant of the editor of the Nursery World Magazine for her unreasonable behaviour towards me on LinkedIn It might be interesting to know that after I was sent to Prestigious HOC on the 17th March 2015, after concerns were raised about my health, nothing was done. Until the 27th March when Senior HR Dilys Epton tried tricking me to go rest from my ordeals with pay. Only for the HOC Manager to escort me out saying I did not have a PASS and Security was High.  The next day there was an invitation to a Disciplinary with my address suddenly changed to suit LEYF agenda.
With parents unable to collect their children, staff unable to leave at the end of the day, and children in danger of becoming very distressed, Anjali kept her team focused, and persuaded the children that they were part of an adventure with the excitement of a possible sleepover. They were given their dinner and put to bed with a story, so when their parents were finally able to pick them up at 10pm all the children were fed, watered and asleep.
Mervelee Myers Comments: How very good that someone must have done some training at LEYF about the Equality Act 2010, Data Protection Act 1989, Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, Britsih Values 2014, Security & Counter Terrorism Act 2015 and Modern Slavery Act 2015 amongst other Rules of Law and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Because now the UK Government have a responsibility to all its citizen for them not to be discriminated against. The UNRCR “Articel 14 states that it is a basic entitlement of humans to enjoy their rights and freedoms without discrimination on any grounds”.
Throughout the experience Anjali kept in contact with parents to keep them updated and reassure them their children were safe. The next day Anjali and her team were at the nursery at 8am determined to carry on as usual, in what one parent called ‘an incredible show of teamwork and resolve’.
June O’Sullivan, chief executive of LEYF, called Anjali’s response ‘a proud moment for the organisation’.
Mervelee Myers Comments: Just wondering what they are saying now that Neil King, Rashid Iqbal and Hilda Miller have resigned. Did they try everything possible to hang on to their jobs like I did because of the blacklisting and networking, like I had to endure the discrimination which resulted in the triggering of my childhood traumas into PTSD. I told Dilys Epton about my past and that work keep me going. So how many of those who resigned were pushed or did they jump? Please refer to Jyoti Sharma, Deputy Manager at BIB aka Jyoti Bhardwaj, Review with 2 others on LEYF website.     
Anjali has been managing for more than 20 years. She managed a local community nursery and then two social enterprise nurseries, including leading the first Outstanding nursery in Westminster and then opening the first House of Commons nursery.
Mervelee Myers Comments: I applied for HOC, but was not considered good enough. But as soon as they found themselves in problems, with high staff turnover. Due to the fact that staff have to be Security Cleared that’s when they were applying the contingent clause in the contract that is akin to Modern SLAVERY for me to go there in 2014, whilst I was worried about my MOTHER after I got back from Jamaica. So yes BIGOTS from, think they would not be found out. When they copied the Respondent Judgement after 5 months of confusions and posted it online. Now who is the Credible Witness
Her relationships with parents, who in the House of Commons setting in particular can come from all levels of society, are highly respectful and considerate, and she consistently displays her willingness to go the extra mile to ensure their needs are met in what can be a complex environment.
Anjali has been consistently praised for her confident and kind management style. Staff say she inspires them to work together as well as towards their own personal goals by encouraging and supporting each team member to look at ways to continuously develop practice, and by celebrating and showing gratitude for achievements. One team member said, ‘It is Anjali’s steadfast confidence in her team that motivates us all to always strive to be the best we can be.’
Anjali also has a reputation in the organisation for having established a ‘crèche for staff’, as her nurturing approach to professional development sees a large proportion of her team progress to senior positions in the organisation. Currently, four LEYF nursery managers are described as ‘ex-Anjali’.
Mervelee Myers Comments: The only one I know is Sharon Dhand, at Playhouse Nursery. But if her Statement in the Bundle of the 17th March 2015, is anything to go by. I am asking GOD to guide and protect every employee who have to work with her. Because she is lethal and if she makes up a story, you can end up fighting for your life. I am currently trying to clear my name and exonerate myself from the crap that the ET 3 Judges posted online about me. I have not worked since I resigned from LEYF on the 27th September 2015. I have a 6 line Reference after 6 years of working and a Long Service Awards given in October 2014 when LEYF was Nursery Chain of the Year. But if you read my stories on and, you will find out what LEYF is all about.  
The House of Commons nursery has no garden, so Anjali takes children to St James’s Park every day, no matter what the weather or circumstances.
Mervelee Myers Comments: From the time I was at HOC on the 17th-27th March 2015, I did not see her take any children to St James’ Park. Maybe whoever writes this, should have a rethink about how it can be miscontrued. I think it would resonate better with the reader if it reads that the staff at HOC take the children to the Park. This just reminds me of how Mr John Fenton tried confusing me from the first time he contacted me, and we meet at the ET on the 15th March 2016. Then it was the turn of Trainee Barrister Samantha Jones who confused the 3 Et Judges. And last but not least Obviously Bates Wells and Braithwaite think I was going to be intimidated by their threats after an absence of 2 years, when the confused judges posted the judgement online.
She also has a creative approach to play-led education. Natural resources and a sense of environmental responsibility have been a feature of the nursery for many years, since Anjali first introduced take-home bags of brown paper and Sellotape for fun time in the kitchen.
She also helps children succeed developmentally and educationally. One example is a child who was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, who through continued support left the nursery at the age of two able to walk and communicate thanks to regular physiotherapy and Makaton sign-language sessions.
Mervelee Myers Comments: My contributions to LEYF and all the other workplaces is a testiment to my work as an advocate of inclusion. I worked as the SENCO, EYFS Coordinator and was responsible for delivery of the CEO-MBE Multigenerational Working Approaches. Refer to PI: W3323643,  
Mervelee Myers Comments: All I am going to say about this in addition is that like what was posted online at, this is not the person I know during the 17th-27th March 2015. I will make sure the stories of how I was illtreated, less than an animal at BIB, HOC and New Cross are shared with the world. The HOC manager can explain to the world why she escorted me out of HOC on the 27th March 2015, stating I did not have a PASS and Security was on High Alert.
For all that LEYF Nurseries claim the 7 Witnesses know about me, I could have gone to HOC and done worse than what occured when Manager #AnjaliDeb_Mukherjee had to put her knowledge about the Contract that was not updated since #MERVELEEMYERS signed on the 7th October 2009, into putting LEYF into disrepute. Therefore LEYF have breached the Contract that they have with the UK Government. Because when Hilda Miller sent me to HOC, without the knowledge of Isabella Glen who was doing the investigations, they have concerns about my Mental Health becuase of allegations that were started by Benedicte Siewe at Remi’s wedding on the 4th January 2015. The evidence is in the Complainant and Respondent Bundles.
The ET Case Hearing lasted from the 28th February to 3rd March 2017 after it was adjourned because of the unprofessional conduct of Mr John Fenton and Ms Samantha Jones. Let the Powers that Be explain their actions.