Self-Management & Long Terms Health Conditions – Action Plan

Action Plan

For the next 6 weeks I am doing another training course, This time the training will help me to better manage and control my Disabilities and Progressive Health Conditions. Since I developed childhood traumas when my father was struck down with Parkinson’s disease, I have built up my resilence where giving up is not an option. Without knowing it, I also used early intervention strategies throughout my life to help me cope with my hidden disabilities. However sad to say, my hidden disabilities were triggered into Mental Health Conditions when I experienced bereavement and loss and was going through the menopause. Believe it or not, this was when I was finishing my studies with the Open University.  And working in a NHS workplace Early Years Setting at KINGS NHS Foundation Trust.

Move forward to the second time I have to represent myself at the against Like what the first union done to me, hence the miscarriage of justice. That resulted in me being part of when I had to resign so as not to deal with the STRESS. This time, is still taking my fees, and now trying to trick me to sign away my rights. But my disappointment was compounded when the ET 3 Judges took 5 months to copy and paste the Respondent Summary… And 3 days to post online at

I have to prepare an Action Plan as part of my trainings, therefore I think that since I started sharing the stories of my expeeriences and it is used on, then this is an opportunity to share my stories directly to support others. That’s why I want everyone who might one day find themselves in my situation to avail themselves of the information I am sharing about the impacts of toxic work environments. And the sanctioning of discrimination by those who think they are above the Rules of Law.  Those who abuse their power of authority set up colleagues against each other by making allegations for there to be toxic relationships. However those who are sanctioned to discriminate are themselves victims of those that develop psychopatic egos to divide and rule.

Facebook Transcript from 16th September 2016 – Fight4justice campaign – Edited

Can anyone tell me the reasons why some of US Black People let others tun us into Idiots? Now this is the story of 1 who has been programmed fi tun Traitor and I don’t know wat she expect fi get outa it… Imagine sumady come deliver message, pretend dem lef and gone and cum back later cum mek sum strange chat. Because I am Jamaican true and truthful I knew exactly wat just happened. I know the story about Bush have Ears, but is not Bush have Ears is Sumady stand up eina Bush a Listen. So I said enough, only fi di Idiot Sell out JA gal fi cum asks mi wat being Jamaican have to do with it…? So I told her I am More Jamaican than her because me Older than her.

So they get her involved in ordering me about and I told dem me tiyad a di 3rd Party sinting. The ting dat hot me di most is dish Idiot gal can’t even speak proper English and think English is adding an H at the beginning of every word that starts with A. Then have the gall come tell me not to speak in my JA accent. Me nuh know wey di Idiot did dey dat she nuh know bout Rastamouse? And a come tell me she haffi guh practice fi read it. Wat hat me di Fossy Face Gall never born a UK but JA and come yah when she a Big Woman. Face bleach off till it look like dem pickney when mi did a grow up who hab Fossy Foot. When dem rub/scratch di sore dem, dem bruise off and scab a grow back pon di Fossy Foot. Believe me a suh di face tan and it Sick stomach.

Me nuh know how further har stomach a guh up har face fi guh tell har how-di-do and not even celebs me nuh see wid dem kina stomach deh. Den di False Batty just a Push off and mi nuh know if she nuh realise everybaddy mouth a chat. Well I am making plans fi cum out lef dem place gi dem before she and dem KILL off My HUSBAND & I. So then the Evil 1 will have no one else fi tun pon but har rassclaat Fossy Face, Push Out Stomach False Arse & she will know how it feels to be on the receiving end.

She better believe I won’t give up my Rights as she is claiming and bring my CRB/DBS, guh gi dem. Suh she can carry on treat me like CRIMINAL by dem dictate. One day she will feel their hands but it will be too late. Pity she couldn’t get rid of the SLAVERY MENTALITY (SLAVERY ACT 1807 & Modern SLAVERY Act 2015) that she have to be Bleaching herself to tun like dem in colour and deeds.

And say dem a Christian! God going to punish all of them and they shall be rewarded by their deeds and work. God kept my TOM today & TOM is blessed so I will not have to go through the anguish of coming home to find him lifeless. I take my Papa & Mama as marks of how God treats His chosen People. I survived my ordeals and I will be there to show them what I am made of until I find a way out. But I’ll be sharing my Story with the World as Evil should not prosper

This morning for the 1st time in over a year my Tom has a HYPO- I was wavering my mind if I should call in or what. I quickly sorted him out, left him eating and rushed out. I was concerned because usually I’d not leave until he fully recovered. Got in explain to the Authoritarian that I needed to check on him, but she didn’t respond. I later reaffirmed I meant calling him to find out how he is, when I say check on him, just in case she thought I meant literally. I got a grunt as response Once more I was pushed from pillar to post and just got on with it

I was bolstering the morals of others who were been carried along with the tide. My stress incontinence is back,, I am trying to cope as best I can only to be told to Hurry up each time I need to go…, The levels of provocation been chucked in my face is more than I can bear and this would make any Christian cuss bad wuds. But still I’ll not yield to temptations but sing Christian Songs instead.

But what really got to me is the fact that I was not allowed the time to check my Husband to see how he was after I had to rush out and leave him. So imagine my state of mind them winding me up and trying to keep my focus and not think of what could have been? I never got to call Tom until 12.15. So I left the house at 7.00 and in between that time 12.15 I was scared stiff.

I got home from 1 staff meeting the day he locked himself out collecting a parcel. Luckily he was rescued by kind neighbours. This only left me to asks where is the HUMANITY in those gutless people who GOD has put in charge of US to torment US. That you can’t get even 5 minutes to check if your Husband is ok. Jackass say di world nuh level when some can get away with Slow MURDER of the Innocent,

This is the next story I’ll be writing because if Authoritarian can give you a Sanction that is so Soul Destroying that it leaves you feeling SICK when they don’t know nothing about you…,,,,,,,… And now have the nerves/gall to come now turn around saying how Experienced that person is…

I am in utter despair! That’s why I am dedicating my Action Plan to sharing my stories for others to benefit and don’t have their lives and health destroyed by the establishments and systems that collaborate with employers to DISCRIMINATE against employees. But then trying to turn us into the VOICELESS VICTIM because of our DISABILITIES.