A Matter Of Time

This is the Evidence that LEYF do not want the World to see. Well the world need to know about the DISCRIMINATION face by Mervelee Myers. Straight out of the Horses Mouth.
Julia Elizabeth Gould reviewed LEYF Nurseries – 1 star 25 March 2016 ·
I worked for this company for 2 1/2 years. I was grateful for them taking me on as a first job. But not for all the stress and health problems that came with it. I feel sorry for all the lady’s at my nursery who I left behind. (I have currently experienced PTSD dealing with the judgement that was posted online at https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016.
For a company who tells us to be brave, nurturing, inspiring and fun. How do you expect your staff to accomplish such things with all the over worked hours and piles of paper work that you so happily force upon them. We are there to nurture the children of the future but instead worry so much on how tidy the rooms are and how outstanding the learning journeys are. There is no time left in the day to nurture let alone have fun. (I would like for http://www.lefy.org.uk to share my contributions to making the Organisation a model of best inclusive practice whilst I worked at Luton Street. If not my life is an Open Book and my contributions are all over Social Media. In particular at https://www.facebook.com/public/Mervelee-Myers and http://www.google.com.)
Maybe now the company has stop concentrating so much at making more money by opening more and more nurseries you would take a step back and see the amount of stress and over worked your older nurseries have become. Maybe think about staffing them too, to lift the weight of over ratio’s and 25 key children per person would just be a start. (LEYF was too busy trying making out MERVELEE MYERS is UURICA-LE by sticking labels that can’t peel off unto me. They lost sight of the bigger picture and the rot set in when there were a spate of resignations starting with the Head of Children Services & Families in 2013. I have since found documentations to explain the the deciusions that were made)   
I watched a handful of good and honest members of staff leave the nursery I worked at and finally came to the breaking point of where I ( at the age of 21) had to leave for my own health. (Please now go and do the research and you will find out what LEYF done to me from I returned from burying my MOTHER and transferred to BIB, HOC and New Cross. But yet they have associates, {that will be named} to cover up their breaching of the Rules of Law.)
Now can I ask the Employment Tribunal 3 Judges to examine their conscience about how they went about affirming the DISCRIMINATION by LEYF Nurseries? Honestly I am a generous person, but if anyone is going to join to left me vulnerable the way I have been since returning from burying my MOTHER… I am going to act and revert to the PTSD of Self-Preservations that I managed with my #EarlyInterventionStrategies from Puberty.
Ingrid Curuvija Townsend reviewed LEYF Nurseries – 1 star 29 August at 18:38 ·
The staff turnover at marks gate has been awful causing so many other issues. Does nobody look at the effects of one person leaving before making the decision to move another 3? Now the deputy manager will also be leaving and she is the only person that reassured us during all of these changes that remained consistent and was always someone we could talk to. The children are unsettled and as a parent I feel awful leaving my child in the care of strangers I get my husband to pick up and drop off most days as I get too upset with all the chaos in the nursery.
(Just go back and look at my correspondences with LEYF, BWB http://www.bwbllp.com, http://www.voicetheunion.org.uk, http://www.express.org.uk, http://www.gov.uk/Number10 and the LondonSouthET@hmcts.@gsi.gov.uk to name a few about my concerns. This was yet after appearing in Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research and her making recommencations to http://www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers.
All is needed is for the Employment tribunal 3 Judges to listen to the 7 Witnesses between the 28th February – 3rd March 2017 to understand what my Witness Statement was about. Everything is in my BUNDLE, that the Barrister #SamanthaJones did not want to be used as evidence. 
Now it is left to people who have come into my life and is trying to help me rebuild on online business http://www.peachespublications.co.uk. And http://www.ryanclement.com/. Without them I might probably have become the stastictics in http://www.hctgroup.org 1 in 5 suicides are associated with unemployment. Yet there are some who are so SCARED to speak out against the Modern SLAVERY Practices the LEYF operate.   
Jyoti Sharma reviewed LEYF Nurseries – 1 star 12 March ·
I said Goodbye to LEYF couple of weeks ago but I feel that I left my mission unaccomplished and I am still struggling to overcome the LEYF addiction I have, however I do feel that by moving on I have done one of the best things for my overall well being.
(Jyoti is so right, and I do admire the fact she realise what was happening before it was too late. However, I did not have much of a choice, from when I take the stance not to be DISCRIMINATED against at KINGS. Thats when I was let down by the Establishments and Systems I thought were in place to support, advice and protect me from the way I was left for my ChildhoodTraumas to be triggered into PTSD, each time I experienced bereavement and loss that were responsible for my Hidden Disabilities.)
Leyf is an organisation which has high aspirations and to achieve these aspirations LEYF likes to push its staff as much as it can without sorting the issues or giving them enough support etc. Staff at Leyf get dead busy and no extra help or time is offered to them to manage the enhanced work load. As a deputy manager I had so much to do with out having any admin day or some time off the room. I was working as a deputy, a Senco, was in the ratio 5 days a week, had key children, doing extra hours, deputy’s extra work and 3 hours a day commuting and on top of all this putting up a bully chef. I was also put in the ratio when manager was absent which also put extended pressure on the staff when I had to leave room.
No doubt Staff will find themselves unable to cope with added pressure. They are already under huge pressure as due to large number of agency staff and few apprentices they end up having 15 to 20 key children each. (I used to do the job of 3 staff from I started with LEYF, but I was used to it, because of my own personal experiences of studies and being an informal carer from the age of 7 years old).
Eventually passionate staff who want to do a good job get stressed, frustrated and drained and finally bound to leave (Refer to the ET Case Mervelee Myers v LEYF Case Number: 2300047/2016).
Unpassionate staff also leave due to separate reasons. In addition to fix the staff problems which I mentioned above another important thing LEYF must do is to upskill and empower their management team as they are directly responsible for staff well-being for example I had to put up a bully chef which affected my mental state (The ET turn around after I was asked to provide Medical Reports, saying I did not have DISABILITIES. But more worrying was the fact my RACISM claims was strike out repeatedly) to the extent that it nearly put me off coming to work every morning and myself (deputy manager) and the manager could not address this effectively and fairly I believe due to lack of confidence and skill or may be sometimes management’s habit or a will to ignore issues like this but who paid the price undoubtedly me.
There are job competencies there for the staff which every one needs to meet but they are just a piece of paper. This ‘Chef’ does not meet any of these competencies, intimidates the staff however still comfortably working at LEYF under the nose of even Area manager who is (I hope so) well aware of his day to day actions.
(Just a little information about the Area Manager that Jyoti mentioned, she is no longer with LEYF. But first she was transferred from South London after complaints that Jyoti has referred to, to Barking and Dagenham. But the same thing happened when she was threatened with a beating like what happened in South London. The Head of Children Services is no longer with LEYF and so are many of whom were the antognists who first started when the DISCRIMINATION was santioned. I will be calling for an Inquiry in the operations of LEYF from whenever time they decided to change the Model to a Money Making Machine instead of the intended Early Years Provisions of the Pioneers of a 100+ years ago)
Thanks #JyotiBhardwaj for listening to your conscience and putting this out there in the Public Domain. I know most of what happened to me at BIB was sanctioned. Wishing you well in all your future endeavours. If I was that person who LEYF Nurseries tried making me out to be, I would not have spared the time to induct and advice you. Please contact me if you can?