The Voiceless Vulnerable

Blog 1 7th September 2017

How the Voiceless Vulnerable are the Victims of the Criminal Justice System: The Employment Tribunals – From a Personal Perspective by Mervelee Myers.

Philosopher George Santayana “Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it”.

I arrived in the UK from Jamaica in June of 1992, after first coming here on a 6 months visa prior to that. During my first visit, I was told to breach the terms and conditions of the Immigration Laws and overstay my welcome. But knowing me best, I refuse, because I know how different I was/am from everyone else. My personal disposition as a sufferer of chronic anxiety due to the childhood traumas meant I would not be able to cope, with looking over my shoulders. This was brought closer to home one morning when there was an alarm at the Early Morning Cleaning Job. I had managed to get the job to tide me over so I could have some money to take back home with me. There was utter panic and pandemonium, with mostly everyone ducking and diving and running for cover. As soon as there was the mention of the imminent visit of the Immigration Officers.

The reasons are that some of the workers were either illegal immigrants or visitors on holidays, like myself who is not supposed to be working. But to me it was not a crime to earn money legitimately no matter what the law may state otherwise. Further reading you will understand why I have taken this stance. As I grew up in a home where my Father thought it was immoral to gamble or for me to play any games as a child that might influence me to turn to gambling later. Here also is where I was to become the person who is not afraid to question GOD and have an argument with Him about my Family struggles. However I was never in trouble with the law before. But I was reported to the Police for hitting my first son’s dad with a stone when I was pregnant with my second child.

Since arriving in the UK, however I have heard stories about detainees, questioned by Immigration Officers when I received persons in the UK. Attended court with my husband as a witness when he was charged with motoring offences. Was present when my friend was taken into detention at the Brixton Police Station. Considered myself lucky that I had just received the documents for my stay of leave in the UK, and taken them to be photocopied. Therefore I can attest to the fact that I have always been keeping a Defensive Practice all my life by making records of my thoughts and experiences whenever possible. I identify this to be defensive practice with my studies at the Open University later. When my friend was detained, it was left to me to find her other friends to come to her support.

Suffice it to say we have fallen out on a few occasions, but the last time I was experiencing DEPRESSION in 2011, brought on by the actions of my employers. I was the only person/staff shortlisted for the post of Lead Early Years Practitioner, EYFS, but not considered good enough despite my contributions to the organisation over the years. I had applied for the job after I was told about it at the annual LEYF Conference after coming back from holidays, otherwise I would not have known it was advertised. That’s why I will reflect on the same matters to do with recruitment as this also happened at another workplace. My life is on Social Media, therefore it should not be hard, verifying my story. I went into a meltdown, but because I made commitments to my friend, I did not want to let her down.

But what she done to me was the ultimate betrayal. I have not spoken to her since, except to out her on Facebook as not a nice person. Most if not all my angst against anyone from Families to foes to the Employment Tribunal is documented on Social Media. Because I refuse to be the Voiceless Vulnerable and suffer in silence like my MOTHER did. I prefer to do what the Daily Express columnist states, “Tech Don’t Lie” so I can make reference to it later as part of my defensive practice. I have been dealing with betrayals from I arrived in the UK and I accepted that I will have to learn to cope as best I can. Because I discovered I was/is only used as convenience by my ex and others over the years. I experienced Domestic Violence and had to get the Police involved, when I was locked out of my home, by my ex who was a Controlling Freak.

The final straw came when I was physically abused one evening after work, soon after coming back from holidays, and I noticed that over the years, the discrimination have taken the same patterns. I nearly become a statistics of domestic violence, as I was later featured in an Impact Report about suicides. If my sister-in-law was not present, I would probably not be here telling tales of my experiences facing discrimination in the UK. I am this kind of person that once I get started defending my rights, there is no way I am stopping, even when threatened with death. I had to run out in the rain to seek shelter at the Police Station in Brixton, to avoid the wraths of my ex. My son-in-law came to get me and take me to his home, and that is proof that despite what anyone wants to say about me.

I will not allow them to pin labels unto me, making me a caricature of their egoist psychopathic minds. Strangely enough I was attending the AOUG Awards and Lecture on the 2nd October 2015, after I resigned from LEYF. The lecture was “Neurosciences and the Law” and I was hit like a bolt of lightning out of the blue, realising that I endured the same thing from after I returned from burying my mother. I have moved on from when my insecurities meant that I was always seeking approvals from others. Getting counselling at the Maudsley Hospital on the advice of the Occupational Health Doctor, stating that I needed cognitive behavioural therapy, to find out why I react to certain situations the way I do. Has been the best remedy to help me identify the reasons for my childhood traumas and PTSD, from the time my Father was struck down with Parkinson’s.

That’s why I made the decisions not to go back to my husband despite his pleadings and begging’s for another chance to make amends. A leopard do not change its skin. I ended up in the Refuge at Southwark Charity (see documents). Despite my ordeals at the time, I managed to hold down my 2 jobs. I carried on doing the Early Morning Cleaning at Diageo Offices in Oxford Street and my full time job as a Nursery Officer at William Wilberforce, Lambeth Walk Day Nursery. I was the Room Leader for the Toddlers, and one of my colleagues was Joelle Lax, a teenager. Joelle Lax was to later play critical roles in my life, saving me from dismissal when discrimination caused me to be fretting that I would not pass the Probationary at Fitzrovia Community Nursery because of Interim Manager Maria Goncalves and Area Manager Maria Freeman.

But Joelle vouched for my professionalism and I was transferred to Luton Street where I got the opportunity to develop my Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan (CPPDP) from April 2010 to 22nd July 2014. Later you will see how people can change to fit the dictates of the psychopaths who are the powers that be in all echelons of society from the top of UK Government structures to the bottom of the chains of commands in the workplaces. As a result of my experiences with my ex, Victim Support was involved. The Police advised and wanted me to take actions against my ex, but I refused. I was given a Case Worker when I was in the Refuge and given advice about how best to protect myself. I am grateful for the advice because that helped me enormously when I was going through my divorce.

For some reasons I am not viewed as a credible witness, and I think I have to reflect on why my friend Sharon told me that I should not tell the truths in the UK, because they don’t believe the truths, only the lies. Because somehow I find that to be the case from the time my money was fraudulently taken from my account and transferred to a New Account in a matter of days, no questions asked. Yet the Banks: Barclays and Halifax prefer to treat me like I am/was a criminal. Then when the Police were involved, they too treated me like a criminal. As I said I have been involved with the Police and the Criminal Justice System in a number of ways and actually stand bail for my friend’s daughter. Attended the station to apply for my Police Check before the advent of the CRB/DBS.

But I don’t know what it is about me that they do not understand, maybe my assertiveness, when I am right, or the fact that I will keep on fighting until they acknowledge their mistakes? Or as I realise some are now saying, I look too simple to be as knowledgeable as I am proving to be in breaking down barriers and standing up to the bullies with my Fight4justice campaign. I am also challenging others, using the tools that are available with the advent of Social Media.  Before I had to flee from my home, I had actually registered with Lambeth Council because of my ex irrational behaviours towards me. He also refused to include me like putting my name on the Tenancy Agreement. Then when he brought the property, he did not include me and got me to sign some documents that I don’t even think were legal.

When I became homeless, despite me being on the Council Register for Housing, I did not meet the criteria. That’s how I ended up in the Refuge in Southwark. I confessed to my Best Friend before that I don’t think I could survive on my own, because I had lived a sheltered life. The fact that I lived with chronic anxiety that I called my Parkinson’s meant I always relied on others, for fair of failure. I later discovered after counselling that I have some dyslexic traits, so gradually I am putting a name to some of the disability conditions that plagued me from puberty, until the time I transferred back to South London where it all began at KINGS. Therefore I have this phobia going back to my childhood about the kinds of allegations that were made against me as soon as I returned from burying my mother.

But I will always be thankful for Southwark Women’s Aid, the Charity that took me under their care. Because by December 2000, I secured my own home from Housing for Women. I was also lucky I got some furnishing for my home from them. But I moved into the flat with its 4 walls, because I would have had to pay rent for 2 places, otherwise. I have to thank GOD for people with good hearts who are part of my support network. GOD promised in the Bible never to leave us alone and delivered on that promise time and time again. Because there is always someone to help me throughout the transitional developments. This started with my Primary School Teacher, Ms Una Perry, who taught me how to develop the resilience that I would need to survive in a world where there is not much tolerance for those who are different.

Today, 7th September 2017, as I am celebrating the 25th birthday of my nephew JEVON Nembhard who was born premature after I left Jamaica for the UK. I know I will have to continue my Fight4justice campaign breaking down barriers. Despite the terrible experiences that triggered and exacerbated my Hidden Disabilities into the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have to be thankful to GOD for people who He provides to continue helping me throughout my transitional journeys, thus far. That’s why I have to continue living my life as an example to the old fashioned values and beliefs by which I was raised. I was witness at 2 weddings and attended others. When I was in the Refuge, I’d spend time at my friend’s home, because we remain friends to this day, even when she moved to live in the USA.

She’d cook for me and help me to care for my hair that I’d started growing natural again. It was at her home that I realised that I have long hair. Although I was told this fact by my sister-in-law, I have long hair, I had no memory of it. But I recall the story that I had long hair and it was cut off by the lady in whose care, I was left. This was on the assumption that my hair was responsible for my lack of growth and development. I was gobsmacked by the length of my hair, so I have the photos to prove it. It happened that I got my flat in Bermondsey. My friend advise me to order my bed. In the meantime I have to improvise, making my bed on the floor, until the one I ordered arrived. My next door neighbour, GOD RIP her soul, introduced herself and take me under her wings.

So I give her keys and she made sure I was looked after when I am at work or have anything else that need taking care of in my absence. It later turned out that she too experienced Mental Health Conditions and was homeless. We shared so many things in common and were of similar dispositions, down to our birth signs of Taurus. That’s why I was/am still angry at the way she was treated was treated by Social Services, and left to die on her own. My husband and I and the neighbours put out every efforts to get her the help she needed by providing the support network that we could. But at the same time I was mindful of respecting her wishes to have her dignity to come to terms with whatever she was dealing with at the time. Her death leave me thinking about what my old folks said, government don’t care how you live, but want to know how you die.

Another sad indication that nothing much have changed from then to now. That’s why after the SLAVERY ACT 1807, there is a Modern SLAVERY Act 2015. Yet in 2017 the Employment Tribunals can preside over another miscarriages of justice, because there are BIGOTS who will judge people because of their RACE and having DISABILITIES. Despite there is an Equality Act 2010. Attending the African & Caribbean War Memorial “Remembering the Forgotten” at Windrush Square, reminded me about meeting Mr George Walters in Brixton years ago. I am privileged to see him out and about and hearing him telling his stories about his experiences in Jamaica and the UK. I like this quote and is representatives of what Mr George Walters is continuing in leaving a legacy. “Until the lion learns to write, the hunter will always tell the story” Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE.

People have been kind to me most of the time, but you have to look out for the haters and the trolls, and I have been getting them on Social Media. They will hate you for no reasons at all, and now I will add my 2 former employers and the Employment Tribunals to the list. I qualified at Lambeth College after trying my hands at different work and studies to see where I could fit in. When I finished the Care Assistant trainings, I went back to the Contract Cleaning, because I couldn’t stomach what I had to do to caring for the elderly residents at the Residential Care Home to do the practical to pass the studies. I put all this down to my early experiences at home, helping my mother to care for my father and grandma. That’s why I am convinced after hearing about mama’s life story from her Best Friend and getting counselling that mama experienced a number of Mental Health Conditions.

Knowing more about myself since getting counselling, I realised that her own personal experiences made her who she was. A strong woman who did not let anything get in her way of caring for her family, even at the expense of her own happiness. But she was a survivor and giving up was not an option. I am proud to say I am like my mother and grandma rolled into one. At one of my placements, at Turney Special Needs School, the teacher was impressed with me. But I couldn’t take up the offer to apply for the job because I know that I’d not be able to cope emotionally because of my childhood trauma. I got my first job out of Lambeth College, as a Room Leader. I liaise with professionals when I mentored students on placements. At times I see some of those who I mentored who came on placement or whilst I was at Lambeth College.

They made progress in their career, but where am I in mine? I was always on the lookout for the ideal job and thought I’d found it at KINGS. I’d work as a Preschool Leader at Support Network, but that was to prepare me for the future. I had interview with OFSTED, when gaps were identified and I’d done the trainings as part of my Professional Development Plan (PDP). I have not stopped researching and updating my knowledge since. I came face to face with putting the theories I’d learn at Lambeth College into the practical aspects of working. I received a Student of the Year Awards and top marks for my Community Assignment. My Community Assignment was based on my own personal experiences from puberty, dealing with the transitional development of childhood traumas. I did not achieve my full potentials as a result throughout my schooling.

This led to even further difficulties when I become a parent during my teenage years. I experienced even more stigma, stereotyping and labelling when my son was misdiagnosed by the professionals. The professionals who did not take any account of me as my child’s parent and first educator who knows more about him than anyone else. So he was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities. And I was left with more worries about my failures to prevent the cycle of what I considered my bad luck to be the one who inherited my family deficits and limitations. The result is I made decisions not to have any more children after having the 2 that were not planned for. I also have this phobia that as an only girl, I was destined to inherit all the health conditions that would leave me ending up like my father.

So yes I was curious yet passionate at the time about enhancing my knowledge about Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND). Therefore it was no surprise when I was reading the Nursery World Magazine article about Autism Spectrum Disorder. By so doing I could relate what I read to the behaviours of a child in the Preschool. From then I set to work applying knowledge from studies at Lambeth College, my own personal experiences and experiences gained from placement and in particularly Turney Special Needs School to justifying my practice. I was able to provide information to the parents and other professionals, involved with his education on care. The child’s mother was a student and was not even aware about the child’s needs until I worked in partnership, providing the information to help her in getting the child the support that was needed.

I was only involved with children with SEND at Turney Special Needs School, whilst on placement. I come across children with behavioural and skin conditions of eczema at William Wilberforce Lambeth Walk Day Nursery. But at KINGS, when the matters of the implementation of the EYFS came into perspectives that I was empowered to apply my knowledge to promoting inclusion. More so in 2004 when I started studies with the Open University, I was privileged to finally get to study at a higher level. My Primary School Teachers, and Ms Una Perry in particular, identified my potential from an early age. My Secondary School Teachers and Mr Felix Rose in particular knew I had it in me and he encouraged me not to give up, when I got pregnant before finishing school. All my teachers at Secondary School were surprised about my educational levels from I started in 1972.

I had passed Bible Knowledge with credit from Primary School. But childhood trauma meant I developed my hidden disabilities and could only function in the background after that. When I went to do the test for entry to Lambeth College I applied for a lower level, but was advised to take on higher levels studies. My tutors saw my potentials and encouraged me to go to University. My peers were grateful for my support, helping them with their studies saying I was able to break the lessons down for them to understand. I have been mentoring, editing and supporting others since to achieve their goals in life. Because I believe if one have talents they should be used for the benefits of others and not to be hidden away, like the Bible story. Some of my tutors even told me I could be a writer from the way I write about my experiences in my assignments, relating them to everyday life.

When I started studies with the Open University, the ups and downs at KINGS are documented so I won’t go into too much details here and now. Excepting to say my ideal job that I thought would be the place where I intended to retire from or return home to Jamaica, turned out to be one of the worst nightmares I’d encountered. This was where any hopes of moving up the career ladder ended. If in doubt about my credibility as a witness, please read Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds for the Policy Studies Institute to understand why. Dr Hudson made recommendations for ACAS, which I doubt were ever reviewed or implemented.

Otherwise I doubt whether I would be having the same kinds of problems with the Employment Tribunal Systems years later. After the experiences in 2 workplaces that are similar to each other, I am left to come to only one conclusion. History repeating itself leaves me with no other alternatives but to start making comparisons with my experiences from I arrived in the UK, in 1992. I was in a magazine when I worked at Asquith Court Stockwell. The next time I appeared in the South London Press in 2004 for no other reasons than the Financial Institutions, Barclays and Halifax thought that I was going to be easy game for them to hoodwink. So I take them to the Financial Ombudsman Services to get back what was rightfully mine.

I have records of some unsavoury happenings at KINGS including my diagnosis of Chronic Anxiety from the Landor Road Surgery. Yet when it was crunch time, the GP refused to give me a Medical Report and was just so nasty, joining in with the discrimination at the NHS – KINGS. I contacted UNISON about my situation that was causing me much concerns, and at first they were supportive and then abandoned me on my own. The same thing happened with the HR Department from where I sought support. Southwark Council SEND Section and the Local Safeguarding Board done the same. OFSTED was no different because I did not have a status and even the OFSTED Inspector must have seen me as a threat when I reported my concerns. However OFSTED did not think twice about using one of my key children who I used as Case Study as their Parents Information.

Here again is more proof that one cannot tell by just looking with the naked eyes, because one case scenario do not fit all. SEND is such a wide and complicated matter, as the same can be said for disabilities, both mental and physical. That’s why I wanted to get my SEND Teachers Qualification, as discussed with 2 eminent professors: Chris Pascal and Tony Bertram at Middlesex University on the 19th September 2015. This was the day after LEYF had a meeting at New Cross, plotting how to get rid of me. Because all the discrimination from I got back from burying my mother did not work. So the machinery went into full to discredit me at KINGS as during the time I was finishing my studies, my brother was struck down with illness. What happened is that the PTSD that affected me with the illnesses and deaths in my family resurface when they started making allegations against me.

I could not recognise the person they were accusing me of becoming, getting my colleagues and parents to make the allegations. Thinking I must be going mad, and fearful that I might end up like my breda, committing criminal offence and dying in prison, I self-referred to Occupational Health. I was pass fit to go back to work, but matters got even worse and after been admitted to the Accident & Emergency at KINGS with palpations and panic attacks from work, I couldn’t take any more and resigned.  I took my case to the Employment Tribunals and the rest is history as can be seen by Dr Maria Hudson research. The solicitors Capsticks are some of the most corrupted, unscrupulous professionals I have encountered in my life. Thereafter I encountered blacklisting and networking that was to end my career.

Every Local Educational Authority must have been involved. I reached rock bottom, applying for and going to one interviews after another. The penny dropped one day when I was asked at one of the interviews if I was applying for lots of jobs. But still I carried on, some would offer me interviews and called to cancel at the last moment. I went to some interviews where I got no feedback or some could not give me an honest answer about why I did not get the job. My Mental Health Conditions got worse and I reached rock bottom several times, suffering in silence, but was offered a lifeline with a job in Peckham. But as soon as I helped to sort out the place, as was the norm with each job I take on. I noticed the manager whom I had supported from the time at KINGS when she was forced to leave because of her ambitions, started treating me even worse than we were treated at KINGS.

So I started thinking where I was going to turn to, to get out of yet another toxic work environment with toxic relationships that were not good for me. But once more my kindness to others came when my former colleague at KINGS told me that LEYF was recruiting. The manager at Peckham told her I graduated from the OU and she needed help with her studies, so she came to my house. I told her about the way I was been treated by the manager and she told me to apply at LEYF. I applied and the rest is history, as I knew I got the job before the interview was finished. That’s why LEYF will not be getting away scotch free with what they have done to me with the repeating of history. I have since come to the conclusions that unions, solicitors, CAB/Legal Advisors, ACAS, Employment Tribunals are all the same when it comes to been unprofessional.

Reading David Lammy MP Review of Racial Bias and BAME representation in the Criminal Justice System reinforces my arguments about how the Employment Tribunals dealings with employees especially if we are vulnerable, because of my RACE and having DISABILITIES, can impact on the outcome of cases. I have had to deal with VOICE, BWB, Nursery World Magazine, HCT Group, et al during my F4j campaign with LEYF. HCT even made me part of the statistics in their Impact Report 2016, 1 in 5 suicides are associated with unemployment after refusing me the opportunity to do the Mentoring Trainings. When I done the Learning Support Assistant (LSA) training I could not get a placement in a Primary School. I done the National Youth Service Apprenticeship as a Teaching Assistant in Primary School in Jamaica. I was also a Basic School Teacher.

I decided to retrain to get back into employment, doing the LSA training after Career Advice from David Chapman from the Department of Education. I contacted PM David Cameron via one of 4 Open Letters about my plight at LEYF. Yet Southwark SEND Section thought I was going to allow them to make demands with threats for me to send my work that I had done when I volunteered with Resources for Autism.  It was only because of working in partnership with the volunteer family that I was introduced to the child’s School to help them with the Education and Care Plan for her Statutory Assessments. I have worked in partnerships with Darvell School Community Playthings, but they too treated me like I am nobody at the request of LEYF no doubt. That’s why I am ending with the Employment Tribunals that have affirmed the discrimination by LEYF.

My RACISM claims were strike out repeatedly. I copied them into the breaches of Mr John Fenton whom it turned out was not trained as a lawyer. They tried stitching me up about the Telephone Conciliation, so I resorted to documenting everything as I could see the road down which they were heading. They offered me £58,000.00 with the intentions to take it back from me, but I refused to take the baits. Refer to the Daily Express headlines

That’s why I will be doing my writing, exposing the ET, the DWP, the HMRC and any other Government Departments, establishments and systems that have colluded to leave me in the predicament that I have been in from the time I returned from burying my MOTHER.  The ET can take 5 months to decide on the judgement and 3 days to post online at https:

Since they don’t want me to work, I will make work for myself.


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