How The Vulnerable Are Tricked!

Mervelee Myers

Bates Wells & Braithwaite London LLP

10 Queen Street Place

London EC4R 1BE

27th December 2016 & updated 8th September 2017

Dear Sir/Madam

I would just like to take this opportunity as a matter of curtesy to acknowledge the fact that despite London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) trying to mislead you into taking up their case against me, you did not. I am thankful that you did see sense and identified the discrepancies in their arguments that caused you to send out email/letter to me on the 24th September 2015. Otherwise your Law Firm might be forever linked to the incompetent, corrupt and unprofessional organisation that (LEYF) has become since late 2013 or there about? Now that I have come to the end of the ET Case and received the judgement at I know exactly how unscrupulous are those in Power of Authority that I thought were there to protect vulnerable employees. And I will have to let you know I think BWB is no better in light of the letter that was sent to me on the 16th August 2017. Therefore I am putting all correspondences in the Public Domain, so the world can see what I am up against.

In retrospect, I wrote an “Open Letter” in October 2015, one of four that were also sent to the UK Government at The Union VOICE at The Daily Express Newspaper at because I contributed to the Mental Health CRUSADE and seek their advice about my situation at work in confidence. Although there were no acknowledgement of the letter and the attachments, I am satisfied that my arguments were taken into considerations why services were withdrawn from (LEYF). I sent in the second correspondences after learning that my email was used for online DBS application which was withdrawn. I still did not get any response.

I was sent an introductory email on the 09th March 2015 by Mr John Fenton re: Agenda For Case Management At Preliminary Hearing as the Defence representing (LEYF). When I meet Mr Fenton on the 15th March 2015 and he asked for a consultation after the Hearing, the first thing I asked about was (LEYF) Solicitors at that contacted me on the 24th September 2015. He failed to address my query, and brushed the matter aside. This would turn out to be how Mr John Fenton go about the Employment Tribunal matters until the 21st December 2016 when he admitted that he is not a Solicitor and has never told anyone he is. At the same time telling me that he would have to make an offer of £3,000.00 of the original £4,000.00 because cost was going up. He asked the ET to release me from the Court Orders Oath, so they could try to trick me into signing my rights over to them, and that’s what he told me in the presence of the persons who accompanied me to the ET. Then he said he was not aware about the offer of £58,000.00 in the Telephone Conciliation. And yes I was tricked about the TC until I had to get in touch with the ET about the arrangements.

Mr John Fenton left me with the impressions that he is a Solicitor and in my correspondences, I refer to him as the “Respondent’s Solicitors”. You might be wondering the reasons why I am contacting you about this matter. I am trying to make this as specific to the point, because you were the first to contact me re my grievances with (LEYF). I have since been using your information in my Fight4justice campaign on Social Media. And owing to information that recently came to light, I would like to make an attempt to correct any misrepresentations of the facts I placed in the public domain. Owing to the facts of the deceits of with email of the 16th August 2017, I want the PUBLIC to be aware of the nature of the indirect discrimination that I am facing from all quarters because LEYF have friends in high places and can pull the wool over the eyes of even the ET.

In the future even if I decided to mention Bates Wells Braithwaite, I will ensure that the public is aware that the company acted professionally in all matters dealing with the correspondences during the time you represented (LEYF) so there are no ambiguities in the role you played.  As yet I still do not possess the legal knowledge or expertise to carry out the work of representing myself that was forced on me since 27th September 2015, when I resigned. I am just learning willy-nilly, as I go along, and that’s why I think I will be trying to go into ADVOCACY, because I have met so many former employees with similar experiences to mine. Now I am letting BWB know that since they did not acknowledge my correspondences, it must be taken that they were not in aggreement with the statement that they acted professionally. Therefore I will have to show the world, by sharing so they know that there are unprofessionals like BWB that are willing to drive a person with my disabilities to commit suicide. HCT Group at already have me down in the Impact Report as a statistic of 1 in 5 suicides are associated with unemployment. When you consider I told HR Dilys Epton about my PTSD caused from my Father’s illness from early which left him unable to work and caused me to become PARANOID of not been able to work to provide for my needs. I know for a fact that’s why my FILE is taken away to use the information to use my VULNERABILITY to destroy me and my dependents. Refer to the eamil to HR Dilys Epton dated 14th March 2015.

I have been dealing with Mr John Fenton from 9th March 2016 as (LEYF) Solicitor. However even I was perplexed by some of the things he’d done as the case progressed. Without prejudice I am sure I was doing a better job preparing my case from the beginning than he was doing. We were in court for 20 – 22nd December 2016 hearing, with the Respondent Barrister Ms Jones. Like Mr Fenton told me when he decided he wanted to talk, he was there to advise me, offering me a Commercial Settlement.

Mr Fenton said he knew I could not deal with the STRESS of going to court, so I asked if he’d seen my FILE. The only place Mr Fenton could have got information about my disabilities is from my FILE that was withheld from me before I left Luton Street Community Nursery on the 22nd July 2014. Despite making attempts to collect it, I was never successful. I left (LEYF) employment without getting access to my FILE in the end. I already know how unscrupulous Solicitors and Unions work, because this is the second time I am encountering such practices. That’s why they will not be allowed to get away this time round, as I am empowering myself to expose them for what they are.

Well Ms Jones introduced herself as (LEYF) Barrister, but saying she was there to advise me, just like Mr Fenton did at our first meeting. The pattern was a well establish one, if I was gullible enough to take the bait. She said the offer was still on the table, but the case would be struck out. Ms Jones admitted to the courts she did not prepare the case, my witness statements was packed with lies and I did not comply with the Judge’s Orders, so it was waste of time and money and she did not want me to question the witnesses. I might ask questions that are irrelevant. Yet Mr Fenton is the one who did not comply with the Judge’s Orders as can be seen from my correspondences that I copied the ET into each time. I was expected to remember every single details, despite the whole world knowing that I CANNOT function under PRESSURES and I know the triggers for my disabilities. Yet the 7 Witnesses were exempted because Ms Jones who did not prepare a case got her wishes. I would like it be known that all Ms Jones did throughout was redicule me about my disabilities – STRESS INCONTINENCE and my need to use the toilet.

When the judges did not strike the case out, the Barrister claimed she was not feeling well. She later asked my Step-Son if he had legal trainings. The next day I turned up at court and the Barrister was absent. The clerk of the courts told me she called in saying that she have contagious sickness from yesterday and her doctor placed her under quarantine, not to leave home for forty eight (48) hours. The case was adjourned but not before I was once again gagged by (LEYF). However I complied on the grounds that the gagging could only start on the 21st December 2016, because I have materials in CyberSpace that I can’t retrieve. Ms Jones acted unprofessionally pulling a SICKIE that the ET called her unfortunate illness. But they could not see my urgent need to use the loo when I asked to go, because I could not hold it. Also there were 3 Medical Reports from the Judges Orders and the Occupational Health Doctor’s. Dr Crawford advised me to seek Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to find out why I react to certain situations the way I do. I got counselling at So I can’t understand what else I was supposed to have done to prove my disabilities. Maybe save the clothes that I leaked in for the ET?

The lifting of the “OATH” was so that (LEYF) could get to talk to me to try give up and sign my rights over to them. In the process that’s when Mr John Fenton said he is not a Solicitor and has never told anyone that he is. He seems to have developed the same memory loss he mentioned in the ET3 form about me. Now I realise why the Barrister came to court without preparing the case and continuing with the discrimination started on the 23rd July 2014 when I transferred to BIB. I am just giving prior warnings why I might have to refer to the correspondences of the 24th September 2015 to defend myself in court and in the public domain.

I set up my Fight4justice Page and intends to branch out into Advocacy after the case is finished on the 3rd March 2017. I am hoping to refer to the company as operating under the remit of the International Rules of Law, Country Legislations and Codes of Practices and Conducts in turning down (LEYF) as a client. I am sure I will not be doing any such thing in the light of the unprofessional actions of the 16th August 2017. And BWB still don’t have the decency to acknowledge receipt of my correspondence. All BWB intended to do was to harass, bully and intimidate me, but I will be fighting to the death. If it become too much for me to bear and I can’t take no more. I will make sure the world know of all who are responsible as I told HR Dilys Epton in my email of the 14th March 2015

Once again thanks for listening to me and giving me a voice to tell my side of the story before jumping to conclusions when no one else would, because I am not a legal entity. But now the ET states in the judgement that Legal Entity do not discriminate, people do. Well I want the world to know who are the people that discriminate against me at LEYF and their associates from the 23rd July 2014. It is online at When the ET judges without prejudice take 5 months to copy and paste LEYF Summary and post online in 3 days. Yet when I called the ET to find out what was happening with the case I was given excuses about lack of resources and heavy workloads. That’s why there will be more Stephen Lawrence, Soham School Girls, the Dunblane School, Megan’s Law, Victoria Climbie, Milly Dowler, Damilola Taylor, Baby Peter and the Grenfell Tower.

I am eternally grateful and will continue to be proactive in using my experiences in helping righting the social injustice and inequalities perpetuated against the vulnerable employees by employers like (LEYF). Now I would like to refer BWB to Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12 – The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds. ACAS: and By now BWB must that I will not be promoting the company as professionals to be emulated throughout the rest of my campaigns. Because they have shown by the way they go about the indirect discrimination that they are worse than vultures waiting on me to die by committing suicide, hench the harassment, bullying and intimidation.

But yet when I use the only means availbale to stop myself committing CRIMINAL OFFEBCES, I was penalised by the ET. I would like the Public to help me to show that I only became the person discribed online by the ET after I got back from buring my MOTHER, transferred to BIB and the plots started to DISMISS me from my job. Barrister Samantha Jones keep saying it at the ET, the same way she keeps reading out the Facebook post that I’d written as a result of the passive aggressive behaviours to stop me getting in trouble by committing criminal offences. I want others to decide when I became that person who was struggling to save myself from the PTSD caused by LEYF and the associates. Lets see who is honest enough to find the truths of the matter and decide whether or not I have disabilities and is a credible witness. Because the ET must have already made up their minds, so only went through the functions of the hearings. If Ms Jones illness was an unfortunate one, my disabilities were diagnosed and I provided the evidence. Even when the Equality Act 2010 state that one does not have to have a Medical Diagnosis to prove they have a disbility. Mine are complex disabilities that I think the ET think I could turn on and off like a tap. The way Samantha Jones pulled a SICKIE for 48 hours.

Kindest regards.


Yours sincerely


Mervelee Myers FD (Open)


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