Another Miscarriages Of Justice

Open Letter To LEYF Solicitors 15th October 2015 updated 8th September 2017

Making the most of my opportunities

It is with a sad heart and tears in my eyes that I am sitting down to write this letter to highlight my plight. Because once again I find myself in a situation where I am being penalised for my knowledge, values and beliefs and I have no say in the outcome. I was drawn to contacting the LEYF Solicitors, to highlight my plight after experiencing a year of “Direct Discriminations” by my former employers who because I am now being contacted on their behalf. Since I am in the public’s eye, but might not necessarily be known for any other reasons than those that the employers are peddling of me since I transferred to a new site they recently took over. After they decided they got the best out of me and I am no longer of use.

I would like to take the time to introduce myself briefly, using my talents and creativity in the form of my “Continuing Personal Professional Developmental Plan – CPPDP” that they are trying to stop me developing. I would also like to let it be known what my vision is for the future. I am an advocate of inclusion with the dreams of going back to my beloved country – Jamaica to make valuable contributions to developing the “Early Childhood Education and SEND” in particular. I do not want another MOTHER and their child to go through the experiences I did as a young uneducated parent 40+ years ago.  My name is Mervelee Ionie Myers formerly Nembhard and I am currently married to Arnold Ebenezer Tomlinson since 21st May 2014.

I have been living at 16 Alma Grove, Bermondsey, London SE1 5PY since 4th December 2000 after a “brief spell living in a refuge” and not 16a -16b as the employers use when it suits them. I was made “homeless after suffering years of domestic violence” and had to run for my life when my ex-husband became abusive and “threatened to kill” me one evening after coming in from work. As a result of my experiences I have had to find early intervention strategies via studies and trainings to cope with my “hidden disability that I always called Parkinson Disease” I was diagnosed with “Chronic Anxiety” in 2006 when I had to do an exam as part of my studies with the Open University It was only via studies that I realised that my “Hidden Disability” which I had, throughout my childhood prevented me from achieving my full potential.

Therefore even though I was a bright child from Primary into Secondary School education, I did not achieve my potentials. Because I was unable to “perform under pressure” I was left feeling totally worthless and without a sense of purpose. I had to live under a cloud with this shadow hovering over me, making it almost impossible to live a normal life. However I did my best and struggled through life that was froth with much that I had to overcome. I just could not understand why I was different and I suffered as a result of my lack of knowledge. Therefore I have to now credit the “Open University” for equipping me to deal with and get on with my life. It was whilst studying at the OU that I learned about developing a “Defensive Practice” something I’d always done before however.

I got the opportunity to live in the UK when I met my ex-husband on one of his visits back home – Jamaica. I first came for a visit, went back, returned living here from June, got married 20th October 1992 and has always worked. Being able to work to provide for my “basic needs empowered me to overcome the poverty” in which I was brought up because of no fault of my parents but circumstances beyond anyone’s control. I started doing “Cleaning Jobs with Contractors” because at first I believed that was all I was capable of doing. I took a break after I was out of work to do a “Care Assistant Training Course” in 1996, but went back to cleaning. I realised that working in an institution which reminded me of my father and grandmother’s suffering was not for me. I could not “cope emotionally”, with caring for the elderly, sick and infirmed.

My own personal experiences of helping my “mother caring for my father and grandmother who died a month of each other” in 1980 had already taken tolls on my life. I went back to cleaning, but was inspired when working at the BBC by what I witnessed when I went to “clean the workplace nursery bathrooms”. I was a “Basic School Teacher” back home, so I was familiar with what was happening in the nursery. I told myself that I could do better than what I was doing as a “cleaner” and made the decision to do something about my situation. I’d gone for an interview for a job in a nursery before, but did not get the post. I decided to get the relevant qualifications to better my prospects. I enrolled at Lambeth College in September 1997 -1999 to gain “qualifications in childcare and education”

And because I was not entitled to any help with my studies, I carried on doing part time cleaning to pay my way. After my initial doubts because I knew I was not a good student from prior experiences and a matured student long out of education. I struggled through school because I was unable to perform under pressure. Although I managed to pass some examinations, 6 subjects at JSC and English Language GCE O’Level I might have had a better outcome in life, if I did not have disabilities from puberty. I was unable to get a proper job like my peers even though I’d done well at school. So I ended up burdened with “mental health issues” MerveleeTomlinson/Pulse…, which I had no knowledge of at the time because of my “Hidden Disability of Chronic Anxiety that I called Parkinson Disease”. My father was struck down with “Parkinson Disease from an early age” and I only ever recalled him being ill from my “early teens”!

I had to take on additional responsibilities, do without lots of things that were the norms for my peers and “helped mum care for dad who was sick for over a decade”. This situation with my family had some negative impacts on my life. I only managed to sort myself out after coming to the UK and enhanced knowledge via studies. I was able to take control of my life as I resolved to make the most of my deficits and limitations, without becoming a victim. I have always been a “Background Person” as I can get much done in my “Comfort Zone”. Where I am not pressured to perform under the critical glare of anyone who might not understand about my conditions Because I know me best, I try my best to operate without the pressures that cause me to fail,

Penalised for my knowledge, values and beliefs

I graduated from Lambeth College after my initial doubts with “BTEC National Diploma & Student of the Year Certificates” and my tutors recommended that I go to university. However even if I’d wanted to, I couldn’t have gone at the time, due to my marital personal problems. I done a placement at “Turney Special School where one of the teachers recommended that I should try to get a job” with the school because of my “professionalism. And even more importantly, my empathy for children with SEND”, My personal experiences, struggling with my hidden disability and then having a child as a teenage mother. Who was wrongly diagnosed with multiply disabilities prepared me to cope with SEND, children and their family. I was lucky to get a job as a “Room Leader” straight out of Lambeth College on the recommendations of one of my tutors at a Private Day Nursery. Where I worked with Joelle Lax, who was to play important roles in my life when I worked at LEYF, https//

I was still doing part time cleaning and working full time to supplement my income. Because I had responsibilities for helping to school my children and I promised my younger brother to support him through “Teacher’s College” as well. By this time I was continuing my search for the ideal job and once I got that thirst for studying to enhance knowledge, I wanted to carry on. I thought I’d found the ideal job working in the NHS in 2003 – 2008. I told myself I’d work in that job until I retired or ready to go back home – Jamaica. I’d already had “My Vision of returning home to contribute to Early Childhood Education and SEND in particular” which laid the foundation for my passion, working with young children. Once I was settled in the NHS job, I enrolled with the Open University to continue studies in 2004 – 2010.

One of my courses – Health and Social Care where I learned about the humanity of dealing with children and the elderly from “cradle to the grave” was paid for by the Union  I was advised to join by my then partner now husband. It was whilst doing the Health and Social Care course that I learned about some of the “strategies and coping skills”, which I actually apply and implement to turn my life around. However I was destined to be confronted and beset with barriers, constraints and limitations from early,, once I decided to embark on studies to improve my prospects in life. I adhered to current government, OFSTED And EYFS, Welfare Requirements laws and legislations. British Ethical Guidelines from the Open University and my own knowledge, values and beliefs that were instilled in me

But instead of being valued for my contributions to making the “Nursery a Beacon of Best Inclusive Practice” I was viewed as a threat to their outdated practices, Throughout my time of 6 years I was “treated unfairly” and even though I sought support from the Union, they turned against me when I needed them most. Finding I couldn’t cope after my “health was affected”, I sought advice from Mental Health CRUSADE. During the period of time when I had a sudden loss”, death of my brother at 56 years old. I had no recourse but to “Self-Refer to Occupational Health” because I began to believe the “allegations they were making up against me to be true”.  I was declared fit to return to my job, but the unfair treatment continued. Because once any organisation have it in for you, you can’t do anything to wipe the slate clean and redeem yourself.

The same thing happened again at LEYF during the time I was experiencing bereavement and loss This lasted from the time I got back from burying my MOTHER at BIB, to when I was forced to resign after a Nervous Breakdown after yet another Suspension. I only realised what was happening to me when I attended the AOUG Awards and Lecture at the OU. The Lecture was about Neureoscience and the Law and it was only then I realised what LEYF was doing to me was exactly what was done to me at KINGS, The unions, the solicitors and CAB and Legal Advisors, the LEA, the establisments and the systems all coluded to discriminate against me. The only thing that remain consistent is the fact that the DOCTORS pass me fit to go back to work.

I tried my best, but couldn’t cope as I was having “palpitations, going through the menopause and getting some of the signs and symptoms linked to the changes and I was depressed”. So I had no other recourse but to resign in order that “I could manage my hidden disability and health conditions. I made the “mistake of taking the employers to the Employment Tribunal” Dr Maria Hudson 2012 ACAS Research & Evaluation Programme And if I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have done. The Union I paid my fees to, did not give me any support, and after asking me to send in evidence of my ordeals claimed they did not receive them and dropped the complaints. Instead they colluded with the employers because they were all in it together. From experiences I now realised that this is how the system works and small persons like me don’t have a chance.

The Union Representative who accompanied me to the “Hearing was so scared”. She agreed to everything that they said without saying a word on my behalf. Then after the hearing she “called me at home to tell me what they would charge me with and that she resigned” her post. I am sure that must have been conflict of interests for her to be told immediately after the hearing and for her to resign, scared out of her wits. That was the “kind of brick wall I came up against” when I decided to take the employers to the “Tribunal” as no one would support or offer me any advice. All the agency and professionals, LEA, Council, OFSTED, CAB, Solicitors, etc… either joined in “driving me to despair” or refused to provide me with any representations. This time the Rep Darren Mahon disappeared after accompanying me to the Disciplinary Hearing.

So I was left to fend for myself, preparing my case and representing myself at the Tribunal. Considering my “Hidden Disability and the Depression” I’d developed resulting from the “unfair treatments when I thought I was going mad”. As well as experiencing changes linked to the menopause, palpitations leaving me to end up in the “outpatient department” at the hospital, I couldn’t cope.  The employers got their “Big Named Solicitors” who used underhand tactics of delaying and saying they did not received documents I’d sent. They claimed they did not have anyone to deal with the case and did not comply with some of the dictates of the Tribunal.

At the last minute they made an offer of a settlement to get to me on the day of the “Hearing so I had no time to consider and make a decision”. I was offered a minimal sum by the “Courts” after the case and even had to ask for them to pay me after they claimed they did. I was “shaking in court that the judge exclaimed I was unable to open the folder”, but no account was taken of my situation. Although I had documentations, I could not prove my case because I had no knowledge about the “Legal Jargons” involved. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I did not do anything wrong and only wanted a “better outcome for the vulnerable children” I worked with And was applying and promoting best inclusive practice learned via studies That’s why the parents supported me with testimonials, but they were not taken into considerations.

Social Injustices and Inequalities

But little did I know the impact on my emotional health and wellbeing, my “stance to be an advocate for the vulnerable” and standing up for my rights would have on my life. The experiences of going to the ET Court during and after my health issues and bereavement took a toll on my life. In trying to restore my good name and character that the employers blackened and destroyed, I was “blacklisted” in the UK by the Local Educational Autorities, Council, NHS and other organisations the NHS had contacts with. Even the doctor who was required by law to give me a “Doctor’s Certificate”  at the Landor Road Surgery refused. I picked up the pieces, decided to get on with my life, but I was in for the shock of my life, when it came to my attention what the employers did to my reputation.

I lost tracks of the amount of interviews I attended and was told the same old story. Some of them didn’t even bother getting back to me to give me feedback and I remembered being called not to attend one interview for some strange reasons. But still I pushed my luck hoping one job would turn up. The “penny only dropped” when I was asked at one interviews if I was going on lots of interviews lately. However I still continued knowing with my qualifications, dedication and passion for the career pathways that I’d chosen that someone would identify the genuine person that I am. Even when I got 2 jobs I was still looking for the ideal post to suit the qualifications, I’d spent 6 years of my life to gain, but to no avail.

I once more went back to feeling hopeless, worthless and less of a person and had to contend with my “DEPRESSION” that affected me at intervals since I went through the “menopause”. But I am a “resilient person” who decided that I have to bounce back and not be overcome by matters over which I have no control to change. I had seen my mother taking charge when my father took sick Had to grow up early helping mum to take on the added responsibilities taking over the household chores whilst mum went out to work Then she came back home and was an informal carer for dad and grandma, who died from another strokes and a broken heart I became a teenage mother and had my 2 sons by the time I was 20 years old, so had to learn about life the hard way

 Accepting My Status & Making The Most of My Opportunities

After my harrowing ordeals with my employers in the NHS, I was left licking my wounds, but having to provide for my own basic needs. I quickly got another position where I was been short changed. I was not getting paid the amount the job was advertised for and when I enquired I was made to feel inadequate. I was lucky enough to be consulted by a “former colleague” who needed help with her studies. When I told her of my plight, she told me there was vacancy at her organisation – LEYF. I applied, got through the interview and was given a post to start after I returned from my holidays. I was lauded at the interview and told I got the job even before the interview was completed. The director started telling everyone in the office how good I was.

As you might notice I am very good in certain situations, yet unable to perform under others because of my “hidden disability” that can play up out of the blue without any warnings. I started working 1st September 2009, at a site in Fitzrovia before transferring to Luton Street, Edgeware Road in April 2010.  I worked at Luton Street until July 2014 after coming back from Jamaica to bury my “MOTHER” who died 90+ years old after suffering with “Dementia”.  When I went to Jamaica in January 2014 for my youngest son’s wedding “my MOTHER did not recognised me, her only daughter”. That was something I had to come to terms with, but I was more than prepared for this journey in my life because I studied. I was the one who “diagnosed mum’s condition” years before from hearing about her behaviours and

However on the day I was leaving after 5 weeks, realisation and recognition came to mum briefly. She told “my son, she did not come to say goodbye” and that was my final goodbye for my MOTHER and I. I took my last photo of her dressed in a pink gown, draped in the white mesh curtains at the window for my archive. I got back from Jamaica and was transferred to a site nearer home because of mine and my husband’s “Progressive Health Conditions” and I’d been waiting on my request to be accepted. Throughout my 5+ years at Luton Street I think I had a “collaborative working relationships with everyone from the top to the bottom” of the organisation. I have some of the written mementoes, documents and photographs that are evidence of my contributions to building an organisation that is “a beacon” in the early years sector

I believed my contributions were valued and acknowledged and made me feel that I was part of an organisation delivering “quality services”. I considered myself privileged to be making a difference in providing meaningful outcomes for the children and families who they catered for. I will not state that during this period with the organisation everything was “honky dory” but I worked with a manager who was very understanding of my plight during my 4+ years at Luton Street. We never always “see eye to eye are in agreement some of the times”, but she was a true professional who was not afraid to admit when she got things wrong and tried to make due amends.

I must admit I worked with some exceptional colleagues during my time at Luton Street. I covered in other nurseries and was made to feel welcome and valued for my contributions. If I could have done otherwise I’d have continued working there, but duty called and I had to move on. I performed my final duties doing what I do best, preparing and updating children’s Learning Journeys and School Transfer Reports. I handed out the Graduation Certificates and said goodbyes to the children, parents, colleagues and well-wishers at a leaving celebration. As I sit here writing I am concerned about my husband’s health and is further burdened with what is happening to him because of me. Yet I have done nothing to be ashamed of or wrong to be treated this way by the employers. And now the ET at

My Life Turned Upside Down

I started working closer to home where it took me ½ an hour the most to walk to work and I was more than happy after all the years of commuting. In the beginning everything seemed alright because they needed the knowledge and expertise I brought to the setting. I was empowered so I knew how to relate and talk to professionals as I have been doing this from I started working in the early years sector. And back home as a Basic School Teacher and I held numerous positions from Room Leader, Preschool Leader, Group Supervisor, SENCO, EYFS Coordinator to representing the organisation at Trainings, Conferences and Workshops in the 6 years I worked with them. However once OFSTED, visited and they got the desired outcomes things began to change for me.

My life was “turned into a living nightmare and upside down” from which I couldn’t seem to escape until I plucked up the courage to resign on the 27th September 2015. This state of affairs started in October 2014 when I was eating a “ripe banana so I could carry on normal day-to-day activities and not fall sick on the job”. A “deputy manager who had an axe to grind” started the fuss which resulted in me experiencing another couple months of “DIRECT DISCRIMINATION” at the hands of my colleagues, manager, area manager and the entire hierarchy in the organisation. I was treated like a criminal and memories of the past experiences in South London where all my trials and tribulations started began to affect me Southwark Council

My “hidden disability and progressive health conditions” began to exacerbate and I started becoming “paranoid”, and had to seek medical attention. This article was written on the 3rd April 2015 when I was on Medical Suspension. That’s after writing to HR Dilys Epton on the 14th March 2015 about my DEPRESSION and to  lift the gag she palce me under using the Confidentiality Policy and Procedures.  I only became aware of the allegations after the trumped up complaints were contrived and sent in on the 12th and there was an investigation on the 13th. Despite my doctor telling me to seek help, the memories of what happened when I sought support before prevented me from doing so. I carried on hoping my 5+ years of contributions would see me through as the setting was newly taken over by the organisation. But I reflected now and just can’t believe how naïve I still am, because I am always seeing the good in others, but they can’t see the good in me. By this time they used me, took all I had to offer the organisation and began to see me wanting to update my Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan as threats to their status of being in authority.

Only one colleagues had the courage of her convictions to stand up and not join in to treat me unfairly and she paid the price. All the others joined in discriminating against me out of fear because like when I was working in the NHS, they were threatened. She was stitched up same like I was, suspended and faced a “Disciplinary” which resulted in a sanction – Final Written Warning. Since my sojourn at that site most of the staff left after me because of the inappropriate practices and breaches of OFSTED, government and EYFS Welfare Requirements and Statutory Laws and Legislations. Yet when I was there, they made false allegations I was the cause of the problems.

Anyone who decided to support me ended up meeting the same fate like myself and colleague. The Union Representative ended up leaving his job after accompanying me to the Disciplinary Hearing in April and bringing out some discrepancies to their attention. Since this is the 2nd time this is happening to me I can’t help but wonder why this is the outcome if anyone have the courage of convictions to take a stance for equal rights and justice. When I tried to get in touch with the Union Rep after he’d left me the day of the hearing saying he’d be in contact, there was no response. Then when I got the Disciplinary Hearing Outcome I tried again to no avail. I sent emails copied in others from the Union and still I got no response.

I was about to try calling the Union Rep again when I got a call on my other phone from the Union Solicitor. The Union Solicitor told me that I should not appeal the outcome. There was nothing more the Union could do for me, but I should keep in touch to let them know how I was getting on. I tried reasoning with her, but she claimed she’d discuss the matter with the Union Rep. When I asked for the advice to be put in writing she changed her tune completely. This is the second time around that “UNIONS I paid to represent me” do this to me, so I am left with no alternative but to conclude that this is the way “VULNERABLE PERSONS LIKE ME ARE TREATED” BY UNIONS.

There were some other disagreements with other members of the Union Team, but I got another Rep to accompany me to the Appeal. Horrors of horror despite agreeing to meet up early to discuss the case before hand, he was late. He came to the Appeal without any documents despite me sending in them in before and after the Hearing. I put in a Grievance to the Union, but they claimed they did not prove any of my complaints.  I went back to work after a Medical Suspension and asked for the “Reasonable Adjustments the OH Doctor recommended” to be put in place. But instead they were focused on winding me up and treating me less than an animal. And when I did not fall for their tricks, they then started treating me like a CRIMINAL.

They tried every tricks in the books hiding behind the umbrella of the organisation’s Policy & Procedures in the CONTRACT I signed to trap me. In the end they breached their own Policy and Procedures and the EYFS/OFSTED Welfare Requirements and current Laws and Legislations. My DBS/CRB was not renewed despite me reminding them from my return to work on the 2nd June 2015 that it expired in July. Then when I challenged them for discriminating against me, they asked me to bring the current CRB that I have volunteering with another organisation for them to copy to put on my file. But this is even stranger than fiction because they are claiming after 6+ years working with them, they don’t have a file for me.

I was excluded and isolated even further and when I stood up for my rights not to be treated less favourably than others I was penalised and made to feel less than a human being. Knowing of my circumstances, hence the reasons I decided to keep my head down and get on with the job because I was “blacklisted and networked against” therefore buried down in a job without any career advancements. This has been the bane of my life although I am qualified and experienced than some in leadership positions. The last time I applied for a post with the company that I knew I was capable of doing. I was the only one shortlisted from the company, yet I did not get the post.

The decisions and the excuses given nearly pushed me over the edge as I was “depressed for days causing my husband concerns about my welfare”. Upon my recovery, I vowed not to go back to that place ever again if I could help it because it’s not a nice place to be. So I decided to carry on doing my best and earning to provide for my basic human needs and saving towards my pension. I told myself not to apply for another post to go through the utter humiliation that I went through before. I was good enough to do their work for them, but not good enough to get a foot on the career ladder. I’d mentored colleagues doing Foundation Degrees, Leadership and Management courses and students on placements.

I was given time out to write articles for Publications, prepare Assignments to be presented at Conferences by those in authority and positions of hierarchy. I was lead in their media campaign because I am a professional who knows what I am doing and even represented the organisations at Functions and Trainings. I had to work with other Agency and Professionals and prepared documentations that those in authority were unable to do. But I just got on with the job because I’d come to the organisation already qualified to Foundation Degree in Early Years Level, certificates in Health and Social and Working Together For Children.

I wanted to carry on studying to gain my “Early Years Professional Status” but was not afforded that opportunity as there was a selection process of cronies and those the deemed meet their criteria. I needed an outlet for my creativity and work gave me that opportunity to showcase my knowledge and expertise. I documented children’s development and learning making them into “Homemade Books”. One of my books was taken with the “promise it would be built on and used as a developmental tool” for the company. I showed it to the “news anchor” when she visited showcasing issues in the early years sector on SKY NEWS. Since I had no means of doing this I was quite happy to agree, because by been in the news I was getting recognised for the work I do.

Even if I am behind the scenes because that’s where I am at my best and I get recognised by the public who sees me on the news and remembered when they see me in person. I’d update my Continuing Personal Professional Developmental Plan attending trainings, conferences and workshops at my own expense. I was encouraged to join “Social Media” by the CEO to contribute to her “Blogs” and used Social Media since to develop my “CPPDP”. But when it suited them I was told to remove my publications and not to say I work with the organisation by the “area manager who started a campaign of harassment, intimidation and bullying” even before meeting me. She went and told the team before my transfer negative and derogatory things about before I even started.

This was the “yardstick” that was used to measure me throughout my year of ordeal when I was treated as an outcast, excluded, isolated and made sick. Now I am waiting on counselling from the NHS. I was and is always passionate about my work with young children and I was always enhancing my knowledge doing research. However what was done to me at BIB and later at New Cross on the instigation of the area manager is more than cruelty. I told the HR Representative when she had meeting with me at HOC that “if I was an animal, the RSPCA would have rescued me from BIB, yet everyone at CO knew what was happening to me and done nothing until my health was damaged almost beyond repair” but the campaign only got worse to destroy me.

Because I was only in control of changing the circumstances of my birth so that they don’t impact on the outcomes of my life. This was the case way into my 30’s because of lack of knowledge about my “hidden disability and the DNA that I was born with” which I could not change even if I wanted to. My own personal experiences when my 1st child was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities which caused me to suffer further ridicule. Propelled my thirst for knowledge so I could stop even one family and child going through my experiences as a young mother. And that’s why I have taken this stance to implement and promote inclusion and fight for the rights of the vulnerable like myself in society.

My life since coming back to South London to work where all my problems started has been filled with nothing but total despair. Despite having 5+ years with the organisation giving of my best. And the new site was newly taken over, the organisation sided with the staff to “Directly Discriminate” against me to the point where my health was severely affected. This was over a prolonged period and when I realised that everyone at Central Office knew what was happening and colluded to ruin my health. It pushed me over the edge and now I am on the “NHS waiting list for counselling” and not sure when I’ll be seen. The organisation not only ruined my health but started a “campaign to blacken my good name and destroy my character, what’s left of it” because of some who decided they should put labels on me.

Despite giving up my “RIGHTS” because I know my situation, I was frustrated, provoked and pressured on several occasions to act the way I was labelled at their Disciplinary Hearing & Appeal. However at not times did I fall for their tricks as I learned my lesson that I have to give up my rights in this society where “dog eat dog” and survival is based on outsmarting your oppressors. I only became aware of the implications for my welfare after attending the Open University AOUG Awards Presentation and listened to the lecture on 2nd October 2015. The Lecture was about Neuroscience and the Law and I could identify how I was affected over the past year resulting from my “health conditions and disability” to act in the ways I am labelled in their “Disciplinary Outcomes”, so they can gather evidence for their plans/agenda to SACK me.

My arguments are however why were these causes for concerns not flagged up as far as 28th January 2015 when the CEO and a Trustee visited and wrote that I’d be writing for their website. Another Trustee turned up the next day 29th and everything was “hush-hush and I in my naiveté commented something good must be happening at BIB for there to be so many official” visits.  I was given due support in my situations by the UNION, after starting out so good assigning me a “Professional Union Representative” who advised me and accompanied me to the hearing. However I will be reserving my opinions of occurrences after I attended the Hearing and Appeal. I know as well as all those others involved what took place and I will be leaving matters at that stage.

I know my conscience is clear and I am “telling the truth about everything that happened to me from I transferred to BIB in July 2014 after coming back from Jamaica to bury my MOTHER and coping with bereavement” that was not easy for someone in my position. I have not had time either to deal with Mama’s death because I have been trying to adjust to the disruptions to my life since October 2014 when I was eating that banana. Worse still I was told there was nothing the Union could do for me because I signed the CONTRACT. I questioned why I could not challenge the false trumped up allegations and it was claimed the employers did not have to prove I’d done the acts I was accused of.

This is the second time around that “UNIONS I paid to represent me” do this to me, so I am left with no alternative but to conclude that this is the way “VULNERABLE PERSONS LIKE ME ARE TREATED” BY UNIONS. I went back to work after a Medical Suspension and asked for the “Reasonable Adjustments the OH Doctor recommended” to be put in place. But instead they were focused on winding me up and treating me less than an animal. And when I did not fall for their tricks, they then started treating me like a CRIMINAL. They tried every tricks in the books hiding behind the umbrella of the organisation’s Policy & Procedures in the CONTRACT I signed to trap me.

In the end they breached their own Policy and Procedures and the EYFS/OFSTED Welfare Requirements and current Laws and Legislations. They claimed in the investigations that they had concerns about me. Yet they send me to HOC a place where staff have to gain High Security clearance to work for obvious reasons (I have documented evidence of my 2 weeks at HOC if anyone intend to deny they send me there. If needs be I’ll be using them as evidence to clear my name as well. I will not sit idle by and be GAGGED the way I was previously. I am just giving them enough time to come to their senses and see how they have destroyed me, making me unable to get on with my life).

My DBS/CRB was not renewed despite me reminding them from my return to work on the 2nd June 2015 that it expired in July. Then when I challenged them for discriminating against me, they asked me to bring the current CRB that I have volunteering with another organisation for them to copy to put on my file. But this is even stranger than fiction because they are claiming after 6+ years working with them, they don’t have a file for me. I was excluded and isolated even further and when I stood up for my rights not to be treated less favourably than others I was penalised and made to feel less than a human being.

Driven To The Depths of Despair

Knowing my situation because of prior experiences and outcomes when I was brave enough to follow the convictions of my conscience and challenged social injustices and inequalities, I kept myself circumspect. I’d been through many emotions as I sent out requests to professionals on LinkedIn to get a job. I registered on job sites and started filling application forms. Then I evaluated my situation and considered that because I am on waiting list for counselling I’d stick it out until after that. I done training and started volunteering, keeping my options opened because I realised that the organisation was hell bent on seeing me as a “Bogey Person” despite my 5+ years of dedicated services and contributions in building the company. I admitted it was time to take my timely leave and started applying for jobs once more.

But it seemed as if I was NOT moving fast enough for them so they started tightening the screws using “3rd Party to do the dirty work so I couldn’t claim DISCRIMINATION”. Virtually giving up all my rights there was nothing left for me to do. But they had a deadline re: the 6 months sanction that was running out, so the machinery went into full swing. My health was affected and that of my husband. I reached the stage where I was not getting much sleep because my husband was getting “HYPOS” and I had to attend to him. I then had to go into work to deal with the aggravations, frustrations, provocations, baiting and downright discrimination that I had to put up with. I was gradually being drained of every ounce of “dignity and self-respect” I’d built up over the years after learning how to cope with my deficits and limitations.

Everyone was getting on my case but I could not afford to give in. I was warned after seeking advice from the professionals about what they might be up to. I tried to stick to my side of the bargain giving up my RIGHTS so I could provide for my basic needs. They did not sack me because they could not find any grounds after almost a year of provocations. So I was called to Central Office again and I only worked out they wanted me to “RESIGN” after I left. When I didn’t I was given another suspension. I told myself to stick it out as I had an interview coming up on the 24th. I never got the job and on the 27th September 2015 I realised I was having a “Nervous Breakdown” as my whole body was shaking, I had palpitations and my mouth was dry.

After consulting with one of my brothers on the phone because I couldn’t let my husband know what was happening to me. I had to make the decision to resign for my own health and that of my husband. As I am writing this they are out there still blackening my good name and destroying my character. I am one of the “most Qualified Early Years Practitioner” yet I am out of a job and they have up to 5 Agency Staff in the setting. I taught some of those who are now in senior authoritative posts and I am still at the bottom of the ladder taking orders from others because I don’t have a status. Then I have to ask permission from those I taught to do my job.

If I don’t they claim I am dismissive of authority. I reached the end of my tether and signed up with agency waiting for jobs to provide for my basic needs. But I am now realising they might not be willing to give me REFRENCES if the feedback I am getting from the agencies are anything to go by. But surely I must have made some contributions even for the 5 years of dedicated services before my misfortune to be transferred to BIB and then New Cross where the DISCRMINATIONS were subtly increased. I signed up for Job Seekers Allowance, but I am not sure I am well enough to take on a full time job at present. I am still worrying about my husband’s health as he is still getting hypos. He is worrying about what is happening to me.

I have become “paranoid and is almost unable to cope with “carrying out normal day-to-day activities” as I am not getting enough rest and I am DEPRESSED again. But no one wants to know my story. However I am taking my time for actions to be taken by those who are responsible. Then I will take my case to the public for them to decide. I will be using my empowerment that I initiated as part of my CPPDP to highlight my plight. The survival instinct is very much a part of me or else I would not have made in thus far in life and as I am proud to keep saying “I AM MY DNA” and will not give up without a fight.


But I think I might be getting a “beating for them to provide my references”. I have never claimed benefits before because I’ve always worked and I don’t necessarily want to find myself in that boat. Because I pride myself on earning my keep to take care of my needs and leave benefits to those less fortunate than I am. But the bills need paying and I don’t wish to be homeless so I have to fall in with the only alternatives I am left with.  I had to do without lots of things when I was growing up because my father was sick from I was in my early teens at Secondary School. My mother had to become the breadwinner and carer for her family, taking on dad’s roles and responsibilities. Then when my grandmother took sick after the brutal murder of her only son, mum had 2 sick to care for.

She never flinched nor give up hopes during her struggles in life. As mama’s helper, I learned transferable skills from early in life to help me cope. However the impact on my health was 2 fold as I developed “hidden disability that I called Parkinson Disease, but was later diagnosed as Chronic Anxiety”. My life was blighted as a result of my early experiences and lack of knowledge hindered my being able to reach my potential and better myself earlier in life. This is the reason I am writing this open letter to the UNION for my plight to be investigated and looked into without further delay. And I can rely on them to help me get the justice I deserve.

I have tried every avenues to get the matter sorted and because my life and that of my husband depend on the outcomes I am beseeching the UNION to act now and investigate what is happening in a society that is supposed to be inclusive. There are many people out there who are in similar situations like mine, but are too scared to speak out. It is not fair for some to hide behind the protective umbrella of their organisations, pulling the wool over the eyes of government because they have friends in high places. I am only raising my concerns because without me doing so there is going to be another “Kids Company” on the government’s hand for them to account for.

When I started working with them they were inclusive and providing for the needs of everyone that use the services. However they have missed the bigger picture and now running after status and meeting managerial targets to be in top brackets with their cronies.  In the process they are trampling everyone else in the ground and give no thoughts to staff like myself who have given of their best. They cover their unprofessional conduct under the umbrella of bureaucratic red tape and rhetoric and get their big time solicitors to drive fear into us. Since I don’t wish to return to Jamaica to be incrassated in the funded prison I want the UNION to act to help me protect my good name and character as I have paid my dues.

I am not one for biting the hands that feed me, but I have had enough over the past year and can’t take no more. My reputation is at stake so I have to look fire since I have raw meat. I am not giving up the fight because I will not sit idly by and let others destroy me like they tried to do before. If I have to I’ll use my knowledge and expertise in the forms of my creativity and talents to get justice for myself and all those who has been treated like this. I will go public and let the citizens decide the outcome. I will no longer tolerate being treated like a CRIMINAL especially in this month of October celebrated as Black History Month. My fore parents fought to give me my freedom, but I am still enslaved by some who refused to accept me for who I am.

Each time I signed a contract to provide for my basic needs I am enslaved by it. I am fighting on behalf of my 2 Sons & 4 Grandchildren to bring about changes starting now in October 2015. I don’t want any other person to go through my experiences without having early intervention I discovered late in life. When I get back to Jamaica to share my VISION of SEND then I can be proud of my legacy of taking a stance despite the hurdles…


I have just received my results from my health checks and my sugar levels have gone up therefore I’ll have to get treatments to get it back in control. I prided myself before on being in control of my disability and health conditions. Because I was not on medication and only needed to take medications when my symptoms become severe and unbearable. I am now paranoid and unable to function properly before I resigned. I got to my street and walked pass my house. I am stood at the pedestrian crossings and unable to cross the road as I was rooted to the spot with fear and couldn’t move. The motorist had to blow me and indicate that I should cross. The employers that I gave years of dedicated services to are responsible for ruining my health.

This came about when I transferred to BIB and the area manager, manager, 2 deputies and other colleagues ganged up and decided that I MUST BE SACKED. THE employers did nothing to support me despite my years of services. Instead they colluded to make me sick by making allegations against me to sack me. When they could not find any valid grounds to sack me, they then tried to frustrate me and in order to save my life and that of my husband I had no alternative but to RESIGN. So now I am on the road to recovery hoping to put my life back together.

Maybe it is time for the employers to come clean and tell the SOLICITORS the full story about why they are treating me this way and destroying my life! Whilst you are at it, please take some time to imagine yourself in my shoes for even a minute of the life I have led to reach this stage in my existence. My father was sick for over a decade from he was in his 50’s. 1 of my brother died at 37+ years old and the other at 56 years old. My life has been blighted but I never gave up despite the challenges I faced. However this is more than I can bear and I don’t know how longer I can go on.


I would like clarifications to why Neil King, almost the entire BIB team, Marion Breslin, Deputy Louise, and now Rashid Iqbal and Hilda Miller of the Witnesses at the ET have resigned. Because if LEYF was such a PRESTIGIOUS place to work, I am sure they would still be in their jobs.

There were 3 other Open Letters that were sent to PM David Cameron from whom I got a response and went on to do the Learning Support Assistant trainings.  Another was sent the Daily Express because I contributed to the Mental Health Crusade and seek advice about my situation at LEYF. The other was sent to VOICE the union. They are still charging me dues that I am working despite sending union Reps Darren Mahon and Andy Garwood to the Disciplinary and Appeal Hearings.

I have done all I can to bring my plights to the Powers that be and I can only rely on the public to help with my Fight4justic campaign on I don’t know why I should be having to go through this a second time in my life when I am at my most vulnerable. I have not lived since I returned from burying my MOTHER and transferred to BIB on the 23rd July 2014. Everything is documented, but for some reasons, some are covering up the truths.     

Prepared by: Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Date: 13th October 2015 & 8th September 2017

Address: 16 Alma Grove, Bermondsey, London SE1 5PY.


Mobile: 07950618083.










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