Getting Started

It has taken me a while, but finally I am in the process of starting my BLOG. I know I have much to share and help others with breaking down the barriers and supporting those of us who went through difficult experiences to move on with our lives.

This will not be the easiest of route for me, as I have always told myself I have to perform from the background. Over the years I performed from my comfort zones in the background so others could not identify the struggles I have had over the years with my Hidden Disabilities. However it takes another sad and difficult experience to show me that I am capable of doing more than I have been giving myself credits for over the years.

I know for a fact that the struggles will continue as my progress will take time. As with anything, this is a learning process I am going through and I am looking forward to overcoming all the challeneges and adverities as this might entail.

The journey of a thousand mile, starts with a single step.